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Chapter 43

"Talking" about 5 years after the war.

Days went by and everything was going well, while one day, someone at the ministry suggested to make a live event of speaking to some of Fawkes' Embers about the 5 years they spent after the 2nd wizarding war. The ministry had chosen Timothy Haldoway to host this event, and Timothy was relieved as he had gotten a chance to have more than an auror job, he was a one time host to an even that was now soon to be on tv to wizards and witches which became a new product in Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. Timothy spent his days only trying to ask questions that wouldn't offend anybody but while he was walking all over he manage to meet and date Demelza. Harry and some of his friends and family had chosen to be invited to be asked questions and share moments.

Saturday April 28, 2012

The Ministry Training Room

Harry and Ginny were training. Improving and honing their dueling skills for a future threat if it were to come. But they could only hope that it doesn't. Months went by as they had been invited to Jack and Leanne's wedding as well as spend their second Christmas at Ron and Hermione's apartment. As for the first time since the second wizarding war, they fully gone through a normal day. Harry and Ginny were dueling each other trading stunning and disarming spells, ducking and dodging, but at one point, Ginny disarmed Harry where his wand was coming to Ginny as Harry ran, Ginny was shooting stunning spells at him in which he kept dodging and surprisingly, Harry did a split jump over Ginny in which Ginny ducked to get his wand from mid-air when Ginny got back up she was being held at wandpoint by Harry who was behind her.

"I see much improvement in your dueling skills, love." Ginny said.

"Thanks. Yours increased exponentially as well dear."


Ginny placed her wand inside her shirt and began to unbutton her shirt she was wearing her white and black outfit with black heels despite the fact that they were training. Ginny figured she would dress more over the average limit of sexiness, enough for Harry to be stunned but decent. Once she finished unbuttoning her final button she freely let her shirt fall to reveal her black strapless bra, at that point Harry was getting quite hard but he maintained his wand pointed at Ginny until Ginny backed up to him and was rubbing up against him at which point Harry soon lowered his wand and began to kiss at her neck.

"How do you keep doing this to me Ginny?"

"Maybe it's because of my charm." Harry's hands was all over Ginny's body in which she was now getting hot but she placed two fingers on his body and what happened next was a surprise.


The blast sent Harry back into a wall hard, Ginny suddenly got her wand in which she placed between her cleavage and pointed it at Harry.


Harry's hands were tied behind his back as he was sitting down. Suddenly Ginny had conjured up a piece of parchment and invisible wrote something on it. She placed the parchment on the back of her neck, next she shot another spell at Harry however nothing happened.

"What spell was that?"

"It's a focus spell Harry. It will let you see what I wrote only if you're focused." Ginny suddenly walked up to Harry. "Colloportus!" Ginny locked the door and did freezing spells to any camera that was in the room. Then she soundproof the room. She got close to Harry. And turned around.

"Now focus."

Harry couldn't at the moment for he was getting hard at Ginny who took her shirt off in which she only had her bra on from keeping her topless. But Harry soon focused and slowly the message began glowing which said: "I'll always be yours, Harry." Harry could only smile in which it was true to him she will always belong to him. After that Ginny turned around and looked at him after she knelt down and straddled him she grabbed his face.

"Did you see what I wrote?"

"Yes, hon."

"Don't ever forget it."

"Which reminds me. Come the 2nd Timothy was chosen to host our 5 year anniversary of our victory. I have to focus on what to say and what to give."

"Me too Harry. But right now my focus is on you."


Ginny had unzipped his pants and Harry had began to protest.

"Here? Now? I mean have..."

"I took the potion before we trained."

"Woman, can you ever think of a time to refrain for trying to take me anywhere?"

"No. Besides you said so yourself."

"Are you trying to get me in trouble with Kingsley?"

"I don't know. I did every spell so nobody would notice. So I'm not trying to get you in trouble. Or is that something that could be arranged with me?"


"Would you rather be in trouble by me?"


"Good." Ginny said before she kissed him. "Now just shut up and let me take you Harry James Potter. And if you behave, I might untie you so you can take of my bra."

As Harry was ordered he was silent the entire time Ginny took her, and as he behaved he was able to take off her bra as the lovemaking continued, once they were done, They cleaned up and left out just to go home and continue where they left off.

Wednesday May 2, 2012,

TV Studio

It was the 5th anniversary of their victory and everybody were there except for Luna and Rolf was still out on their around the world honeymoon looking for unknown mythical creatures. Lio's friends was in the audience as well as Cho's parents, every Weasley was there in the audience as well. People backstage were scatterd but Harry was close to the set offstage because he was going to be first. A few of the cameramen were back there as well to tell Timothy to be ready because they are almost ready to go live. Timothy got out there and soon he was presented in every wizard tv window screen ready to host this historical event.

"Hello everybody and welcome to our very special show known as the '5 years after the wizard war.' I am your host Timothy Haldoway. It has been 5 years since the Wizard War had finally finished with the history's most dangerous wizard defeated, and disintegrated at the effect of his own signature curse with the help of our hero, Harry Potter. On this show we will recap what 5 years had brought our guests. And we'll start with my first guest, I mean how else could we start this off with a bang than having the hero himself? Here he is, Harry Potter."

The entire crowd that was there cheered when Harry came out and was sitting on a couch after he shook Timothy's hand.

"So Harry, welcome. How is everything?"

"It's going good Timothy, thanks for having me."

"Good. In fact, great knowing that you along other heroes put your lives on the line just for our freedom let alone our peace. I mean by you living, you must have known that it was some kind of a huge responsibility to defeat Voldemort or let alone hold him off until all of his horcruxes were gone."

"Well yeah, pretty much it really did feel like the entire world was on my shoulders when it was me who had to finish off this destined battle. But of course I had help, I mean I couldn't have done this without my friends and my family."

"Of course. Well then Harry, after this war would you be kind enough to tell us what these 5 years have brought to you?"

"New friends like you, and non magic people alike, peace despite ending 2 organizations, a new family, and a lovely wife."

"That's just wonderful."

"My first year I was starting my Auror career, tracking down the remaining Death Eaters, second year nothing except proposing to my wife was that year until the year following when I married her we had our honeymoon and anniversary in Morocco. The following year was harsh when VALE came to be, they indeed did have potential just like the Death Eaters."

"Yes, and just to remind everyone; VALE stood for Voldemort's Anti-Love Eaters."

"Right. But after the end of that group, my cousin got married as well. Who couldn't be here since he moved."

"Well, throughout the 5 years what was your best moment or two?"

"My best moment of course was my wedding with my lovely wife, Ginevra Potter when I swore my vow to her. I mean seeing her wearing that wedding dress in person was the best moment of my life and it was the number one reason I stayed alive when I got hit with the killing curse again."

"Isn't that lovely ladies and gentlemen? A true example of true love told right here people. Well thanks for sharing with us. When we come back we will be speaking with the very woman who is married to this phenom. Stay tuned."

As they went into a break Harry and Timothy were talking for a bit.

"How was that Harry?"

"That actually was quite good. If anything if you were to interview me I would gladly accept if you did it."

"Thanks. I mean I try not to ask any questions that would pry into your personal or private business, it's just 5 years in a nutshell."

"I know. But some of us will have to tell our things that show how much we truly love each other. And to keep this show within the 'minutable' reason."

"Well put."

Soon enough Ginny came out and sat next to Harry not before kissing him for his foretelling moment of their wedding. Then they were live again and Timothy began.

"Welcome back to '5 Years After The Wizard War' or as I would soon call it under another name: '5 Years of True Love and Peace.' Joining our hero right now I have the Chosen One's chosen one, London's own Hollyhead Harpie: Ginevra Potter."

The crowd cheered for her as well.

"Thanks for having me here and for introducing me." Ginny said.

"You're welcome. How have you withstood your five years?"

"Playing professional Quidditch and enjoying every free second with my friends, family and my lovely husband, Harry."

Ginny looked at Harry when she said his name and they shared a quick but decent kiss in which the crowd sighed at their actions of love.

"Besides Quidditch what did 5 years bring to you?"

"Peace in and out like Harry said before, these 5 years wasn't no picnic, and I had it the second toughest. For my first year after, I was able to spend my 17th with my husband without any of my interruptions, second year was when Harry proposed to me, third was when we got married and spent our honeymoon and anniversary in Morocco back to back. And last year we put an end to Salemir and VALE."

"Fantastic. Within me speaking to Harry, we learned that Harry who stated of seeing you in person at your wedding with him, is why he stayed alive. How did you feel when you heard that?"

"I felt like the luckiest and yet the happiest woman in the world. I didn't care what happened after until we were done with the wedding. But right then and there when he told me that, I felt like this will most definitely work out between us with our families wanting us to take care of each other. Because, he is my hero, and I am his princess."

"Princess, not Queen?"

"When we have a child of our own, that's when I feel that we can promote ourselves to that standard of King and Queen."

"Well could you tell us what was your favorite moment or two if you would like to share?"

"As Harry said our wedding which was one of my favorites I would have to say our first night of our honeymoon. We truly wanted to make each other ours, and we did. And I'll never get tired of saying this to Harry but he's mine forever, mind, body..."

"...Heart and soul." Harry said finishing her quoted phrase as they shared another kiss.

"Just one more question before we head on to our next guests. Your recent retirement from Quidditch was cut so short you've played for the Hollyhead Harpies for 5 years. Any reason why you would want to retire for good?"

"I've been playing Quidditch ever since I was in Hogwarts and have won Quidditch house cups. Thing was, I wanted to experience playing Quidditch before becoming a Quidditch reporter to interview up and coming Quidditch players. But beyond all that, I really missed being near Harry and I feel that it's time I've officially said retired just to spend more time with my husband."

"A true marriage through and through if I say so myself. Well thanks Ginny for sharing and next up we have a couple who shares the same kind as these two, but a little bit dangerous, when we come back."

As they went into break Harry and Ginny went to get something to drink when Ron and Hermione came up to them.

"Hey what's up?" Harry asked.

"Well we are very proud of you two sharing your 5 year experience." Hermione said.

"Your courage has allowed us to share our near misses of life." Ron added.

"Ron, you don't have to do this." Ginny said.

"But we're doing it anyway."

"Yeah. I mean it was something we needed to get this out." Hermione added.

"Well, all right." Harry said. "Just be careful when you mention it."

"Harry, I am no longer afraid of my past. If I could tell my parents about my encounter with Bellatrix. I could tell the world about Salemir."


"I know that telling the world about it seems... Extreme, but when have we ever had the excitement of speaking about how true our love is in the form of 'Hey, we have suffered all this and everything but we're still here and we're still together!'?" Ron said cutting Ginny off.

"And just suddenly, you have moved to the top of my favorite brothers list." Ginny said.

"After all this time, you still are playing favorites?"

"Is that bad?"

"Yes, on the fact that something like that shouldn't be necessary we are a family who loves each other equally. But no, on the fact that I am now one of your favorite brothers. It was something I been wanting to hear from you."

"Well I'm sorry it took..."

"Apology unnecessary I love you sis."

"I love you too big brother."

Ron and Ginny shared a hug. As the crew was coming to them.

"Guys, you go on in 30 seconds." One crew member said. Ron and Hermione went to the chair as Harry and Ginny went to the other chair before they were live again Ginny whispered in Harry's ear.

"Way to go, match-"

"Ginny. Thanks, but don't say it."

"Say what?"

"Matchmaker." Harry said that with no tone. As they began to sit on another couch offscreen while Ron and Hermione sat down onstage. Timothy was ready to speak again.

"Welcome back to '5 Years.' My two guests with me right now are indeed and without a doubt, a die hard married couple. Ladies and Gentlemen, here is two of Ministry's top members, and Harry and Ginny's Brother and Sister-In-Law, Ron and Hermione Weasley."

"Thanks, Timothy." Ron said.

"Thank you, Timothy." Hermione said.

"So, I understand you two had very hard times. And near misses." Timothy said.

"Yes of course." Ron replied. "And we're prepared to tell, well... almost, all of it."

"Well as much as we could." Hermione said agreeing.

"So what has 5 years threw to you two?"

"First year, was rough. I was kidnapped over the holidays..." Ron said starting when Hermione politely cut him off.

"While I was in Hogwarts I heard from Ron that my family was being held hostage just before Christmas break but after that, I told my parents not to tell me anything else because I didn't wan't to worry. I was too stubborn after to listen to my parents when they wanted to tell me that Umbridge and a couple of Death Eaters kidnapped Ron."

"Harry and Cho had to rescue me. Over 2 months I was tortured with crucio. They did this every day. And after I was rescued my body felt that it was relieved to be free when at the same time it felt free to shut down on me, hence my 3 month coma." The crowd exclaimed as they couldn't believe how much Ron suffered. "During that time, all I could hear from Hermione in my unconsciousness was for me to join her in which after I woke up from the coma."

"The year after we got rid of Yaxley the last remaining Death Eater. And the year after was normal as well."

"Then there's the fourth year."

"It became more brutal than the second. During our time with getting rid of VALE, Salemir Greyback had a grudge against me for killing Fenrir his brother." The croud cheered due to the fact that Fenrir did indeed cause havoc on loved ones Hermione was kind of glad to hear that she was their heroine for that. "Thank you. But what happened to me was beyond more than I could bear. After we escaped the factory I was knocked unconscious by Salemir and was kidnapped by him. He place me in one of his torture dungeons and began to flog me with his wand whip and electrocute me with his electric metal glove. His intention was to drive me insane through fear, pain, and sorrow. But he almost succeeded somehow as he kept on I kept thinking about my husband and my family even after when he said that he will always be in my mind, I'm pretty much sure that those kept me sane but not enough to put me in a condition that was so rare that it was supposed to take months or years. I was in somewhat of a special coma for that."

"What were you able to think about?" Timothy asked.

"Just being with Ron for the day he came to visit me in the state that I was in and sang to me, which I admit that it was wonderful that you sang to me, was also when I felt yet begin to sense him. The day of Salemir's execution was the day I woke up from my rare condition the thought of Ron being killed was something I could never let come true. And when I arrived I killed Salemir before he could put my husband in a worse condition or kill him."

The crowd reacted awestruck then cheered as they heard such an outstanding story on Hermione's quest of love and survival.

"Such an amazing individual you are Hermione." Timothy said.

"Thanks. Like my husband, I'm always the tone of surprise."

Hermione then proceeded to give Ron a kiss.

"Ron how did you feel when you found out she was alive?"

"Well relieved. Salemir really worked me up and to think he almost succeeded in making not only Hermione insane, but me as well. In that dungeon he lied about making love to my wife, when at the time I didn't know if he actually did that and more, I lost it, I fought like I was him. But throughout all this I'm really glad we're both sane and status clear." Ron kissed Hermione's hand before he continued. "And soon after we finished our 5th year with peace."

"Like all good endings should be after something like that. Well guys thanks for that but before we move on to my next guests, do you guys want to share your best moment or two out of these 5 years?"

"Sure." Ron said going first. "My favorite moment was of course us in a waterfall cavern in Hawaii. I mean it was just me and Hermione and during the nighttime when the crystals lit up it became a magical moment for me and it created one hell of a memory for us."

"That's amazing. Hermione?"

"While that moment is forever itched in my retinas. I will have to say my favorite was when we were at the volcano for my birthday. I can still see myself in fireworks dancing on top of the crater. The best present yet I ever got on my birthday."

"Well thanks for sharing, and may you two have a much peaceful future."

"Thanks Timothy." Ron and Hermione said.

"When we come back we will be talking to another Griffindor trio who are close friends with Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Harry. So don't go anywhere... Unless you have a bathroom emergency. We'll be right back."

They went into break and had time to group hug and all. Tears were shed, but throughout it they were both happy, happy that they withstood all of it and still survived. As they had their moment, Seamus, Dean, and Neville had saw that and went to their chairs as they were soon ready. Once everybody was in position, they were live once again.

"Welcome back to '5 years' My next 3 guests are the closest friends to the people we interviewed already. Some would consider them to be the outside barrier of their peace, sanity, relief. But for us they're just as equal please welcome, Neville, Seamus, and Dean."

The crowd applaud and the 3 Gryffindors waved at them.

"Thanks for having us, Timothy." They said.

"So how did 5 years treated all of you."

"Great." Seamus started. "Although I find it unfair how Harry and Ron keep sacrificing themselves for our peace. I mean we should be there for each other."

"We are Seamus and true we did quit our jobs as aurors, but like we told Kingsley we'd help on any and everything if he needs us." Dean replied.

"I guess you're right. I'm sorry."

"It's okay." Timothy said.

"But yeah it has been great throughout despite last year when our wives were almost kidnapped and Dean being in a coma."

"It was brutal." Dean added. "But besides that and helping Harry and the other end 2 organizations, it has been very peaceful."

"And you Neville?"

"Great throughout these 5 years despite the chaos in our 4 it was great."

"Fantastic. Well, Neville many facts and rumors been told that the prophecy had spoke of a boy born at the end of July when this was started."

"Yes, it could've been me, but Voldemort made his decision choosing Harry."

"But if the battle became yours, how would you have dealt with it?"

"I'm not even sure, I mean I know I can be just as serious as Harry when he had Voldemort on his back but I would have fared great, I mean I beheaded a snake. In which I kind of 1-upped Harry a bit."

Out of stage and camera view, Harry heard that and could only smile.

"That's great. Dean, Seamus, you two have been like the best of buds just like Harry is to Ron. Whenever Harry and Ron went on something dangerous what did you two think about?"

"Well in some of those time I was like 'better them than us' for 2 reasons: 1. If it was something for us we probably would have gotten to the destination a bit slower. And 2. We probably would have slowed them down or messed up something." Dean said.

"Yeah but anyway we along with Neville had always had each other's backs." Seamus replied

"And our wives had ours." Neville added.

"Of course. Cameramen let the people know who the wives of these three are." The cameras were then pointed at Hannah and the Patil Twins. "There they are. Now before we bring in our last guests do you guys have any moments you would like to share?"

"Sure." Seamus said going first. "Mine is when me and Padma had gone to the amusement park. It was the moment when she told me that she was really having a great time with me."

"Mine was during our honeymoon in Greece. We went everywhere me and Parvati and did everything we wanted there." Dean said.

"And mine was our wedding to the end of our honeymoon the three days of our honeymoon was so much full of love. And I felt like one of the most luckiest men on Earth."

"Well thanks very much guys it's been a pleasure again to have you here. When we come back we'll interview a woman who symbolizes when you are at your very low, when your luck has ran out, you never give up, you keep on going. Stick around."

As they went on break, Neville, Dean, and Seamus spoke to Harry and the others and minutes later they all stood back as people were about ready for Cho and Lio who had sat down. Once again they were live. And Timothy started.

"Hello and welcome back to '5 years.' Our final guests with me are a pair in which one had kind of a gloomy start during the aftermath while the other a normal before the extraordinary happened. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Cho and Lio Walker."

The entire crowd cheered for them both.

"Thanks for having us here." Lio said.

"You're welcome before I go on how did 5 years treated you guys."

"They were great despite how it all went the first year." Cho said before taking a deep breath.

"How did your 5 year journey to love and peace start?"

"Within my first year as stated it was okay but still I felt empty because before the end of the war it was 3 years ago when I lost my first love by the name of Cedric Diggory. A year later, I was torn, as I was caught and was forced veritaserum down my throat was forced to give away my friends and pretty much until after the war I was friendless and at the time my parents and I weren't talking. I tried my best not to betray anyone. So pretty much almost a year after the war I heard sounds from an abandoned warehouse which I was sure it was Ron's and after I confronted Umbridge and her partners, and saved Ron I fought her but ended up failing as I hit my head hard on the narrow side of the door and ended up covered in rubble but after the head bump, I couldn't feel a thing because I was in a coma. It wasn't until days that I woke up have I met Lio, and he was as daring, sensitive, and courageous then as he is now. After that, I began to have more friends and my parents and I were talking again. It just seemed like everything that was taken away from me was given back to me and more."

"Such an amazing story. Lio?"

"Just ordinary before I met her. Me and my friends were just keeping the streets safe. Until one day I got information about a warehouse with people in it. I started around back until I came across Harry which I parked in front I went inside and it was like war every auror and dark wizard was fighting I get to the middle and see Harry, like a madman chase after Umbridge who teased him about killing Hermione when I got to the room Harry came out of I saw her unconscious I was able to get her out and take her to the hospital. Ever since that day my life wouldn't be normal anymore. And after dragging my 3 best friends who wanted to know what happened it was like I led them to extraordinary lives as well."

"That's amazing. Cho when you first saw Lio what was going through your mind?"

"How handsome he was. Like he would do anything for me even die for me. There were enemies Lio had that I had to assist him with even his main one Drake."

"Oh he was ruthless." Lio added.

"Yes but miraculously we lived through that. And we had never been so happy to free him of anybody who kept haunting him. It was like I was finally able to do something."

"So before we close this is there any moments you two would like to share?" Timothy asked.

"Yes." Lio asked my favorite moment was of course when we were at Hawaii. I kind of like that Cho likes hula dancing especially when she quickly learned how."

"That's great and you Cho?"

"Our first date after Harry's birthday I can pretty much say how shocked he was when he saw me. And where we went was amazing especially the pier walk."

"Well Cho, Lio, I thank you both for sharing and once again thanks for being here."

"Thank you Timothy." Cho and Lio said together.

"And that ladies and gentlemen are the hardships and conquers these amazing beings wizard and non magic people alike had. As this is the 5th year of the anniversary. Let us all give thanks to those who sacrificed their lives for our peace. And major thanks to everybody here and all of you heroes. This has been '5 years after the wizard war,' or if you would prefer: '5 years of true love and peace' I've been your host Timothy Haldoway, have a good day."

The audience cheered for everybody as the members of Fawkes' Embers all took a bow and wave and looked at each other after. They all smiled at each other as well after.

When it was all over Harry and Ginny were at the balcony of their home looking at the sun going down it was sunset as Harry and Ginny looked at it and then each other.

"This is completely odd." Harry said.

"What is?" Ginny asked.

"This. It feels like Déjà Vu."

"When have we experiences this?"


Ginny could remember as well, and she began to kiss Harry. After one kiss, Harry had to look at her again and just like 5 years ago, the visual of how he saw her was exactly the same. Harry returned the kiss more passionately which had Ginny moaning.

"Harry, I want you."

"Ginny, if it's me you want, I'm not going anywhere."

Ginny could laugh now as this turned from the Bridge déjà vu to the déjà vu of their first time. But before they could get to devouring each other Kreature came in.

"Yes Kreature?" Harry asked.

"If the master and mistress have a minute, there is something downstairs for both of you."

"Well okay." Ginny replied and as they both head out their bedroom and saw the entire members of Fawkes' Embers were there and a banner stating the 5th anniversary of the 2nd wizard war.

"Okay whose Idea was this?" Harry asked.

"Ours." Ron, Hermione, George, and Angelina said.

"Sorry if we interrupted anything, but an anniversary wouldn't be one without you two and our friends." George said.

"So come on down and start our party." Ron said.

"Oh all right." Harry said as he and Ginny went down and partied with them celebrating like they never celebrated anything before. Whilst the party was going Ginny had to jinx Ron, Hermione, George, and Angelina to get even. After the party was over, Harry and Ginny were lying in bed sleeping after an after party love making session. While they slept Ginny had remembered the 5 years and had close calls as well to her life as well as Harry who had remembered his close calls as well. Somehow in their dreams they both had dreamt the same thing because they dreamt of being somewhere else with Harry on top of Ginny when Ginny was about to ask Harry something.


"Yes Ginny?"


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