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Sorry if the characters seem a little OOC and in this story everyone will be humans. This idea popped into my head ,but I never thought of putting it on Fanfiction. In case you're wondering the school uniforms will be like the front cover of The School Of Maoh. Now on to my first story so please go easy on me. Laharl: wait why are we humans in ths story again? Me: Because I want to make lots of romantic scenes with you and Flonne-chan sooo enjoy the story! Laharl: Damn you.

Chapter one: A Mid-School Crisis

" Prince~ Oh Prince~ Prince! Wake up already!" an angry voice shouted.

"Ugh... Shut it Etna I'm trying to sleep!" another voice grumbled.

Etna was a 14 year old girl with red hair that was pulled up into two pigtails. She had a canine tooth and bright red eyes. She was in a school uniform which consisted of: a maroon skirt, maroon knee-high socks, and a white blouse. 'Prince Laharl' as most people called him was a short 13 year old kid. He had azure blue hair and blood-red eyes. Currently, he was on his bed trying to ignore Etna.

"Fine, but don't blame me if you're late for school again" Etna mumbled.

"What? What time is it?" Laharl yelled as he fell off his bed.

"8:45 and school starts at 9 AM so you better hurry~" Etna said.

"You better not leave without me, Etna!" Laharl growled as he put on his school uniform, put gel on his hair, and brushed his teeth.(Yes in this story he has hygene be glad)

Etna had already left and was now walking toward the house next door.

"Flonne~ come on we're gonna be late for school" Etna cried out as she reached the fence.

"I'm coming just wait a minute please!" Flonne yelled out. She was a 15 year old girl with long blond hair and bright blue eyes. She came out in a school uniform just like Etna only her's had a blue skirt and ribbon. The rest of her uniform was white.

"Hi Etna! Where's Laharl?"Flonne asked.

All three of them were in the same grade despite the age difference.

"Etna! I told you to wait for me!" Laharl yelled.

"Well I didn't feel like it" Etna said as she stuck out her tongue.

"Good morning Laharl!" Flonne said cheerfully.

"Morning lovefreak... *sigh* Let's hurry up I don't feel like dealing with the stupid teachers!" Laharl mumbled. They soon started running to school.

(Time skip)

The three of them were in science class. Laharl and Etna had a bad reputation in school. They were considered the most troublesome out of the entire school. Laharl was the tough, bad-tempered, trick-playing, bad kid. He had a club of girl admirers, but he usually ignored them. Most people thought he was all talk and no bite and some idiots ended up challenging him. Biggest mistake of their lives, they ended up in the hospital for a week.

Next, was Etna, she was the beauty obssessed, bad-tempered, prank-playing,smart, and mischeveous girl. If anyone was brave enough (or stupid enough) to challenge her she would beat them to a pulp.

Lastly, there was Flonne, she was kind and gentle. She was also a lovefreak, so it took a lot to make her mad. But, when she gets mad you better watch out. Some guys wanted to take advantage of her and lets just say they went to the hospital for a month." Okay class its almost summer and I was wondering who wiill sign up for camping" the teacher, or Mid-boss as most of the kids call him said.

"Camping is stupid" Laharl mumbled.

" Well I'm glad you think that Laharl because you're going camping whether you want to or not. You too Etna" Mid-boss stated.

"What?" Etna and Laharl said in unison.

"The reason is simple, both of you are failing all of your classes and you need extra credit. So, both of you will go camping together ~" Mid-boss replied in a sing song voice.

"Screw you!" Laharl and Etna yelled in unison again.

"Now, Now if you want I'll let Flonne come along if no one wants to go camping. Okay so who wants to go camping?" Mid-boss said as he sweatdropped. No one dared to raise their hand for fear of Etna and Laharl.

"Umm o-okay t-then Flonne will you go camping with them please?" Mid-boss said nervously.

"I will be glad to go Mr. Mid-boss" Flonne said cheerfully.

"Thank you mademoiselle but alas my name is not Mid-boss it is Vyers" Mid-boss explained.

"*ahem* Getting back on topic you are to give a well written report about what you experience while you were out camping. In order to make sure you are not lying I will have Flonne here to tell me the truth deal. You will also be excused from all of your classes starting tomorrow so good luck~" Mid-boss smiled.