Sarah Jane smiled as she listened to Luke tell Rani and Clyde all about Oxford, her son was growing up. Of course, she could have her own baby, after travelling with The Doctor and all the alien encounters she'd had since, she'd notice her body clock had slowed down massively, but she'd never found anybody else.

"I'll get it." She said, snapping out of her thoughts as she heard the knock at the door. She left the attic and headed downstairs, opening the front door to be faced with someone she didn't recognise - The Doctor. "Can I help you?" Sarah Jane asked, smiling right through him.

"Not quite sure... how long it's... been." He said nervously and slowly. That's when she noticed, of course she'd always tell when it was him, it made sense, the last time she saw him, she was convinced he was regenerating.

"Nearly 2 years." She replied calmly before she looked him up and down. "You definitely regenerated then. Thought you were, when I last saw you."

"Mm." The Doctor mumbled.

"Thank you, for Luke. If you hadn't ran out and got him out of the way... I can't begin to imagine what would have..." She began to whisper, looking down.

"Sarah Jane-"

Her head snapped up, tears in her eyes, "Where did you go?" She asked angrily. "You could have come back, just so I knew you were safe! I've seen you regenerate before, I've seen so many of your regenerations, what if you ended up in another regeneration coma or..." She shook her head and gripped onto the door tightly. "You knew... You knew that I knew you were regenerating, and you just kept going, you never let anybody help you!"

"Sarah Jane-"

"No, you listen to me! It's been a hell of a day, I was nearly killed by a Qetesh, but Luke, Rani and Clyde were there, like they always are. I was stuck in that cell, the life being sucked out of me, I really thought it was the end! And I just hoped, maybe you'd appear, even if I did die, I wanted to die knowing you were ok!"

"Well, you're a idiot then!" He joked.

"Did you find someone else?" She asked, wiping the tears away from her eyes.

"Amy and Rory." He smiled at the thought of his two companions. "Mr and Mrs Pond."

"But not any more?" She frowned.

"Oh, no! They're on their honeymoon. I took them to a honeymoon planet, it married a asteroid." They both laughed, smiling at each other.

"Why are you..." She began to feel drowsy. "Here?" Her eyes rolled backwards and she started to fall, being caught by The Doctor.

"LUKE!" The Doctor shouted as he scooped Sarah Jane into his arms and up to the attic.

"Mum!" Luke exclaimed as The Doctor carried her in and layed her on the sofa.

"Is she going to be ok?" Clyde asked. The Doctor took out the sonic and scanned her before sighing with relief and putting it back into his pocket.

"Just knackered from the Qetesh." He sighed.

"Who the hell are you?" Rani exclaimed.

The Doctor frowned at her, "I'm The Doctor!" He said, turning back to look at Sarah Jane.

"You're not the Doctor!" Clyde said.

"Mum said you regenerated." Luke muttered.

"She'll be ok, I promise." The Doctor smiled at the three teenagers as they all gathered around Sarah Jane.

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