The silver-haired half demon walked through the village, bored out of his mind. He had been waiting for a couple days now for Kagome to return from her time, and he was growing impatient. Inuyasha decided he was done waiting.

He was walking through the forest towards the Bone Eater's Well, thinking of what he would say when Kagome asked what he was doing there, and later when she got angry with him because of it. He didn't want to anger her, but he knew she would. She almost always did when he went to her time.

He jumped in the well, and came out five hundred years in the future. I don't see what Kagome likes about this time so much. Inuyasha thought to himself. It's so loud and always smells like something's burning.

Rather than walking up to the door, Inuyasha jumped up to Kagome's window. When he peered inside, she wasn't there. Well, guess I'm taking the door.

When he reached the door, he opened it and walked right in, startling Kagome's grandfather, who didn't recognize Inuyasha at first and tried using one of his 'spells' to dispel him. After he went on for a few minutes, Inuyasha said, "That works about as well as your sutras you put on the well all those years ago." Recognizing him finally, the old man said, "Inuyasha, what are you doing? Why would you scare an innocent old man like me?"

"I didn't. All I did was walk in." Inuyasha replied. "Anyway, where's Kagome?" "Kagome? Ah, yes, I believe she's with her friends at the mall." Kagome's grandpa told him. "What?" "Also, she told me that if you came," he continued, "to tell you that if you left the house, you would get more sits than you ever have, whatever that means."

Inuyasha gulped, knowing how quick Kagome could say 'sit.' Without another word to the man, Inuyasha walked into another room, not paying attention to where. He ended up in the kitchen, where Kagome's mother was cooking, with Sota doing the dishes.

As soon as he walked in, Sota looked over to him and said, "Inuyasha! When did you get here?" Kagome's mom looked over her shoulder, and said, "Oh, hello. Would you like something to eat?"

"Nah." he replied. Then he smelled the food, which smelled very similar to Kagome's cooking. "Actually, if you're offering, why not?" Kagome's mom snickered a little, knowing he was too proud to admit he wanted some.

She gave Inuyasha and Sota each a bento. Sota dried his hands off and sat down to eat it, while Inuyasha wolfed it down in one bite. After extensive chewing, he finally swallowed it, and asked, "When's Kagome gonna be back?"

"Actually, she should be back anytime." Kagome's mom replied. "Actually, she said to tell you-" "Yeah, I heard. I'm gonna get a bad sit." Inuyasha cut her off. "I would listen to her if just this once." she told him. "She said to just relax and not to worry."

What? Inuyasha thought to himself. She told her grandpa to threaten me, but told her mom to tell me to relax? Why's that? "Are you okay?" the kind woman asked. Inuyasha, coming back to the real world, said,

"Oh, yeah. Thinking about something." he told her. As soon as he finished saying that, he heard the front door open and four people walk in. "Mom, I'm home!"