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Summary: Haruka and Michiru are secret agents. They are old foes and each other's rival in job. What's going to happen when their job requires them to work together undercover?

"No freaking way!" The blonde threw away the case file back.

"You are an Interpol agent, Tenoh. You do not pick a case, you are chosen to do it. This is your case and assignment…" The director saw the blonde ready to retaliate and quickly cut her.

"I don't want hear anything. Take it or I will kick you out."

The blonde agent groaned and stormed out the room.

"I can't believe it! He should know that I have problem with this once he opened the file!"

"Both of you are the best, this case is big you know… stop whining and get ready for mission." Someone patted the blonde's back giving support. He took the case file and read it carefully.

"Undercover mission is your specialty, Haruka." He commented while studying the case.

"In addition, infiltration also her specialty." He smirked, looking at his friend and partner.

Haruka didn't response, instead she went to her desk and took a moment for processing this event. She was okay with the case, the problem was whom she partnered with. The blonde wasn't the type who picky about partner. This time though, was different. She got partnered with the aquanette agent Michiru Kaioh. The infiltrate expert and senior agent in department. Haruka didn't know when it started, they became rival and hate each other.

"Haruka," Mamoru, her partner pointed to the director's office. "She's here."

Haruka saw the subject of discussion stride along and entered the director's office.

"I bet her reaction will be worse than you." Mamoru chuckled. He sat on Haruka's desk, stealing some candy bars inside the drawer.

"Which side you are on?" Haruka didn't really care about what Mamoru was thinking.

"Oh, I love catfight. It's hot. Ehem, I mean, of course you."

"Just… move your ass from my desk,"

"aye aye, captain." Mamoru shrugged, salute to his partner jokingly.

Few minutes later, Mamoru witnessed the aquanette agent slammed the door shut with fury. She exchanged glances with Haruka and approached her.

"This turns out like this. I hope your cooperation, agent tenoh." Mamoru was sure if gaze could kill, Haruka would've been died by now.

"You expect no less from me, agent Kaioh. Let's be professional." Haruka flashed a cocky smile.

"I am sure the professional you mentioned is not my issue. Is it yours, agent Tenoh?"

"Like usual, you will compete with me even in the sarcasm contest,"

"Oh, I'm sorry I am not as great as you."


This time, Mamoru interfered.

"Both of you… have you read the file yet?"

"BUTT OUT!" Haruka and Michiru spoke at the same time. Mamoru startled, he continued anyway.

"You both will be a couple you know, I'm not sure this gonna work out if you keep fighting like this."

Haruka and Michiru went quiet. Next second they opened the case file. Michiru squeaked, Haruka cursed.

"No way,"

"Fuck this!"

Mamoru amused with the scene before him. There's something between both women that Mamoru certain would lead to more interesting situation. For the time being, he will keep them both to work out for the mission.

"Let's fix the relationship. You know what? Be friends!" Mamoru said cheerfully.

"BUTT OUT!" Again, Haruka and Michiru replied.

It has been a dark secret inside the department. The relationship between agent Kaioh and Tenoh are like oil and water. The sarcasm, scary gaze, hidden threats, pranks, competition, misunderstandings between both of them were famous in Interpol. The interesting part is no one knows how they became each other's rival like this.

"Hold the elevator." Michiru slipped inside quickly before the elevator shut.

"You are okay with this." Another occupant in there spoke. Michiru turned, caught the blonde agent holding a morning newspaper and a cup of coffee.

"I didn't notice you." Michiru turned away her gaze. Haruka appeared surprisingly different today. Usually the blonde would wear black blazer and white slacks underneath, today the agent wore black tux with a perfect black tie.

"Of course." Haruka replied uninterested.

"You look comfortable enough…" Michiru stole a glance toward Haruka, the blonde aware with the aquanette's gaze on her.

"I am on mission. The tie wasn't nice though." Haruka pulled the black tie slightly off from her neck. Michiru unconsciously licked her lips and approached the blonde agent.

"Here, let me help. You should give it some spaces for the microphone device later." Michiru stepped up.

"I think we hate each other?" Haruka's eyebrow lifted an inch.

"Oh, I still hate you. However, I want this mission to be success. I will do anything." The blonde could see determination in the cerulean eyes.

"There, done. After a brief report to director, we will go to the scene. I'll see you in an hour." The elevator opened, Michiru got off first.

"Thank you…" Haruka said. Michiru stopped and turned, looking at the blonde agent.

"For the tie… see you in hour." Haruka continued.

The elevator closed but neither of them broke the gaze with each other.

"Our mission is to infiltrate the socialite group inside a multi billionaire company. This company has its own circle socialization. This company though most likely has a secret transaction as another source of income. Weapon trading, drugs, black market the hold them all. However, it's only a mere suspicion, no concrete evidence. Got the director, earn his trust, earn his confidentiality. Be careful though, his men are everywhere." Mamoru explained before they went to the field.

"Agent Tenoh and Kaioh will be a newlywed young couple and act as weapon dealer. Firstly though, you should approach each of them, search for the head of the troupe. Because of that, you both will be a happy young couple who just moved in to the area. Join all the socialite's events no matter what are they."

"This will help you communicate with headquarter." Mamoru gave a little velvet box to Haruka.

"Wedding ring." Haruka didn't surprise.

"Great." Michiru rolled her eyes.

"They are communication device in the urgent condition though. You both each will wear it." Mamoru grinned.

"Do I need to take oath before I wear this?" Haruka laughed and gave the box to Michiru.

After Haruka and Michiru finished the preparation and got settled Mamoru threw a car key to Haruka.

"Are you ready, Mr. Tenoh and Mrs. Tenoh?" Mamoru asked.

"Why don't we get another name?" Michiru sighed, hate that she got Haruka's name as cover.

"Yeah, why not use Kaioh instead?" Haruka added with mocking tone.

"That's not what I mean!"

"Ehem!" They both will be a death of me!

"We have arranged everything. The first thing you googled that name, you will get a nice profile of young, bright, successful software programmer who held million dollar assets." Mamoru winked at Haruka.

Haruka still studying the car key she got from Mamoru. There's a horse symbol on it.

"Yeah, right Haruka. You got your sexy baby outside." Mamoru opened the door, revealing a yellow Ferrari parked nicely and ready to drive.

Haruka held herself from jumping around and scream happily.

"You know what? I love this undercover already."

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