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Alternative – Boo surprises Chibs

"I'm free!" Chibs yelled as he barreled down the corridor in his wheelchair.

He skidded to a halt in front of Bobby, Jax and Half-Sack before leaping out of the chair jubilantly and embracing his brothers.

They didn't have his cut, but Chibs didn't mind; he'd put it on at the clubhouse in front of everyone.

He was just glad to finally be leaving hospital – albeit a little noisily.

The Scotsmen couldn't help but gasp in shock, beam in happiness, when he spotted Boo standing in front of the hospital holding his cut.

He broke away from his brothers at once and ran to her.

Boo shrieked and giggled as he hoisted her up off her feet and kissed her deeply.

"Hey you." She grinned as he put her back on her feet, her fingers tracing the scars on his cheeks.

"Hey." Chibs said, rubbing his nose against hers. "You're meant to be in New York." He pointed out, before kissing her again.

"I wanted to surprise you." Boo explained. "I can do signings any time."

"I love you!" Chibs grinned, kissing Boo again.

"I love you too!" Boo replied, holding up Chibs' cut so that he could slip it on. "That's better; you're you again." She said once he had it on.

"Aye; I'm all better, I've got my cut, I've got my brothers and I've got my woman." Chibs nodded. "Life can't get much better."

At that Boo smiled, took Chibs hands in hers, entwined their fingers.

"It can." Boo said.

"What do yeh mean?" Chibs asked, scowling in confusion, heart pounding in anticipation.

"I mean; I'm still pregnant." Boo whispered, grinning broadly, eyes glittering.


Boo giggled, as it was not just Chibs that spoke up, but Bobby, Jax and Half-Sack too – Boo hadn't told anyone about her pregnancy, not even Tig; she wanted Chibs to be the first to know.

"In New York I was feeling really rough so I went to see a doctor." Boo explained. "And basically I was carrying twins before, but I only miscarried one as a result of the explosion… "

Tears filled her eyes then, her smile got wider. She pressed Chibs hand against her flat belly and looked deep into his eyes.

"The other is still in there. Healthy, doing really well." She whispered. "I'm 8 weeks along now and I'm due August 25th."

Chibs had tears in his eyes too by then, his smile matched Boo's.

"You mean…" he began, pausing to choke back tears of joy. "My baby is in there? Our baby?" he asked, rubbing Boo's belly a little.

"Yeah, our baby is in there." Boo nodded, tears now flowing free. "Check your cut pocket."

Chibs did. He found an ultrasound scan, dated two days previously, the name 'Mrs. Telford' scrawled in the corner.

It was their baby…

Chibs gasped and tried to speak but was unable to. He was just too ecstatic, too amazing.

His girl was pregnant; they were doing to be parents!

So instead, Chibs hoisted Boo up into the air for a second time, kissed her with as much passion as he could muster as he twirled her round and round.

All the while Jax, Bobby and Half-Sack clapped and cheered.

Boo giggled as Chibs put her down, even more so when Chibs pushed up her shirt and pressed a whiskery kiss to her tummy.

He was so happy, the others waited until the couple had announced their news to the entire clubhouse before they told him about Jax going Nomad, Caracara and all else that was wrong in the SAMCRO world.

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