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In the Poppy Field

" Ack! Sonny your face is rusting! Stop crying!"


Lance took Sonny's oil can out of Tommy's wicker basket and started to oil the poor tinman's face. Once he had finished that, Sonny and Lance started to drag Tommy out of the field. Sonny grabbed Tommy's tanned ankles and Lance hooked his arms around Tommy's toned shoulders. They both gave a nod to each-other as a sign that they were ready. The two of them heaved up the limp body and stumbled over to the Slightly Green but Mostly Yellow Brick Road and they dropped his body on the ground.

Sonny immediately crouched down next to Tommy and ghosted his finger over his cheek. He swooped down and connected hi s lips with Tommy's lips. It rivaled that of a Disney movie kiss. Tommy's eyes fluttered open and he sat straight up. When he did that, his head collided with Sonny's and he got a goose-egg on his forehead.

Tommy rubbed his forehead but he stood up anyway. When Tommy righted himself he turned towards the other two.

"Uh, guys, what are we going to do about Ken?"

"Well, could we roll him out?"

"Lance, that's stupid, he's too heavy!"

Tommy sighed and sat down on the edge of the field. Sonny and Lance soon followed suit. Not long after the weary trio had sat down to think, a small, squeaky voice interrupted them.

"Hello there! It me the male Queen of the mice! My name is Albert and this funny Tinman killed the wildcat and saved my life! Because you did that I shall grant you a favor!"

Sonny blushed and bashfully twisted his head so as to cover his face. He then told Albert what he wanted him to do, albeit a hushed voice. Albert nodded his tiny head and he then told his mousy army how they were to get ken out of the field.

First they fashioned a large, gurney like device out of a board and some rope. The mice slipped it under Ken and set to work. Half of the mice were under Ken and the other half of the army were being used to pull the rope. It was grueling for the mice, but they eventually got it done.

"Thank you for your help Albert! We're grateful that you helped us!"

"You're welcome, my friends! We must be off now Goodbye!"

The trio then waved goodbye to the mice. Tommy turned around and his eyes rested upon the homely lion's face. Tommy suddenly raised his silver clad foot and planted it hard in Ken's side. Ken slowly lumbered up to his feet. Tommy called Claude to him and he linked arms with Ken and Sonny, who in turn linked his arms with Lance. The group started to sing their jaunty tune as they skipped along to the gate of Emerald City!

~Le Mercedes The Wicked Witch of the West's Lair~

Mercedes peered into her crystal ball and she snarled in disbelief. I can't believe they did that! Urgh! Now I'm hoppin mad!

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