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Wednesday Addams did not like the dreamy blonde that came to stay with them on the exchange trip. She did not like her bemused air, and her British accent and the way she viewed their lifestyle as though it was normal. Wednesday revelled in the idea she disturbed people. Not being able to break the whimsical blonde, and being a source of amusement for the witch irritated Wednesday to no end.

It was even worse when the other half of the trip when she jetted back to England, to see her friends, though this did console her somewhat. She scared the trio of friends; the bushy haired girl disliked her on sight, the ginger protected her with all his heart, which Wednesday found nauseating. As for the scruffy black haired boy, she'd sensed an opportunity for corruption but he was heavily protected by a red headed guard dog.

She viewed the scene with distaste, Fourth of July was not a spectacular all out occasion within her household, but the Addams' passed it in their usual grisly style. But she was in Britain, it passed without a second thought.

Finally she broke and set many a fatal trap but the blonde bypassed them all, laughed at them even because the advantage of magic made her almost immune to Wednesday's schemes. It infuriated her, but she would not be beaten and would not leave.

It wasn't until she met a rather disdainful blonde boy on the moors around her host's house that she changed her perspective; she watched the boy bully the girl, attack her verbally, while she mooned around the moors, exclaiming at nargles and whatever other nonsense poured from her mouth. Wednesday watched the boy go to strike her host and felt anger flare within her.

She made her point, the boy's bleeding nose and black eye satiated the vindictive feeling that had plagued her since she landed on British soil.

She helped her new found friend up and Wednesday disturbingly found herself looking forward to the absurdities that Luna Lovegood would tell her for the rest of the week, all the while hoping that the ferrety faced brat would come back against his better will, just to see the ethereal young girl once again.