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He loves her, He loves her not

A Story by infinite nemo

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Last time…

            Answer them, 'I don't like anyone, I love Kaoru.

            [Is there any way to cure immaturity, de gozaru ka?]

            How did this topic ever even come up?

            Luckily for Kenshin, the captain's voice rang out. "Lights out- first watch report!"

            Oh thank goodness… Once the ship's crew dimmed or blew out most of the lamps hanging about in various places, most of the crew would go to sleep, and nobody was to say a word since they had been told that noise carried over water more easily than on land, and they did not want to draw any attention to themselves if at all possible.

            Do you love Kaoru?" Battousai asked Kenshin.

            Well yes, of course, how could I not?

            Good. Battousai seemed satisfied. Then, surprising all of them, and possibly even himself, he turned to the rurouni and spoke.

            You know, I think you love her too.

Chapter Eleven: Moving Along…

            [I don't know what you're taking about. You're completely delusional, de gozaru yo!]

            You were as disappointed as I was today when Kaoru didn't appear that morning. Why else weren't you as vocal as you normally are?

            [You're sadly mistaken, and I'm going to bed.] With that, the rurouni left.

            Was that a bit too much? You don't want to push him too hard, de gozaru.

            Nah, I think he does love Kaoru- don't you? You saw how huffy he got just now.

            It… can seem so… I'd like to think that, but I'm not sure.

            He does. Battousai said confidently. And it would be a lot easier to win over Kaoru's affections if we're all working together!"

            True, Yahiko and Sano have been giving us more than our usual quota of strange looks recently.

            Kenshin fell asleep easily, knowing he had the third watch that night, and he dreamt of all the ways to profess his love to Kaoru… once things worked out- including that minor problem with the rurouni- and of course being back on land and at the dojo.

            Kaoru woke up and stretched. After blinking the haze of sleep from her eyes, she glanced at the calendar, and the first thought she had was that it had been a month. One whole month since Megumi had come to stay with her… a month since Yahiko, Sano and… Kenshin had left… she still thought about them periodically throughout her days, wondering where they were, what they were doing, and if they were all well… and she was thankful that this time they had left, she had still been able to fully function. Of course, having other friends around and knowing those who left meant to return helped a lot. Kaoru chuckled softly. Besides, now that she had some more time to herself, she had been able to tie up some loose ends, develop more in her training, and learn about some of the components that made up Takani Megumi. 

            Also, she was seeing Rui periodically. Sometimes when the three of them, she, Rui, and Megumi were together, Kaoru wondered whether he liked Megumi more than he did her, but the fact that he often brought a male friend along when he knew Megumi would be around rather easily calmed her fear, if fears they were.

            Kaoru had to go to other dojo's and teach classes today, and Megumi had said she might end up staying at the clinic overnight. Rui had mentioned seeing her later in the afternoon or evening, and overall, Kaoru was looking forward to a rather pleasant day.

            While Kaoru felt peaceful, Kenshin most certainly did not. Life on the ship was not difficult- rather, it was easier than at home. He didn't need to cook, nor did he have to wash clothes, and only rarely when he asked did the crew tell him to help clean. Each man had their job, and they were loathe to share it, lest they be deemed expendable.

            However, Kenshin had become accustomed to chores, and he felt idle. Not only that, but having no duties other than protecting the cargo, he found himself becoming very tense, and overly focused, coming up with hundreds of possibilities of attacks to come. While this job wasn't nearly as dangerous as his former career as a hitokiri, there was a difference—in that he strongly desired returning from this trip very much alive to Kaoru-dono.

            Kenshin sighed and resumed pacing. So caught up in his thoughts was he that the rather large and lanky foot that was stuck out in his path was never even noticed.


            Can't you pay attention? Battousai grumbled.

            [Well, I've got a lot on my mind.]

            I'm surprised you even have a mind, sometimes.

            [At least I'm not a hentai with a one-trac-]       

            Why don't we all calm down and pick ourselves up?

            Both other characters agreed reluctantly. Kenshin turned to Sanosuke.

            "Was that really necessary, de gozaru?"

            "Yes. You're making me nervous with your pacing. You know, only you would want more work." Sano said in disgust. "I can't believe you got thrown out of the scullery for trying to wash dishes."

            Kenshin merely ignored his friend, brushed himself off and resumed his pacing.

            Surprisingly enough, on the social hierarchy of the ship, the so called "muscle" was at the top- and even Yahiko had gained some respect when he had bested a few of the men at sparring. As he had finished, his face had been glowing with pride, and he had unconsciously started walking as if with a destination in mind before stopping short. His expression had fallen for a heartbeat, and then he lifted his head, determination showing in his eyes.

            "I'm gonna train every day now, and then busu will be proud of me, and teach me even more." Kenshin and Sano had both been surprised at Yahiko's reaction, but Yahiko was not finished. "I'll show her- if I defeat all these guys, I'll bet I can defeat busu too!"

            Kenshin exchanged a look with Sano, and both men had grinned, before Sano cuffed the boy on the shoulder good naturedly, causing him to stumble. Although they said nothing to the Yahiko, both men had been proud of him. However, Kenshin didn't understand the implications of Yahiko's words until a while later, when he heard an unusual sound at night. He went to investigate, and found the boy curled up against a cabin, sniffling.

            Kenshin glanced around and saw Sano carefully pacing the deck some distance away, keeping an eye out for anything suspicious. Assured that everything was under control, the older man knelt down next to the boy.

            "What's wrong, Yahiko?" He asked gently.

            "I-" Yahiko sniffled, quickly scrubbing his eyes to rid them of tears. "I-I…" He took a deep breath, and said in a stronger yet rushed voice, "ImissKaoru."

            He must really miss her if he's saying her actual name…

            I miss her too, Battousai agreed glumly. Kaoru koishii…

            [Stop being such a sissy, de gozaru.]

            You. Battousai said darkly, Have got no room to talk, Mr. pink gi.

            [You know 80's hair, that's starting to get really old.]

            "Yahiko, you'll see her in less than two months… really it is only about a month away." Kenshin said gently.

            "I know." Yahiko said gloomily, "and I've been ok for the first two months, but… but what if things are different when we get home?"

            "Oro. Different?"

            What the de gozaru is he talking about?

            "Yeah." He said sullenly. "Like, you know, with… with that Rui guy." Yahiko spat out.

            Oro. Oh no.


            [That guy better not be there!]

            Both other personalities stared at the rurouni in curiosity.           

            [Er, because he might take over my duties.]      


            After Battousai picked himself off the floor from laughing, he said bluntly, You're lying. Now tell us- why did you react that way?

            [W-what way, de gozaru ka?] Rurouni said, with the best blank rurouni face he had ever put on.

            Yes… tell us…

            [I… that is… er… sessha… sessha…]

            You love her, don't you?

            [Who degozaru ka?]    

            Stop acting so innocent. You forget we're all still part of the same man, do gozaru. You love Kaoru-dono.

            "Uh… Kenshin?"

            "Oro, yes Yahiko?" Apparently the boy had been trying to get his attention for a while because he was giving Kenshin a very strange look.

            "Are you ok?"

            Shouldn't I be the one asking you that?

            "Er, yes Yahiko, sessha is fine. Are you ok?"

            "More fine than you." Yahiko said under his breath.

            "Oro!" Kenshin opened his mouth to say more, but suddenly Sano's voice rang out.

            "All hands on deck!" Kenshin stood up and the two men looked at each other- their eyes meeting in the dark. Kenshin tightened his hold on his sakabatou.

            "Yahiko," he said tersely, "I have faith in you. I, however, want to ensure your safety. If at any time the fighting gets too dang-er, intense, I want you to call me, because not only will I never forgive myself, but more importantly, Kaoru never will either." In the heat of the moment, Kenshin didn't even realize that slip and the implication of his words.

            Yahiko looked slightly surprised at the gravity of Kenshin's voice- and what he had said, but wisely said nothing about them "Yes, I promise." Was all he said, a bit too disturbed to sass Kenshin or act cocky.

            Kenshin had little more time than to pat the boy on the back, before whirling around to meet his first opponent.


            Kaoru maneuvered around Rui, then tried to sweep his feet from under him. She mostly succeeded, but he got a hold of her, and they fell down in a tumble of limbs. Kaoru fell awkwardly, and cried out in surprise and some pain. She cradled her wrist, and found herself firmly settled on Rui's lap. His strong hands took hold of each of her own.

            "I'm so sorry Kaoru-chan. Let me see it." He paused. "Do you mind?"

            She shook her head mutely. He stroked the skin of her arm gently, then pressed around the bruise that had already formed. "Was that from just now?" He asked.

            "N-no, that was from training at another dojo a few days ago."

            "Was it one of my students?" He asked a dark note in his voice.

            Kaoru shook her head, watching the play of emotions on his face in fascination.

            "Good." He brushed a light kiss against her wrist. "Because I do hate punishing them."

            Kaoru jumped slightly unused to the attentions being given to such sensitive skin, much less such attentions in general. Rui, however, didn't notice. "Did I hurt you?" He didn't wait for an answer. "It's not sprained, but you fell on it pretty heavily. You should probably wrap or ice it. If you wish, you could go see your friend Megumi-san." But his actions belied his words, and he unobtrusively settled an arm loosely about her waist. Kaoru noticed, however, and moved to stand. Somehow, Rui was already up and giving her a hand.

            "Why don't we get your wrist wrapped up? Just in case?" He suggested easily.


            As they walked out of the dojo together, Rui put an arm about Kaoru.

            "Mou, Rui-kun, I'm not that injured. And it's my wrist, not my ankle."  

            "Indulge me." He said with a smile, and then added, "And it's just an excuse to help you." He dropped a quick kiss on her lips, and kept walking with a completely stunned Kaoru at his side. When she recovered, she turned beet red, annoyed at herself and her embarrassment.

            "What are you doing? What if somebody had seen?"

            "They didn't, and it would have been ok." Rui said calmly. "Look, nobody's around. You know I wouldn't do anything to endanger your reputation, Kaoru-chan. Ah, here we are."

            They looked into the courtyard to see Ayame and Suzume playing with a brightly colored ball. They took one look at Kaoru and Rui, then ran inside, their young voices rising and falling with excitement. Seconds later, Dr. Genzai came out, being dragged a granddaughter tugging at each hand.

            "What happened?" He asked, alarmed.

            "Kaoru looked at the old doctor in surprise. "Something happened? What's wrong?" She asked quickly, troubled by his tone of voice.

            "It's here too? With us?!" The doctor began to panic.

            "No, no." Rui said quickly, realizing what the doctor was thinking and attempted to prevent the situation from escalating even more than it already had in a few minutes. "Kaoru and I were training, and I got a bit over zealous and she strained her wrist."

            "Oh!" The doctor said, relieved, "You young people shouldn't worry me like that!" He scolded. "Now come with me."

            Rui and Kaoru exchanged amused glances, while Ayame and Suzume, the distress they had caused easily forgotten scampered off to play a new game, as the amusement was over. The couple followed after Dr. Genzai trying to look repentant while trying to hold their laughter in. He led them into an empty room, grabbed some ointment and bandages and shoved both into Rui's hands. He herded Kaoru to the table.

            "I'd think two seasoned swordsmen such as yourselves would know how to take care of such a happening." He said, still scolding gruffly, but Kaoru took it serenely, knowing in her heart that Dr. Genzai was gruff only because he was so grateful she was unharmed. He glanced at her wrist, then took it in his hands and tested the bones. "You'll be fine." He announced happily. "Just keep it wrapped for a few days, and no using it." He rapped Kaoru, then Rui on the head respectively. "And next time, be more careful. Just massage the ointment on," He said to Rui. "Now, I have to go. I left a patient in the middle of an examination."

            Kaoru didn't trust herself to speak, while Rui choked out a polite "Thank you."

            As soon as the door shut, they looked at each other and burst out laughing.        When her giggles finally subsided, and Rui had applied the ointment and tied the bandage tight, Kaoru admonished him merrily.

            "Look at all the trouble you caused!"

            "Well, you're the only who wanted to spar!" He protested playfully.     

            "Mou- you broke the rules! There are no holds in sparring."     

            Rui grinned. "Well, it's the only way I could figure to take you down. I know your moves too well, and that's the only opening you have." He grinned mischievously. "You didn't think I watched you train and teach just to watch you, did you?"

            Kaoru blushed and pushed his shoulder playfully, not noticing how close he had gotten.

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