Later that day, Simon catches Alvin on the phone. "Yeah, thanks guys. See you then." Alvin says, hanging up and turning to see Simon, "How much of that did you hear?" "I heard you tell whoever thanks." Simon says. "I'm trying to get to where we can maybe end up on iCarly." Alvin says, "Tori gave me the number." "What did they say?" Simon asks. "They said they would think about it next week, but they're not sure." Alvin says, "That would mean going back to Seattle again, Simon. You sure you're up to it?" "Yes, I'm sure." Simon says, "You always did want to get onto iCarly, and now you can." "I wanted all of us on there, Si." Alvin says. "You guys aren't fighting, are you?" Tori Vega asks. "No, Tori." Simon says, "Just a little misunderstanding."

They head off to class again, as usual, except this time they're babying Simon. (Granted, he can't carry much with one hand.) "Still have that headache?" Alvin asks, "School may just be too hard on your head." "You did break your skull, Simon." Jeanette says. "I know, but I can't miss school." Simon says, "I'll be fine." "Last year YOU were the worried one." Alvin says. "You had just gotten over leukemia." Simon says. "And it's been a year now, Simon!" Alvin says happily. "That's great. Can you keep your voice down?" Simon asks, 'This can't be a normal headache. Something's going on. I can't—'

"Tell Psycowitz I went to the nurse." Simon says, heading back down the stairs. Jeanette chases off after him. "You okay?" Jeanette asks. "I'm fine, Jen. I just need to call Dave about something." Simon says. "Not a normal headache, huh?" Jeanette asks, knowing what he meant. "I just want him to call Dr. Shepherd so I could ask him a few things." Simon says, "We're supposed to go to Seattle in a week, because Alvin got us on iCarly. I—pardon the expression, since it's true, but I don't want to appear as though I just got run over by a car."

"Simon." Alvin says from behind the two, who are standing in the hall, "It's the last class. I'll talk to Dave tonight, but—" "I got it, Alvin. I'll try to make it through the last class, and you'll talk to Dave tonight about getting us out to Seattle sooner so I can talk to Dr. Shepherd." Simon says. "Yep." Alvin says. And once Dave picks them up, he does.

"Alvin, we just got back yesterday, and you already want to go back, besides the fact that you have school tomorrow." Dave says. "Simon's had a headache for most of the day, and he wanted to talk things over with Dr. Shepherd." Alvin says, "And Carly and Sam want us to come up for a webcast." "Oh, fine, but for Simon, not for you." Dave says. "Thanks, Dave." Simon says. "How's your head?" Dave asks. "I'm still sore from last week, Dave." Simon says. (No doubt he is, a chipmunk with those injuries shouldn't have lived, and he's only sore?)

They get up earlier the next morning than they ever have. Brittany dresses the triplets in their pink dresses and, having checked the weather for Seattle, grabbed their red jackets. They all carry a jacket with them as well. Dave loads the car and they take off for Seattle. The first stop they make once there is Seattle Grace—Mercy West.

"Could you page Derek Shepherd?" Simon asks. "Hey, Simon." Owen hunt says, "What's going on?" "I need to ask Derek a few things." Simon says, "Could you page him?" "Of course." Owen says.

"Who paged me?" Derek asks. "Simon's here." Owen says. "What's wrong?" Derek asks, walking over to where Simon is. "I just had a few questions, and you're the top neurologist in the country…" Simon says. "What's the problem?" Derek asks. "Headaches, ever since we left." Simon says. "Is Dave here?" Derek asks, "You're still technically a kid, so we need Dave's signature before we can do anything." "He's out in the waiting area. Owen brought me back here to see you." Simon says.

"Dave?" Derek asks. "Yes, Derek?" Dave asks. "I want to get a MRI, just to see if anything's causing this. If not, it's probably from the trauma, and it should get better with time, but—" Derek says. "A possible neurologic defect in a genius is best caught early." Jeanette finishes, "He is going to be okay, though, right?" "More than likely, yes, Jeanette." Derek says, "If I can get Dave to give consent, we'll get to work." Dave signs the form and Derek returns to Simon. "All right, let's get you back, then." Derek says. Derek takes him back for an MRI, and watches the results on the screen.

The first few 'slices' show nothing worth worrying about. Nothing that would cause headaches. The scan's almost done when he sees it. 'Dave's not going to like this. If it's malignant—don't think about that, Derek! You have enough to worry about with Merr and Zola. Simon's not your kid, you know. Zola is, and she's got hydrocephalus.' "All right, Simon. All done." Derek says, "Tell Dave I'll be out in a minute." "Is everything okay?" Simon asks. Derek steps out the door, ignoring Simon's question. 'How do you tell a ten-year-old he has a brain tumor? Maybe getting hit by that car was a blessing in disguise.' Derek's mind is wandering down that path again as he approaches Dave. Simon's in the exam room.

"Dave, can I talk to you alone?" Derek asks. "Guys, go ask Dr. Hunt where Simon is and stay with him." Dave says, "What's the problem?" "I found something on the scan. I'm not sure if it's bad or not yet…" Derek says. "What is it?" Dave asks. "I— I'm sorry. I have a daughter in the daycare here, and I know how this must feel. My daughter and my patient." Derek says, "We found a tumor." Dave just stares in shock for a minute. "We are talking about Simon, right?" Dave says. "Yes, Dave. Zola's got hydrocephalus." Derek says. "What's the next step, then?" Dave asks. "We do a biopsy now, I come up with a plan and you guys come back in, where I'll remove it." Derek says, "We'll know more after the test."

"Can I stay in with him?" Jeanette asks, looking shockingly calm. Dave looks at Derek. "Yeah, sure, Jeanette." Derek says, "You okay with this?" "Not really. There's no reason to get upset if it's everything comes out all right, right?" Jeanette says, "You can get it, right?" "I think I can." Derek says. "Good." Jeanette says. "Guys, he has to go in for another test. Jeanette's staying, but the rest of you go back out with Dave." Derek says. "Good luck, Si." Alvin says. "Thanks, Alvin. I think I'm gonna need it." Simon says, "Now will you tell me what's wrong with me?" "Not yet, Simon." Derek says. They go in for the test.

"Please, tell me what's wrong with me." Simon says after Derek's done this time. "Simon, why are you so impatient? You're not usually like this." Jeanette asks. "I'm starting to get scared, Jen." Simon says, "Usually if a doctor won't tell you what's wrong with you, it's something bad." "I don't know much, but I know they found something." Jeanette says. "If it was a bleed, they'd have gotten me into surgery right away—oh, no." Simon says, having figured it out. Jeanette looks into his eyes, knowing he's scared, but not knowing what to do to calm him down. Derek soon returns with results. He goes out and Dave sends the others back with Simon again.

"Dave, good news this time. It's benign. Why don't you come back in in a few days and we'll take care of it then?" Derek says. "That's great." Dave says, "Want me to tell Simon?" "He might believe it better if it comes from me." Derek says, heading back again. He sends everyone but Simon and Jeanette out of the room.

"Simon, I have good news and bad news." Derek says, "Which do you want first?" "Bad." Simon says, remembering what Joshua had said about ending on a high note. "We did find a tumor, but the good news is that it's benign, and we're scheduling surgery for the end of this week." Derek says.

"So, are we still able meet Carly and Sam?" Alvin asks. "Yes, Alvin." Simon says, still scared, but not half as bad as he had been, but Alvin still notices. "What's wrong, Si?" Alvin asks. "Nothing, Alvin. I'm fine." Simon says. "You don't look fine. You look scared." Alvin says. Simon pulls Alvin away from the others. "I have a right to be scared, okay? Derek found a tumor, Alvin! I have every right to be scared to death right now." Simon says, "I'm just trying to keep things together for Theodore." "But yo-you said you were okay." Alvin says, his voice barely a whisper as he tries to hold back the emotions. "And I am, Alvin. It's benign. I just didn't want to scare Theodore." Simon says, "They're setting up a surgery for the end of the week, after they film iCarly. We can still be on the web show, and everything's going to end up being fine. Don't worry."

"We're all going to worry, Simon." Jeanette says, "Brain surgery is dangerous." "You guys think I don't know that?" Simon asks, "That's why I'm scared. But every surgery has risks, and even a benign brain tumor, if it gets too big, could kill a person. There are too many vital areas in the brain." "I know, Simon." Jeanette says. "As long as we didn't come up here for nothing." Brittany says, "How are you feeling, Simon? Still have that headache?" Yes, Brittany." Simon says, rolling his eyes. Dave had told everyone what was going on, but they must have ignored him, with all the questions.

"Hello?" Alvin says, answering his phone, "Yes, of course. See you then." "What is it?" Simon and Dave ask. "Carly wants us to go to her apartment so we can rehearse for the web cast." Alvin says. "Dave, do you think we should warn them about this?" Simon asks. "I don't know, Simon." Dave says, "I know they get loud on this show. You want me to get you anything for the headache before you go up?" "Sure. Thanks, Dave." Simon says. Dave hands Simon the meds.

"Hey guys!" Carly says, answering the door, "Come on in." "We're waiting on Sam, as usual." Freddy says. "Could I see the equipment?" Simon asks Freddy. "You guys can go ahead and go on up." Carly says, motioning for Freddy to take them up to the studio, "I'll stay down here and wait for Sam." Carly dials her phone. "Sam, come on! The chipmunks are here, waiting for you. We're all waiting for you!" Carly says. "I'm on my way, Carls, sheesh." Sam says.

"So, what's going on with the chipmunks?" Spencer asks, trying to make conversation with Dave, who's watching Brittany's triplets play with his shoelaces from their stroller. "Let's see, we just got out of the hospital yesterday because Simon jumped in front of a moving car,…" "Freddy did the same thing to save Carly." Spencer says. "I remember the boys watching that one." Dave says, "Then we find out today that Simon needs more surgery, and if you look down, it's obvious that Alvin and Brittany have been busy…" "Triplets." Spencer says, "How old are Alvin and Brittany?" "Ten, but they are chipmunks. Chipmunks are usually parents a lot earlier than this, but they're in the public eye all the time, I had hoped this wouldn't happen." Dave says, quickly pulling the end of his shoelace out of Hope's mouth. Sam runs in, throws her bag down, and runs upstairs. "Hi, Sam!" Spencer yells. "Hi!" Sam says, not stopping.

"Finally." Freddy says, "Simon, she's here." "I can see that." Simon says, facing the door. "All right, let's get started." Carly says.

Halfway through rehearsal, Spencer's knocking at the door with the baby stroller and the diaper bag. "Britt, you need to do something." Spencer says. "I should have just brought them up to begin with." Brittany says, taking over with the babies, "Alvin, come on. I can't do this alone. They're all three crying." "I can help too." Jeanette says, grabbing Charity and a bottle. "Sorry, Carly, we'll only be a couple minutes." Alvin says. "It's all right." Carly says, "Sam, stop staring." "Sorry. It's not every day you see a ten-year-old with triplets." Sam says. "We know, but we ARE chipmunks." Simon says, 'That medication should have kicked in by now. I can't wait for them to get this thing out, then maybe I'll be able to get through rehearsals and everything else without hurting like this.' "Guys, if you don't mind, I'll be right back. I need to talk to Dave about something."

"Dave?" Simon asks from the bottom of the stairs. "Simon, what is it?" Dave asks. "I still have a headache." Simon says. "I don't know what I can do, Simon." Dave says, "There's not much we can do until Friday." "I know. They're recording on Thursday, and we go to Seattle Grace-Mercy West at 5:00 the next morning." Simon says.

They film iCarly that Thursday. Sam's late again, but that can't be helped. They had been working on a new song for the webcast, one Dave wrote, and they perform it flawlessly. It's obvious; however, that Simon's not doing well. He's got a severe headache and he hasn't slept well all week because of it. After they sing the song Dave wrote, Alvin decides to sing one off the top of his head, just the boys. Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

After the song, it's all Simon can do to not collapse on the studio floor. "Simon!" Alvin yells, running to his half-down brother. "Freddy, stop filming!" Jeanette yells. "I can't!" Freddy yells. Carly moves Simon and Alvin off-screen. "Girls, if you want to stall for a bit, make sure he's okay, we can. Theo, go get Dave." Carly says, "Sam, help me!" They stall just long enough to get Dave upstairs. By that time, Simon's back up, leaning on Alvin and Theodore.

"This is the Chipmunks father, Dave Seville." Carly says. Dave barely waves at the camera, being that he's too busy checking on Simon to care about the camera and viewers. "Dave, is he okay?" Theodore asks. "Yes, Theo. I'm all right." Simon says, "Just a bit tired." "Why don't you go lie down for a little bit, Si?" Alvin says, worried about Simon, "We can get along without you for a bit." "No, Alvin. We came here for you." Simon says, "And we're not stopping." "Thanks, Si"! Alvin says, grateful Simon didn't want to give in to this pain.

"Just tell me we're going in tonight." Simon says. "We have to, if your surgery is set for 5:00 tomorrow morning." Dave says, "Unless you guys want to get up at 2:00 in the morning?" "Tonight's good." Alvin says, trying to pull his arm out from under Simon's. "Alvin, please. I-I'm not sure I can stand." Simon says. "Uh-oh." Dave whispers. What if it's grown since last week? Dave and Simon have the same thing on their minds.

The first thing they do when Dave and the chipmunks check into Seattle Grace-Mercy West is another MRI. They operate the next day.

"How is he?" Dave asks, seeing Derek come out the OR doors. "He's in recovery. We got it all." Derek says, "You can see him when he's back in his room." They all run to the unoccupied room (Well, the chipmunks, anyway Dave walks) and wait for the cot to be wheeled in with the tiny (And he does look TINY) chipmunk at the top of the cot. He's got a bandage around his head, and he's still pretty out of it. "Simon?" Jeanette asks. "Hey, Jen." Simon says. "How you feeling?" Dave asks. "Pretty good, considering." Simon says. "Good. Why don't you get some rest, I'll take the others down to the cafeteria for a while." Dave says.

They all walk out the door. Jeanette turns back and joins Simon again. "Jen, I thought you were going with Dave." Simon says. "I was. I decided I'd rather be in here with you." Jeanette says. Simon smiles at her. Soon the others return to find the two curled up in each other's arms, asleep.

Carly, Sam, and Freddy come to visit the next day. "Hi, guys." Carly says. "Hey Carly!" Simon says. "You sound like you're doing a lot better." Freddy says. "He is." Jeanette says, smiling down at him.