First GTA fic! Twinfire told me I should write a vin/toni or a son/tommy! So thanks for that! And this is an AU. Thoughts are in italics. Anyways, onwards!

Movie Night

Tommy had been getting increasingly bored. So he decided to host a movie night. He was ordering the pizza when he realized he didn't have a movie picked out. Once he ordered two large pepperoni pizzas. He shuffled over to his mahogany movie cabinet and picked through the movies. He had The Wizard of Oz, The Wild Thornberrys Movie, Encino Man, and lastly The Hangover!

Tommy grabbed The Hangover and checked to make sure the DVD was there. When he opened it though, the smile was immediately wiped from his face. It wasn't there! Damn! That was the only good movie he had. Well, The Wizard of Oz was a good movie, but what would his friends think? Hell, they're going to watch it anyway, and if they don't like it they can just bitch about it!

The doorbell then, chose to ring. Tommy opened the door and it was his friend Toni Cipriani and his boyfriend Vincenzo Cilli. He quickly invited them inside and told them to get comfortable. The pair decided to sit on the small, white, leather loveseat that was to the right of the TV.

Not to long after the couple arrived, the doorbell rang once more. It was more of Tommy's friends. Lance Vance, Claude, and Ken Rosenberg walked in. Lance decided to sit on a blue beanbag near the couch, Claude made himself comfortable on the couch, and Ken sat in a Lazy-Boy. Then the door abruptly swung open. It was Tommy's long-time boyfriend, Sonny Forelli. Tommy greeted Sonny by kissing his sweet Italian-American lips.

Then, Ken chose to spill his Coke on Tommy's immaculate, gorgeous, wonderful, throw rug. Tommy just about flipped his shit but then everyone's favorite and nutty, Pizza guy decided to show up and unknowingly defuse the situation. He handed the crazy man a crisp 20$ and told him to keep the change.

Tommy set the pizza down on the coffee table and his friends attacked it like honey badgers attack snakes. Tommy then "casually" sat next to Sonny and pulled his legs under him and got comfortable. He told Ken to put the movie in because hey, it's Ken.

~ Le end of the movie ~

Somehow, Tommy wasn't forced to go out and get a movie that was more violent. He was secretly surprised. Then Tommy realized everyone was still here. Tommy saw that Toni and Vincenzo had fallen asleep on the love-seat, so Tommy grabbed a blanket and threw it over the couple. He yawned and shuffled back to his room. Tommy decided that if the others wanted to leave they could let themselves out. He changed into his pajamas that consisted of a plain, white t-shirt, and soft, blue pajama bottoms that looked like his favorite Hawaiian shirt.

After that, Tommy flopped onto his bed and pulled the covers up to his chin. Five minutes hadn't even passed when Sonny came into his room. Tommy heard the shifting of clothes and then there was a dip in the bed. Then, a pair of strong arms wrapped around his waist. Tommy then drifted slowly to sleep.

Then Tommy suddenly snapped awake. When he opened his eyes he couldn't believe it! Miss Mercedes had taken his terrier, Claude, to be destroyed because Claude had bitten her. Claude escaped but Tommy wasn't going to take any chances. He and Claude were going to run away!

Tommy packed up some of his clothes and started off. Claude was walking ahead of him when Tommy saw a man. Tommy walked up to him and asked who he was. The man said his name was Professor Truth, and he was a fortune teller! Tommy told Professor Truth his name and his plans.

"Is that a picture of your family?"

"Why yes! That is my Auntie Niko, my Uncle Roman, and our three farmhands."

"Well, they seem like nice people. Do you want me to tell you your fortune little runaway?'

"Yes, please do tell my fortune."

"Well, hmm, how do I say it, looks like your Auntie Niko is gravely ill!"Then Professor Truth turned towards the audience and winked at them.

"Really? He looked fine this morning, but I guess I'm in a gullible mood today. Poor Auntie Niko! Thank you for the fortune Professor Truth!"

Tommy really didn't get why Professor Truth winked at the audience but he felt it had to do with his fortune. Tommy raced back home but a terrible storm was brewing. When he got home the cyclone wasn't too far from his home! Tommy feebly pulled at the cellar door but it wouldn't budge because everyone else had already gotten inside and it was locked.

Tommy just decided that he would go inside and try not to die. Tommy was very scared, but he wouldn't admit that. He went into his room with Claude clutched in his arms, when a window frame blew in and gave him a firm crack on the head. He moaned and the world slipped out from under his feet. He could hear Claude barking. His body fell with a dull thud and everything faded to black.

Okay so how is it? Click the button that has the words review on it. Constructive criticism is welcome. I'm going to try and take elements from both the book and the movie. I'm not going to do the parts with the dainty china country. Oh, and sorry for Mercedes lovers, I needed someone to be evil.