Chapter Forty-Four

Katniss' POV

"Hey Katniss do you know where Clove is?" Johanna asked me. To be honest I hadn't really spoken to her very much since her and Gale got together, then she slept with Cato and then her and Gale had gotten together again. Had we really only been here a week?

"Not recently last time I saw her she was running off after Cato," I informed her hoping she'd run off in the same direction.

"Crap, I doubt they're gonna want to be interrupted," she huffed a little. In reality I doubted Clove would mind too much, she was continuously looking for ways out of having intimate moments with Cato but he would probably be pretty pissed if Johanna interrupted something.

"Probably not," I shrugged, picking up my water bottle and turning back to look at the pitch where the Fox bitch was running laps.

"What's up with the ginger?" she asked bluntly, noticing that I was obviously staring.

"She has a thing for Peeta," I sighed.

"She knows she has no chance right?" she questioned making it sound like the most obvious thing in the world. "I mean Peeta's liked you for years now."

"Yeah, probably doesn't help that she went back to his a few nights ago," I bit my lip as I told her. I hadn't meant to tell her this, she was really not the person to talk to about cheating given that she seemed to do whatever the hell she wanted.

"For real? And Peeta let her in?" she sounded genuinely shocked.

"Peeta invited her back," I admitted not exactly feeling great about the memory myself.

"And you're dating him now?" she doubleā€“checked.

"Same way you're dating Gale," I answered.

"I don't think anyone dates like me and Gale," she pointed out, sounding like she seriously hoped that it was true.

"So what is going on? Because you know I really like you Jo, and I couldn't be happier that he finally got his shit together and asked you out or made a move or whatever but you know he's practically my brother Jo. And when you slept with Cato it hurt him and I have never been so mad at anyone in my life," I told her honestly. Admittedly part of it was that I just had to tell her, I couldn't let her think that she'd gotten away with everything.

"Why did you forgive Peeta?" she asked me, and much as it sounded like she was changing the subject part of me felt like she was trying to make a point.

"I don't know really, he was just so sweet and easy to forgive-"

"You trusted him. You trust that when he tells you he wants to be with you and only you that he means it completely. It doesn't matter what happens all that matters is that if he tells you anything you believe it as truth and that makes a relationship. It doesn't matter how many times someone hurts you you can't just stop believing them or stop caring from them. I know I hurt Gale, and trust me there is nothing I regret more than that fact. But Katniss, I really like him, and I'm tired of screwing it up, truly. I know you probably don't believe anything I'm telling you and in all honesty you don't have to. Gale trusts me, and I'm not going to spend our relationship trying to think of ways to prove to you that I'm going to treat him right. Because that's what I'm going to do for him, and I know I suck at it but I am honestly trying Katniss and if he wants to trust me then to be honest I don't care what you say. I value your opinion, you're one of my closest friends but you're not part of our relationship, and in all seriousness I don't think you really want to be. And that's all there is to it," she answered and honestly I've never had more respect for her than in that moment.

"You have no idea how much I needed to hear that," I told her, smiling at her as her stance turned from defensive to something else entirely. I realized a second too late what it was.

"Kat you're AWESOME!" she yelled, pulling me into the tightest bear hug ever, so tight that I squeezed my lucozade bottle just a tad too tightly and sprayed myself in the face with the sugary liquid.

"Wish I could say the same," I muttered, accepting that I was going to have to deal with Foxface with sticky hair. Today was going to be great.

Gale's POV

I don't know where I was going really, I just know I couldn't be around them anymore. I also knew that Clove had gone after Cato, which meant that ditching the competition to go drinking with him was out of the question. Which left me wandering through the corridors of a random sports hall in Spain hoping for the best. Maybe there's a bar somewhere in here, that's legal right?

"Gale!" I hated that the sound of her voice could literally make me turn around without thinking about it. It was probably just as well I turned around though, given how she threw herself at me a second later.

I didn't have time to react fully before her legs wrapped around my hips and she forced her lips down on mine. Her hands gripped desperately in my hair as I struggled to remember how to breathe let alone actually do it. Through the shock my body responded to her the way it always would, my heart pounding, leaving the steady pace that I was used to behind, my eyes closing and letting my other senses take over, the way her thighs felt gripping onto my sides, the way her tongue felt sliding gracefully over mine in a way that was so familiar it was comforting but so exciting that I couldn't break away.

Although it was incredible being able to feel her being fully supported by only my weight, I maneuvered us so that she was pressed against the wall, not realizing that it was in fact a door. And not just any door, a door that swung open when it was pushed, causing us to tumble ungracefully and hopeless into a heap on the ground.

"Ow, ow, ok that was not how I thought that would end," Johanna grumbled, untangling herself from under me and leaning up on her elbows as I rolled over, straight into a mop which then joined us by crashing straight into my stomach.

"Fuck," I groaned and Johanna laughed hysterically at that point and I had to join her. The whole thing was ridiculous. It got even worse a second later when we heard the click of a lock of the door we'd fallen through seconds ago.

"Double fuck," Johanna added jumping up to bang her fists on the door. "Hey! Hello! There's people in here! Let us out!" she continued to scream for a while. "Aren't you going to help?" she asked me eventually.

"I'm good here thanks," I answered honestly, there was enough light creeping round the sides of the door that I could see the outline of her figure and man did she look good.

"Really? You want to be stuck here until Finnick finds us? I don't think he's recovered from the beach yet," she pointed out.

"Well then you better keep yelling then," I replied lying back.

"You're such an ass Gale Hawthorne," she sighed before coming over to straddle me.

"Hey you can charm me all you want I'm still mad at you you know," I said, only teasing a little bit.


"Why did you really leave. I mean I'm not going to get mad again and even if I did then I think it's safe to say that you could jump me anytime you like and fix it all."

"But it's not really fixing it if I just jump you."

"Well that's why we're talking now," I waited after I spoke as she sighed.

"I left because I was scared. I was scared because I promised myself not to get attached to you because I lose everything Gale. And I don't just mean my house keys or my phone or anything like that I mean people I love, people I care about they just tend to disappear out of my life when they get bored or I get too much and I just didn't want too care too much about you when you left. I mean this was our last year together, after summer you're going to Edinburgh and I'm going to London and I know that long distance never ever really works out and I just, I don't want to crumble Gale."

I pulled her down towards me, just holding her closer to me so she was lying completely on top of me before whispering into her ear, "I'll always care about you Johanna, no amount of distance is ever going to change that. I know what people say about long distance but listen to what they say about relationships! I'm pretty damn sure we don't follow any of those rules, when did we ever follow rules anyway JoJo?"

"Promise we'll never follow the rules?" she whispered back, her breath tickling along my ear.

"I promise."

And we lay there, forgetting that Finnick was going to kill us when we eventually reappeared, just being with each other while we could still let things be as uncomplicated as they were ever going to get.

Clove's POV

"Cato!" I yelled, much as I hated to admit it the boys long legs made keeping up with him next to impossible. He stopped just short of the exit and turned round to me.

"Clove? Shouldn't you be warming up?" he asked. Ever the athlete.

"Trust me I'm good," I panted. Whereas a clear path had been made for him to exit the gym, I'd had the joy of pushing and shoving and losing him a few times in the process of trying to talk to him.

"So what's up?" he questioned, now that he seemed to established that I actually wanted to come after him. I simply raised an eyebrow at him as way of explanation. "Beating the crap out of some random has your attention?"

"Actually yeah it would. Beating the crap out of my ass of an ex is an excuse to come chasing after you on the other hand," I answered and watched his shocked expression change into almost understanding. "What have you just worked out?" I asked, not used to him being quite so secretive. I mean sure we weren't exactly the sharing type, but it was unlike him to keep things from me when I directly asked about them.

"Nothing, something that I guess I should have known," he shrugged.

"Cato what have you worked out?" I asked again, narrowing my eyes at him slightly in an effort to look intimidating, which is usually impossible when you're trying to do it to Cato.

"Clove honestly it doesn't matter," he insisted.

"Well are you going to tell me why you punched Thresh or not?" I asked.

"Clove why do you really want to know?" he sighed.

"Because I care about you dumbass!" I yelled, I may have been yelling for longer I have no idea, but I knew I was yelling now because it was suddenly very quiet.

"Feelings mutual Clove, that's why I did it," he answered mysteriously before turning to walk off and leaving me knowing that firstly I had seriously underestimated how seriously he took our friendship and secondly I had some ass to kick.

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