And now, our story begins.

They shot me. Those bastards. They don't even know why I need this book. If Louise where to leave without it, then I would be heart broken. I bet their coming after me. But I don't care, I need to give this to her. My blood stood out like neon against the snow. I could still see the splatters far away from me. But once I could finally see our little house, I heard Louise's voice inside my head.

'Hey vati.' Said my little girl as she tugged on my sleeve from her bed. I look over to her and see her bright smile. She's my own little piece of paradise, one that I would never, ever give up.

'What is it Louise?' I ask with a smile.

'Do you know what day it is tomorrow?' I gave her a look that made her think that I need to think about it, but I already knew.

'It's the birthday of the cutest girl in the whole world.' I hugged her and she giggled, then said,

'I think a picture book would be nice.'

That's why I stole the book from the wedding. That's why they shot me. And that's why I'm here right now, crawling just to make it to my own front door. I opened it and heard Louise's cough from upstairs. She must have heard me come in, because she started to ask,

"Hey… vati, in that paradise, what kind of flowers bloom? Hey… vati, in that paradise, what kind of birds sing?" I wish I could answer her, but I was having such a hard time trying to get up the steps to see her again. I opened her door, and saw that her eyes were closed. I'm too late. Not having any more strength left in me, I collapse onto the ground, my hand still gripping her white picture book with the gold writing. As my vision blurs and my heart slows down, I hear Louise's sweet voice one last time.

"Hey… vati, in that paradise, will my body not hurt anymore? Hey… vati, in that paradise, will we always be together?" Then the last word I could hear was a quiet, "Hey… vati…" Then I was lost into the darkness of death.

I walked through the darkness, until I heard a voice, calling to me. It was a deep, bone chilling voice, one that made me fear for my life. I felt like it belonged to a person much more evil than a demon. It was the devil, the devil himself.

"You foolish human." Said the voice. "You damned your soul, all for a little girl who would not see past eight."

"She was not just a girl." I muttered. The voice laughed and said,

"Well I guess she wasn't. That is why, I am going to let you have her."


"I have my ways, but only if you collect the girls of the abyss. There are five of them, each are due for hell. I want you to get them for me and bring them here, only then, will you get to see your perfect little girl. So, what do you say?" I didn't even think about it. To see Louise again. To see her smiling as she can finally walk and run without any pain. I would give up anything for that, even paradise. So I yelled out,

"Yes! I will get all of these girls, as long as you will let me see my daughter again!" I heard a snap of a pair of fingers, and I was sent out of the darkness, and into a place I did not know.