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Three days later, Kagome was back in Kaede's village with her friends. Inuyasha hadn't woken up since the battle with Mazutear.

She was sitting alone in Kaede's hut with Inuyasha. She was hoping he'd wake up soon. He looks so peaceful… she thought.

Suddenly, Inuyasha moaned, and in a low, weak voice, muttered, "Kagome…" His eyes opened, and he looked over to her. Kagome crawled over to where he was. "You're awake." she said with a smile. "About time."

Inuyasha sat up, noticing his shirt was gone. "How long was I…?" he asked. "Three days." His eyes widened as he remembered what had happened. He tried sitting up quickly, but he hurt all over and fell right back down. Kagome hurried over to him and said, "Be careful."

"Kagome," he started, "I hurt you." Tears were forming in his eyes. "I'm so sorry. I wasn't strong enough to stop…" Kagome just smiled at him and said, "It wasn't your fault. You were under Mazutear's control. So don't look so down." "Miroku, Sango, Shippo, are they-" "They're fine." she cut him off. "They all just needed some bandages and some rest, but other than that, they're perfectly fine."

Inuyasha looked down at his chest and asked, "Where's my shirt?" Kagome walked over to a table and grabbed it. She brought it over to him, saying, "Sorry, I needed to take it off. Mazutear got you without you realizing it. It looked really nasty. I'm so glad you're okay."

He took his shirt and put it on. Then, he suddenly remembered his promise. "Hey, Kagome." he said. She looked over to him, and he said, "We still have to go to your time, right?" He slowly got up, and against Kagome's warnings, they walked out of the hut.

So they went to the Bone-Eaters' Well, and came out in Kagome's time. They walked in, hand in hand, and Kagome told her family about their engagement. Inuyasha just sat there and blushed, answering questions from them with simple 'Yeah's' and 'No's.' After some chatter with her family, Kagome dragged Inuyasha up to her room. When they were both sitting on her bed, she said, "Inuyasha, I have a question." "What is it?" Inuyasha asked her. "What's your last name?"

He thought for a moment, and said, "To tell you the truth, I don't remember. Why?" "Because," Kagome replied, "what am I going to change my last name to after the wedding?" Inuyasha looked like he'd seen something traumatizing, and said, "Wedding? Who says we're having a wedding?"

Kagome got annoyed and said, "Well, how are we supposed to get married without a wedding?" "Well," Inuyasha said, "I was hoping we could just not have one and say we did." "Oh, come on Inuyasha!" she whined. "Why not?" "Why not?" Inuyasha mimicked her. "Because it's stupid!" Kagome gasped, and Inuyasha continued. "We just get ourselves to look all pretty just so we can kiss! We can do that without a wedding!"

"Inuyasha, please?" Kagome asked. Inuyasha's eyes widened, and instinctively said, "Okay, Kagome." Wait, what? he thought. It happened again! Kagome noticed what happened, and said, "Oh, I get it. You can't say no if I say 'please,' can you?" He scowled at her, and said, "Of course I can!" "Oh, really?" Kagome asked him, a sinister smile appearing on her face. "Okay, please take your shirt off."

Inuyasha's eyes widened again, and he said, "What? Why?" Kagome, in her sweetest voice, said, "Please, Inuyasha?" He looked at her for a second, then took his shirt off. Damn it! he thought. She's right!

Kagome giggled, and said, "See?" Realizing something else, she said, "Inuyasha, there's one more problem." "What now?" he asked." "We're gonna have to have two weddings." Inuyasha looked ready to scream. "No way." he said sternly. "You're lucky you can get me to look that stupid once. Why do we need two anyway?"

Kagome god mad, and said, "Geez! Can't you just listen without getting mad? We'll need one for both your time and mine!" She crossed her arms and turned away from him, pouting.

Inuyasha just scooted closer to her and put his arm around her stomach. "Okay, Kagome." he said. "If you really think we need two, we can have two. Just promise me one thing." She looked over at him, ready for almost anything. Except for what came.

He kissed her, and afterwards, said, "Just don't make any more surprises." She smiled at him, and said, "Maybe." He smiled back, muttering, "Good enough."

"But back to what I was talking about earlier." Kagome said. Inuyasha just looked at her, and said, "What will I change my last name to?" Inuyasha thought for another moment, his grip on Kagome tightening slightly. His face lit up, and he said, "How about I take on your last name?"

Kagome gasped, and said, "Really?" Inuyasha said, "Well yeah. What's the big deal? We need to have the same last name, right?" She smiled and leaned into his chest. They sat like that, until her radio caught their attention by ending the song that had been playing.

The D.J. said, "This next song comes to us all the way from America. Here's Psychostick, with their hit, This Is Not A Song, It's A Sandwich."

The song started, and Kagome thought, What a weird song. I guess it's okay, but why do they have to play it so much? Inuyasha, however, was intrigued.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, this is a song.

Well I guess I just have to show ya, exactly where you are wrong!

Why aren't you hearin' the cheese? Why aren't you feelin' the ham?

If you don't listen you'll miss it, you don't understand!

"Kagome, what is this?" Inuyasha asked. "It's a radio." she answered. "I know that. But how is it playing a sandwich?" "It's a song, Inuyasha." she told him. "Listen, they've got a lot of proof."

It couldn't be a dam 'cause it doesn't have a beaver,

It's not the TMB 'cause it doesn't make you wait.

It couldn't be a taco 'cause it isn't very crunchy,

It couldn't be an Olsen 'cause it isn't Marry Kate.

It can't be dirty dancing 'cause it doesn't make you vomit,

It couldn't be an iron 'cause it doesn't burn your face.

It couldn't be Bruce Campbell 'cause it isn't freakin' awesome,

It couldn't be a keyboard 'cause it doesn't have a space, bar!

"Kagome, what's a Bruce Campbell?" Inuyasha asked. Kagome laughed, saying, "He's an actor from America that played in a few cheesy movies. His best ones are the Evil Dead movies." "What's Evil Dead?" he asked. "An old, zombie-type movie that takes place in the woods." she answered. "Oh."

This is a song. NO IT'S A SANDWICH!

Uh, but it's a song. NO IT'S A SANDWICH!

Kagome turned her radio off, and Inuyasha walked over to her desk, remembering when Kagome would usually be sitting there, doing her thing she called 'homework.' He sat in the chair, and looked over at her as she stood up.

"Inuyasha, look away for a minute." she said, stretching. He just stared at her, and she changed into the things she always calls 'pajamas'.

She laid down in her bed, and said, "It's getting a little late. I'm going to sleep, okay?" Inuyasha just smiled and said, "Okay. Good night." Kagome, already half asleep, mumbled, "Good night." then something else he couldn't understand. He knew what she'd said, though, and said, "Love you too."

Later that night, while Inuyasha was looking through one of Kagome's things she called her 'yearbooks,' he heard her tremble. He looked over to her, and saw that she'd almost completely kicked her blanket off in her sleep. She continued to shake, so Inuyasha grabbed the edge of the blanket and covered her up with it.

Before he'd let go, Kagome grabbed his wrist. Her eyes barely open, she pulled him into her bed. He laid down with her, wrapped his arm around her waist, and was asleep in minutes.

A few days later, they got married in Kagome's time. Inuyasha had whined about wearing the suit for some time afterwards, until they went through the well and got married in his time. Kagome complained afterwards about how almost pointless it seemed, with no rings, flowers, suits, dresses, and such. But they were both happy they could finally be together as a married couple.

A little less than a year later, Kagome and Sango gave birth on the same day. Kagome and Inuyasha had a boy that looked almost exactly like Inuyasha, except with Kagome's eyes. Miroku and Sango had twins, a boy and a girl, each looking a lot like their corresponding gender parent.

Surprisingly enough, Inuyasha had been the most excited about being a parent, and he didn't hide it. Shippo was almost as excited as Inuyasha, always getting worked up about how fun they'll be to play with. Miroku told them that he wanted many more kids, while Inuyasha said he wanted maybe one or two more. Kagome and Sango both said they didn't want any more. "Why would we want to go through that kind of pain again?" Kagome had asked Sango. "Beats me." Sango said.

Inuyasha, holding his son, asked, "Hey, Kagome, have you thought of a name yet?" Kagome, embarrassed, said, "Well, no. Sorry…" Inuyasha beamed, and said, "Well, I've got one." Kagome smiled and told him, "Okay, you name him then." Inuyasha looked down at his son and said, "What would you think if I named you Inukashi?"

Kagome smiled, thinking, I like that name. It fits him well. Inukashi smiled and grabbed his father's nose. Inuyasha laughed, and Sango said, "You didn't already have a name thought up?" Inuyasha and Kagome both shook their heads, and Sango snickered a little. "Sorry." she said. "I didn't mean to be rude, it just seems like something the two of you would do."

"Okay then, now that we're talking about it, what are the twins' names?" Kagome asked. Sango looked over at her, but Miroku quickly cut in, saying, "Mantosu and Sirka." He smiled over to Sango, who returned it with one of her own. Kagome and Inuyasha did the same thing, and they all thought about what the future holds for them.

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