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Alice's POV

It has been 3 weeks since beautiful Bella has entered our lives. It is amazing how fast she created a space for herself in everyone's hearts, anyone of our family would willingly risk their life for Bella's sake, well maybe not Edward... I really don't know what is going on with Edward and I can't help but feel worried that it could cause some serious problems for us in the future. I haven't received a single vision of him since he left and I can't help but think it has something to do with Bella's presence, she seriously messes with my visions!

Ah Bella, my beautiful Bella. I can't tell you how amazing she is, she's sweet, kind, sensitive, funny, intelligent, smart, gorgeous, hot, sexy, mouth watering but most importantly, she is infuriating!

3 weeks and she still doesn't trust us enough to share with us her secrets, with me... We have told her everything! She has got so close to all of us that we have been spilling our secrets, especially Rosalie. I would be jealous if it wasn't for the fact that she was already mated with Emmett. She has told Bella of her human life before she was turned; Rosalie didn't open up to any of us like that until years down the line, not a matter of weeks. Could you blame her though? Brutally raped and beaten by her fiancé and his friends to the point of death, Carlisle saved her from this fate by turning her... She feels that her choice was taken from her for a normal life but has managed to let her bitterness fade, it helped when Emmett showed up.

She let Emmett cry on her shoulder as he retold of his last memories from his human life, he had a younger sister who he protected from everything and everyone, including his parents. He feels as though he let her down the day he was attacked by that bear in the woods, he was not there for her as she would face the horrors of the world, he would no longer be able to protect her and he never found out how the rest of her human life was spent, only that lived a long one. He will never forget his love for his baby sister. I think he thinks of Bella like he would his long lost sister; Rosalie couldn't fill that role as she is his mate and I have very little in common with Emmett, but Bella seems to fit the mould.

Jasper has shared with her his past, about his time in the southern wars, how he was created for Maria's army and earned the title the 'god of war'. This was one of those few moments in which she offered up information about herself, it turns out she was also in the south at the time, fighting in the war itself but without a side apparently. I feel like there is more to her story there, but once again she closed up and we could not bring ourselves to push her. It is obvious that her past is filled with so many hurts, hurts that I can't protect her from! I can't save her from her own nightmares, so I wasn't going to make her relive them, not until she is ready...

Esme had taken an instant liking to Bella. It is not hard to see the love she has in her eyes when she looks at Bella. Esme has always been a very loving and accepting woman, but surely it would take her a little longer before she formed a bond a mother does with a child that quickly? Esme had shared with Bella her own story. Esme had told Bella of how she met Carlisle in her human life, she had fallen in love with him instantly as he had with her, it was not long at all before he exposed himself to her, showing her his true form in the sunlight. Esme had of course accepted this instantly, only strengthening the bond the 2 had. When Esme became sick and on the verge of dying, Carlisle had changed her with Esme's permission and here they are now, years later.

Once Carlisle had finally stopped persisting in his attempts at finding out what Bella is, they became closer as well. I don't know what Bella's past was like, but something about how Carlisle analysis her, really freaks her out, but I am glad that Carlisle finally let that go and allowed them to become closer. He even told her about how he was turned and discovered that he could feed off of the blood of animals. He had refused to hurt any human and ran deep into the forest, refusing to feed until one day he snapped and attacked a dear. He has followed the diet ever since.

I had even shared with Bella what little I knew of my life. I can't remember my human life; all I know is that when I woke up, I was at an asylum and new my name as Alice. Of course later I found out my full name was Mary Alice Brandon and that I had been sent to the asylum for my visions. Well the records didn't refer to them as visions, but I know that is what it was. Bella was positively furious when I told her my story. I don't think I had ever seen her appear so animalistic before, it was a little scary. I had thought that I had said something wrong and panicked, but quickly relaxed when I realised she was angry with how I had been treated. I can't help but smile at the thought of her wanting to protect me. Jasper is positive we are mates and will end up together, but I can't help that small doubt that crosses my mind... What if she doesn't like me? What if I have been reading her all wrong?

Ever after all of this, she still has not told us anything. Not even what she is! I can't help but feel hurt that she doesn't trust at least me with her past. How can I get closer to her and protect her from everything when I don't even know what has happened? What is she hiding that she feels she can't tell us? Is it dangerous?

'sigh' asking myself these questions are only going to confuse me more.

"What wrong Alicat?" asks Bella worriedly. I guess that sigh was not as quiet as I had hoped.

I turn to her smiling gently "Nothing Bella, just lost in my thoughts" I try to answer as honestly as possible.

Bella and I are currently sat in the Cullen living room while the rest of the family is out hunting. I went earlier today so I didn't need to go.

She raises a single eyebrow at me, looking entirely too sexy. "I don't believe you" she says pointedly.

"Yes well I don't have to tell you everything" I snap before covering my mouth with my hand. I had not meant to say that. I look away feeling slightly ashamed; despite the fact I had every right to be at least a little bit angry...

I hear a soft sigh beside me but refuse to look at her. I then feel her hand take my chin, guiding my head to look at her, once again finding myself lost in her incredible blue eyes, puddles of warmth.

"Alice" she whispers softly and with so much emotion I wish I could cry, she looks so sad... "It is not that I don't trust you, it's just that I don't know how safe it would for you if you new and I will not jeopardise your safety. Nothing is more important to me than your safety. Please don't ever forget that" she says passionately, caressing her finger down my cheek.

My eyes flutter closed at the contact and have to swallow hard to keep down the big ball of emotions inside me, begging to slip out.

We have had a few moments like this. Were we express what we feel for each other without coming outright and saying it... I love you... But how can you know for sure if nobody says anything?

I open my eyes again and gaze back at her,

hoping to convey everything I am feeling in my eyes, wishing with everything I have that she can see it, see how much she means to me and how much I need her. I will always need her.

It feels as though decades pass as we slowly inch closer together, breathing in each other's air space, wanting this moment to last, but at the same time, wanting to feel those incredibly enticing lips that belong to Bella and Bella alone.

I can feel her hot heavy breaths against my face now and can feel my eyes flutter closed, bracing myself for what is to come, to finally feel her against me, to confirm our feeling for one another.

I should have known it was too good to be true.

"Wassup my bitches!" Emmett hollers as he walks casually through the threshold, immediately noticing the closeness between us. "What did I miss?" he grins cheekily, looking at us expectantly.

Bella huffs crossing her arms, as she moves away from me "Not a damn thing" she says in annoyance, glaring at Emmett who frowns.

I chuckle softly, pleased that I am not the only one annoyed to be interrupted by my annoying brother. We were so close!

The rest of the family join us then, Rosalie hitting Emmett on the back of his head for added measure.

Emmett pouts, rubbing the back of his head "why?" he whines pathetically to which Rosalie rolls her eyes before smiling brightly at Bella and I.

"You keep spending all your time here Bella and I am going to think you are moving in" Rosalie teases, taking her place on the love seat.

"You offering Rosalie?" Bella banters back.

"My bed? No, but I am sure Alice would be more than willing to share he bed with you" Rosalie smirks evilly while Emmett chuckles at his wife, taking his place next to her.

Bella looks confused while I glare daggers at Rosalie who looks like she is trying hard not to laugh. I usually love it when my sister lets her carefree nature free rather than being such a stuck up bitch, but not this time! "What bed? I didn't think Alice had one..." Bella replies bemused.

If I was human, I am almost positive I would be starting to blush right now.

"Didn't you hear? Alice ordered a king sized bed a little over a week ago" Jasper adds in helpfully as he takes his spot on the arm chair, hiding his smile well.

"Why would she do that? It's not like she needs to sleep and the only other reason you use a bed for would be too..." Bella trails off as he eyes widen comically as Rosalie, Jasper and Emmett smirk.

I know I said before if I was human I would start blushing, well about now I would probably have a full body tomato red blush.

I quickly cut in before she says anything that could embarrass the both of us further "For sleep over's!" I blurt out as quickly as I can.

"Sleepovers?" Bella questions.

"Yeah Bella, get your head out of the gutter" Emmett says in mock disappointment while Bella's cheeks tint red at the comment. Well, at least I am not the only one embarrassed here...

"Emmett" Bella says sweetly, sending chills down my brother's spine "Just remind me, what happened to Rosalie's blue mini skirt?" she continues with a sickeningly sweet smile on her face.

Emmett's eyes widen in fear "You said you wouldn't tell!" he squeals before turning to Rosalie who has been silent.

She looks towards Emmett with cold eyes "What. Did. You. Do. Emmett" she says slowly and threateningly.

Emmett looks panicked, but before he bolts he turns to me saying with his trade mark smirk "Did you know that Bella only has 10 different outfits Ali" before shooting out of the room with Rosalie hot on his trail as Jasper chuckles.

Bella looks confused as to how that would affect anything and turns to me questioningly, freezing in her place.

My eyes are the size of saucers as I sit there unmoving. This is, this is just IMMORRAL! How can you live with only 10 OUTFITS! This is a travesty, how could Bella have kept this from me for so long. Sure I noticed some repetition and by the look of her clothes, a shopping trip would be in order, but 10? Seriously?

"er Alice? Are you alright in there?" she asks waving her hand in front of my face as Jasper slyly leaves the room, not wanting to get dragged into this.

I snap out of it pretty damn quickly then. "No I am NOT alright! I can handle most things Bella but you have gone too far this time!" I boom at her, watching as she shrinks in her seat.

"W-what?" she stutters, not understanding.

"How could you? We have known each other for 3 weeks and you have kept this from me?" I say in mock hurt, but she can't seem to see that as she seems more panicked.

"What did I do Ali?" she pleads " I will do anything to make this right please" she whines.

I feel a little bad getting her so worried, but this is definitely a travesty and I get the feeling this is the only way I can get her to go along... "Well there is one thing..." I trail off, sounding uncertain.

"Name it Alice and consider it done" she says with finality and I have to hide my smile.

"Well... I don't know, you might not be able to handle it" I look at her with doubt.

She puffs out her chest at the challenge, and I have to use all my will power not to look... "Just tell me" she says with confidence.

"You have to go SHOPPING WITH ME!" I squeal jumping up and down as she sits there slack jawed.

"No..." she says quietly but I pick it up and frown at her.

"You said you would do anything and I cannot believe you never told me about the size of your wardrobe, I mean I knew that you needed it updating but 10 outfits? That is against everything I stand for" I say crossing my arms.

"That's what this is all about?" she asks in disbelief.

"Of course" well duh.

She shakes her head at me "Sorry Alice but no, I don't like shopping"

I allow my bottom lip to tremble as I give her my best puppy dog look "But you said..." I add a sniffle for added measure.

She looks like she might crack before turning her head away, adamant about not going.

I pout at that, I move further away from her, looking in another direction. When I feel her gaze on me again I speak "This is important to me Bella, I thought you knew that..." I know that was a low blow to say something like that. But she won't go otherwise, the stubborn girl that she is!

She sighs softly before conceding "Ok, I'll go" she says miserably.

I can't contain my squeal of joy and jump on to her lap, hugging her tightly saying "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

She chuckles softly.

Emmett runs back through the room then with Rosalie still chasing him yelling a "Whipped" over his shoulder.

"Stupid, overgrown teddy bear" she mutters into my shoulder as I laugh at their antics.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day!

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