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Mike's house- 10:02 AM

The controls of the sky-cycle weren't too hard to get used to, so with this in mind it isn't too big of a surprise that Lucy made it to Mike's as quick as she did.

By the time she'd reached Mike's house, she noticed the nearly identical sky-cycle below and could tell right away that Augustus was inside.

While the forcefield was gone and groups like the JLA and the Zoo Crew had shown up to try and restore order, she still had to deal with Augustus before it was too late.

Quickly descending, she attempted to land and nearly crashed into the ground.

Cursing under her breath because of the noise it produced, Lucy quickly leapt off and ran towards the front door.

With great vengeance and furious anger she smashed down the door with a single blow and roared with more hot blooded righteous fury than Godzilla when he has the munchies: "AUGUSTUS!"
The asshole she wanted to beat up was sitting nearby in an easy chair, calmly standing up with a cup of tea in his right hand.
"It's normally polite to knock before entering you know. Normally only crackheads or WWE wrestlers bash down doors to enter, but you're neither one, right?"
Lucy's brain was running on pure violence and rage as she lunged from the door and straight at the chair.

Augustus was nimble enough to leap out of Lucy's path so all that really happened was that the Ice Queen mangled a perfectly good chair.

Taking the opportunity, Augustus dashed off down the nearby hall with a smirk and said "Follow me kitty cat, I've got a surprise for you…"
Having attempted to pounce on him again and only resulted in hitting the wall, Lucy jumped up and followed him.

Augustus was quicker than her and practically leaped clean up the stairs. Not that this stopped the Ice Queen.

As she chased him though, he ran right into Mike's room and when Lucy entered she was in shock.

Inside was Mike, tied to a chair with electroshackles and gagged, he didn't have his suit activated and was wearing his trademark scarf.

Next to him was Augustus, holding a gun right up to Mike's head.

Lucy snarled: "Let Mike go, this is between me and you. You don't need to let anyone else get involved."
The Cryptic's smirk grew even wider "I don't think you understand the nature of this game my dear. For this is simply what it's all led up to, the ultimate goal of my whole scheme.
"You are about to prove that you are no different than me."
Lucy could practically smell trouble "And how's that you stinking road turd?"
"I know what you've had to go through Lucy. And I know you taking up your 'lifestyle choice' came on from what Mike did to you.

"Now I've taken over this city and put you on an acid trip from Hell to prove we are equals in skill and body but I intend to prove that you are no more better than me

"Case in point, the boy who turned your life into Hell is tied up and completely at your mercy. And I happen to have a gun with my fingerprints all over it."
Augustus tossed Lucy the weapon and while confused she caught it "Now since I captured and brought him here, not to mention the aforementioned attack on all Roseville, nobody will question the idea of me killing him."
Lucy realized immediately what he was getting at "You want me to shoot him" she thought aloud.
"Precisely" Augustus answered "Nobody's watching you my dear, haven't you wanted revenge on him? Revenge for hurting you? Nearly killing him? For refusing your love? He deserves to be killed, a lot of others would probably think so.*"

Lucy thought to herself, a year ago or maybe even a few months ago she'd probably have taken Augustus up on this, and yet…Mike was sorry.

The Ice Queen believed what Sandy said, while the sting of last year still hurt she didn't think he deserved death.

Looking right into his eyes she could see fear, fear that was justified after her death threat to him the previous month. He probably thought he was going to die right then and there.

"You're right" Lucy said "I do want revenge, Mike hurt me, he betrayed me, and I did become the Ice Queen because of what he did. So in that sense you're right. But also a lying snake, you never really did recover from Daisy's shove off did you?"
"Well yes" Augustus admitted.

"So in light of this, I will indeed use this gun…"
Augustus' grin grew a lot bigger after hearing this "That's the spirit!"
"…But not on him" Lucy finished.

Mike's fear turned to confusion and Augustus' grin vanished almost instantly "What?"
Lucy pointed the gun right at Augustus and shot him in the arm.
"Ah!" he yowled "That hurt, you little bitch!"
Lucy dropped the gun "That was just a warm up you bastard!"
Lunging towards him she threw a punch Augustus barely managed to block.
"You are truly and idiot!" She howled "You took over a whole city and beat its most powerful heroes, just to prove I'm like you?" She threw an uppercut that actually hit him "You lack vision!"
"Insolent twat!" Augustus growled as he hit the wall "You dare to mock me?!"
Augustus lunged towards Lucy and succeeded in knocking her through the door "I don't dare, I just do!"
As the Cryptic ran out of the room to pounce right on Lucy, the Ice Queen caught him and hurled Augustus over the stairs.

As he crashed into the floor, he barely had time to react before Lucy leapt over the side and tried to smash into him.

Rolling away from her attack, Augustus quickly leapt to his feet and punched the back of her skull.

"You've improved since I last fought you, but you'll find my skills are-"

"Lame" She finished, reacting quicker and grabbing his arm before smashing him into the wall, as Augustus' brain tried to formulate a plan of victory she started to bash his head into the wall repeatedly.

Within minutes, the Cryptic had gotten the living Hell beat out of him and as the Ice Queen held him up by his coat he lowly groaned "Just kill me already."

"Who the Hell do you think I am? I'm sorely tempted to rip your head off and piss over your corpse but you know what? I won't, maybe my heart was broken but I don't desire to kill everyone just because I had a rough time, I actually chose to try and get over Mike so you know what I am? I'm you alright, you if you had a fucking brain!"
She wound her fist back "Sleep on this motherfucker!"
An instant later, Augustus the Cryptic got both his lights and a couple teeth beat outta him.

The Bridge- Next day, 11:47 PM

Lucy was looking over the railing, wearing a white longcoat (not her grey one she used as the Ice Queen) and her trademark bow.

After she'd finally beaten Augustus, Lucy found some of the police left alive and handed him over. The city was rebuilding from its short but disturbing attack and order was restored.

Augustus was set to be tried in a couple days but the remaining villains (including Alejandro, who'd survived his fall) had been thrown back in Ravenwood Asylum while they awaited their trial for atrocities committed by them during the riots.

But one of the most important things to Lucy was this, she'd called Mike an hour ago and said to meet her there.

Like last year, the bridge was empty save for her. And as she stared out over the waters she could hear Mike approaching her.

Turning her head to face him, the two looked right at eachother for a full minute before either of them spoke.

Mike was the first to speak, slowly stammering out "Uh…h-hi Lucy."
"Don't be frightened" Lucy said, hoping to ease out any fear he may have had "I've forgiven you Mike, I didn't think you actually were sorry."
Mike's face sank "It's not just that, I-I actually knew you had problems but instead of helping you I just made them worse."
"That you did" Lucy replied, turning to the water again.

"I just…I was just really angry, you were often cold and violent towards me so I don't think I had any other ideas on what to do."
"I understand Mike, I have wondered if you were right though. About me being violent."
Lucy focused her gaze at a bird flying off in the distance "I've spent many hours wondering whether or not I was a hero or just another of the thugs I often beat up."
"I probably would have thought that earlier Lucy" Mike admitted "But now, after…all this, I can honestly say you aren't like them at all."
Lucy smiled, she rarely had outside of the presence of her pets, especially this year. It had been quite dark for her, not much to smile about at all.

There was a short silence before Mike spoke again "Lucy…do you think we could be friends again."

"Mike, you're the judge of that. You said you were sorry and I've forgiven you, so all that matters in that sense is whether or not you want to hang out again."
And with those words, Mike could feel the large weight of his guilt, a guilt that had festered and weighed him down most the year, being exorcised from his very soul.
As his relief grew Mike decided to ask Lucy "So, uh…what do you want to do?"
Lucy reached behind her back "Well, the city's scum is still great in number. And your rogues and mine could show up again…" she pulled out her costume "You up for patrolling?"
The year was over, and with it not only was a friendship reborn but a badass crimefighting team was born, and from humble beginnings it would grow into a mighty team on par with the greatest groups of superheroes ever assembled.**

But of course this was the future, and as for the more immediate future…

Ravenwood Asylum: Two weeks later.

Augustus hated his straightjacket.

It was itchy, and it was too confining.

He sat in his padded cell glaring at a wall. It wasn't fair at all. He was wrong about Lucy, and because of this his real goal wasn't achieved.

He knew he could always break out and do it again but for now all he could do was nothing but sulk.

While he never really did get over Daisy, he had other ideas on how to get over it. Especially since killing the drunken slobs he had to call parents didn't really help at all.

He had an important reason for trying to see if Lucy was like him.

"I just wanted a mate" he muttered "All I wanted was a mate."***

* I'm talking to you overreacting Mikehaters! Maybe Mike deserved a smacking for hurting Lucy, Hell when I first read December and if I had the chance I'd beat the fuck outta him with a crowbar for it. But in light of how it's turned out to be more like a misunderstanding of Sandy that went awry that means that while he was an asshole he's just got problems. Now your support of that awesome webcomic is greatly appreciated but the hatred you used makes you too easy to make fun of, even Taeshi called you kinda people stupid.

And if you think I'm being a bit over the top here…check the YMMV page for Bittersweet Candy Bowl on TV tropes and you'll see some things that may change your mind…

** I might make a sequel to this Fic. I'm not sure when it'll be made but if I do the expansion of the Ice Queen family will be the main focus of it.

*** Why not? In the webcomic both Mike, Paulo and Carter have had feelings for Lucy, even though Mike doesn't anymore I figured it wouldn't be too big of a stretch to characterize Augustus as having a crush on her too…plus the Joker was one inspiration for this version of him, and I don't think I need to tell anyone about the mancrush Joker has on Batman, and since Lucy's based after Batman in this…

And anyways, this Fic is now over. I'd love to thank those who read it and those who also reviewed and put it in their favorites and story watchlists. It really does mean a lot to me and it was a blast to write this Fic. Not all of my Fics are as good but I hope you'll enjoy some of them too. Below however is an annotations list for the titles, all of the chapter titles (some the one for the final chapter) are references to songs and this will tell you which ones for those curious among you. In addition to where they come from.)

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