Chapter 17: 2 days to go

Maria's Pov.

It's been three days since I found out about William being here at Moonacre. And a day had not gone by where he had not tried at least twice to change my mind. He never gave up. I tried to spend as little time with him as possible and more time with Robin or Loveday. No one else knew about me and Robin just yet including William. We decided it would be best if we waited until William had gone until we would tell everyone.

I was sat underneath my favourite tree in the woods. I knew them quite well now but still nowhere near good enough to go for a long walk on myself in them. But I always knew my way to this tree. It was the big tree in the clearing when me and Robin first spoke in the days we hated each other. I had a day off from learning with Mrs Heliotrope but Robin was busy doing jobs at the castle. Neither of us liked it very much. It only meant that there was more chance of William finding me.

I was reading a book on learning Latin. It was one of the books Mrs Heliotrope had told me to read in my spare time. I heard a ruffling in the trees and I looked up. There was nothing there. I went back to my book and heard it again. This time when I looked up William was stood there. He smiled down at me as I glared at him.

"What do you want?" I spat at him.

"I just want to talk to you Maria" He sat down opposite me.

"Well I do not wish to talk to you. We have nothing to say"

"Come on Maria, I've said I was sorry"

"I'm not interested in what happened any more William. I just don't feel the same anymore" I stood up and started walking away.

I heard him get up and I he grabbed my arm and violently turned me around and pushed me against a tree. I gasped. "Listen here Princess" He said. He had heard Robin call me Princess during his stay here and he had always mocked it. "I came here for you and I'm not returning to London looking like a fool. I don't care what you want, you are coming with me" He raised his arm as if he was about to slap me when he fell to the ground in pain. I looked up and saw Robin there with his fist clenched. He had punched him.

"Maria!" He hugged me "Are you ok?" He held my shoulders and looked at me.

"Yes Robin I'm fine." He smiled a little "Thank you" I said. "What are you doing here?"

"I was on my way to Moonacre Manor to see you. When I saw him with his hand ready to slap you. I didn't know what to do. I wasn't going to let him hurt you" He had gone red.

His face turned angry again and he bent down and lifted William up on to his feet. "And you, are going to Merryweather Manor and are going to tell Sir Benjamin that you wish to return to London early. And you will never return" William nodded and wimped.

**At Moonacre Manor**

"What is the matter you three?" Uncle said as we walked through the doors of Moonacre Manor almost out of breath.

Robin pushed William forward. William spoke quietly. "I…I...I wish to return to London early." He turned around at me and Robin and did an evil smirk. Oh no. "With Maria" I heard Robin growl. I frowned at William.

"Has Maria agreed to this?" Uncle said, looking at me.

"Uncle, I have not. You must hear of what has just happened…" I started and was interrupted by William.

"Oh don't be a fool Maria you know what you said to me. How you would give up everything just to be back in London. How you were so desperate to return you would give up everyone you loved. Even…Robin. Remember? Just before he came and punched me." Robin looked at me with hurt in his eyes and I shook my head defiantly.

"I never said any of…" I said. Mrs Heliotrope interrupted me.

"You punched William Robin?!" She was angry with him. That much was obvious. "What on earth for?!"

"Let me explain!" I said. Everyone looked at me. I told them what had happened and how William was about to hit me when Robin punched him to stop him. Uncle was glaring at William with hatred.

"Get out!" Uncle yelled at him. "I want you out of my house right now!"

William looked over at Loveday for help. Her had grown to understand that Loveday was the most understanding out of her and Uncle but even she had a line that if you crossed, she would never forgive. She stared at him with narrow eyes.

"Fine, I shall leave. Allow me to gather my things" Uncle nodded and he walked slowly to his guest room.

I turned to Robin suddenly. "Robin, you know I did not say any of those things! I would never even think about returning to London to stay permanently!"

He smiled. "I realise that now. I'm sorry for ever thinking you would." He leant down and kissed me on the cheek.

Uncle, Loveday, Mrs Heliotrope, Marmaduke and Digweed stared in shock. Well I guess that secret is now known.

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