You're Alex Russo, You're his little sister.

This is so… so wrong. It's sick, and wrong… and sick. It's not your fault, really, it was not your idea to date a sibling, but this goes too far, even for you.

You are dating Justin Russo, your older brother. He is deeply in love with his baby sister.

(Sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick… He's wonderful and sick, wonderfully sick.)

This is new for you. (And how many things hasn't Alex Russo done?) Of all the things that you've done this is, by far, the worst. (Well, maybe not, but it's still pretty bad.) This is your brother. Your brother! Oh, yeah, you're a bad girl, but incest? (Justin teaches you the word, and gives you a real lesson in its history, dangers, and how dangerous what you're doing is. You almost fell asleep, but he started looking at you like he does before kissing you.)

It's all his fault- at least, that's what you keep telling yourself. Honestly, it's not like you had much of a choice. You tore him down, now you have to build him back up. Building a Justin Russo is more difficult than you realized. (It's a formula way beyond you- one that takes precious time to understand; he's knowledgeable, determined, and unbelievably focused. He is so hard to fix.) You honestly don't know what you're doing half the time when you're with him, just praying he doesn't see right through your façade.

It's a curse-honesty. Life was much easier for you when lies kept you protected(alone). But being with him makes you honest, which is the worst possible thing. It means you can't hide from what you are-ever. You are a sick freak. Justin is still the good guy; he can't help loving you because somehow you made him that way. He has no choice, if it was, he would give you up, because that's who he is, what he is.

Sometimes, when it is dark, and you are alone in your room, it is hard to care what you are doing is wrong.

Sometimes, very rarely, but sometimes you don't care at all. Oh, the abomination of what you do never fully leaves you. Every day, you wake up in the same house, go to the same school, and after school, it's just you and him spending hours together-alone. Time is a precious thing.

After the incident in his room, you had to… think. After cleansing every single way you could possibly think of, (Why can't you get clean?!) you came to the realization that life will never be the same.

You arbitrarily broke up with Mason. It's not hard, really. He heads off to sulk, and you do your best to ignore the guilt in your stomach. (Your heart is broken, again, and this time it is entirely your fault.) You do what you do best and move onto the important problem; Justin. Just like every other problem in your life you address this with imagination and color. You take your time with him. He takes hours greedily, like a starving man takes sustenance. Time is a precious thing.

Your dates are… difficult. He has to wear a disguise. But it's still him. You kiss your brother. It's so wrong, and you want to stop, but you can't or you'll lose him. You try your best not to think about it every second he is around, what he feels- what you don't. It's disgusting. (Swallow that bile, Alex, or he may leave. If it's for his little sister, he can do anything, become anything.)

The rest of the time is the best you've ever had. (Your best friend has always been your older brother.) He's warm, and attentive. Honestly, if he weren't your brother he'd be the perfect boyfriend. (Sick, sick girl) Even fighting him is more fun than fighting Mason- even when dating in secret you two don't break up. There's so much more than that to your time together. And somehow one refrain always touches your mind, 'time is very precious.'

The one truly good thing to come of this is your brother-no your lover- is so much better off. His attitude has improved markedly. He is doing better at school; his wizardry now is beyond what you can even pretend to understand. At wizard lessons, he does things that amaze Max, puzzle your father, and terrify you. He has surpassed anyone you've ever even thought of studying.

"Alex, come here."

You have to obey, you agreed to it that night, as well to be his girlfriend regardless of how you feel. What if you say no and he leaves? That's your biggest fear- that he'll leave you. It is more terrifying than being caught. The idea that one day you will have a Justin, and the next you won't, is the darkest nightmare on your worst night. Every time you think about it, it makes your work just a little bit harder.

It is hard to be his girlfriend too; Hard to smile like he's Dean, hard to kiss like he's Mason. Not that you're disappointed- Justin always makes time together memorable.

Very memorable.

He took you to a carnival in India where you ate food that was simultaneously spicy and sweet. He stopped time in a bucket of water, shooting a laser through it which turned the living room into an explosion of the colors of a rainbow. Time is a precious thing. He used what is probably forbidden magic to bring back your favorite painters, Monet, Van Gogh and both of you loved Leonardo Da Vinci. He gave you wings of crystal, and had every bird in New York sing your playlist. You woke up to find two full moons in the sky (which brings Mason back to mind) because you told him you think a full moon is pretty. The sun burned blue because you painted it that way in your favorite work, and he thought it was more beautiful that way too. The sky turned bright red, which was terrifying. One day, he explained that the Milky Way Galaxy was on a collision course with another one. You were scared, so Justin intervened. (Both galaxies were moved.)

He warps the universe for you.

Simply put, you are nowhere near Justin's level of wizardry anymore. He is so far from you, sometimes you wonder if he is human at all. It's like he's having a wizard flare every hour of every day, and it just won't cut off. This can't be safe for him. Justin has to know that.

He won't leave you though, right? You're his little sister.

You come to him. He touches your skin (which feels weird) and suddenly you feel yourself, all of them. Every alternate life the two of you have lead, all the possible different realities you two could have gone down. You're always close. But not always his sister (other Justin's with other Alex's, it boggles your mind.). That worries you.

Professor Crumbs tells you that Justin is already a full wizard. Something in his voice tells you that's a bad thing.

"But he's my brother."

He gives you a look, as if you ought to know already why he's telling you this, what time it is for Justin. Time is precious.

After working so hard to keep him, you find out you will be alone after all.

He takes you out for the night. Justin wants to use a spell again.

"No," You insist, "Tonight, it's just you and me."

Time is precious. Justin holds your hand. The best relationship you have ever had is with your brother. The sickness inside him disgusts you but the truth (always there) is that you really do need him.

He does magic on plastic. Impossible. He makes Megan a full-wizard-inconceivable. He's losing touch with you; unbelievable.

No, literally, Justin is losing touch with reality; bit by bit the person you knew is disappearing. It's like the more spectacular your time together is, the more rapid he disappears. It's terrifying. One second he's talking to you about date night (your heart filled with apprehension) and the next he vanishes- for days.

He misses date night. Even though dating him is wrong, you still feel disappointment. How could this happen? Justin insists it's nothing, but… he can't lie to you. He no longer leaves finger prints when he touches something. (Or someone, you have noticed. He likes to hold your hand, but no longer leaves any impressions.

He's a ghost slipping further and further away. The harder you hold to him, the worst it gets.

Finally, after an eternity, the rest of the family finds out. You were the first to know, even before Justin did, you knew. You felt it, deep, deep inside. In a place where no one really knew about, your heart could feel Justin slowly drifting from you. Every time it spoke up, you ignored it, even though every time was a precious thing.

You mother and father are distraught. No one knows exactly what to do- should anything be done? Can anything be done? The family is tense.

What's even happening? It's your fault, you know. Who else is to blame? Justin is gone more and more often every day. And to make it more complicated your time with him is all the richer. Time is precious.

He takes you to Ancient Egypt and turns the pyramids ninety degrees for you. (They're easier to draw that way.) He doesn't care anymore- he does whatever you want him to.

Except stay.

Days pass, he gets worse, or better depending on the point of view. It's like your brother is gone, replaced by nothing less than a god. This god is petty- and infatuated with you beyond belief. He watches you constantly, apparently no longer needing any sleep. Every night, he watches you go to sleep, and every morning he watches you wake up. Only one word ever gets communicated anymore, 'beautiful'.

He becomes transparent, literally and figuratively. (Beautiful) No more date nights. He passes through solid objects- no more touching. (Beautiful) He can no longer hear music, or talk, but he watches you. He sees you dance, or talk to Harper, and that's his only connection to reality anymore. He explained it to you one time; it's like tunnel vision, and you're the light at the end. Time is very, very precious.

Finally, one day, you just start crying. It's like you never even had a brother. You're sobbing uncontrollably, desiring so much not to be alone. (Not sick anymore, were you ever sick? No, just selfish. A selfish little girl who selfishly demanded more of her brother than he could safely give, yet still beautiful.) Justin comes to you, (comfort me, please, please, please, I'll do anything but don't leave me…) but he just explodes. Pure energy seeps from him. It's so bizarre. Yet it is so weird you can't help but feel like it is life as usual for your family.

Everyone comes to say goodbye: Harper and Zeke, Mom and Dad. Max comes by himself. (Does he even know they're there, does he see, or hear, or feel anything but you?)

Justin is on the floor, rolling as if in agony. Pure white, deep purple, rich brown, and golden yellow run out of him like water from a facet. You understand now; Justin is magic. He's disappearing into a ball. (You've always manipulated magic to your own ends, selfish, beautiful girl, so sick.)

Everyone talks to him; they want him to know they he meant something to them. You don't care at all. You just want it to stop. You beg him as loudly as possible.

(Please! I'll do anything! I did whatever you wanted, and I was a good girl, and you can't blame me for this, why is it my fault?! You promised, you did, you said you weren't leaving, and I was a good girlfriend, like no one has seen me, and you said you'd stay so stay, I know you can! Please, I'll try harder! I'll hold your hand and kiss you and marry you or whatever, but please, please don't leave me.)

You're crying. He looks at you like he hardly knows anything- like he's lost all hold on reality. Screw it. There was a time when this shamed you, but now; Time is precious.

In front of them all, you embrace and kiss him. No, he's not who you wanted to date. This is sick, disgusting and wrong. (Beautiful?) But this is the right move. Your kiss ends, and he's gone, puffs of golden wisps is the air.


Nothingness, space where their once was….someone, or something….

You collapse. No one talks about what you just did. Maybe it makes them uncomfortable. Or maybe they know what little time you had with him was precious.

After all, you were (his beautiful, sick) little sister.

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