"Do we have to go?" I plead. "I've seen her perform like a million times."

"Yes, Santana," Quinn rolls her eyes as she grabs her oversized white-silver handbag and slings the rolled shoulder straps over her shoulder.

"She won't even be able to see us in the audience," I say. "We could just show up right as the show finishes and meet her in the lobby. She'd never know!"

"She has a solo," Quinn says clearly irritated as she walks to the doorway.

"I watched that girl sing more than enough solos in my four years at McKinley."

"Come on," she sighs as she jiggles the door handle.

"Ugh," I grunt as I follow Quinn out of our apartment and down the steps.

"We both know you like watching Rachel perform," Quinn smirks as we step out onto Columbus Circle.

"Shut up," I mutter as we navigate our way through the busy sidewalk. The city is always really super busy the first week few weeks of summer. College students try to enjoy their last week or two in New York before going home for the summer while local high school kids take advantage of their newly found freedom. Plus the insane amount of tourists.

"Sorry!" A woman apologizes after lightly bumping into my shoulder, trying to squeeze past me.

"Oh, no problem," I say a little taken aback by her apology.

Quinn chuckles.

"Clearly not from around here," I smile. I've learned you can usually tell a New Yorker from a tourist pretty easily. A real New Yorker wouldn't apologize for barely brushing against me, and they probably wouldn't have bumped into me in the first place. New Yorkers also don't smile at strangers. They don't really smile that much at all, actually. Not on the streets, at least. It's not all New Yorkers, just a good majority. Rachel always gets a lot of strange looks because she smiles like a fool at people she passes by.

Quinn and I walk quietly to NYADA's auditorium, but the bustle and noise from the city fill in the silence. It's only about a ten minute walk but it's really humid out so it feels a little longer. I'm constantly swiping my hair off the back of my neck to allow my skin to breath.

"Thank you," I nod to the tall doorman dressed in a dark suit. After surveying him and the crowd, I quickly look down at my outfit to make sure I'm not underdressed. I'm wearing a simple sundress that falls about mid-thigh. But it's black and the straps are the width of two of my fingers, so I decide it passes for dressy enough.

"This way," Quinn tugs my arm as she leads me through a giant group of people. She lets go to hand our tickets to the usher as she shows us to our seats. The auditoriums pretty big. Fancy, too. It's a lot nicer than the one at McKinely. The usher keeps walking closer and closer to the stage until we're literally in the front row.

"Right here," the small woman smiles as she hands our tickets back to us.

"Oh my god," Quinn breaths.

"I know," I say, examining my ticket. "Good thing we showed up, she definitely would have been able to see if we weren't here."

"No," she says as she turns to lightly hit my arm. "Look!"

I crane my neck around Quinn, only to see Sam Evans and Finn Hudson with huge goofy smiles rising to meet us.

"What!" I scream. "Sam!" I push Quinn to the side and scoot past her as I run into Sam's arms.

"Wh- what are you doing here?" I squeal as we both laugh out of excitement.

"I'm here for the summer," he says as we pull away. "I got an internship. Mr. Schue actually set it up. Finn, too," he smiles, motioning to the tall boy behind him.

"Finn," I smile to him as I drag out his name.

"Santana," he mocks my tone as he opens his arms and I slide past Sam to give him a hug.

"Good to see you," he says with a big smile.

As Quinn takes her turn saying hi to the boys, I suddenly remember that Finn and Rachel aren't dating right now. Actually, I thought they had a pretty bad breakup. Well, not a bad breakup, but Rachel was really hurt.

It was the end high school, so two summers ago, and Finn told Rachel he didn't want to hold her back. If you ask me, it was the pussy way out of the relationship. Finn stayed back home to go to college-single- while Rachel came here to follow her dreams. She cried for the entire first semester of college. Eventually, she was able to settle down but it's still clear she's in love with the guy.

Quinn, who briefly dated Finn (but who didn't), takes her seat next to Finn. I sit next to Quinn and Sam takes the outside next to me.

"So where are you interning?" I ask Sam as we settle into our seats.

"It's this recording studio mostly used by people in the broadway community-"

"What!" I freak. "That's so cool!"

"Well I'm not going to be doing anything with the music," Sam says. "Finn and I will be doing the bitch work. Getting coffee, carrying heavy stuff."

"Gotta start somewhere," I shrug. Sam chuckles a little as he keeps his eyes on me. "What?" I ask when his gaze doesn't falter.

"Nothing," he smiles. "Just- you seem like you matured a lot."

I shrug again. "You've been with me for like 5 seconds," I say. He rolls his eyes.

"Yeah, but what I see, it just confirms what I've heard."

"What have you heard?" I say, alarmed by other people using me as conversation, even if it is in a good way.

"Just that you had a good year. Worked hard, stayed out of trouble."

"I've always worked hard," I say defensively.

"What about the trouble you somehow managed to avoid," he smirks.

I pause as I think about it. Freshman year was fun. I had a good time. And I did it without stirring up any trouble. I think it was because I was a small fish in a big pond this time, instead of the other way around. Also, some of the stuff I would have done in high school just seemed kind of... childish.

"I don't know," I start. "I guess I decided that I had enough of being such a bitch-"

"What? No more bitchy Lopez?" Sam says completely shocked. He kind of looks a little let down.

"Oh no," I smile. "I'm still me. I just pick my battles, I guess."

"Good," he smiles. "I like bitchy Lopez," he says with a cheesy wink.

A small older woman with light blonde hair walks out onto the stage towards a single microphone as the lights dim. Perfect timing. Sam is a great guy, and I really did miss him, but he's been trying to get me back since I broke up with him in the beginning of senior year. His flirting, even when it's just friendly, still can make me uneasy. He's one of the greatest guy friends I've ever had, and I love having that, but that's all I want. Sam and I sort of started dating because I decided I needed a boyfriend. I was single, and I was too hot to be single when everyone else was all paired up. And he was available and interested. Sam ended up being a great boyfriend. I ended up growing to love him- but only as a friend. That's one of the reasons I think it didn't work out. I actually cared about him and his feelings, unlike any of the other guys.

"Are these things any good?" Sam whispers as the lady introduces the first performance, some guy singing a classic broadway song from Les Miserables.

"Sometimes," I admit. "I mean, sometimes they are boring. Everyone's really talented, but if they do songs I don't like it's torturous."

The guy finishes his solo and the audience claps until he leaves the stage. I honestly couldn't tell you how good it was because I was too busy watching some strange interpretive dance going on in the background between a guy and a girl.

The lady comes back on stage.

"How about another round of applause for Joseph?" She says and we all clap again. "And another round of applause for our special guests from Juilliard. The students of NYADA's summer program have partnered up with some of the students from Juilliard's summer program. You'll get to see a taste of them throughout today's show," she explains. Makes sense. I guess that's where those dancers came from.

"Now, please welcome a group of first years performing a medley by the talented Lady Gaga!"

"What?" I say a little too excitedly as I grip Quinn's wrist. Quinn just laughs.

A group of about fifteen students come out on stage, maybe even a little more. Girls are wearing fancy dark silver dresses and boys are in nice black pants and white button-down shirts. They stand in small rows as the familiar opening from Bad Romance starts. The group quickly changes into the beginning of Just Dance and I find myself bobbing my head already. Right as they are about to go into the chorus of Just Dance, they switch back into the chorus of Bad Romance. Rachel steps forward a little towards the center of the stage as four dancers, presumably from Juilliard, step out onto stage with her.

"I want your love and I want your revenge, you and me could write a bad romance," Rachel belts out.

Quinn's right. I do enjoy Rachel's solos. That girl's voice is unreal and it's undeniable. It's one of the most unique voices I've ever heard. The second she opens her mouth everything else is zoned out. She is the show.

"I want your love and all your love is revenge you and me could right a bad romance," Rachel sings with a crazy run at the end. After she steps back into the group the audience gives applauds her, as they should.

"Makes me miss glee club," Sam whispers as they go back into Just Dance. A smile creeps onto my face as I remember all the amazing times we had in glee club. The competitions, the rehearsals, the music.

Just Dance quickly turns into Love Game and I'm suddenly really glad I came. Rachel takes another step forward and I'm pretty sure she's about to have another solo. She looks down a little towards our row and by the smile on her face I know she can see us. She's glad we came, too. Well, she's glad Finn came at least.

After a quick second of pokerface, Rachel begins to belt out a small solo to Paparazzi. Right before the chorus to Paparazzi starts four more Juilliard dancers pop out from the sides of the stage and join Rachel in the middle. Two boys are in the front blocking what I think are two girls behind them. They encircle Rachel until she returns back to the group. The four dancers join in a line with the first four. They follow a choreographed routine and it's really good. Then two girls step out of the line for small solos. The first girl is a smaller girl, about my height, with light brown hair. She's tan but not quite as tan as I am. The second girl is a little taller with bright blonde hair. Unlike the other girl, her hair isn't tied up and it reaches a little past her shoulders. They start dancing and they're really good. So good that I forget there is a Lady Gaga mashup going on right now. It's clear why the got the solos. But the blonde girl is a little better. Well, maybe not technically better, but something about her is more fun to watch. It's like you can see how much fun she's having. She's almost glowing. And the way her body moves is hypnotizing. The songs are fast, but they aren't super fast. Usually dancers are only really appealing to me if they are dancing to a really fast song or some sort of hip-hop. But something about this girls dance is enticing.

I think of Mike Chang. Mike Chang is one of the best dancers I've ever seen live. Until today, actually, he was my favorite dancer to watch. This new girl takes the cake, though. I forgot Mike was at Juilliard, too. Maybe he knows her. He isn't doing a summer program though, otherwise I'm sure he'd have a solo, too.

The performance ends earlier than I'm ready for it too, but not before the blonde girl does an insane handless cartwheel and lands into a full out split. The singers come out in a big group and we all clap for them. Then Rachel, as the soloist, steps out. Everyone cheers a little louder as Rachel smiles her famous wide-mouthed grin before she steps back into the group. Then the eight dancers all step forward to receive their credit. The noise calms down again, not quite as loud as it was for Rachel but still pretty loud. Then the group points towards the center, towards the small brunette and my new favorite dancer. The two girls step forward towards the edge of the stage. If they took two more steps they would probably fall off the stage.

My eyes trace up the blonde girl's body to her face. She's smiling, kind of timidly. Almost like she doesn't quite know how good she really is. She's pretty, too. Like really pretty. Magazine pretty. She's fair skinned. But it's the pretty kind of fair skin- the angelic kind. It has a special glow to it. Her eyes are so blue that I think people in the back row could see them just as clearly as I can.

"She's hot," Sam whispers, breaking my attention from the blonde. I follow his pointed finger until it directs me right back to the blonde.

I feel a pang of some emotion I can't quite place my finger on. It almost feels like jealousy. My eyes fall back over Sam as I try to comprehend my emotions.

Yeah, Sam's cute. Hot, even. His face. His body. His personality. But...nothing. I feel nothing. I know I feel nothing. So why am I jealous? Why do I care that he thinks she's hot?

Maybe I'm just like Quinn. A little territorial. Even when she didn't like Finn anymore, and she had completely moved on, she hated Rachel for like two full months.

But still, I never felt for Sam what Quinn felt for Finn. I've never felt that way for anyone, really.

When I turn back to the stage, the girls gone. Everyone's gone, actually. The stage is completely empty. When I look to my left I realize that Quinn, Finn, and everyone in the row behind them are already standing, waiting to exit the row.

"That was amazing," Quinn says as I rise to my feet.

"She's amazing," Finn says. Then why'd you leave her I want to say, but I bite my tongue.

We walk single file out to the lobby and take a seat at a table for four while we wait for Rachel to come out. After a few busy minutes the lobby clears out and it's just a small group of us waiting for the performers.

"So how was freshman year?" Finn asks me as Quinn and Sam turn their attention towards me.

"Pretty good," I say. "Hard," I admit. "But next year I get to take a lot more classes that interest me. More music stuff. Production, song writing, stuff like that. This year was a lot of academic stuff."

"You heard Blaine got in, right?" He says.

"To NYU?" I say, shocked.

"Mhm," Finn says. "He got in a few other places, so I don't know for sure where he's going. That's what Kurt said at least."

"Cool." Blaine is cool. He's been good to Kurt. And that's what Kurt needed, after Karofsky bullied the crap out of him. He's not necessarily someone I'd go out of my way to hang out with, but he definitely knows who he is. And I respect that.

"How was freshman year for you?" I ask Finn.

"Great," he smiles. "I got to play football. My grades were good. But honestly, I kind of missed the whole music thing," he says.

"Shouldn't have gave it up," Sam says. "I took a few songwriting classes. And a guitar course," he smiles.

"I know," Finn sighs.

"So you survived?" Sam smiles at Quinn, turning the conversation to her. We all chuckle a little.

"Barely," she laughs.

"You should have seen how many all nighters this girl pulled," I say.

"You lived together all year?" Sam asks.

"Yeah. The apartment actually ended up being cheaper, if we split it, than room and board for NYU and Columbia," Quinn explains.

"Oh, cool," Finn says.

"We got to see Rachel a lot more, too," Quinn smiles, clearly trying to tease Finn. "Her dorm was only a five minute walk from us."

"Did she like her roommate?" Sam asks. "My roommate was a nightmare. Total jerk. But he got kicked out of the school, so I had a single the rest of the year."

"That's awesome," I say. I would hate to share a small dorm room with anyone. I don't know how I've made it this long with Quinn. "But they got along. She was quiet. But really nice. She's transferring to a school back home though. She just didn't have the competitive edge she needed for the business. Well, that's what Rachel said," I scoff as I roll my eyes.

Finn quickly jumps to his feet and gets a nervous smile. I snap my head around and see Rachel walking towards us. Sam, Quinn, and I all stand up as we walk over to greet her.

Quinn gets there first and they embrace.

"You were amazing!" Quinn says in her high-pitched, happy voice.

"Thanks," she smiles. I walk over to hug her next. "Thanks for coming. All of you," she says and I can see her clearly eyeing Finn.

"You sounded unreal," I tell her as my arms wrap around her neck.

"I miss you up there with me, you know," Rachel gives me her cheesy smile. Senior year of glee we performed a lot together. That's actually when we started not totally hating each other. It's not that I ever really hated her, I was just too into upholding my reputation. I was a bitch and she was an easy target. But Rachel kind of...got me that year.

"Sam!" Rachel says excitedly as he lifts her off her feet and twists side to side. "I missed you!"

"Me too, Rach," he says back. "Still as amazing as ever, by the way."

"Thank you Sam," she smiles. "Are you still performing?" She asks him.

"Yeah," he says. "Not as much as before. I took a few music related classes and all but I did smaller setting gigs this year. Like coffee house performances and small shows."

"That's awesome!"

Sam steps to the side allowing for Finn and Rachel to say their hellos. I think this is their first time seeing each other in person since the breakup. Rachel didn't go home for the holidays this year with us. I know they've spoken, but not in person.

They both smile timidly as they slowly inch closer together. I can't stop myself from rolling my eyes at how dramatic they both are. Some things never change.

They finally hug, Rachel not even reaching his shoulder. Their hug isn't as enthusiastic as all her other ones.

"It's good to see you," Rachel whispers, but I don't think it's on purpose.

"You too," he says back in the same tone.

They pull away and lock eyes for a moment, not saying anything.

"Well this is sufficiently awkward," I say under my breath, just loud enough for Quinn and Sam to hear. Quinn's arm slaps side as Sam lets out a giggle.

"Look," Sam breaths as he tugs at my hand. I turn around to where he's looking and see the same blonde girl, more striking up close. She's about fifteen feet away, hugging some guy.

"She was really good," I say.

"Good?" Sam spits. "She was amazing! And look at her," he says, completely love struck.

"You look like you could be related," I say defensively. I'm not sure what's making me defensive though.

Sam rolls his eyes as we turns our attention back to the group. Yup, Rachel and Finn still aren't speaking.

"Whose that?" Sam asks Rachel as he points to the blonde.

"Oh!" Rachel smiles as she trots away from us over towards the blonde. The two girls embrace and for the first time I see the blonde girl's real smile. It takes me a few seconds to realize I'm smiling along and I quickly wipe it off my lips. They start talking and all three of us are staring intently. I'm not sure why, though.

After about two minutes of conversation they hug again and Rachel walks back to us. The blonde girl's arm loops through the guy she's with as they walk out of the auditorium. I don't know why I'm so curious, but I want to know about that guy now too.

"Who was that?" Sam repeats himself when Rachel returns to the group.

"She's a dancer from Juilliard," She smiles. "She's good, right?"

"She was captivating," Quinn admits. My eyebrows arch a little. I hadn't realized everyone else noticed her too.

"Want to grab lunch?" Finn finally says.

"I thought you went mute," I say. Finn's a good guy. He really is. I just didn't like that he hurt Rachel, even if he didn't mean to. And he's pretty easy to pick on. He's a big goof.

"Sure," Rachel smiles. For a moment, Quinn, Sam, and I look at each other, deciding if we were included on that invite to lunch.

"Where do you guys want to go?" Rachel asks, clearing it up for us. I don't know if Finn necessarily wanted us all there, but it's clear Rachel does.

"Anything but French," I say as my face twists.

"She got a job at Per Se," Quinn explains.

"More than enough French cuisine to last me a lifetime," I say as Sam laughs.

"Let's just go next door," Rachel offers. "There's a small homemade pizza shop. All types of Italian food."

After we all agree, we walk next door and get a large round table for the five of us. The waiter leaves to get us some water and Quinn and Rachel start telling Finn about their "hilarious" encounter with the hot man from the new Crest toothpaste commercial.

"I was there," I whisper to Sam. "Wasn't that funny." Sam chuckles and shakes his head.

"So," he starts. "How are the kids at NYU?" he asks.

"Pretty cool," I shrug. "I mean, most of them are. There are a lot of different people here, but I kind of like it," I say. "It makes it easier to be yourself. There's always someone a little stranger than you," I laugh. He joins in.

"You hang out with a lot of them?"

"Well, yeah, but because I didn't live in the dorms I didn't make as many close friends as I probably would have if I was living in one. But I didn't care. I like Quinn more than any of the girls. But some of the kids in my classes, the ones I party with, they're really cool. They invite me out a lot."

"How are the guys?" Sam asks coyly.

"What guys?" I joke. Sam laughs and looks visibly relieved.

Straight guys that are not total dick faces that just want to make out are hard to find. I made out with a few guys this year, but no one interested me. I just really didn't care about them at all this year. I guess without all the pressure of high school it was just easier to realize that I didn't need a guy. Or want one.

"So girls," Rachel says, catching my attention. "I wanted to tell you something earlier, and it was really exciting, but now, I don't know."

"Hm?" Quinn asks.

"Well, I was going to try what you girls did this year. Being a sophomore, I don't have to live in the dorms. There was an apartment open across the street from yours. Literally, right across, and I put a downpayment on it-"

"What!" Quinn freaks. "Rach! Yes!"

"Well, the problem is, I put the downpayment down last month, when I had a roommate who was going to split the cost with me."

"Who?" I ask, confused.

"Kurt," she says. I can tell she's disappointed it didn't work out by the way she says his name. "We had it all planned out. But then Blaine got into NYU. And after spending a full year apart, he wants to spend every minute with him. I get it," she says. "I do, I'm not mad. I just, now I don't have a roommate. And I made the deposit. And if I don't find someone to pay, I'll get sued. And I really want the apartment. It's perfect. Only five minutes from school!"

"Where's Kurt gonna live?" Sam asks.

"Well, he's gonna try to rent another apartment. Then Blaine can live there and say he's commuting. He found one pretty close to us that he thinks is going to work."

"What are you going to do?" Quinn asks.

"I don't know," she says. "I guess I have to find a roommate."

"Well, I'm sure Finn or I would offer to help, but we're only here for the summer. You need a roommate for the entire year," Sam says apologetically. I'm suddenly so glad they're only here for the summer. I could not deal with Finn and Rachel drama 24/7. Even when they're together they manage to make the stupidest problems seem like World War Three.

"Well, don't you know anyone from NYADA besides Kurt?" I ask.

"Not anyone I like enough to live with," she says. "I mean, there's a few girls I really like, but I couldn't live with them. And Ashley and Emily," those are Rachel's really good friends we sometimes hang out with, "they're already living together. Those are the only girls there reliable enough to pay rent that I would want to live with."

The waiter comes back to take our order, two large pizzas and an order of calamari and garlic breadsticks. When he leaves, Quinn speaks up in her calm, motherly tone.

"It will all work out. There's got to be someone out there."

"How long do you have?" I ask, being more realistic.

"Till the end of the week. Otherwise I have to come up with the other half of the rent for the month. My Dads said they would pay, but I want to show them I'm responsible enough to handle it."

"The end of the week!" I exclaim. "As in Friday?" I ask. Rachel nods. "It's Wednesday!" I say with wide eyes.

"Santana," Quinn whispers my name, clearly telling me to relax. I know I'm not helping Rachel's nerves, but really, she's screwed.

"I know," she breaths, deflated.

The waiter brings out our calamari and breadsticks and I delve into the breadsticks basket.

"Some things never change," Sam laughs. I take one bite and shrug.

"It's no Breadstix, but it's good," I tell him and he laughs again.

"Hey Rach, isn't that your friend?" Finn asks nodding towards the door. We all turn our attention towards the entrance. Sam and I have to turn our heads to get a good look. Standing at the door, still linked arm-to-arm with the same man, is the blonde dancer.

"Brit!" Rachel calls as she throws her hand up in the air. The blonde looks over and smiles in recognition.

Sam looks over to me and smiles his hugest grin. I swear he could swallow my head that's how big his mouth is.

Rachel stands up to meet the blonde who now has a name-Brittany?- halfway.

I don't hear what they're saying but I can see their lips moving. Rachel gestures towards the table and for a quick second my stomach twists in a weird way. I turn back towards the table, confused as to why I feel any type of nerves.

"I- I think she's coming over here," Sam stutters excitedly like a child as he taps my leg. I twist my body around and see Rachel walking towards us with the blonde and her friend following closely behind.

"Guys, this is Brittany and Jeremy," Rachel says pointing to them. "They're gonna join us."

"I hope that's okay," the blonde says softly. I look over to get a closer look at Jeremy. He's a good looking guy, really fit. Tan with light green eyes and short brown hair.

"Of course it's okay," Sam says a little too quickly. The hostess drags over two more chairs and slips them in between Rachel and Quinn. We all scoot our chairs over a little, making enough room for them.

"This is Quinn," Rachel points to Quinn.

"Nice to meet you," Quinn smiles to them both.

"That's Sam."

"Hi," Sam smiles. "You were amazing today, by the way," he says nervously.

"Oh, yeah!" Quinn says in agreement.

"Thank you," Brittany says with a soft smile.

"Santana," Rachel gestures to me.

I smile a little and give a slight wave but say nothing. I don't know why, but I'm almost certain if I open my mouth nothing would come out. Brittany's eyes meet mine as she smiles back. I thought her eyes were blue before, but they're even bluer than I remember.

"This is Finn," Rachel says breaking Brittany's eyes from mine. By the way Brittany smiles at Finn, I can tell Rachel already told her a little about him.

"We all went to high school together," Rachel explains.

"All of you?" She says shocked.

"Yup," She smiles.

"In Ohio? How did you all end up here?" She asks. Everyone laughs a little, partly because it is pretty funny. How did we all end up in New York, 500 miles from home.

"I don't know," Rachel laughs. There's a long answer to that question but nobody wants to get into it right now.

"Jeremy and I went to high school together too," Brittany explains. "But he graduated when I was a sophomore."

"High school sweethearts?" Sam asks cooly. For some reason, I'm glad he did. It's exactly what I was wondering but I didn't want to be the one to ask.

Brittany and Jeremy burst out laughing as she throws her head into his chest. Her laugh is almost as contagious as her smile. It's a soft giggle at first but quickly turns into one of those silent laughs.

"N-no," Brittany spits out through her laughing fit.

"No," Jeremy says, still smiling. "I'm gay," he explains confidently. I feel my body relax a little. I didn't even know I was tense to begin with.

"Ohhh," Sam smiles, doing a poor job of hiding his excitement. "Yes!" Sam whispers into my ear.

"So Jeremy," Quinn starts, trying to move past any possible lingering awkward tension. "Are you in a summer program or do you just live here?"

"Well, actually, I was in the program with Brit at Juilliard. I'm a dancer there, too," he explains. "But I'm leaving next week for LA."

"He booked a tour gig," Brittany chimes in. "Britney Spears!" She says proudly.

"What!" Rachel and Quinn say at the same time. "That's incredible!" Q says.

"Thanks," he smiles. "I'm excited."

I don't know why I don't freak out out loud either. Britney Spears is one of my favorite performers ever.

"He's amazing," Brittany says. "I'm so proud," she feigns a motherly voice. I let out a soft chuckle that no one but Brittany seems to hear. She looks up to me and smiles and I immediately look back down at my plate.

"Have you met her yet?" Sam asks.

"Britney? No, I meet her when we start rehearsals."

"I can't imagine how excited you are," Quinn says. Jeremy laughs a little and smiles.

"Me on the other hand," Brittany sings.

"I know, I know," Jeremy smiles softer at her. "I'm so sorry, B."

She laughs. "Under any other circumstances, I'd be pissed."

When she realizes we're all a little lost in their conversation, she quickly clears it up.

"Oh, I'm obviously really happy for him. It's just, on top of him being my best friend, he's also my housing provider," she smiles. "Room and board wasn't covered by my- it wasn't covered-"

"By her scholarship," Jeremy fills in. I think Brittany had been to modest to say it. If I was as good of a dancer as her, I would not be modest at all. It makes her even more impressive, though.

"Yeah," she says shyly. "And Jeremy was already here, in his apartment. And he offered to let me stay in his spare room. The rent was so much cheaper than room and board. My Dad was so happy," she smiles. "But now, he's leaving."

"Where are you going to stay?" Rachel chimes in and I think it's suddenly clear to everyone where Rachel's going with this.

"I'm not sure. He said I could stay till next month and he'd help pay the rent, since it was such a quick decision, but I feel bad. I'm probably going to try to talk to Juilliard or something. Get a dorm room. Maybe try to be an R.A. That way it would be paid for. But I don't know if that will even work out."

"I need a roommate!" Rachel says super excited. "My roommate bailed. If you want, I mean, you can come see it. It's right on Columbus Circle. It's only about a five minute walk from Juilliard. Maybe a little longer, I'm not sure. But we'd be splitting rent. It was cheaper than NYADA's room and board, so it's probably cheaper than Juilliard's."

"Really?" Brittany says. She seems pretty interested.

"Yeah, if you want, after this I can show you it. If you're interested. If you don't want to it's totally fine too," Rachel says less aggressively.

"N-no," Brittany smiles. "That would be awesome! I'd love to!"

"Great!" Rachel grins.


"We're only 9 blocks from you guys," Sam smiles as we walk onto our street. "50th street."

"I actually love Columbus Circle," Brittany says. "I can't believe you found apartments this cheap here."

"I know," Rachel smiles. "Student discounts and a little bit of luck."

"Quinn, Santana, you guys want to come see it too?" Rachel asks as we're about to walk towards our apartment.

"Sure," Quinn chirps. We walk to the crosswalk and wait for the white walking man to signal it's safe to walk across. The streets are busy as usual and I lose vision of most of my friends. Sam's still next to me though so I'm not totally worried.

"I like your dress," Brittany's voice startles me from behind. I turn to look at her and manage a small smile.

"Thanks," I say before turning forward again.

"What's the matter?" Sam whispers. "Cat got your tongue?" he jokes. I let out what I think is a nervous laugh. I hadn't really realized how quiet I've been being. It must be even weirder to Sam who knows me as Santana from high school. I never shut up there. And here I am acting all shy.

"Just tired," I tell him. But that's not it. I'm not tired at all. In fact, I have a lot of energy right now. I slept at least ten hours last night.

We walk across the street when the light changes and make it to what Rachel says is her building. She's right, it's directly across from ours.

"You already have keys?" I ask when Rachel pulls them out of her purse.

"Mhm," she smiles with pride. "Come on," She says as we follow her up the stairs to the second floor.

Rachel unlocks a door and we walk into an empty apartment. It's almost identical to Quinn and I's. It's probably the same owners.

Right when you walk in there's a small space for a living room. Then there's a doorway without a door that leads to the kitchen. It's a really nice kitchen. Nicer than ours. The living room also connects to three doors. One's a large bathroom and the other two I assume are the bedrooms. They're pretty far apart and on opposite sides of the room so it gives them both a lot of privacy. It's the same set up Quinn and I have. I love it. I could stay up all night listening to music and Quinn wouldn't even hear.

I walk right towards the farther bedroom to peak inside. I step inside to the empty room and my eyes widen. It's literally right across from our apartment. By looking out this window I'm looking straight into my room's window. I can see my bed, my dresser, my computer.

My heart stops for a second when I think of the people that could and already have seen me in my room.

"Do you like it?" a voice asks as they enter the room. I turn my head away from the window and the blonde is standing there alone.

"Oh, yeah. It's nice," I say as I watch her eyes flicker around the room. "Do you?" I ask, realizing that she's the reason we're here.

"I love it," she smiles. "I thought I wasn't gonna have anywhere to stay," she admits in a softer voice. "Now I get a nice place with a new friend. I just feel really lucky."

Her softer voice makes me smile a little. I turn back towards the window as I feel my grin growing bigger than I want it to.

"What are you looking at?" Brittany asks and I can hear her getting closer.

"That's where I live," I point when I feel her standing next to me.

"Really?" She says excitedly.

"Yeah, that's my room," I say. "The one with the dark red bed sheets."

"I like them," she smiles as she turns to me. I'm pretty positive my face is starting to turn the shade of the sheets.

"What do you think?" Jeremy asks as he walks in, followed by Rachel and Quinn.

"I- I love it," she says again in awe. "Rachel, are you sure about this?" She asks.

"Sure about what?" She asks.

"That this okay," Brittany says weakly. "That it's okay for me to live here. That you- that you want me to," she says even quieter.

I don't know why anyone would ever not want her to live with them. I know I just met her, but I can't imagine her doing anything that would be even the slightest bit bothersome.

"Of course!" Rachel smiles as she walks closer to Brittany. "I wouldn't have asked you if I didn't want you to live with me. And we'll have a lot of fun!"

"Y-yeah," she smiles. "Okay!"

"Okay?" Rachel repeats, enthusiasm growing.

"Okay," Brittany smiles. Rachel lets out a squeal as she throws her arms around Brittany's neck.

"So you're doing this?" Jeremy asks one last time.

"I'm doing it," Brittany nods. "I'm moving in!"


Hi guys! Okay, so let me know what you guys think of the story so far! I wanted to do a summer romance type story but if I sent them somewhere away to meet it would be hard to incorporate the other characters. If you guys like it please let me know so I continue! Otherwise I may start a different idea.

I hope you guys liked it!


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