Author's Note: Hey guys! If you're reading this it means you have been lured in by the title/ description so hurray! Now for a little information I think you'll probably need before the fun really starts. This is kind of like my fun story, away from my other two Hunger Games fanfics that are slightly more serious… so all crazy ideas are more than welcome and seriously encouraged! So the plan so far is that all of the characters mentioned are at school together, either as teachers or students, but seeing as how I'm a little bit selfish it's the Scottish school system as I'm too lazy to work out how it would be anywhere else. So in terms of ages, anyone mentioned as an S6 student will be 18, anyone mentioned as an S5 student will be 17 and anyone mentioned as a S3 will be 15, sounds simple? Excellent! Now to the madness!

Let The Games Begin

Cloves POV

Crap. Crap. Crap. I ran around my room, checking and double-checking I had everything. I could run faster than every other girl in my school (and most of the guys for that matter) but that skill was not as useful as I'd hoped when it came to packing. We were given a list, not that I'd followed it. Coach Finnick always said I sucked at following instructions. It wasn't that I didn't want to, I just I knew what I was doing.

"Clove! What the hell are you doing up there?" I heard the impatient voice of Katniss from downstairs. I didn't doubt she'd wring my neck right now if the team didn't need a fourth for the relay.

"I'm just coming!" I lied back, shoving some extra shorts into my hand luggage. Note to self: NEVER leave packing until the morning I leave.

"Really? Just coming?" I hated that she could move so quickly. How the hell had she gotten to my doorframe? She looked around my room, well; my room was sort of hidden underneath just about everything I owned but it was here somewhere.

"Yes. Now quit distracting me and check everything I need is in the hand luggage!"

"Do you want help before we leave tomorrow Clove? No Katniss I'm organized already," she repeated our conversation from the night before to me in a ridiculous voice that made me want to slap her if it wouldn't waste valuable packing time.

"Just because Coach Finnick needs you to be in one piece for the competition doesn't mean I can't dissemble you and put you back together when we get there," I mumbled angrily, zipping up my overstuffed suitcase.

"Clove how can you even find anything in this mess? Also your missing health insurance stuff," she muttered angrily, plonking herself uselessly down on my bed.

"It's not a mess. I just laid everything out so I could see it all, like a museum," I grumbled, throwing the shirts off my desk and searching for the stupid EHIC card. Upon finding it I threw it in my shorts pocket and began running down the stairs.

"Clove you're forgetting something!" Katniss yelled at me mockingly from the top of the stairs.

"What now Everdeen?"

"Your suitcase smartass."

Peetas POV

"Calculator?" my sister Madge asked, looking at me over the top of the huge clipboard.

"Yup," I said, putting it in the suitcase, I heard her score it off her list.



"Sun cream?"

"You don't think I'll burn do you?" I asked in a fake surprised voice. With our blue eyes and blonde hair I didn't have to be a genius to work out the Spanish sun was going to be merciless with us. Her response was to throw the sun cream at my face, I was suddenly glad for my fast reaction times. "Easy there sis, I've already packed like three bottles of the stuff."

"Quit mucking around we can't forget anything. Everything will cost a fortune out there and I can think of other things I'd rather spend my money on."

"It'll be fine, just relax. Let it sink in, we're going to Spain. For a week. For free. I think we can afford some extra sun cream if it comes down to it."

"Just because you're too busy thinking about Katniss Everdeen to focus on the important things in life doesn't mean I should slack off."

"Madge when did you ever slack off on anything?" I ignored the first part of her comment knowing it was true. It was dumb luck that this year the European School Athletic Finals and the European School Science Experience were both being held not only in the same country but also in the same city. So naturally we were all staying in the same hotel and would be expected to socialize with each other in the evenings. Not that many people on either of the teams were thrilled by this idea but I was one of the few exceptions. A whole week to try and get to know Katniss better, I couldn't help but grin like an idiot at the thought as I got lost in my own thoughts for just a few moments which Madge used to tactfully throw a towel at my face.

Johanna's POV

"Where are those stupid kids?" I asked loudly, throwing the rugby ball at Cato, which he caught with ease.

"How are we meant to know JoJo?" Gale asked, using the name he knew I hated. Being the coaches niece had it's advantages, extra training, but it seemed to have way more disadvantages, like any embarrassing family stories were often told on our trips away when he'd had one too many shots.

"Call me that again and I will go into that gym, get the only useable javelin in there and throw it straight through your head pretty boy," I threatened. I'd never actually hurt either of them, but if I didn't make it very clear I was pissed off there was no chance they'd listen.

"You think I'm pretty?" he asked sarcastically. I did actually; to be honest neither of them was particularly bad looking. Gale had the whole tall, dark, handsome and irritating as fuck thing going on and then there was Cato with his blue eyes that would make any girl believe anything he told them. Not that I was ever admitting it to either of them.

"You wish," I rolled my eyes at him just as my trusty uncle appeared with his golden timing.

"How are my little superstars doing this morning?" he beamed at us. How he could be so ridiculously cheery this time in the morning I would never know, clearly it wasn't genetic.

"Little?" Cato mumbled disapprovingly.

"In case you hadn't noticed we're missing about half the team," I pointed out before Cato and Finnick got into they're predictable argument about who was bigger. It had mentally scarred me a fair few times.

"No, we're only missing two," he looked confused by the maths of the situation. Much as I loved my uncle I was glad I had inherited my dad's brains rather than his.

"Yeah but two we kind of need if we want to win this thing," Gale pointed out. Typical Gale always jumping in to defend Katniss or talk her up whenever the chance presented itself.

"Hello boys," I didn't even need to look at her to know the purr belonged to the head cheerleader.

"Hey Glimmer," Cato muttered. It wasn't exactly a well kept secret that she'd had her eye on him for a while, but he didn't enjoy something he knew he could have. Not that it had stopped him going back for round two… or fifteen.

"Johanna," she glared at me.

"Glim Glam," I met her glare and raised her one. She was too pretty to be threatening, too dolled up to scare me with her blonde hair pulled into a high ponytail and her too tight cheerleading outfit it wasn't difficult to see how the fight would go. I was like Cato in that sense; I at least wanted to feel like I was being challenged.

"Are the geeks here then?" Gale asked using the name we'd assigned to the team. Not that they'd complained as much as we thought they would, Madge seemed to sort of like it for some reason.

"Yup all here," Finnick confirmed.

"Early as ever," Cato smiled a little to himself, Glimmer laughed hysterically. God words could not describe how much I wanted to hit her stupid face. Then I realized I probably could, if I waited until she was close enough to Cato.

"Cato think fast!" I yelled throwing the ball as hard as I could at him, knowing even though he could throw and catch like a God, his reactions were a little slow. As were Glimmers.

"You bitch!" she screamed at me, holding her now bloody nose. Gale was trying not to laugh at her patheticness as Cato and Finnick shared an awkward glance before looking anywhere but at me and Glimmer.

"Glimmer I'm so sorry. I never thought it would actually hit you. I just thought since cheerleaders as so good at moving and everything. But then again you've never really been one to dodge balls have you," I flitted my eyelashes innocently at her, watching the rage boil over inside her. It was almost too easy to be amusing. Ah who was I kidding? It was hilarious.

"You little-"

"Sorry we're late coach. Clove here decided now was the right time to try last minute packing," Katniss appeared then, I was sort of sad her and Clove missed the show. They usually got the joy in mentally destroying cheerleaders at every opportunity.

"Hey Glimmer. What happened to your nose?" It was physically impossible for me to love someone as much as I loved Katniss' sister in this moment. Where Glimmer looked slutty in the blue and gold uniform Prim actually made it look kind of cute. Once again I saw the look of rage in Glimmers eyes as she looked at me.

"Prim!" the tiny figure of Rue appeared, hugging her best friend like she hadn't seen her in years. The small girls began talking and laughing leaving me to see Clove and Katniss.

"What did you do?" Katniss looked at me, crossing her arms over her chest like an angry parent.

"I don't know what you're talking about," I lied hearing Clove laugh slightly behind me.

"OK children gather round." Mr. Abernathy summoned. I looked at Clove in a sort of does-he-mean-us-too kind of way. "Yes you too athletic team," he stumbled slightly over what to call us, I was willing to bet he had a far more colorful name for us originally. "Now then since I personally cannot be bothered dealing with the idiotic situations you are doubtlessly going to get yourselves into, just promise not to get caught and we'll try and make this work as well as we can. Deal?" there was a moment of silence and then we all sort of mumbled our own agreements. "Excellent," with this he wandered over to where the too large bus was waiting for us.

"Let the games begin," Clove muttered next to me. I couldn't agree more.