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Several Years ago

It was a tradition for the newbie agents celebrates their first solo cases. Kaioh Michiru, the youngest agent in the division was no exception. She had accomplished her first mission involving an international drug dealer. Her fast decision and smart movement, had led the team to understand the dealer's strategy. All rewards went to the brilliant aquanette agent. They were celebrating it on a bar across the street.

"One more round for you." Her supervisor in team poured her another glass. Michiru couldn't refuse the offer. She'd expected a heavy hangover tomorrow.

"By the way, Kaioh… you're good and bright agent, you know? But, I have a question… actually this question was from my lovestruck friend." Her friend was proposing a question. Michiru turned to her former partner. Honestly, the mission was a big success due to her partner's intelligence prediction.

"What is it, Mizuno-san." Replied Michiru to the blue haired woman.

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

For thousand questions out there, that was the scariest one for Michiru. There wouldn't be a mercy for a woman on her age to be never engaged in a relationship. That was the truth, and the most tragic fact was actually Michiru also a holy fucking Virgin Mary. The reason? The woman was actually had traditional upbringing on her family, she believed she'd done it with the right person. With the person she loves, not just random people who avoiding committed in relationship. She would do it with the person she married with.

But no chance in the hell or heaven she would admit that. It was her deepest darkest secret.

Michiru flashed a polite smile to her curious friend and answered briefly, "No… I am not in any relationship right now." The aqua haired agent arranged the words carefully.

This answer earned hopeful glances from the male agents in that bar. Michiru shrugged uncomfortably, "I just feel this isn't the perfect time to be with someone… I love my job."

Mizuno Ami, Michiru's former partner, the sweet, shy, honest intelligence being in the team and a woman who had been drunk since her first gulp of alcohol tonight smirked upon Michiru's explanation. "BULLSHIT!" Everyone turned to the bluenette direction. It was their first time hearing the most introvert person cursed over something. Michiru's expression also shocked, Mizuno Ami just cursing her.

"That was lame question Kaioh. Let me recall... that reason was last worked in the end of 18th century… nowadays those type of reason only used by broken heart woman who has been experiencing love trauma or…" Ami was a genius who described everything literally even in her drunk state. Usually no one would've given her attention, but tonight was different. Everyone in the bar listened to her tentatively.


"That type of answer only used by broken heart women or virgins…" Ami ended her explanation.

This moment, everyone laughed. Some of them even punched the table while laughing, "Ridiculous! A virgin in 21st century?! Are we still talking women here?" One of the guy said.

"Hey," One of the woman agents snorted. The discussion typically would lead to the hotter argument about gender equality, women power, and men loser-ness… but Michiru had turned pale seeing everyone's reaction. What's wrong with being a virgin?

The drunken Mizuno Ami poked Michiru on her side, "Kaioh."

Michiru sighed, "What? You are accusing me as a virgin now?"

"Are you?" Ami tilted her head. "It's okay there's no punishment to be a virgin." Ami said flatly.

Michiru cheered inside, someone had understood her. Yaay!

"Although that would be totally hilarious if there's actually a virgin woman on our age… by the way Kaioh, I think it's time for you to have fun with someone." Ami averted the topic, the bluenette didn't notice Michiru's pale face after the comment.

"Me? Have fun?"

"Yup, tonight sneak out with hot guy or something and have fun with him. How about a guy in 1 o'clock?" The bluenette gestured to her diagonal right. Michiru didn't believe she just got advised by Mizuno Ami about love and relationship. For Godsake! The bluenette was the team's nerd!

Michiru followed Ami's direction, on the corner of the room sitting someone with short sandy blonde hair. Seemed like the person was in the 3rd glass of vodka.

"Hot isn't it?" Ami giggled. Michiru swore that Ami had a double personality or something disturbing.

"Are you kidding me? That's a woman." Michiru retorted. Ami looked at her with disbelief. "How do you know?"

"I'm an expert in human anatomy subject, if I hadn't messed up in relativity theory I'd be a doctor by now." Michiru answered with sarcastic tone.

Ami looked at her as like she was the biggest idiot sitting, "Relativity theory is relativity easy you know." That came from a genius.

"Anyway, I dare you to flirt that person." Ami said.

Michiru's jaw dropped, Ami positively was too drunk to dare her. "No way."

"Truth or dare?" Ami didn't step back.

"How come we playing truth or dare now?"

"You owe me, if I didn't sabotage the dealer's data system you wouldn't have smooth way over their nest…"

"Are you blackmailing me now?"

"Truth or dare." Ami repeated her words.

"Truth." Michiru huffed.

"Are you a virgin?" This earned 3 seconds silence from Michiru.

"Rewind, I choose dare." Michiru changed her choice. This woman was waaaay too scary in her drunken state.

"Go, flirt, and see if you get that blonde the third base." Ami smiled widely, she gulped down another can of beer.

Michiru felt how suck to lose but at the same time she was also fucking pissed. "Oh, you are so ON!"

Michiru made her way to the blonde's table.

Anyway, Michiru forgot to ask Ami what a third base is.

She perhaps a virgin, but Michiru wouldn't have been called queen of seduction for nothing. Sometimes, in a mission a woman agent required to seduce the potential suspect or informant to gain data or information. They called the method the push. Where seducement was necessary for quick result moreover in infiltration mission. Michiru had possessed the skills and expertise it over the years in her job. Seducing this woman wouldn't be difficult.

"Vodka. Let me guess… love?" Michiru approached the blonde's booth. The short blonde woman glanced up to the woman speaking on her.

She smiled weakly, "Nope, job."

Michiru nodded curtly, it meant the blonde woman had had hard time in her work place. Well, typical but let's get to know this stranger more. The way was pursuing for more truth by providing another truth, that way the other person would answer honestly.

"Michiru, call me Michiru." The aquanette made a bold move, sitting in front of the stranger blonde. The first was a gamble, if it went well the rest just game.

"Haruka." The blonde poured half full vodka to her glass. She noticed, she had reached the last bottle. "Oh, suck…" She cursed, drank it with one gulp.

Michiru smiled, she knew her next move. "I will buy next round. If you drink with me…" Michiru offered.

15 minutes later both women had been drunk and Michiru was in their way on her 4th glass of vodka. The aquanette wondered how the blonde didn't collapse yet.

"You love painting." Haruka said. Michiru's eyes twinkled, "Yes! How?!"

"It's easy. You have good sense in color, look at your clothes… or I just too drunk and had lucky guess on you because you are so beautiful even if you're wearing a rag…" Haruka smirked.

"Charmer…" Michiru teased back.

"Better, I'm a drunker charmer… hic, so you will guess what I'm doing?"

Michiru's turn to smile, "Oh, I have several guesses. But I think… pianist?"

The blonde whistled, "bingo…hic, let me guess… it's my fingers." Haruka showed off her long slender hand fingers.

"Almost right… actually I've been seeing your fingers playing on the table since 2 minutes ago. I know those keys… over the rainbow?"

"You are too good, hic… only by finger movements and with your foggy drunk mind you can figure out the song…" Haruka praised the woman.

"Not really… but your fingers also beautiful." The agent returned the praise.

There was uncomfortable silence after that.

"I think I've enough…hic…" Haruka said between hiccups, her face was red and Michiru noticed the blonde's pupil was disoriented. Michiru herself wasn't better but at least she still managed to stand and walk hailed a cab.

"Let me help you…" Michiru grabbed Haruka's arm and both went outside the bar. 10 minutes and they didn't get a taxi yet. Both cold and drunk, decided to walk while searching a taxi.

"It's okay… I can do it."Haruka wanted Michiru to release her arm. But the agent wasn't really sure if the blonde could manage stand without support. It was proven after few seconds Michiru let Haruka walked by herself, the blonde had hit a telephone pole with her forehead.

"Oh… FUCK! That hurts…" Haruka rubbed her sore temple. Michiru held back a giggle. The drunk blonde was really childish.

"You're laughing." Haruka said accusingly to Michiru. The aquanette agent looked guilty then stopped her laugh. "It's okay keep laughing. You're beautiful when you smile… I feel like I will hit my head over and over so just for your laugh."

The red flush on Michiru's face turned darker reacting on Haruka's comment.



And they both kissed.

Do you know the feeling when you're really one hundred percents sure you had found your other half? This what happened to Michiru, just a simple one kiss but her internal organs had started malfunctioning altogether. Her brain stopped working, her heart had over beats out of rhythm, her stomach felt like it was full of butterflies, her limbs suddenly went weak, her sight oddly only stared at Haruka's face, while her lips still yearning for the warmth left by another lips.

Kaioh Michiru fell in love. Or so she thought because all of her fibers in her body was craving for the blonde woman, the tiny little awareness of her screamed loudly. No way had she fallen to totally complete stranger. Michiru barely knew Haruka. They only talked about what? Less than one hour? No, she couldn't.

"Haruka… I… I think I love you." Michiru's mouth betrayed her first. Seemed the chemical reaction in her body had won the argument.

The blonde who still caressed Michiru's hair seemed surprise at first hearing the other woman's confession. "Wow… that's fast." Haruka chuckled.

"What's fast?" Michiru frowned.

"No… Well I'm still thinking and in my way of getting my sanity back after the wonderful kiss but you have said the sentence first."

So she wasn't the only one who experiencing malfunction?

"Come on." Haruka took Michiru's hand.

The next morning

Sunlight penetrated the room through the window and somehow had found its way to wake the sleeping Michiru. The aqua haired agent blinked once then twice before completely awoke, fully opened her eyes. The sensation was somewhat terrible. Her head was like being hit by a huge sledgehammer repeatedly plus sick feeling in her stomach.

Michiru used her palm to block the sunlight reaching her eyes. Someone had left the curtain opened. But wait, Michiru looked around her surroundings. She was on a bed inside a room she didn't know.


Michiru gasped after 3 seconds, she peeked beneath her blanket. She wore nothing, not even a layer on her body. She cursed inwardly then braced herself to look to other side of the bed.

There, the blonde from last night was sleeping soundly and didn't even budge an inch. Michiru went shock, upset, and confused.


Michiru recalled the event last night. She'd remembered vaguely, perhaps she would remember all after her hang over cured. The aqua haired woman was certain Haruka also in the same state as her. Naked. Michiru took a deep breath.

Relax Michiru… you have to be calm… you are an adult, it's okay… everything under control. Michiru noted herself. That time, she spotted unidentified object resting on her right ring finger.

A ring. A golden ring embedded on her finger.

Michiru studied the object, she frowned then her quick mind told her to check on Haruka. Carefully, the agent pulled out Haruka's hand from beneath the blanket.

Her prediction was right.

Haruka had it too. The same kind of ring she was wearing right now.

Michiru was officially panic. What had happened last night? She did remember the kiss but how can the ring…?

Michiru got off from the bed, on the desk inside the room there was a piece on paper. Michiru glanced on it.

Oh my Dear God…

A married certificate.

Michiru was immediately feeling very sick.

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