Chapter Two

"Justin!" Mary/Alex was yelling for attention- again.


She smirked as he fell out of his chair in shock, "Are we almost done…?"

He scowled, "No."

Her face fell. It had been like this for months. Justin had decided to stay home from college to help her graduate. She was beginning to wish he had left. He was so… over-protective? It was weird for her. The first decade of her life, she had no one to care for her, now she had this boy obsessed with her.

"It's four-thirty," He said dully. Mary groaned. This reminded her why she liked keeping Justin around. As creepy as it was, her time without him was even worse. He was her friend.

Mary packed up her things, "I have to get home and clean the house. Will you give me a hand?"

Justin agreed, of course. Even though she was scared of how deeply he cared for her (no one else seemed to care at all) there were some great perks to having a best friend like him. For instance; the nerd was obsessed with cleanliness. He would scrub down her house to the point that even Dominique would be impressed.

The two walked together in relative harmony. Alex fiddled self-conscious. What if he wanted more from her? She had never been naïve- she knew what boys thought of her. No boyfriend, no one even interested in her- it all led to people thinking she was desperate for love. And she was desperate for love, not that she wanted to be.

Still, what if Justin asked her out? He was cute, in a nerdy way, kind to her, and a good listener. But did she feel that way about him? She believed herself a replacement for the little sister he lost, so how could they have any kind of relationship?

Then again, if she refused him, would he leave her? What would she do then?! He was the only one who cared about her, her only friend in the whole world. If he left, she would be alone.

The idea of that terrified her. She quickly realized that she had to give him whatever he wanted. Right now, that meant be his little sister. What if, someday, he demanded more?

As they reached her door, and he stepped into the darkness of her house, she realized that she would give him anything at all- she had to.