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Chapter Eight

There are many powers a wizard possesses. For instance, time manipulation. Any given wizard may decide to manipulate quantum machanics to their own ends. Young wizards can slow, or stop time for a limited stretch. I certain cases, it is possible to entirely reverse it, unfortunately without the aid of a device, it takes but three things.

1) A very powerful wand.

2) A point of weakness within the time continuum. (To be brief, this point is any given coordinate in which destiny has not been determined. So, if someone dies at that point, or decides to be a rodeo clown for a traveling carnival run by an elf named Big Nose... no one may go there.)

3) Lots and lots of power. It would take a full wizard over a day to store the juice, even with the help of say... dark angels...

Nevertheless, power, and its perks, are lost on lonely girls.

For years, Mary Santiago imagined herself to be totally alone. Today she learned that she had been surrounded by her own kind all along.

'Harper' waved a wand, turning into Stevie, Justin's ex-girlfriend, and explained that she would send Alex back in time, "This is kind of a one-time deal. I spent all day waiting for this moment. I'll show you Justin's true colors, just make sure you take him down. Someday, I guarantee that the two of you will fight it out...!"

With a flash, the Latina was sent back through time. She felt herself tumbling and whirling out of control, but knew, instinctively, where she was going.

Mary appeared on a street corner about a decade prior. She saw little Justin tromp out of the sub shop and down the street. Following him for hours, she came to realize just how insane her brother was. Finally, in the rain, she could watch his loneliness no longer.

"Oh, Justin, sweetie…" She stooped over the tiny exhausted form. Weary tears were stuck in his eyes, too tired to fall.

"Momma… I gotta find Ow-wex…" He shook his head, "I mean Alex…"

Mary's heart broke. This whole time, he had been so driven to protect her. And what had happened? Were they truly going to be forced to fight each other? The girl pulled him tightly into her coat, "Oh, baby… you will. I promise. I guarantee it, actually. You just have to keep trying and never give up. And never ever stop going after her. Do you understand?"

"I just don't know where she is…!"

She shushed him, pulling him closer, "She'll never say it, but you mean the world to her. Every day when she gets out of school, she will run to you. When she's alone in the dark, she'll laugh, because she knows what it is really like to be alone, and now that she has you, she can never be that alone again. You'll love her, really, really love her. And you'll mean it."

His freezing skin pressed against hers. His cheeks were pressed flush against her, dying from the cold. She carried him home to Waverly Place. His parents were sitting at a booth, crying into each other's arms. Alex/Mary sat down her burden with care. Justin was still shivering, so she put her coat over him.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt."

Jerry stood up and tried to control himself, "I'm sorry, we're closed."

"Oh," Mary fidgeted before realizing this may be her family, "I need some help going to home."

"Sure, where do you live?"

"The problem is when I live."

It took a second for the wizard family to get what she meant by that.

Jerry nodded understandingly, "Yeah, I think I have a spare wand."

Mary sat down across from Theresa, trying to see any resemblance. The older woman noticed the girl's stare, "I must look like a mess."

"No, no," Mary sighed, "Well, yes, but it's okay to be sad sometimes."

Justin sighed sleepily behind the pair. The women spoke for several minutes about themselves. Even when Jerry returned, they kept talking, both feeling much better.

"I don't know what to do about Justin. But I am glad you found him. I only hope he'll get over this. He's too young to carry this burden!"

Mary stood, "I think he'll be okay. His sister loves him."

Her parents looked at her in confusion. Perhaps, just as the girl left, Jerry and Theresa might have hoped-

Alex picked up the wand and disappeared.