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Mornings were usually uneventful in the Sanada household. They were meant to be relaxing with meditation for a good start to a long day of school and tennis practice. But Sanada found that morning to be anything but relaxing as he put on his tennis uniform and looked at himself in the mirror.

Damn it. He could hide his flickering cat tail relatively easily in his pants, but the ears were a whole different story. Luckily his new cat ears were the same color as his hair and could be hidden in his cap, however that was a problem as he was not allowed to wear caps in class. If the teachers didn't tell him off, then Yagyuu certainly would remind him, as he did so many times before.

Then there was that unbearable heat inside him. It wasn't exactly heat, but Sanada didn't know what else to call it. He felt restless, hypersensitive to everything around him and too warm to be comfortable. He felt like he was yearning for something and agitated that he couldn't find what it was and the need was building and ready to claw itself out of him.

Regardless of the strange new experience of having cat parts, Sanada had no time to dwell on it for too long if he was going to get to school on time. Sanada hurried to put on his cap and grab his school bag. He would figure this out later. For now, he didn't want to be late for tennis practice.

The walk to school was a whole lot more difficult than usual. Sanada's clothes felt itchy, his pants rubbed his tail the wrong way and his ears were so flattened under his cap that they hurt. Really, his new ears caused nothing but problems. Even yesterday they had been the source of his constant purring when Yukimura had so much as touched them.

Although… that had actually felt good. Maybe he could get Yukimura to do that again later, if Yanagi still didn't have the antidote.

He ended up thinking about Yukimura the rest of the way to school. The bluenette had been plaguing his mind ever since he first got his new cat parts yesterday. The way Yukimura had touched him yesterday made Sanada crave more. He wanted to bury his nose against Yukimura's neck and nuzzle him, surrounded by that delightfully sweet smell of his captain. Sure, Yukimura would probably take advantage of him again and pet him until he was reduced to a pile of purring goo on the floor, but that honestly did not sound so bad now that his body was aching.

Ugh. Today he was definitely going to threaten Yanagi into working faster to find the antidote.

Sanada had changed into his tennis uniform beforehand as to avoid changing in the locker rooms with the team. He went straight to the tennis fields, figuring he would start practicing immediately and hope it would take his mind off of his prickling cat parts.

"Good morning vice-captain!" Akaya shouted as he ran onto the field. The team flooded out of the locker rooms, all dressed up and ready for an intensive practice. Sanada nodded to them and tried to appear like nothing was wrong and he most definitely did not have cat ears and tail, nope not at all.

Yukimura was the last one out, his jersey flying majestically behind him. He gave Sanada a sweet smile and walked past him, wind flying through his hair. The gentle breeze flew Sanada's way, allowing the vice-captain to get a whiff of the sweet scent of Yukimura.

Suddenly, it was like a wave of unbearable desire punched him square in the face. Sanada had to clench his teeth to keep himself from moaning out loud. He doubled over, nearly having to physically restrain himself to keep from grabbing Yukimura. All his muscles clenched tight, wanting nothing more than to grab Yukimura, pin him down and just taste that smooth neck until it was layered with his marks.

"Are you all right, vice-captain?" asked Akaya, raising an eyebrow. "You don't look too good."

Yukimura turned back and looked at Sanada alarmingly. The vice-captain was holding himself tightly, hunched over like he was going to be sick. "Akaya's right. Are you feeling sick?" asked the captain.

He couldn't stay here. Yukimura was looking at him and god, his mouth was just asking to be kissed, his unmarked neck just begging to be bitten and licked. Everything, down to those milky legs was spreading desire through Sanada's veins.

It took all of Sanada's willpower to look away and stutter out a response. "I-I think I am a bit sick."

"Maybe you should sit down and take it easy then," said Yukimura.

"A-Ah. I-I'll get some water."

Sanada stiffly walked away, around the locker rooms' building to where the water fountains were. He splashed his face with cool water but it did not take the burn away from his body. He looked around to make sure he was alone and lifted his cap just bit, sighing as his sore ears sprung free.

Why was this happening? It was the same sensation he had experienced yesterday when Yukimura had pet him, but this time it was overwhelming and no one had so much as touched him. Yet Sanada was feverish and his cock was straining inside his sweatpants. He didn't know how he was going to last the practice without jumping Yukimura.

Yukimura… Oh, Yukimura, consuming his every thought again.

This only seemed to happen when Yukimura was around. Perhaps he should start avoiding Yukimura until Yanagi cured him…

The thought of not seeing Yukimura somehow made him ache worse than before, but this was the only safe way. He couldn't risk actually tackling Yukimura down in the middle of practice.

Instead of going back to the tennis field, Sanada went to the main school building and knocked on the infirmary door.

Normally skipping practice, sick or not, would definitely have resulted in laps. Yukimura was not happy that Sanada was absent for the rest of tennis practice, but when he heard that Sanada was not in class either and that the school nurse had deemed the vice-captain too feverish to stay in school, then Yukimura began to worry.

Was Sanada genuinely sick or was it another effect of the cat thing Yanagi had done to him?

"I don't know," Yanagi admitted when Yukimura asked him. "But I'm doing my best to find a cure as soon as I can."

Tennis practice without Sanada was strangely lonely. Yukimura just now realized how many people slacked off when Sanada wasn't breathing down everyone's backs and threatening to slap them. Yukimura decided that he was going to go visit Sanada's house after school to check up on him and see if everything was okay.

Once the afternoon tennis practice was over, he picked up Sanada's homework from Yagyuu and went on his way. He even stopped at a store on the way and bought Sanada a gift.

The Sanada house looked empty and no one answered when he knocked. It reminded Yukimura of yesterday, when he had also knocked and received no reply. The door was locked, but Yukimura felt certain that Sanada was there. Perhaps Sanada was too sick to answer the door or maybe he was asleep in bed. He knew the back door was always open, so Yukimura walked around the house to the garden and slid the door open to enter.

He tiptoed up the stairs, not wanting to wake Sanada up in case he was resting. He very carefully turned the doorknob to Sanada's room and peeked inside. He could see enough to tell that Sanada was there in the shape of a big lump on the bed. Yukimura thought Sanada was asleep until he heard a pained grunt and some shifting followed by a long drawn-out whine.

Yukimura stepped in the room and it took only a second for Sanada's head to snap up, his eyes pinning Yukimura in place. Yukimura froze, hearing what could only be described as a low primal growl escaping Sanada's throat.

Then there was another groan and Sanada looked away. Yukimura could hear Sanada's panting breath from here.

"You should leave," Sanada choked out. He sounded like he was in agony. His feline ears were pressed low on his head and his tail was a sharp line.

Yukimura stepped forward. "You're sick. I want to help," he said.

"No!" Sanada roared. "Go away. You can't be… around me right now…"

The captain frowned. Like hell he was going to leave when Sanada was obviously not okay. He hadn't gone through the trouble to get here for nothing. Yukimura took a few more steps forward until he was able to touch a hand to Sanada's burning forehead. Sanada stared at him intently, his whole body one tense line.

The line snapped. One second Yukimura was staring down at Sanada, and the next moment he was somehow pinned down on the bed, Sanada hovering over him and locking his wrists above his head.

The noise Sanada made next sounded of relief, turning into a possessive growl midway. Yukimura could only lay there confused as Sanada nosed his hair, down to his neck, breathing him in deeply and then making pleased sounds. The whole line of Sanada's muscular body flexed against him, keeping him tightly in place so that Yukimura was pretty sure he would be unable to leave even if he wanted to. He felt lips along his neck, and teeth biting into his skin. Yukimura gasped when the teeth bit roughly. Sanada didn't stop, running his mouth along every inch of his neck, fully intent on marking him.

"Mine," growled Sanada, kissing the particularly large bite he had left in the center of Yukimura's bobbing throat. Sanada continued his ministrations down to Yukimura's collarbone, nuzzling and kissing and then suddenly grinding their hips together and god, he was so hard already.

Yukimura tugged Sanada's hair up, pulling him into a frantic kiss. Sanada eagerly tasted him and didn't complain when Yukimura's fingers petted his ears. Yukimura felt the rumble of Sanada's purring start and he couldn't help but smile against those hot lips. Sanada was a furnace, his whole body heated beyond normal and his skin layered in a light coat of sweat.

"You smell so good," moaned Sanada against Yukimura's mouth. Their legs were tangled together as Sanada began rocking against him, forming a pace that started slow and then quickly turned into near-violent thrusts. Sanada looked to be acting incoherently and purely on raw instinct. The friction was enough to get Yukimura's own member to stir in interest.

"So you were sick enough to miss tennis practice, but you are still feeling well enough to do this?" said Yukimura, teasing despite the surge of arousal shooting down his spine. "This means laps, Genichirou." He panted out the last part, his hand curling around Sanada's side and dragging their bodies together once again.

Yukimura was brought out of his reverie when he felt Sanada pulling at his clothes so roughly as if to tear them off. Hands pushed his waistband lower and then ran up Yukimura's shirt. Yukimura gasped, feeling Sanada's calloused fingertips tracing a path up his torso, pulling his shirt up and revealing pale skin.

"What are you doing?" squeaked Yukimura.

"Taking what's mine," answered Sanada and latched his lips on the nearest pink nipple. Yukimura's long moan echoed in the room, so loud that Yukimura flushed red in embarrassment. Sanada didn't stop sucking on the nub, feeling more encouraged by Yukimura's vocal display.

The taste was just as good as the smell.

Yukimura was arching sweetly, his voice shouting disjointed words, occasionally gasping Sanada's name and pulling on his hair. He couldn't think anymore. There was only Sanada's hot mouth, circling his nipple with a wet tongue and then giving the next one the same maddening attention.

Then, Sanada was pushing Yukimura's pants down and the captain was most definitely hard now. Sanada continued biting down on his skin and leaving more and more marks, intent on showing the world exactly who Yukimura belonged to. The bluenette sighed at the hands' caresses, heightened by the feeling of Sanada's sharp teeth nipping at his hip bone. Sanada inhaled that sweet intoxicating scent again.

Yukimura's erection sprung up once his pants were lowered enough. Sanada looked down at Yukimura's flushed member for a second before zooming in on it. His tongue dragged wet heat up Yukimura's cock, his mouth then latching along the tip and sucking so wonderfully that Yukimura could do nothing but arch and moan and beg him not to stop.

Another wave of heat lanced through Sanada. He couldn't stop, not until he marked and claimed Yukimura as his own. His hand reached down, seeking the entrance he longed to bury himself in. He didn't hesitate to slip a finger inside once he found it, moaning around the cock in his mouth at how hot and tight Yukimura was.

Suddenly, Yukimura cried out, all his muscles going tense as he spilled. Sanada pulled back out of surprise, tasting Yukimura's seed in his mouth and on his lips. He watched as Yukimura moaned beautifully, his head hanging back and mouth open as more white spurted on his stomach in thick jets.

The bluenette looked completely ravaged like this. His legs were spread and his stomach soaked in cum and his whole body was layered in bite marks and hickeys. What was left of Sanada's control snapped in a second. He licked his lips, still tasting the bitter tang of Yukimura's ejaculation, and flipped his captain over. Yukimura was so spent that he didn't protest, rolling over on his stomach without a single complaint.

It was then that Sanada raised Yukimura's waist up, aligning himself as he covered Yukimura's smaller body with his own. Sanada kissed along Yukimura's upper back and shoulders, nuzzling the sweaty skin of the bluenette's neck.

"Yukimura, I need you… I need…" Sanada trailed off with whimpered moan. His tip pressed against the twitching hole and Yukimura suddenly gasped, his body freezing in place,

The unbearable need was impossible to ignore any longer. Sanada's whole body thrummed with the desire to claim the captain under him, to rut into him until Yukimura was filled with his seed. He started to push in, the head of his cock meeting resistance in the form of tight muscles. Yukimura cried out at the first breech and he clenched, squeezing so hard that Sanada saw stars.

"Hurts," whispered Yukimura, so low that Sanada barely heard it. He clenched again, as if to expel Sanada out of him. Yukimura turned his head just a bit and it was enough for Sanada to see hints of tears in the corners of Yukimura's eyes.

Sanada's cat ears drooped low, sadness taking over him instantly when he saw how pained Yukimura was feeling. He pulled out slowly, hearing how Yukimura sighed in relief. He felt stinging guilt as he looked down at his collapsed captain. He had hurt Yukimura, his precious Yukimura.

He leaned down and kissed the back of Yukimura's neck. Sanada heard the most depressed-sounding noise and soon realized it had come from his own throat. He wanted to help… he wanted to take Yukimura's pain away and say that he was sorry and he would never do it again so please don't be sad.

Sanada's lips brushed down, against Yukimura's shoulders and back. This time his intention was to soothe the skin, not to mark it. His fingers touched down to Yukimura's lower back in the most tranquilizing manner possible, soon joined by Sanada's mouth as he attempted to calm every inch of skin he came across. He went lower, continuing until he could see Yukimura's puckered hole, an angry red against pale white skin. Sanada didn't hesitate; he leaned in and licked there too.

Yukimura jolted in surprise. "Ah! S-Sanada, not there!" Yukimura's face flamed at the thought of what Sanada was doing… licking him there. The smooth and soft strokes felt good but Yukimura's stomach flipped at the thought of how dirty the act was.

Sanada paused. "But I want to help," he said, his fingers playing with the nerves around the small opening. "Don't you like it?"

"It's not that… it's just that it's so… dirty."

Sanada shook his head. "You're not dirty at all," he said and plunged his tongue back in.

Yukimura groaned and let him. His entrance, the spot that had been sore just a few seconds earlier was now twitching in pleasure. Sanada lapped at it without stopping. He longed to bury himself in again but he definitely did not want to risk hurting Yukimura once more. Instead he latched his mouth around the entrance and sucked.

The scream that tore from Yukimura's throat startled him but Sanada didn't let it distract him. He worked his tongue in deeper, breeching the tight ring of muscle.

Yukimura cried out again. The bluenette was a hot mess, his fingers digging into the bed sheets, his hair a tangled disarray around his face as he panted against the pillows. His legs spread in a silent plead for more of that amazing sensation.

Sanada reached down and he grabbed himself. He was still so hot, so hard, and pumping into his hand felt good. The scent of Yukimura in the air made him drunk with desire. He licked lower, trailing a path down to Yukimura's hanging balls. Sanada licked at the swollen sacs before taking one in his mouth. Yukimura's incoherent noises urged him on and Sanada thrust into his palm faster and faster until he felt like he was hovering on top of a cliff, desperate to throw himself over the edge.

It was the sound of Yukimura shouting his name that did it. Sanada moaned, hot semen spurting all over his hand and there was some under Yukimura too. It took Sanada a second to realize that Yukimura had come as well.

Slowly, Sanada came to his senses, the haze clearing from his mind. He groaned and rubbed his forehead, feeling tired yet satisfied. His limp tail hovered lazily around, very much like Sanada felt at that moment. The agonizing desire that had been spreading through his veins earlier was gone.

"Feeling better?" asked Yukimura. The bluenette was looking at him curiously. "Your face isn't red anymore."

"Y-Yeah, I think so," said Sanada, still feeling somewhat dazed, but at least not feverish. He then looked down at Yukimura, splayed out under him and naked.

"Ah, the red is back," said Yukimura.

Sanada blushed, this time out of mortification rather than feverish desire. "Yukimura, I-I—I'm sorry, forgive me for my actions!"

Yukimura chuckled. "It's fine. I was just concerned because I thought you were sick. It surprised me is all." After all, it wasn't everyday that Sanada would pin him down and start pawing at him like a cat in heat.

"I-I feel better now. I don't know if this was a side-effect or…?"

"Mm, I supposed we can ask Renji tomorrow."

Sanada could only nod, still uneasy about this whole thing. "I'm sorry for not having more self control, Yukimura. Is there any way that I can I apologize to you?"

Yukimura's eyes took on a wicked gleam and Sanada instantly regretted his words.

Dread build in Sanada when Yukimura stood from the bed and fetched his schoolbag.

"I bought you a gift on my way here. I was hoping you'd wear it for me," said Yukimura.

Sanada's fears were brought to reality when Yukimura pulled out something long and red from his bag. He looked back and forth between the collar and Yukimura's beaming face.

"Don't worry; I'll get your name engraved on it soon," said Yukimura. Sanada backed away in fear but knew it was pointless.

For now, Sanada could only be grateful that there was no leash attached to the collar.