I just re-watched some episodes of Rurouni Kenshin- I watched them about 1 ½ years ago, before I started reading fan fics, and this time I did notice all the "de gozaru yo's, ka's, sessha's, and the 'ore'" and can I get a "hell yeah" for how awesome Kenshin is? Especially in that scene when he fights Saitoh in the dojo? =) yeah buddy, that's what I'm talking about. And I realized, Saitoh is a lot more attractive than I thought him to be. And I was re-reminded on how much I dislike Yahiko. Or not dislike but… enh. They're all too idealistic, and that's why they get hurt. And I don't think Kaoru is weak, not at all. I mean, of course she isn't as strong physically as Kenshin and Sano, first of all, those two are freaks. Next of all, girl, guy, girl, guy… they are just structurally different, and that's all there is to it. And as to like emotionally, like during the fight Kaoru is generally incapacitated, and (I didn't watch it but…) after Kenshin leaves… I think she just feels too much. I can slightly relate, I guess… but… Kaoru just dwells on it. Which in a way is more healthy… And it is so blatently obvious that Kenshin and Kaoru love each other =) and they tried way too hard to make it a "non-girly anime" which just ended up frustrating too many people. Hehe, enough rambling, unto a fic!


Chapter One: A date


            Kenshin blinked and looked up from the tub of laundry he had been washing. Kaoru stood poised above him, ready to snap her fingers again.


            Oh yes- Kaoru. That's why he had been distracted. Too bad he didn't notice the real thing had been right in front of him.

            "Kenshin, are you ok?"

            "Hai Kaoru dono, I'm fine. Why do you ask?"

            She sighed impatiently. "Kenshin, I've been trying to get your attention for the past five minutes!" She put a hand to her mouth and giggled. "Who would have thought that the feared and mighty Battousai would let a little girl sneak up on him."

            He mentally cringed You have no idea, Kaoru dono, and it'd be a lot easier if you were a little girl...

            "Ah, gomen Kaoru, I was just thinking."

            She frowned. "Kenshin, I hope you weren't thinking about the past… there's no point. And when you do it, you just focus on the pain and hurt. There's nothing that can be compared to the future. Things have changed." A wicked smile passed over her freatures. "Did Battousai ever think he would be washing laundry after the Bakumatsu?"


            Kaoru giggled. "Kenshin, you are absolutely adorable." She tweaked his nose. "Anyway, I'm going out now! Ja!"

            Kenshin smiled his signature goofy rurouni smile, and watched Kaoru gracefully walk out of the dojo. Then, he felt a mental rap on his head.

            [Hey I'm not done with you yet, you know?]

            Sessha has no idea what you are talking about, de gozaru.    

            [Sure you do- we were talking about Kaoru! You know, that really attractive girl that was just flirting with you?]

            Sessha doesn't think so. At least, sessha hopes not. He does not like Kaoru-dono, de gozaru. In fact, Sessha thinks it is time you got over your infatuation of the, quote, "little girl." Sessha is very sick of doing laundry and cooking all the time, de gozaru. It is even worse than with Shishou. He at least would get drunk and pass out for long periods of time. Here, it is constant work.

            [Oh come on rurouni! Don't tell me you don't like Kaoru at all! I mean, just look at her! Humina humina humina… And remember those times we walked in on her while she was bathing…] Battousai trailed off and began drooling with a dazed look in his eyes.

            The rurouni impatiently put his hands on his hips and said, Sessha does not think that is very proper, de gozaru. Get your mind out of the gutter, de gozaru. Kaoru dono is too young. Sessha likes more mature women. And women that are less controlling and violent. He winced and put a hand to his head gingerly, remembering all the times Kaoru had hit him.

            [Oh pipe down, Rurouni.] Snapped Battousai irritably. [If you're not going to be any fun at all, you'd better just finish the laundry.]

            Sessha hates doing laundry, de gozaru. It makes my hands dry.

            [Ooh, it makes my hands dry.] Mocked Battousai in a high pitched voice. [Dry up, pansy. You're wearing a pink gi. If I still had control of this body, we'd never be walking around looking like a flamer!]

            The Rurouni frowned. Sessha thinks it is time you went away, de gozaru. My gi is magenta, and if you haven't got anything nicer to say, you had better just lie low. Why did you choose now to come back? I thought you'd gone away sometime during my ten year wandering period.

            [Why should I listen to you?]

            Because Kaoru dono is in love with me, and she's scared of you.

            [Oh.] Battousai went to the corner and began to sulk.

            Kenshin groaned at the enchange that just happened  in his head. I am so glad they haven't tried to involved me in that discussion, de gozaru. He then chuckled. Who would have thought that Battousai would fall hard for a nice girl and Rurouni would be fighting against it. Those two baka's. He snorted this time And who would have thought Battousai would enjoy doing laundry for a little whisp of a girl… As he continued pondering…

            "Oi Kenshin! What's so funny over there? You looking at Jochan's underwear?"

            "Oro?!" Kenshin fell back swirly eyed, the garment he had been washing falling on top of his face. Sanosuke sauntered by and looked. "Heh! Whattdya know? I was right! Kenshin, is there something going on between you and Jochan the rest of us ought to know?"

            [Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!] Chanted Battousai jumping about eagerly, jolted out of his depression with that happy thought.

            No way de gozaru!


            "Che, Kenshin… you're so out of it. Hey- where's Yahiko chan?"

            Yahiko, who had been practicing in the training hall lauched himself out into the yard and promptly began gnawing on Sano's head.

            "Don't call me chan!"

            They began to fight, running abou the yard and causing random destruction. Then, the two then tumbled around the yard creating a cloud of dust and then the rolled out the door and into the street.

            Kenshin suddenly whipped his head up and put his hand to his nose to wipe away the trickle of blood. Kaoru had come home, looking georgeous in a completely new kimono… one like she had never worn before… In fact… he wasn't even sure it was a kimono… but… he liked it. A lot. Maybe too much.

            Kaoru grinned as she walked into the dojo, glancing down the street at the dust cloud of Sano and Yahiko. She tried to sneak into the dojo unnoticed, but then she saw Kenshin was still doing the laundry. She had thought he would have been done, since normally Kenshin absolutely flew through the chores… He didn't seem to notice her however, but at a second glance, Kaoru saw some amber flashes in his eyes, so concerned, she went to him. She cautiously approached Kenshin, and knelt next to him, carefully arranging her skirt.

            "Kenshin, daijobu?"

            The trickle of blood from Battousai's nose became a full fledged downpour. The sleeve of his gi was quickly being soaked with blood. He then promptly passed out. Kenshin glanced at Kaoru and he also felt a sudden heat and strange urge wash over him. Even the rurouni felt an unusual twinge.

            "K-K-Kaoru d-d-d-dono…"

            "Kenshin?" She asked concered, putting a slim hand to his forehead, "Are you ok? You feel a little hot…"

            At this, the Battousai's prone form twitched, and even the rurouni blushed. Kaoru then noticed that Kenshin was staring at her, well, no, a certain part of her… She giggled.

            "Ah, Kenshin, I know it's a little racy, but I… met someone… and… he's taking me out to dinner and it's a Western party, with dancing, so Tae-san and Megumi-san helped me choose this dress. I know it's not like the things I normally wear, and I'm not exatly used to the neckline or bare arms, but… it's only for a few hours. I think."    

            As soon as Kaoru mentioned her bare arms, which Kenshin hadn't even noticed before, the Battousai leaped up. Eyes blazing with passion.        

            [You baka! You're so slow my Kaoru has a date! A date! With some filthy bastard who's going to go dancing with her! He's going to touch our Kaoru! Now get off your lazy @$$ and let's go find this guy and eat him for breakfast!] At this point, his voice had reached a shriek. He again glanced at Kaoru. [But first… let's eat Kaoru…]

            The Rurouni winced. Hentai. Sessha will admit that Kaoru dono is not as much of a little girl as sessha thought her to be, but sessha doesn't like Kaoru. Even though she has a very nice physique…

            A very nice physique…

            Kenshin was so preoccupied he hadn't said his last words out loud…

            "Who has a nice physique, Kenshin?" She asked teasingly.

            "You do!" He answered unthinkingly.

            [Smooth] Battousai said enviously. Oh no, do gozaru… But, to the rurouni's relief, and the battousai's consternation…

            "Oh Kenshin, you're so sweet. I know you don't want me to get hurt, and you don't want anyone to break my heart…" {but you already have} her eyes darkened slightly. "but Rui san is a very sweet boy and… he's been very persistent and clear about his feelings for at least two years so…"         

            [Nani!?! There have been men out there chasing my Kaoru for two years?!! You idiot! You are a fairy! Those guys don't even consider you a threat!! And where have you been? Man—you should let me out more! I'll bet Kaoru could beat you in a fight!]

            Sessha does not consider himself to be a threat, do gozaru. And sessha has managed to hold his old against Shinomori Aoshi, Saitoh Hajime, and Yukishiro Enishi. That is not "no skills" de gozaru yo. He said a bit primly.

            Kaoru, meanwhile, had been watching the sporratic color change of Kenshin's eyes with some interest. They would change from amber to lavender with flashes of vivid purple every so often. Suddenly, his eyes became purple. Kenshin, bored with Rurouni and Battousai, and a bit worried that Kaoru might think him to be brain damaged, said,

            "Ah, so does this mean Kaoru dono will not be eating dinner with us tonight?"

            "Yes, Kenshin, Kaoru dono will be eating dinner with Rui." She giggled and walked away.


            Sessha thinks you should snap out of it, de gozaru. Especially since it seems that Kaoru dono thinks very highly of this Rui san, and he is very wealthy. Kaoru dono would do well to make a match with him. If he is able to take her out dancing, and to Western dinners and balls, he must also be powerful politically. If you love Kaoru, you should let her be with him.

            [You're such a pansy, Rurouni. I know what you felt when we saw Kaoru's new décolletage, you were just as interested as I was.]     

            Well, no matter what, Sessha is still a man.

            [I thought you felt that Kaoru was still a little girl. Who's the hentai now?]

            Excuse me, shessha needs to finish the laundry.

            Battousai smirked. [That's one point for me. Now, I think we should get her flowers.]

            Kenshin groaned as the two personalities in his head began to argue again.