There will be times on this journey
All you'll see is darkness
Out there somewhere daylight finds you
If you keep believing
-Look Through My Eyes by Phil Collins

"It has been awhile." Clint sighed in content as he leaned casually back on the chair. "I've missed being on missions."

"Clearly, it has been too long. How did you get me into this again? We're stuck to freaking chairs, Clint. Don't you begin reminiscing on me now. I'm going to murder you myself if you ramble on about how good it is to be back. You've already done it incessantly since returning!" Natasha exclaimed as she rocked her chair back and forth.

"Oi! Stop that!" Clint shook with Natasha as their chairs were tied together, and it made his head whirl. "You're going to make us-" The chairs fell over to the ground, and Clint swore he could hear a bone crack. He hoped it wasn't one of his. "That was not a good idea."

"I'm the only one here actually trying to escape, so bear with me." Natasha growled from her spot on the ground. She shook her head and reached her fingers back to the rope restraints around her wrists. The small sharpened plates on her nails began the slow process of slicing through the frayed ropes.

Clint sighed from his spot on the ground and said, "Listen, if you wanted to escape, you could have just asked. Couldn't you just take a bit of time to smell the roses?" He reached his fingers up and swatted away Natasha's nails. He then grabbed two sections of the rope and held one parallel before yanking the other strip upwards, a hard feat to do all things considered. The knot slid undone, and Clint pulled his hands out. He rubbed his wrists innocently while looking at Natasha's dumbstruck look. "What?"

"You could have done that the whole freaking time?" She asked with a stunned look on her face. She couldn't believe that they had been sitting there for nearly thirty minutes, and he could have escaped at any time.

"Of course I could have! Just because it was a constrictor knot doesn't mean that it's impossible to undo it. I grew up in the circus, Nat. It was practically my job to undo knots to pack up and ship out. That was nothing compared to what some of the old guys used to do." Clint smiled cheekily and stretched himself out. "Now let's get out of here. We've waited long enough to be fashionably late."

Natasha rubbed her forehead as she got up from the ground. She walked up to Clint and smacked him upside the head before walking to the door. She ignored Clint's indignant squawks as she examined the lock. It was a classic keyhole lock, easy peasy. She took a bobby-pin out from her wrist band, because every female agent knows to keep one around, and stuck it inside the lock before clicking the door open. She looked back at Clint who was peering over her shoulder inquisitively.

She ducked out of his way and slowly twisted open the door. She peeked her head through the door. She signaled the all clear and snuck her way outside. Clint sneaked out after her and shut the door quietly behind him. "Let's get outta here!" He whispered to her as he quick-walked through the halls. Natasha hurried after him before running into him when he suddenly stopped in front of an open doorway.

"The heck, Clint?" She mumbled as she pulled away and looked to the side. Clint's signature bow was dangling from the wall with his quiver beside it. She looked at Clint then back to the bow and said, "Oh heck no. We aren't. You can't be serious?"

Clint smiled in response and crept open to the door and slipped in. Natasha just about screamed as she saw him dash across the armory to grab his weapon off the wall. She opened the door to join him when red lights began flashing. "Clinton Barton!" She yelled in aggravation as she hurried inside and slammed the door shut behind her. She locked the door behind her and rushed over to his side where she pulled two semi-automatics off the wall.

She glared over at Clint who seemed to be satisfied with his handiwork and said, "If they don't kill you, I swear I will kill you myself."

"Of course, Nat. Of course," said Clint amicably, stringing and arrow into his bow. Natasha sighed and cocked her guns.

"You're doing this just to annoy me, aren't you?"

"That's just an added bonus, but it's a great bonus indeed." Clint winked before turning his gaze back towards the door. The sound of pounding against metal was heard and they knew their opponents were coming. The door burst open and men glad in forest green suits began pouring into the small room. Arrows were sent flying before digging deep into their targets. Clint grinned with grim satisfaction. He'd gotten back into his groove again, and he was hitting the dead center once again.

Energy raced through him and everything just felt so right. It felt amazing being back in the fray. Natasha may hate him for it, but he couldn't help grinning like a fool when he fought. It felt so perfect now. Natasha snapped out a fist to catch one of the guards in the head before whirling around and kicking another in the stomach, sending him flying. She twirled a semi in her hand before firing it at another troop that was making his way through the door, effectively blocking off the entrance.

Soon, they had defeated all the enemies in the room and all the new ones were being taken out as they entered. When the last one was gone, Natasha sank down to the ground. "Clint, you're an idiot sometimes."

"That's what I keep hearing," said Clint as he walked over to where Natasha was. He messed up her red hair and spilled his bow back on his back. "Now how about we head on back, eh? I'm sure Fury is throwing a fit right now. Though it's great fun watching Tony suffer under the man, I think Tony will kill us if we take forever."

She looked at him for a moment before smiling. For a while after they had retrieved him, she had worried that nothing would ever go back to normal again. That he would be ever stuck in that funk of his, but now she could see the real Clint again. He was the guy that annoyed the hell out of her twice every ten minutes. He was the guy that was endearingly annoying.

"Mmhmm." Natasha got up from the ground and slipped the guns into her holsters. She moved to exit the room but Clint grabbed her around the wrist and pulled her back. "What do you think you're doi-"

Clint captured her lips in a quick kiss before pulling back and smirking. "So, I heard that you were going to kill me."

Natasha rolled her eyes and leaned her head against his chest. "There's been a change in plans." A smile crept across her face before she said, "Don't you think this could have waited until we at least got out of the room though? Standing in here is hardly romantic you know."

Clint started and looked around before sheepishly saying, "Oops? Well, you know timing has never really been my thing. It's the thought that counts!" He rubbed the back of his head before gingerly making his way outside the room.

She watched him exit the room with a glaze in her eyes. Just one moment, that was all it took. Just a single moment, and she was happy. She was with Clint now, and no one would take him away. Not Fury, not Loki, not anyone. She would always be right there by his side. Because she was the Black Widow, and the Black Widow always finished what she started.

"You coming?" Clint poked his head back inside the room and blinked. Natasha smirked back and waved a hand in the air.

"I'm just taking my time to smell the roses. You're the one who suggested I do so after all. Look who's the one in a hurry now." Natasha slowly made her way over to the doorway and out past Clint who stood there open mouthed.

"That was a low blow, using my words against me. You gotta get used to losing more, Nat. You have way too many snappy comebacks." Clint sauntered alongside her with his hands behind his head.

"Mmhmm. Whatever you say, Clint." Natasha smiled and flipped her hair over her shoulder. Yes, this was where she was supposed to be. It had taken a heck of a lot to get here, but that made it all the sweeter. It was finally over.

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