The Nineteen Years Of True Love & Peace

Author's Note: Hey guys I'm back after for what seem years of not writing a fanfictional story. My last works was of Kim Possible and Chrono Trigger before I took time off and focused on other things, well I hope you enjoy. This is a Harry Potter fanfic that consists of Harry & Ginny and Ron & Hermione. Cameo couples are:

Dean and Parvati
Seamus and Padma
George and Angelina
Neville and Hannah
Luna and Rolf
Cho and Muggle

This story's rated M for future chapters of love making and it's based on the aftermath of the second war movie-wise, which is why I'm jumping the time to 2007 instead of remaining it at 1998. Although some parts may be from the book as well, most of it is from the movie.

Disclaimer: This fictional story may be mine, but everything in the world of Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling and the people of WB who brought J.K.'s work to the big screens.

The Nineteen Years Of True Love And Peace

Chapter 1:

Life Goes On

Hogwarts Castle
Wednesday May 2, 2007

After the war was over and everyone celebrated their victory, Harry, Ron, Hermione, & Ginny went to the Griffindor common room to discuss theirfutures. Harry & Ron were Aurors Promoted by interim Minister Of Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt. They sat on the couches in silence until Harry spoke up.

"So Ginny what is you going to do next year?"

"During the summer of last year the manager of the Hollyhead Harpies came to me and offered me a contract to play as their chaser."

"Well that's great!" Harry said. "But why didn't you tell me this before?"

"I just forgot okay? Besides I was too busy worrying about you guys before and during Hogwarts." Ginny placed her hand on Harry's chest and looked at him deep in his eyes. The Harry asked his other best friend what she was doing for her future.

"First I got to find my parents in Australia and lift the enchantment then I'll have to finish my last year here In order to take Kingsley's offer of being in the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures although I am angry that none of you are coming back to finish Hogwarts properly."

"Because," Ron replied "When we was offered something we took it. Besides Kingsley said that prices were being put on those Death Eaters so not only will we be being paid by the hour we'll be getting extra if we were the ones to catch any of them ourselves. Plus I am not just going to sit here at Hogwarts while my best friend is out catching Death Eaters. I don't want what could have happened to Harry when we saw him "dead" to be the permanent decision."

Ron's point almost made Ginny want to protest with Harry about his decision about being an Auror but she knew that he was determined to see this through to the end. Voldemort was gone but now it was time for him to fix loose ends. So Ginny didn't say anything else to him another long awkward silence came to them until suddenly they heard moaning from the dormitories they went upstairs to find out where it was coming from they found the noise from both the boys and girls dormitories they split up Harry and Ron went inside the boys dormitory and found Seamus and Padma Patil making love. Seamus and Padma stopped and looked at Harry and Ron.

"Sorry." Harry & Ron said.

"That's okay." Padma said.

"On any given time, I would have told you to leave or find your own love spot, but Padma told me that she don't care if you and or Ron watched her since you're the heroes today."

"Um, I'll pass on that. Once again sorry to disturb you, come on Ron."

"Right. "

And with that they left Seamus and Padma to their lovemaking. Meanwhile Ginny and Hermione went inside the girls dormitory and saw a silhouette of a couple making love behind the curtain of a bed. Hermione knocked on the door and suddenly they saw the one on top cover itself up with bed sheets. The bed curtain was pushed aside and behind it was Parvati Patil with Dean and they was in the middle of making love.

"Do you mind?" Parvati said.

"Oh, sorry about that." Hermione said as they left out, when they got down to the common room they all started to laugh until their sides hurt. Once they stopped they all looked at each other, Suddenly Kreature apparated in front of them.

"Master Harry." Kreacher said.

"Kreature." Harry answered back.

"The death Eater Yaxley, has trashed Grimmauld Place upon arriving here with the Dark Lord It will take two months to clean up all the mess."

"Don't worry yourself Kreature, I'll be there to help clean up as well."

"But Kreature doesn't want Master Harry to tire himself out."

"Trust me Kreature..." Harry gave Kreature his war-torn coat. "...I'm okay."

Kreature's eyes started to well up with water back and forth he looked at Harry and then his coat until he looked at Harry again.

"Is... Master Harry... f-freeing... K-K-K-Kreature?"


Just then Kreature started bawling as he hugged his former master Harry. Harry knelt down and hugged him back.

"Dobby was right. You are a true hero to us Elves. Kreacher is forever in your debt." Harry's eyes started to tear up as well, and soon enough tears were falling on everyone's faces.

"You want to repay that Kreature?"


"Just live free. If you want you can always come back. Grimmauld Place will always be your home."

"Th-Th-Thank...Y-You. Master Harry."

And with that Kreature disapparated out. Hermione hugged Harry while crying, after that Ron hugged him as well, and soon later Ginny jumped clung onto Harry kissing him.

"Oi! Gin-" Was all Ron could get out before Hermione cut him off with a kiss when Harry and Ginny broke apart they saw, Seamus, Dean, and the Patil twins looking down at only Harry they must have saw what Harry did just a while ago.

"How long was you there for?" Harry asked.

"During Kreature crying." Dean said.

"Sorry if he interrupted your..."

"Oh, not to worry..." Seamus interrupted. "We was just about done."

Just then, Neville came in and saw the eight of them in the common room.

"You guys, missed the meeting."

"What was going on?" Ron asked.

"McGonagall cancelled all exams and as a school treat all who participated in the war grades up. And those who haven't finish their seventh year properly, can take a N.E.W.T placement test to see where you stand, if you pass that you graduate Hogwarts."

Ron was excited at this because all Hermione had to do was take the placement test and she'll graduate but she was determined to stay in Hogwarts. No matter what.

"Is that all?" Harry asked.

"No, McGonagall and Kingsley wants to see you three in her office before dinner."

"Okay." Harry replied as the 4 went to McGonagall's office she and Kingsley were waiting for them.

"I believe I only asked for you three, what is Ms. Weasley doing here?"

Harry wanted to say something but Ginny spoke up.

"I hope you don't mind, I didn't want to be left alone. As much as I want to be with my family I really missed being with these three."

"Oh, well okay. The reason I called you three is because of the mission Dumbledore gave you would it be possible if you could tell me about it?"

"Sure." Harry said as they started talking about what they did from Bill and Fluer's wedding, Just when they was going to leave out Ron leaving Harry and Hermione, they heard footsteps approaching."

"Ronald Billius Weasley! You better prey Mcgonagall's door is closed and locked tight because I'm coming to kill you!"

They heard George's voice outside. McGonagall waved her wand at the door and the door was locked tight. George, Percy, and Charlie were at the door banging like crazy. Ron must have found out that Bill told them, Ron was angry but scared that if the Weasleys got through they were really going to hurt him if not kill him.

"What did I do?" Ron yelled.

"What do you mean 'what did I do?' You know damn well what you did! What friend of Harry Potter would bail on him and his love at the darkest of times?"

By then, Ginny pulled Hermione over and asked her something.

"Did Ron also run out on you thinking that you would choose Harry over him?"

Hermione didn't want to lie to her best friend and risk getting hexed herself, but she didn't want to see Ron get hurt either. Hermione was hesitating to answer. Ginny saw Hermione's hesitance and took that as a yes.

"Guys, I'm sorry-" Ron said before he got hexed by Ginny's bat bogeys.

"Ginny... I said... I was... sorry."

"I don't care! You left out on my boyfriend and my best friend YOUR girlfriend! Speaking of Hermione..."

Ginny placed another set of bat bogeys on Ron, after that he started howling.

"And that's for thinking that Hermione would leave you for Harry!"

Was Ginny psychic? How could she have known that Ron not only left out on them because Harry didn't knew what he was doing, but for the fact that Ron was stubborn to think that Hermione, the woman that loves Ron dearly would start falling for his best friend? Harry decided to speak up at that point.

"Ginny, Ron saved my life. As I was reaching for the sword the locket started to strangle me. Ron grabbed the sword and saved me from drowning."

Ginny looked at Ron, who was hoping that she would lift the curse he was suddenly sore everywhere. And sure enough she lifted the curse and the bat bogeys disappeared.

"Don't think this is over, Ronald Weasley."

Suddenly, McGonagall, fully aware of the threat George made to Ron, opened the door for Ginny and Ginny left McGonagall's office with her hands over her face crying, has Ron's overprotective love for Ginny drove her to unhappiness? Ron could have wished that he and Harry wouldn't have met at King's Cross Station, but then how would he have met Hermione? Who else in his family besides Fred would have died? Ron didn't take Harry's pain for others into account.

And you think I'm not listening too? You think I don't know how this feels?

No you don't know how it feels! Your parents are dead. You have no family.

But Ron was wrong. Sirius was Harry's Godfather and he saw how he was killed. But Ron was not there when he saw Cedric Diggory and Dumbledore die. The past 4 years was hell for Harry, each year he saw how somebody died right in front of him, when Harry told Ron to leave it wasn't for him and Ron not to be friends anymore but for Ron to go back and protect his family back at home or Ginny at Hogwarts. In a way, Ron was just like Snape. He cared for Ginny and he didn't want anything bad to happen to her, but the problem is, Snape and Lily were not related like Ron and Ginny. Many "What if's" was running through Harry and Ron's minds right now and now Harry was thinking what Voldemort had said to him at the Ministry of Magic 2 years ago.

You're a fool Harry Potter. And you will lose... Everything.

Could this be what Voldemort meant? That even if Voldemort was gone the family that was behind the door at this moment would turn on him? Before the damage got even further a familiar voice spoke up.

"Ronald Weasley, front and center, now!"

Dumbledore's painting spoke and Ron stood in the center of the office and looked up at his painting. The Weasley family came in and was about to hear what Dumbledore was about to tell him.

"I am very disappointed in you, do you even realize how short your family would be had it not been for Harry? You, Ginny and your father would have been dead along with Fred. Now here you stand in a Voldemort ridden planet ready to help repair the damage of broken families and rebuild what has been destroyed. I'm going to say to you what I said to Harry when he had a choice to continue living or join me as well as the others the the afterlife: Do not pity the dead, pity the living, and above all pity those who live without love."

At that point Ron's attention was turned to the one person who kept him sane for 7 years, he now realized that meeting Harry on that day 7 years ago was the best day of his life. That day brought him to Hermione. Thinking back to when he destroyed the locket in Dean's forest, he now realized that Riddle Hermione was the key point, him abandoning Harry and Hermione has led to that image of Riddle Hermione kissing Riddle Harry for the fact that Ron didn't think that no man, not even his best friend was good enough for Ginny.

Your mother confessed she would have preferred me as a son.

Tears fell down Ron's face as he finally realized that if Harry and Hermione were together, he would blame himself until his dying day. His blame for leaving and losing Hermione could almost compare to Harry's blame for the death of those that have died for him. When Ron finally felt what Harry, Ginny, and Hermione felt, he finally broke down crying, that's when Hermione came to Ron and hugged him and Ron hugged her back.

"Hermione... I'm so sorry for leaving you. I was a fool to think that you had a thing for Harry. I wish I never left in the first place."

Then Ron did something unexpected to Hermione and everyone else, he kissed her deeply Hermione was surprised as she broke from the kiss.

"Ronald Weasley, do you realize there's people here?"

"I don't care who sees!" Ron said as he continued to kiss her. At that point, Hermione kissed him back she knew that Ron wasn't acting like a fool, Ron was just like Hermione: human. When they broke from the kiss Ron saw Harry who was shedding tears.

"Harry... I'm..."

"Don't say it, Ron."

"No, Harry I need to. I'm so sorry for not thinking of how you really felt towards me and my family or those you saw die. I was too stressed of us getting nowhere at the time, that I didn't want anybody else to feel the same way I felt at the moment."

"Ron, the moment you saved my life was the moment I forgave you for everything. But I guess you still needed to apologize for that then let me officially say that I forgive you."

Ron suddenly went over and hugged Harry who hugged him back. Then all of a sudden, Dean, Neville, and Seamus came in and saw everybody.

"Is there something wrong boys?" McGonagall asked.

"Nothing's wrong Headmistress." Neville said. "But I was going to ask what Harry what's wrong with Ginny, she's basically crying her eyes out outside on the bridge. We was only trying to help."

"Yeah, but every time we mention either Harry or Ron's name she started shrieking so we were trying to find out why but she didn't feel like talking." Seamus added.

"My poor girl, I'll go find her and calm her down." Molly said.

"Mom wait." Ron said before Molly and Arthur could walk out of here.

"Let Harry talk to her."

Harry wondered if this was the same Ron. He gave him a confused look.

"You heard right Harry go speak to Ginny, she needs you. And when you find her, tell her that I am truly sorry."

With that Harry slowly left out of the office. Dean told Harry that Ginny was outside Hogwarts' front door on the damaged stone bridge. When Harry got outside it was sunset and he saw Ginny on her knees still crying when he got to her he put his hand on her shoulder Ginny suddenly got angry.

"I swear whoever put their hand on me I'll..."

She turned around and saw Harry and for a moment the looked at each other deep into their eyes.

"Why would Ron do this? Why did he even think that you and Hermione would be together?"

"It's not his fault Ginny, that horcrux made him believe that me and Hermione was together. He was really sorry for leaving us. When he saved my life, I forgave him after. Sure Hermione got mad at him but over time she forgave him."

"Harry, even so, that still does not discount the fact that Ron has been so overly protective of me and still continues to be. Harry I hate being unhappy it's okay for Ron to be happy when he's got Hermione, but not when I'm with you! Why can't he see how much I love you as much as much as he loves her? It's just not fair! It's like he doesn't care about me!"

At that point Ginny started wailing, it wasn't until Harry kissed her that she stopped crying they finally stood up and looked at each other.

"Ginny here's how much Ron cares about you mostly: On the day he left us he told me the reason he listened to the radio was to make sure that he didn't hear any of your family's names."

"Oh sure Harry, and I suppose he mentioned me last? That's my brother always putting me last at everything."

"Actually Ginny, he mentioned you first."

Ginny was surprised that Ron mentioned her first. For the first time in Ron's life Ginny mattered to Ron more than everybody else in his family.

"Also the day in which he saved my life, he saw me and Hermione as Riddles kissing, he finally felt the same way as I did when I was forced to leave you at the wedding, I wanted to bring you with me but Remus told me to get out of there. But the one thing that has made it more clear that he truly does care about you and that he loves you more than you'll ever know, is when he told me to come to you."

"Harry... In what way did that meant that he care about me."

Harry looked at Ginny with much love before he continued.

"When Dean, Neville, and Seamus came up to the office to ask if you was all right because they saw you crying, your mom wanted to come find you and calm you down but Ron insisted her that I come for you, and that you need me. But..."

Before Harry could speak his opinion Ginny kissed him deeply and Harry wanted to kiss her back. When they broke from the kiss Ginny was looking at Harry with tears in her eyes.

"Ron was right. But I didn't just need you, I want you. Harry... If only you knew how much I really want you..."

"Ginny, if it's me you want, I'm not going anywhere. I'll promise to never leave you, I'll treat you the way you want to be treated as long as It makes you happy."



"Thank you for everything, you meeting us at the station was a blessing to all of us."



"I love you."

Harry hugged Ginny close to him when he said that.

"When did you love me?"

"The day I saw you and Dean kissing in the Three Broomsticks."

"Well I loved you longer."

"How much longer?"

"The day you saved me from the Chamber of Secrets."

"Well could you do me one favor for me please?"

"Anything for you my love."

"Please forgive Ron, he was sorry for leaving us and pretty much begged for forgiveness after Dumbledore set him straight."

Ginny let out a small laugh.

"My brother begged us for forgiveness?"

"Well he didn't really beg, he cried in front of everybody as well as kissing Hermione in front of everybody too."

"I'll tell you what Harry, I'll forgive him for you but I'm still mad at him."

The Sun has caught Harry and Ginny in it's enchanted semicircle, Harry could see Ginny's hair glow with the Sun's radiance the way the Sun shined it's light on Ginny's face, was perfect for Harry's view, but what really made Harry's thought of Ginny with her blazing look when he was ready to die was when wind blew her hair to the right. Each strand of her hair was caught in the Sun's beam after observing his thought for every millisecond he looked into her eyes again before enbracing her into one very long time consuming kiss. After that kiss they saw everybody who was watching them and went back to tell everybody the rest of the story. After Dinner Harry, Hermione, and all the Weasleys used the floo to go back to the Burrow. At the Burrow, apologies were made and forgiven plans for Fred, Remus, and Tonks funerals were made as well, and everybody went to sleep. Harry slept with a smile on his face not because he came back to Ginny for good but to know that he was now rid of Voldemort. No more connections, no more nightmares and no more would he be looking over his shoulder for him.

This is the beginning of the rest of my life.

Thursday May 3rd, 2007 was the officially marked day of Harry's life of eternal peace.