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I love it. The thrill of it all. Feeling the breeze lift my hair as it flutters behind me. Looking out over the tops of thousands of buildings in this big city as I let my toes hover over the edge of the tower I am stood on. Then with a smile on my face I let myself fall forward and plummet to the ground. I love it. The thrill of it all. As the light breeze now turns into a pelting wind forcing me back the way I came but is too weak to overpower earths pull. The ground is nearing, taunting me, daring me to hit it, knowing very well that I will.

Just as I am about to hit the ground, I do a quick summersault, bringing my body into a tight rotating ball before springing out of it and landing lightly on my feet in a crouch. Ok, so maybe if I was your average human I would have definitely died, but I'm not, so sorry to disappoint.

Anyway… I guess I should start with an introduction yes? OK, well you all have the pleasure of meeting the host whose life you will be following, which is my marvellous self, Isabella Swan, but I prefer Bella so don't even think about calling me Isabella. I am 18 years old, well that's not necessarily true, I have the body of an 18 year old, I have actually been around for the past 800 years give or take. I have long chocolate brown hair, electric blue eyes (Weird description I know, but my blue eyes are not an ordinary blue and have never been seen in humans before), a toned figure but still feminine, if I do say so myself, and I am about 5'7 in height.

What am I you ask? Well I was wondering when you'd bring up that question. I am a science experiment gone wrong. Yup a defect. Back in the days when I was a regular human I had a fatal brain tumour which is odd for someone so young, I always did have bad luck. Well at the time I was offered the chance to be a test subject of a new treatment which had the potential to cure me. The only problem was it wasn't necessarily legal as they had not gone through the whole process of testing before testing it on humans, but I didn't care, I was dying anyway so I didn't think it could get much worse then that.

So off I went to this new facility where they did too many blood tests and brain scans and such that I was permanently nauseous. Once the first round of testing was done they injected me with weird blue stuff that felt far too heavy and thick as it gradually travelled towards my head. I don't know why, but all of the doctors and scientists never spoke to me, they never explained anything, barely even acknowledged me apart from the pitying looks.

There were other patients there, but we weren't allowed to interact, something to do with interrupting the treatment, we only really saw each other in passing anyway. Every so often you would see a body bag which could only mean someone didn't make it, I used to wonder when I would be going out in one of those things. Its weird I guess as to how I could have been so chill about the whole situation, it just all seemed too surreal to take seriously.

One day after another test to check my stability they decided to try something different. I was told briefly that they were going to directly inject a new serum into the tumour. I remember saying 'if your going to be sticking a giant needle in my head then you better be knocking me out or you can stick it where the sun don't shine'. He just laughed at me saying that they would indeed do that for me.

I remember one of the female doctors there asking me before I was put out why I was so ok with everything, she didn't understand why I hadn't sunk into some sort of depression or whatever. I just said 'hey, if I have only got a little while left, then I'm damn well going to end it being the sarcastic kid that I have always been'.

When I woke up from the experiment I new something wasn't right. For one I was left in the operating room with blood down the side of my head and butt naked, but that was not it, there was smoke coming in from beneath the door. Someone had set fire to the facility. I was up on my feet the moment I realised this and quickly grabbed one of the gowns that was in the corner of the room. I felt weird. Really weird, my entire body felt as if it had pins and needles, except rather than just being tingly it felt like they were stabbing me from the inside out. So on top of the fact that I had awoken to an empty operating room, the facility being on fire, the weird pain, oh and the numb head, I had to try and figure out how to get out and what to do. I was seriously freaking out.

So there I was stood in front of the smoking door, thinking 'stuff it, what have I got to lose' and kicked the door open with surprising strength. I was immediately shrouded in smoke and heat but pressed on coughing as I went. I decided to check for any other patients but the fire had already completely destroyed there wing telling me it was too late. So I ran in the other direction and noticed that same female doctor sat on the floor coughing.

I knelt down to try and help her out, but when she saw me her eyes went wide.'No, you're supposed to be dead, you died, I was there.'

'Well as wonderful as it is to know that I died, I think we should get out of here' I replied not caring at the moment.

She just shook her head at me though 'no, I deserve this, we all deserve this, what we've done, we can't take back',

'look I don't know what you are talking about, but we seriously need to go' I was getting impatient, she was wasting valuable time that we didn't have.

She whipped her head round then looking directly in my eyes 'and you, you are the only one who has ever survived. You need to leave, get out, you can't let anyone know, you need to keep it a secret, no one must know, it will only endanger you' her eyes were wide and kinda crazy, but I didn't want to leave her.

It was then that she was pushing me away, telling me to go and never look back, just keep running. I took one last look, pleading to let me help her but she was adamant in her answer, so I left.

It was after that that I discovered that I had changed after the weird pains had stopped in my body. It was my appearance at first, I had grown more muscular and now had tanned skin, my eyes had changed from brown to that weird blue and my hair had grown a more vibrant brown. I'm not going to lie, I looked hot. I'm not being egotistical or anything because, trust me, looking hot only led to being followed and stalked by guys who thought I was there's for the taking. Typical men.

Anyway, I then discovered that I had gained many new things. My, temperature was about 5 degrees higher than normal and my heartbeat was so slow you would think I would be dead, my strength was far more superior to the regular human, I was faster too, my senses had also increased greatly all sight, smell and hearing. My skin was a lot more durable as well as increased healing and I noticed that I was a lot lighter on my feet. The funny thing is, even after going through all of that, I still had the tumour in my head. Oh, I forgot to mention that I also have excellent memory, all I have to do is glance at a book and I remember everything as if I had read it 200 times.

So here I am now, years later, looking exactly the same, so I evidently don't age. Yeah, you all think that's great but it sucks. I have to move every couple of years as well as remain a loner, got to keep this secret you know. Says she who just jumped of a building for the thrill of it. Shut up, I checked no one was around. Someone could have easily seen idiot. Puff, well they didn't now did they. You just wait, one day you will be stupid enough to get caught and then what? Stupid conscience, can't you just give it a rest. I could, but then you'd probably be dead without me constantly warning you about these things. Ugh, whatever.

'Sigh' back in my human days I was never subjected to arguing with my own conscience but ever since the experiment, it kind of just developed, like my own personal, annoying, warning system. Although sometimes it is more aggressive, like I have a beast within me. Geez, whatever these scientists did to me, they really messed me up.

Anyway, I am leaving the city of New York as I have already lived here for 1 year. Yes, I know I could probably stay for another 4 years, but A, I didn't want to go to school again and start off at a younger age, so I wouldn't be able to pull off this look without people noticing and B, New York city bores me. So off I go to the wonderful world of Forks. It is a small dreary little place out in the sticks with a population of something like 200. The weather there sucks too as the sun only comes out like 5 times a year. But that is alright with me. I love the cold, or I have loved it ever since my 'change' as it doesn't really affect me, but it does calm me somewhat.

I decided this time that I would attend school… Again. Staying in places for a short period of time is alright and at times fun when travelling the world, but I want to settle down for a few years this time, even if that does mean attending that hell hole.

I have more to post should you like it! =)