Ulquiorra preferred to keep to himself; this was true. However, it might've been due to the fact the apathetic man never gave much thought to letting others in. Not that he even bothered to think of the other Espadas unless necessary; but one in particular just simply couldn't let him be.

It was nearing mid-afternoon; the fake sun nearing the western part of the imitation sky over Las Noches, and Ulquiorra was having his daily cup of green tea in the small garden closest to his quarters. That's when a certain pink-haired beauty queen walked in.

"Ah, Ulquiorra-san, I thought I might find you here," the Octava Espada, Szayel Aporro Grantz, said as he made his way over to the small table the Cuarta Espada was seated at.

Ulquiorra didn't look in the man's direction as he gingerly took a sip of tea before replying, "What business do you have with me, Szayel?"

Szayel chuckled amused at the slight annoyed tone in the pale man's voice before him, "Well, I just thought I'd discuss something with you, is all."

The thought that Szayel wanted to discuss anything with Ulquiorra in the first place didn't really interest the higher ranked Espada; although he didn't understand why Szayel would bother in the first place.

Since the Octava Espada did not receive an answer -in acceptance, or rejection- he elaborated, "I meant about Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez." Ulquiorra furrowed his brows, lowering his plain white tea cup, "Whatever could we have to discuss about that idiot?"

Szayel laughed lightly at that; highly amused, and replied, pushing pink strands of hair out of his eyes, "You know, I have a theory about that man." Ulquiorra simply blinked before picking up his cup of tea, "You decided to share this with me why?"

The scientist waved his right hand in dismissal, "I'm getting there, I'm getting there. Anyway, I'm sure you're aware of… Grimmjow's… extreme distaste of you." Ulquiorra raised one slender eyebrow at the man's choice of words, "Hm. Well, I wouldn't have if not for the fact he makes sure that I am aware of it. I don't understand why trash like him wastes his time with something as pointless as hating me. He should be putting that raw energy to use elsewhere."

Szayel nodded in agreement, "While I think you are indeed correct, Ulquiorra-san, there's a reason he does hate you." Ulquiorra took a sip of his tea; not particularly interested in what pointless reason Grimmjow could have.

"Not that it matters, but I'm sure it's not a reason at all." The green-eyed Arrancar finally answered; pouring himself some more tea.

"Oh, no true, Ulquiorra-san! You must know how prideful Grimmjow is!" Szayel stated, looking away from the man across from him to look at the artifical pond in the garden, "Same as you must know about your 'holier than thou' attitude."

Ulquiorra frowned slightly, "'Holier than thou' attitude?" Szayel wondered for a second if he should have refrained from saying so, but then shrugged and said, "Yeah. Grimmjow always talks about how better you think you are than everyone else."

Ulquiorra paused, blinking. "Well, it's hard not to when everyone else makes it so easy." He finally answered; no trace of sarcasm evident in his voice.

Szayel frowned, "Oh come now, Ulquiorra-san. Just cause you can't feel anything doesn't mean you're automatically better than the rest of us. In fact, I believe you only show true respect to Aizen-sama, Gin-sama and Kaname-sama. Not even the upper Espada seem to be worth your time."

Ulquiorra sighed, closing his eyes, "Are you going somewhere with this, Szayel?" The pink-haired man cleared his throat and nodded, "Yes, I am, actually; you see, the reason Grimmjow can't stand you -I believe- is because you think you're better than everyone else." He paused, sitting back in his chair, "But he talks about you enough to wear I believe he just is jealous and has a thing for you."

The Cuarta Espada set his tea cup down carefully as he studied Szayel's face; he was confused by something. "What do you mean, he has a 'thing' for me? What is that?" Szayel face-palmed; remembering that not only is Ulquiorra cold, but ignorant in that area as well.

"Ah, I… well, what I mean is, Grimmjow just secretly likes you, you know? Wants to get in your pants." Szayel elaborated; hoping the man before him would understand.

Ulquiorra was truly confused now, but it didn't show on his face as he replied, "Likes me?" He furrowed his brow, "And what reason would he have to get in my pants? I don't believe I have anything in them that he'd desire." Szayel smacked his forehead.

The scientist let out a deep breath and tried to continue, placing his elbows on the table as his chin rested on his interlinked hands, "Ulqiorra-san. When I say that he likes you, it means the opposite of hate. See, hate means, he wants to stay away from you; he wants nothing to do with you; because he's jealous and is secretly attracted to you. However, like itself means that he wants to be around you, and wants everything to do with you. Understand?"

Ulquiorra glanced down at his half empty glass of tea, "Explain the second part." Szayel, nodded; wondering if he was actually getting somewhere with the raven, and answered, "Um, 'get in your pants' is just a saying. When someone says that, it means they want to fuck you." Szayel shouldn't have been surprised when Ulquiorra simply blinked at him.

"I… you don't know what that means either, do you?" He asked softly. Ulquiorra paused, sipping his tea, "I can't say that I do. The case being it's probably not important if I don't know what it is."

Szayel blinked, truly surprised, "You know, there is a lot I don't know about you, Ulquiorra-san." Ulquiorra nodded his head, crossing his legs, "If it was necessary, you would."

Szayel's left eye twitched as he mumbled, "I'll just leave this shit up to Grimmjow…"

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