the door of Slayer Central burst open, Slayers and Scoobies piling in. Spike had Buffy in his arms racing to the living area of the compound setting her down on one of the couches. Willow and Dawn rushed to her side, Spike began to pace the room as Willow tended to Buffy.

"Is she okay?" Asked Spike "She's gunna be okay right?"

Nobody answered him. Willow began cleaning the wound as Dawn looked on

"Red?" He asked again.

"I don't know Spike!" She snapped as tears freely fell from her eyes.

"She can't die!" He cried "not because of me!"

"Spike we're doing all we can" sniffed Dawn "She's a fighter" she gave him a sweet smile.

"It's all my fault" he repeated over and over.

"Yeah y'know what it is your fault!" Xander piped up "You were the one that brought the wicked witch of the west here! God if I didn't hate you before I sure as hell do now!"

The two men met in the centre of the room, ready to go head to head.

"Yeah because I knew she was a witch when she was busy controlling me!" Yelled Spike

"Hey" came a voice barely a whisper.

The two men looked at the couch where Buffy lay "stop it guys please" she mumbled

"Buffy?" Faith exhaled smiling

"I can't leave you guys for two minutes, can I?" A small smile crept across her face.

Spike knelt down next to her and took her hand "You gave us all quite a fright there love."

"Sorry" she said half opening her eyes "Did we do it? Is she gone?"

"Yeah love, Willow saw to that" he smiled through his tears of relief

"She's one badass witch" she smiled.


the next morning the Slayer compound was abuzz with stories of what happened the previous night, most of the girls were talking about how Buffy and Spike might finally get together now Kaitlyn was out of the way.

It had been greatly documented among the girls that they thought this was a way better love triangle than those Twilight kids, the girls were split Team Buffy or Team Kaitlyn and now there was a lot of gloating to be had for the Buffy supporters.

Willow strode through the hallway, smiling at all of the girls busy gossiping. She reached Dawn's office and tapped lightly on the door

"Come in" said Dawn.

Willow opened the door and giggled slightly "Have you heard the girls out there? It's like high school gossip"

Dawn smiled "I know this morning, one of the girls actually asked me if I was Team Buffy or Team Kaitlyn, apparently it's gone viral, it's now in the twittersphere. Get ready for hashtags" she giggled.

"I know I've seen, I've been seeing 'Spuffy forever' hashtags all week... But that was from Andrew" she smirked

"Good fight last night by the way, check you out with all your Witch fighty mojo"

"Thanks, as soon as I saw Kaitlyn stake Buffy. I dunno I just got so enraged y'know and poof" she said innocently

"How is she? I didn't want to disturb her this morning" asked Dawn.

"I don't know, Spike's been with her all night. I kinda think they need to be alone" Willow winked


Buffy stirred and opened her eyes, she sat up a little too quick forgetting about her nice stake size wound. She winced and lay down again.

"You okay love?" Asked Spike from the chair beside the bed

"Yeah just being clumsy is all" she smiled "how are you?" She asked gesturing to the cuts and bruises on his face.

"I'll survive" he smiled "how're you feelin'? Can I get you anything?" He asked standing up and heading for the door.

"No I'm good" she said "can you just sit with me?" She asked

He nodded and sat back down "Buffy I'm sorry" he said

"What for?" She asked puzzled

"I dunno, for not being around. For bringing Kaitlyn here, for getting kidnapped, for letting you get hurt. I have a list somewhere" he told her

Buffy smiled "Don't blame yourself okay? We were both stupid and maybe a little bit stubborn"

"Just a little?" He questioned.

"Okay a lot..." She fell silent

"I don't know what I would've done if she'd of-"

Buffy butted in "Don't... Don't focus on the bad"

"Guess that means we're focusing on the good from now on then" he smiled

"Yeah, I like good" she returned his smile.

"Buffy, before this all went totally tits up, you said..."

Buffy looked down all embarrassed "Yeah I did, I just wanted you to know that. I love you, I meant it back then I mean it now. The fact that these last few weeks I've had to see you with some other girl... My chest actually hurt seeing that"

Spike took her by the hand "I know love, and I'm sorry. I'm sorry for being such a git and thinking you were better off without me" he smiled, moving from his seat to the edge of the bed.

"You're...the other half of my soul Buffy. I'm never going to get over you, and no matter how much you hope that I will... you'll never get over me either. I've realised that we've wasted so much time, at first just fighting and hurting each other and then ignoring each other. Buffy I love you completely and I don't want to waste more time being a part, I want to be here with you. I'm still love's bitch but I'm yours if you'll have me"

Buffy had tears in her eyes "Spike, I've never wanted anything more in my life" she smiled

He moved a stray strand of hair off of her face and gently kissed her lips.


A few weeks later, Willow and Dawn had decided to throw Angel & Co a leaving party. The music was thumping and the punch was being consumed at a considerable rate. Buffy and Spike were all over each other, Andrew was getting very snap happy with his camera, Dawn along with Jordan, Xander and Willow were getting their groove on.

Angel came over to where Spike & Buffy stood "Hey, just wanted to say thanks for having us Buffy"

She smiled brightly "anytime Angel you guys are always welcome here, especially if there's an apocalypse" she giggled "Oh Faith..." she said rushing over to her friend leaving Spike and Angel alone.

There was silence for a few seconds "Don't think I need to say it but you ever hurt her and I will stake you myself" said Angel

"I won't, you have my word on that" Spike said softly.

"Your word never meant much William, but somehow I believe you" Angel smiled.

Spike nodded in his grandsire's direction and walked away.


Buffy and Faith sat side by side "So you bagged Blondie Bear, what's next?" asked Faith.

Buffy smiled for a moment "I don't know... World domination maybe"

"I'm totally down with that sister... just in a few days I'm still sore from that fight" Faith stretched out her limbs a little.

"It was pretty bad ass" Buffy smirked "So you're staying here?"

"Yeah I've not got a lot to hurry back to Vegas to" sighed Faith.

"Why don't you call him Faith? C'mon I nearly lost the guy I love, it kinda makes you realize that sometimes you have to make a fool outta yourself for love" Buffy smiled.

"I don't think he'd be interested even if I did call, I said some pretty messed up things to him" said Faith sadly.

"I wouldn't count on it" Buffy nodded towards the door.

Faith rose from her seat and drifted to the doorway where Robin stood with suitcase in hand. "Surprise" he smiled

"What are you doing here?" she asked

"You think I could just let you go? I know I said I wouldn't tell you that I loved you but Faith it's been five years how could I not love you? I've stuck around through apocalypse and the isolationist Slayer crap. Of course I love you doofus" he smiled cautiously.

A goofy grin appeared on her face "I love you too" she mumbled

"What was that?" he teased

"I love you too! Okay!" she bellowed

He chuckled and kissed her passionately

"Looks like we're not the only ones who are love's bitch eh love?" said Spike taking Faith's seat beside Buffy

"I guess not, I'm happy for them" she smiled

"I'm happier for us though" he smirked

She looked into his piercing blue eyes "I'm happy for us too, took us long enough"

"Good things come to those who wait pet"

"Yeah they do" she smiled brightly

"So how about we ditch this little party and have our own private party just me and you" he whispered seductively

Buffy blushed "did you not learn from this morning's fiasco?"

"It was nothing" he protested

"Having Xander and Willow walk in whilst I'm butt naked and in a vulnerable position is not nothing Spike" she blushed even more at the memory.

"Ahh the Whelp's face was a picture" he grinned

She hit him hard in the chest "Pig"

"Oink Oink baby... So what do you think love?" he raised an eyebrow

Buffy scoured the room; her sister along with her husband and best friends were still dancing much to Illyria's interest, Andrew and Gunn were in deep conversation as were Giles and Angel. Faith and Robyn were making out in the corner. Buffy smiled 'Everything is back to normal' she thought to herself. "Let's go" she giggled.