Psyren Interviews

There was a loud roar of clapping hands, and a posh-looking red curtain was lifted, showing two teen girls.
One had black hair, brown eyes and was wearing a white t-shirt with bold letters saying 'Aisuru-Chibi-Chan'.
The other had light brown hair and green eyes.
She was wearing a yellow shirt with green letters that said 'The Dawniez Cat'.

"Thank you for coming today. We shall be interviewing various Psyren Characters, as requested by fangirls."

The fangirls in the crowed squealed, and ACC put on headphones.
As soon as the crowd quieted down, TDZ stood up and looked at her paper.

"It says…. The first one we're interviewing is Ageha…. Star of the show; why didn't I know. Welcome…?"

A blue-black haired boy popped up behind TDZ.
He wore a huge grin.

"Well, please sit down, Ageha-san."
"D'awh, you noticed me. Oh well…"

He trudged to beaten-up yet comfy sofa and sat down, looking around excitedly.

"Mah, mah…. Welcome, Ageha-san. I'm ACC, and I'll be interviewing you today."

She smirked, as only a yaoi fangirl would, and reached for a paper sitting on the table next to her.

"Let's see…. My friends submitted these questions but asked for their names to be kept secret, so I'll call them by their nicknames."
"Sure. By the way, can you just call me The Great Ageha? It fits better."
"It's too long. How about TGA?"
"Fine too."
"Okay then. Anyway, first question, from ADK. Do you think Oboro Mochizuki is rather gay?"

Ageha nodded.

"Well, not 'gay', but strange. That first trip to Psyren; he's all 'Ooh, you're warm! Don't let me go, I'll get cold!' "

He sighed and put his head in his hands.

"That was traumatizing."
"Kukuku~~. Anyway, from GLB: have you ever kissed Sakurako?"

ACC leaned closer and grinned.
Ageha blushed.

"I-I…. Why are you asking me this anyway?"
"You stayed at her apartment when you were training to control Melzez Door, right?"
"Just answer my question."
"Awh, hear that, Dawniez? Hiro's listening, you know."

The younger-looking boy popped out from behind Ageha's chair and grinned.

"Ooh, Ageha~, how sweet. I have new Intel! Thank you, ACC, TDZ."

TDZ blushed, nodded, and hid her face.

"W-welcome, Hiro."
"Isn't that cute."

ACC smirked again and looked at her friend, who was having a fangirl spasm attack.

"Anyway. From RavishingRoseTenjuin: Do you think Van is adorable or stupid?"
"Van…. Tenjuin? Oh, yeah! That little one that gobbles all his cake? He's cute, I guess."

ACC grinned and stared at the ceiling.

"I believe he's actually a teenager sealed into a permanent henge. He's actually taller and more mature…. So hot…."

She giggled, and TDZ rolled her eyes.

"Is it weird that we have crushes on tiny boys?"
"Yah, kinda!"

Ageha growled and slumped in his seat again.

"So, next?"
"From Mari-Te-Chan: Who is the awesomer of us; Freddy or me?"
"Mari is cutest, Freddy is always yelling."

Ageha grinned.

"Okay, next. From : Do you think my power is cool?"

Ageha sweatdropped.

"Cool, yes. He healed me."

TDZ smiled and rolled her eyes.

"I suppose that's all. D'awh; too bad! Come back soon."