Kaitlyn knocked lightly on the door, taking a deep breath. Faith answered it looking rather puzzled "what is it? Is Blondie okay?" asked Faith

"he's still the same, I was wondering if I could talk to Buffy for a sec?"

"sure..." said Faith moving out of the way so Kaitlyn could pass the threshold of Buffy's room

"Is Spike okay?" asked Buffy worriedly

"he's fine" said Kaitlyn shrugging slightly

"I'll go help the guys with research" said Faith backing out of the room

"what's up?" asked Buffy

"look I know you probably don't like me very much, and what I said earlier it was out of line I shouldn't of blamed you it's just seeing him like that it just tore me apart..." rambled Kaitlyn

"it's okay, I get it. Just a heat of the moment thing... No biggie" smiled Buffy unconvincingly

"you felt it too right? When you saw him like that?" asked Kaitlyn

Buffy paused for a moment "yeah, I did but it doesn't mean..."

"do you love him?" asked Kaitlyn

"it really doesn't matter Kaitlyn" said Buffy turning her back on the blonde

"no it really does...he's been in and out of consciousness, saying things, hallucinating"

"probably a good sign, then again he never could keep his mouth shut" said Buffy turning back around to face her

"I know, it's one of the reasons I fell in love with him. I can always count on him to tell me the truth, except about you" sighed Kaitlyn

"what about me?" asked Buffy

"he told me stuff, things from the past but when it came to talking about you, the way his eyes light up whenever you're mentioned. I'm forever questioning whether he still has feelings for you Buffy, but he can't have those feelings for you right because he's with me?" said Kaitlyn with her eyes filled with tears

"right" said Buffy sadly

"then why in his hallucinations is he calling for you and not me?" she asked tears now streaming down her face

"I dunno Kaitlyn, I mean he's all messed up the poison might of affected his brain? I don't know"

"that's not it Buffy and you know it, deep down you know he still loves you"

"is that why you came in here? To tell me that he loves me? Well you're a little late he chained me up and told me himself about 8 years ago, I didn't act on it then why would I act on it now?"

"but you did Buffy, you had a whole torrid love affair with him"

"that's all in the past we're just... I can't use the word friends because I haven't seen him in so long but acquaintances? Maybe?" said Buffy trying not to hurt Kaitlyn's feelings

"you're a little more than that Buffy, I've seen the two of you. Stealing glances at each other... You're in love with him" said Kaitlyn

'Well Duh!' thought Buffy to herself, she took a deep breath with a sort of pained look on her face simply said "yes, I am... Look I'm sorry if that hurts you and I know you think that I'm about to steal your man or something, but I'm not. He made his choice and the better girl won, all I seem to do is hurt him. You make him happy and he does love you, I just want you to know that me and Spike are history and in a few days when you guys are back in LA you'll forget this whole thing..."

Buffy was interrupted mid-sentence by Xander bursting through her bedroom door "Buffy! We've got news!"


Everybody say around the dining room table looking around at each other in awkward silence as Buffy, Xander and Kaitlyn filtered into the room.

"Judging by your faces this isn't good news?" asked Buffy folding her arms

"You might wanna sit sweetie" said Willow "I mean both of you might wanna sit"

Kaitlyn did as she was told and sat by Andrew but Buffy stood rigid "I can't. Just spit it out" said Buffy

"I'm afraid it's worse than we first feared Buffy, as you know we have dealt with poisons of this nature before" said Giles glumly

"We have?" asked Buffy

"Killer of the dead..." Angel piped up

"The poison Faith used? So he just needs the blood of a slayer right?" said Buffy hopefully. Nobody spoke to confirm it "right?" she asked again

"It's not that simple" said Angel

"What do you mean?" asked Kaitlyn "is he gunna die?"

"It's not the Killer of the dead... interfectorem de bellator" said Angel

"In English?" demanded Buffy

"Killer of the warrior"

"So what does that mean? What do I have to do?" asked Buffy

"It's a much more aggressive poison Buffy, and a lot more detailed potion to cure him" said Willow

"So what are the ingredients?" asked Buffy

"Heart of the demon, the slayer's blood, plus the original talisman" replied Willow

"Not a problem, I'm going demon hunting make sure you guys have the talisman when I'm back" said Buffy turning around to leave

"Yeah great except we don't know where this talisman is or how to find it" said Xander

"You'll find it" said Buffy

"Buffy this ritual, the potion, all of it is very dangerous" said Willow with concern

"I don't care! I'm not letting him die! Find the talisman, I'm going after that demon" said Buffy

"You can take that thing on by yourself" Faith piped up

"Don't try and stop me" said Buffy in a harsh tone

"Wasn't gunna, was gunna give you a hand" smiled Faith

"You're stupid" said Angel

Buffy turned to look at the vampire "What?" she asked

"Buff, this is crazy you can't defeat this demon alone!" he yelled

"Did you not just hear Faith? I'm not alone"

"You'll get hurt…is bleach blonde & British really worth it?" he asked angrily

"You really have to ask me that?" she said getting more pissed off

"You'll fail, you could die" he said

"Yeah maybe but I'll just come back" she said simply walking out of the door followed by Faith