Those 30 Days

In the arctic chill of Alaska,

when the last touch of the sun would leave me so cold.

I pray to God in his heaven,

for my love to return and her heart to hold.

The death that begins to whirl all around,

no way of escape from any post.

That which would give us salvation,

has leaft for a month, leaving night as our host.

She returned to me,

In a diner with dim lights.

No time for joy in this dark hour,

as a man was taken away without being read his rights.

In the blood and haze that filled the streets,

I fought for the safety of those I love.

As any hope of survival,

Seemed to wither and die on the wings of a dove.

I choose to sacrifice my life and soul,

to keep you away from being harmed.

The love of you that fuels my heart,

would keep them back; disarmed.

I would give everything for you, Stella my dear,

to keep you warm, safe and here.

With you I have nothing to fear,

Just promise that your memories of me will persevere.