Chapter Ten

Justin's wand beeped, "Hello?"

The voice on the other end was female, and she was crying, "Justin, it's me."

The ex-wizard moved away, "Stevie?"

"I can't live like this anymore. The truth is," She paused, "I'm Alex."

Justin fell to his knees, "What?!"

"I should have told you earlier. I faked Mary's powers. The truth is, I just wanted to be close to you…"

Justin clenched the phone tightly, "But you- and we… I mean, brothers and sisters are definitely not supposed to do what we did!"

"Justin, I am Alex, and I wanted to say goodbye before anything else happened. There will be no fulfillment of the prophecy. I love you."

The line went dead.

"Mr. Russo, have you made your choice?"

Justin thought hard, "Yes, I will go to the dark side. But not for you, for her."

Rosie leapt into his arms, "Are you sure?"

He gazed in her eyes, giving her one chaste kiss, "I'm sure. I hereby pledge my allegiance to Gorog of the Dark Realm!"

The cries of evil sounded forth.

"And what, my disciple," Hissed the old man, "Is your first action?"

Justin went to the edge of the roof, "To save my sister."

He leapt off.

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