A/N: Hello, Internet! This is my first fanfiction about my recent fandom, The IT Crowd. I have LOVED this show for quite some time and decided that I would write a story since I have watched the entire series 12 times. Ha ha. Well, on with the show. I haven't much more to say. :P

Day 1

"Rosalind Erin McEvans. Hmmm..."

Douglas Reynholm looked at the photo of a pale girl with brown eyes and asymmetrical, short red hair. He then referred to the file, including height, weight, and measurements.

"36 DD? By God, woman, send her in!"

Douglas pointed to the door and his personal assistant ran out to fetch the potential employee.

Rosalind sat with her legs crossed and self-consciously straightened her black and white striped jacket. She had hoped that a jacket over a tee shirt and a pair of black jeans with boots would suffice. She didn't really have job interview attire considering she had just gotten out of college and had been a starving artist/college student. It hadn't affected her weight though, much to her dismay. She didn't own anything formal. As it was, she was wearing Stevie's blazer from before she had gotten mono.

She had planned on being the Andy Warhol of the communication age. She had to make a living somehow, so graphic/web design for a corporation it was.

"Rosalind Erin McEvans!" Ross sprung from her seat.

"Me, I'm Ross. Hi." She stood uncomfortably.

"Mister Reynholm will see you now. Follow me." Ross picked up her messenger bag and hoped that nobody noticed the various patches for almost every member of The Avengers and Justice League she had lovingly sewn on.

'I really need to go shopping after I get a job..." She thought to herself. She straightened her clothes once more and took a deep breath before stepping in.

She slapped on a fake smile. "Hello, Mr. Reynholm! My name is Rosalind McE-"

"Sit down, Sugar Tits!"

Ross's jaw dropped and she plopped down on the bench that resembled two pairs of groping hands. She regained her composure then proceeded to extract her portfolio from her bag.

"If you would like, Mr. Reynholm, you may take a look through my portfolio. It shows many facets of my artistic ability and I hope you find it to be pleasing."

"Does it have photos of naked women?"

"It has anatomy study drawing of wo-"

"You're hired." Douglas plucked the portfolio out of her hands and stuck it in his desk drawer. "I will keep this for future reference."

Ross beamed and felt like her smile would tear her mouth open. "Brilliant! Thank you, Mr. Reynholm! You won't be disappointed!"

There was a moment of awkward silence as Douglas stared at her cleavage for an extended period.

She cleared her throat. "Mr. Reynholm?"

"Ahh! I'm sorry, Rosalind. My father used to always size up his new employees with a nice, long stare." Douglas raised his eyes and extended an arm to the Heavens. "Thanks you, Father!" He exclaimed melodramatically.

"Thank you, Mr. Reynholm." Ross said politely.

"Now what is it you do again?"

"Well, I have many skills and certifications, as you can see on my CV. I work on web pages, video production, and many different computer applications. I-"

"Hold on there. Did you say computers? Welcome to Reynholm Industries!"

"Uh, thanks. Which department am I assigned to?"

"IT, of course!"

"Wait, what?" Ross wore a confused expression.

"You start tomorrow. You're excused."

Ross stood and shook his hand. "Thank you for this opportunity, Mr. Reynholm."

She picked up her bag and walked out the door.

"I hate to see her leave, but love watching her go." He said to his PA.

"Douglas. Remember the electric pants." She turned and walked out of the door.

Ross got to the hallway and was still grinning like a moron. She found the nearest restroom, shut the door behind her. She dropped her bag on the ground and start squealing and jumping up and down. "I got a job!" She continued her celebration, squealing more and more.

"Ahem!" She heard someone clear their throat behind her. She spun around and to ,her surprise, found a man and woman in the middle of a heated session of snogging.

"Do you mind?" The woman shouted.

Rosalind picked up her bag, mumbled her apologies, ad made her way to the lobby.

"Lord, I hope I'm ready for this."