Chapter Forty-Six: Whenever I Need Him

Katniss' POV

I felt my heart pounding in my chest. I knew I could do this; it wasn't exactly complicated. In fact it was probably the most basic instinct anyone possessed. I just had to run. And run fast. I just had to beat Foxface. No big deal right. The girl looked well built for running, with long legs and muscles that worked without getting in the way she was built for speed. I felt my hands ball into fists at the thought of her near Peeta with those legs. I mean seriously how is it even possibly for legs to look like that?

"You ok?" I felt Peeta's breath tickle along my neck as he spoke.

"Yeah I just need to focus sorry," I shook my head and turned round to him. "I wish I could look after you more. How are you feeling?"

"Well I've never really run professionally before so this could be interesting," he admitted nervously.

"Hey, Finnick wouldn't have asked you to do it if he didn't think you could do it," I told him.

"Or if he was desperate. Still no sign of Gale either," he sighed helplessly.

"He'll show up," I replied, trying to sound like I believed myself at lease a little bit. He did have a habit of showing up right when I needed him to, even if that meant he seemed to just fall out of the sky he would be there.

"I hope so, I've never seen Finnick so mad. At least some of the cheerleaders can step in for Johanna's events," he pointed out.

"Yeah, I just wish I could get a shot of the javelin," I muttered, my eyes wandering back over to the ginger girl who was warming up on the other side of the track. Peeta chuckled and pulled me in close against him, I could feel the muscles in his arms holding me safely and part of me wished he wouldn't let go. Another part of me knew that if he even tried that I'd have to find someway to kill him.

"You know she doesn't stand a chance against you," he whispered so only I could hear and I wove my fingers through his.

"I don't know, she seems crafty enough to have planned some way to make sure I lose before we even step on the track," I mumbled.

"I wasn't talking about the race," he whispered back and I felt my insides clench uncomfortably. Thankfully at that moment, a distraction came in the most bizarre form.

"And who the hell are we meant to ask for directions!" Gale shouted, I looked around confused, he was nowhere to be seen. I'm sure if he was anywhere in sight Finnick would have pounced on him by now. I looked to Peeta who seemed to be in the same state that I was.

"Did you hear-" I started.

"I don't know! God maybe?" the familiar voice of Jo shouted back. Peeta pressed his fingers to his lips and wandered over to Finnick. It took me a minute longer than him to work out that the argumentative voices were coming from the air vent. He whispered something in Finnick's ear and I swear I have never seen Finnick so gleeful.

"What did you say?" I asked as Peeta walked back over to me slowly.

"You'll see," Peeta answered looking insanely proud of himself.

"Gale Hawthorne and Johanna Majella Mason," Finnick called in a deep, booming voice down the vent. It sounded almost… God-like.

"God?" Gale questioned, his voice sounding uncertain form the darkness of the vent. The squeak that escaped from me as I tried not to laugh too loudly in response.

"Yes it is I young Hawthorne. I hear you are in need of my help," Finnick answered without hesitation. I couldn't keep a straight face, I had to burry myself against Peeta to refrain from alerting his madness to everyone nearby.

"We're just a bit lost," Gale answered, embarrassment lacing his voice.

"And who's fault is that," Johanna's mutter echoed enough for us to hear.

"Shut up Johanna!" Gale hissed.

"Why because God can hear. Newsflash he hears us all the time, he already knows what we're like genius," she huffed and I could imagine her rolling her eyes even if I couldn't see it.

"I know far too much about what you two have been getting up to," Finnick answered, still in the impressive voice but with just a hint of annoyance.

"I'm sorry to make you mad," Gale answered.

"That is alright, you are young foolish. Just maybe take a break from the skinny dipping and such for the mean time," Finnick requested.

"Of course, anything you say," Gale answered.

"Oh for the love of God. Finnick I'm going to kill you when I get out of here!" Johanna yelled down the vent. Now I burst into hysterics, as did most of our small team.

"Finnick?" Gale asked, still confused by the whole encounter.

"Jo can you follow my voice out of there?" Finnick asked, sounding more like his usual chirpy self than he had for a few days now.

"Yeah I'll get us out," Johanna sighed dramatically but the relief was still clear in her voice.

"Wait!" Finnick yelled suddenly. "Make sure Gale's in front of you, I don't want to deal with him when he gets out of here after that," he complained and shuddered just for effect.

Cato's POV

The hotel pool was cold. The water lapped on my feet and kept my mind focused in the present moment when really I wanted it to wander to somewhere else. I barely registered when she came and sat down next to me.

"Why the long face trouble?" Glimmer asked, her voice bubbly despite my "long face".

"Got kicked out the competition," I complained to her. "You?"

"Left someone else in charge," she admitted.

"How come? I thought you lived for the thrill of competition?" I reminded her.

"No I'm more a preparation type of girl. I like proving to people I have the potential to do something without actually having to do it. My name will still be mentioned as a member of the best squad out there today without me having to be there, more time for playing," she chirped.

"Speaking of playing, is Marvel around?" I asked and she replied by shooting me a look that I'd never seen before. "You actually care about him huh?" I questioned.

"Don't sound so surprised, I do have a heart you know," she pointed out smiling slightly.

"Really? I guess I was just too amused by the outer layers to get that far," I joked and then teased in preparation for a punch that never came.

"I wish I could say the feeling wasn't mutual," she sighed, leaning back.

"Wait you never cared for me," I asked sarcastically, placing a hand over my heart and giving her my best puppy dog eyes.

"Get over yourself Cato everyone knows you were too in love with Clove to be worth any effort. I just needed someone to amuse myself until Marvel came to his senses," she smirked back at me.

"Wait you used me. While you were waiting for Marvel? Not going to lie Glim-Glam that stings a bit," I teased.

"No more than knowing you were using me until you thought Clove was ready to be in a relationship," she shot back.

"I don't want a relationship with Clove."

"What so you want what you and me had but with Clove instead?" she asked and I felt my fists clench at the thought of anyone, especially me, treating Clove that way. "You're pretty easy to read Cato. I knew I was always in a competition against her and to be honest I didn't care because you were in competition with Marvel. That's why we worked, because neither of us knows how to be alone, so we needed each other. That's why you weren't sad when you found out I was with Marvel, and that's why I won't be sad when you and Clove finally get together."

I took on this information that wasn't really new but just never really explored. I always knew I'd never really cared for Glimmer, I'd always suspected she never cared for me. But I never knew I'd been so obvious about my feelings for Clove. Well, they'd been obvious to me but everyone else? Even Glimmer?

"So what do I have to do?" I asked her my head now feeling too confused and still mad about Clove's ass of an ex and now Glimmer talking about feelings was a situation I had spent years avoiding.

"Cato have you never been forced to watch any kind of awful romantic movie in your life?" she asked me, rolling her eyes and sounding utterly fed up of my stupidity. I gave her a look letting her know there was more chance of it raining chocolate than that happening. She leaned in closer to me and whispered slowly, "Use your imagination," quietly, before she threw me into the pool and walked off slowly leaving me totally soaked with a lot of weird ideas.

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