A Kiss To My Prince

-Kidnapping Arc-

Chapter I:

Timeslip Yuri

Title: A Kiss To My Prince

Summary: After an incident with all the right intentions goes awry. Will Yuri be able to hand the consequences? Yuri wakes up 125 years back in past in Ciel's bed. Stuck in 1887, she helps Ciel and Sebastian to complete their mission as Queen's "guard dog" and also along the way, everyone who has become involved with her, has somehow gained an emotion they had once lost

Pairing: Sebastian x OC x Ciel with Claude x OC x Alois!

"My name is Yuri Park. There was an incident and I woke up in 1887. Am I mad, in a coma, or back in time? Whatever's happened, it's like I've landed on a different planet. Now, maybe if I can work out the reason, I can get home."

A/N: Hi guys, this is my first fanfic on Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler! This story idea just came to me during my golf lesson-trying to separate myself from agonising and horrible cuz it was hot today in London and this story just came flooding in my mind along with details of the whole story. I don't know why I do this to myself. But I just had to write this idea down. Ugh! But, please enjoy and review.

Oh! And by the way, I do not own Kuroshitsuji in any shape or form. I mean, this is FANfiction after all.

Also, this will be a mixture of manga AND anime and I'll try to put the volumes and episodes down so you guys can distinguish between what really happened in the manga and the ones I make up.

******Updated on 6th June 2017******:

This story has been rewritten as a new story called 'The Liars and The Soothsayer'. Click on my profile to see the list of my stories and click on the title. I have answered questions as to why I have rewritten them and what will happen to the series.

This chapter contains 1st Arc of Kuroshitsuji manga AND anime: 'Kidnapping Arc' chapter 1/Episode 1

Though I've been through breakups before, love is a first for me
Even if I'm given the whole world, if it's not you, I don't want it
Your story is full of secrets – now tell me

Yo, you're good at saying you'll do everything for me
With this and that, you melt me with your words
Lie to me, you lie to me

Only when I need you, you shut your mouth
I don't know why I look for you every day but I just want you
Come to me baby come to me
Yeah cuz I'm mad mad for ma love

Love is energy love is energy
Love is energy in my heart

Love is energy you're my energy
Love is energy in my heart

I want true love so no one else can take your spot

Love is energy you're my energy
Love is energy in my heart

Feel my heart—*

"Katie Stapley, your doctor will see you now" The nurse mentioned her to come in — a girl, flower-like aged sixteen with blonde hair and brown eyes — stood up. After what felt like hours of limping, her right leg was finally ready to give out and her knee buckled awkwardly, just managing to catch herself before her face hit the ground. I sighed, paused the music, wrapped the headphones around the ipod and stood to help her up.

Katie, one of my friend, on the way to sleepover after Mono's "Fat Gypsy's Party" Theme which I refused to follow and went with lace black one shoulder party dress and 5 inch platform peep-toe lace heels — shoes I was dreading to take it off and regretting the decisions of saving them for special occasions — became too wild with all alcohols in her system accidently tripped from the stairs ripping her knee which was bleeding heavily and staining a towel wrapped around with red crimson blood.

Out of all my friends, me who was brought in usual strict upbringing by Asian parent, yes I'm Korean (From South Korea) stayed sober and refused to let any alcohols touch my lip. It wasn't that I hated it, I was just waiting until I was of proper legal age. Once I tasted a beer with my mum which tasted foul on my tongue supported my decision to wait until older.

Katie handed me her new more safely developed asthma pumps that apparently had longer lifespan. I put it in one of my two hand bags, one on my arm and one perched over my shoulder — containing clothes and shoes that lasts a day or two. I put the pumps in my handbag on my arm along with my Galaxy Note, purse containing several notes of pounds, make up bags, my advanced biology, psychology, mathematics and history books — yes you can call me nerd or geek but hey, it was just for a show!

My parent would get angry I would go away for few days without any studies so I told them I'll bring some study books. Even though my A level was completely finished and now June; I won't be starting my A2 until September this year, they insisted I keep up.

Another sigh escaped my mouth, leaning my head against the palm of my hand in lazy manner, checking my watch in every five minutes Katie was gone in the doctor's office.

I decide to waste the waiting time to explore the hospital, maybe go up to the roof for fresh air.

Climbing took some time but hey it was worth it.

It was night time and in this 21st century, it was time where everything came out and more alive than the morning. Lights shone brightly up in the sky, large pumps of music escaping from nearby night clubs, brawling football fans as they shouted at the loss of their teams, wild and loose teenagers with nothing but thin material that clung but can't say since I was dressed like one (only for today — it was a birthday party and no one can call you a whore or slut in those times along with Halloween.)

I sat down on a bench until something or more like someone caught on the corner of my eyes. A woman. She had flat shoes, skinny jeans and simple loose white shirt but I could tell she was beautiful. Her lavender hair swash along with the wind mysteriously.

But those thoughts were fast to vanish when I realised how she was positioned.

She stood on the edge, her hand only holding metal poles as leverage. Average people would undoubtly have one answer coming from their respective schemas of trial and error.

She was about to jump.

"What are you doing?" I exclaimed, running toward her immediately but keeping my distance like I have seen in CSI.

She turned around, her eyes almost smiling yet held unspeakable sadness as if she was intending for this sort of reactions. Unconsciously, I wondered...was she waiting for me? Wait, she looks familiar...where have I've seen her?


"Hey look, I'm watching this new anime called Black Butler! Watch with me!" Arianna- an avid manga and anime otaku pulled my hands toward her laptop; sitting me next to her as we watched the whole series of season one and two and manga volumes. It was fun and I had a thing for Victorian Era so I became somewhat a fan. The characters there was so interesting-


"Wait, you're—" Before I could finish, her fingers unravelled one by one before it was no longer touching the pole.

She fell.

Her hair waving with her body as she seemed to drop in slow motion and in instinct, I ran toward her with hands reaching out. Our hands touched feelings of shocking electric pulsing through my every fibrous being with indescribable jolt.

There was a slight tug and she pulled me along, over the rail to agony filled promise of hard Earth grounds. My mouth opened with loud shrieking scream from my throat as I fell down and down, rushing through the cold winds in sickening slow speed.

My eyes clamped shut at irritating wind and awaiting pain of one's body crushing to the ground and sound of bones breaking to come but there was sudden blinding light that wasn't like any other artificial, man-made entity.

In order to open my eyes to see those lights, unconscious survival instinct must be overcome in order, and when I did the woman stared calmly.

A grateful smile appeared on her lilac lip, her caramel skin appearing more exotic under all the lights of the night times then her voice echoed in my ears:

"I'll let you be the angel who makes the devil repents."

There was a slight breeze. I could feel it playing with the strands of my hair. Was my window open? Too tired! The bed underneath me felt softer, almost like it was flexing under my weight. The breeze was a little more pronounced now too, I could feel the goose bumps on my arms start to rise. A bird sounded somewhere to the left. It sounded like it was in the room with me. I fought the urge to open my eyes and look for it. The air felt cleaner and less polluted. I couldn't even smell the burning wicks from the car fumes and sterile of hospital anymore.

I felt the stomach rise into my throat as the floor seemed to disappear from underneath me. Then I felt an arm wrapped around my waist. Huh? Oh, it might be Katie or Anne or Nikita or...wait I was in a hospital because Katie sliced her knee open. Wow, I must have been ultra tired if I blacked out the half of yesterday..

Hey...no, that woman! She was definitely...good costume cosplayer! She even matched it down from head to toe. But she jumped and she pulled me with her. Wwas I dead? Am I in heaven? Wow, I must be since I went to Catholic school despite of being Christian but eh what's the difference?

Heaven is quite comfortable...but if I'm in heaven who's bed am I in? Who's arm is this—?


Shall we follow this ray of sunlight that shines itself to the inhabitants below? All right, but very carefully...

The Phantomhive manor is located in a mist-covered forest on the outskirts of London. Vast expanses of land contain the gargantuan building. A long stairway leads to the manor, outlined by a great quantity of bushes and trees. In addition, ruins and a rubble of stone border the area.

A huge fountain is established at the entrance of the tall manor. The building consists of a substantial amount of stories, in which each story upholds numerous rooms. The various rooms are furnished with elegant, luxurious furniture, and the Phantomhive household's possessions and belongings.

The distinguished Noble family of Phantomhive's morning event is..started off with early tea.

"Young Master, it's time to wake up now" Gentle clacking noise of tea cups being lifted from its silver, wheeled trays break through the curtained, quiet chamber was soon followed by a onomatopoeia of lovely aroma tea poured into dainty china.

"Today's breakfast of poached salmon and mint salad has been prepared. Side dishes of toast, scones and campagne have been baked." The handsome butler announced, lifting the silver dorm that covered the luxurious ambrosia, "Which one would you like?" Sebastian asked.

"...The scone..." Ciel drawled, slightly groaning as Sebastian drew the curtain to let in the sun light. Ciel flinched as he snuggled deeper into the bed. His arms found something to wrap around, soft and warm. He was answered with a feminine groan and snuggled deeper into him.


Sebastian had pulled the cover up when he spotted long black strands leaking from the bed he noted straight away — after all what kind of butler will he be if he cannot notice a mere intruder in his Master's bed. At the discovery, he could only let out an amused look.

Ciel turned around, startled at sudden movement at his sudden, ambiguous action by Sebastian before following his butler's gaze and landed onto another figure in his bed.

The head of Phantomhive let out undignified yell, scrambling away from a woman who was currently occupying his bed wearing...what he could not fathom a sheer material that sticked to her skin was clothes.

Too revealing.

Not even a women of the night would show this amount of skin! A complete immoral sins in their eyes and in the judgment of God.

Her heels - too high and thin. No women can walk in them without risking losing their good ankles. The two puzzled and baffled pair noticed she was of Asian descendent just like Lau. In her arms held two bags with intriguing design, it both had words "Paul's Boutique" written onto the pink and black leather.

"S-Sebastian, who is this woman? What is she doing in my bed?" He demanded, glaring at the said person and his butler.

Sebastian, as calm said, "Well my Lord, it is a question only you can answer. I knew humans were lustful creatures but I have not known you were capable of such" Blush crept up onto the young man at the blunt accusation by the demon.

"Don't compare me to those dirty low-beings who indulge in those things! This is your job! How did she get in here?" Ciel demanded, authority of his status in his voice.

"Wake her up, immediately!" Giving his contractee a smile, he proceed. Gently shaking her he heard her mumbling something under her breath.

"Go away..."

"I am sorry Miss but you are currently in a place that is not suitable."

"I am sorry Miss but you are currently in a place that is not suitable"

My eyes snapped open as I sit up from the bed, nearly hitting the butler and looked around. The room looked like some scene from 'The Duchess' or those rooms of the Royalty. I rubbed my eyes, and soon came face to face with utterly perplexed look on Ciel's face.

Facing with unfamiliar strangers who also happened to be two males with the compromising situation I was in — a bed — I yelped and gathered the silky sheets around me. Timidly, I peek down and saw I wasn't naked nor feeling any sore in places I shouldn't be.

Was I that drunk that I somehow ended up in place where it was completely a different world from what I know, perhaps I was drunk when I popped up in a plane with some rich dudes?

My head went from the frightened look on young boy to calmingly smiling man. While the boy wore what seems like dress shirt, the older man wore formal black attire. They seemed so familiar..."Oh my God!" Ciel frowned at the use of blasphemous use of phrase. Was she not educated about religion? Even average whores knew the Catholic teachings.

"Am I being punk'd?" Confused look appeared on their faces. What kind of word is that?

I got off and walked toward the window, looking outside I noticed I was rather in a REAL manor judging from familiar spacious front garden I've seen many times in films and movies.

"No way..." I muttered, before running back to the bag to pick up my handbag rummaging it through before bringing out my black coloured Galaxy Note. This earned another confound looks from the pair and ignoring them, I swiped the screen and clicked call button before dialling my mum. I held it against my ear, hoping even a single dial tone would be heard.


It automatically hang up and I brought back to my face, looking at background pictures of my friend for several moments until screen blanked into black abyss one would come to see with sinking feeling of inadequate battery but it was not because I was sure to charge it too its full capacity and even then, still had 80% remaining.

"Excuse me, Miss. Who are you and what are you doing in the Phantomhive's manor nonetheless in my master's bedroom?" This made me look up and properly look at them. They held amusement and confusion in their eyes.

"Um..what year is this?" As idiotic as it sounded (judging from how they were looking at each other before back to me) it was important.

"1887" It was as if someone splashed bucket full of icy water on me. I looked at my phone. It's something that shouldn't exist...

"1887? Really? Seriously? Are you kidding me?" I raised my voice. Please, please don't tell me I'm actually inside Kuroshitsuji. I groaned.

"May I ask where you from are?" Sebastian asked, his hands fidgeting in annoyance. Of many things he hated was being late on schedule and from rough guess work, they were thirty minute behind.

My head worked hard to come up with suitable answer. What do I say? 'Oh I'm from future London 2012 which is in middle of Olympic?'

"I'm from future London 2012 middle of Olympic." I blurted out. Well done I can hear my friends say in the back of my mind, 'for a really clever asian person, you can be quite stupid.' Thanks guys(!) I feel the love.

I looked at their faces which was now in between confused, bewilder, simply: they had 'WTF who the hell is this crazy woman' look on their face. A small believing look shadowed their expression, eyeing my clothes and my phone in my hand.

"Future you say?" The demon smiled. Ok...let's think. What was it I read on Kuroshitsuji Wiki. He is sarcastic and sadistic; add to that with an inability to see good in much of anyone.

"Yes, future...kinda."


"As in 'Kind of.'" Geez, all those posh, proper English.

Sebastian looked at his Master for further instruction as he straightened up, "Sebastian, cancel all the appointments today excluding Mr Damian's visit. I have a feeling this will be sorted before then."

Sebastian, as dutiful and dedicated butler he is bowed, putting his hand on his chest, "Yes, my Lord." Then he turned to me, "I will guide you to another room. Please wait patiently until my Master gets ready." He lead me through the long corridor dressed in luxurious red carpets.

"It is a wonder how you can work around in those shoes." He broke the silence. I looked down on my heels confused for a moment.

"Oh, you mean these shoes. It gets really ache-y when you wear them like for hours but you have to get used to them; all girls in my time where them. Some."

Sebastian seemed little bit lost at the choice and use of my vocabularies but he had brief ideas what she had just said. Humans and their vanity — his favourite sin. He opened large oak doors, polished glistening at few sun lights that managed to creep in.

He poured some tea and left me alone while he dressed his master in appropriate attire. I fiddled with the tea, shaking it and watching its ripple inside the China. I never liked tea and even if I drank them, I need to have 10% tea, 40% milk and 50% sugar.

I somehow ended up staring at the ceiling, counting each roses carved on to the ceiling. I heard the door creak open but I paid no attention. 58...59... at the sound of someone clearing their throat, I turned around.

Ciel, blush creeping on his cheek as his eyes was staring on the floor made me realise my position was somewhat considered provocative along with the type of clothes I was wearing didn't help either. My hands and legs was dangling on each arm rests, although my legs was higher up and hiking my already short dress up to my thigh.


"It would be grateful if you act at least modest." Ciel stuttered, still refusing to look.

"Since I don't belong in your world so I don't have to do or act in your expectation, right? I'm from 21st Century. Born and raised — well I was born in 1996 so technically 20th and 21st. There's feminism and equality and studies proving women are better than men so don't expect me to act like your typical every day bitch."

The two seemed offended by the manner of my speaking, Ciel more so. After-all, it isn't every day you hear 21st century girl in 19th century speaking like 21st century using words like bitch and yadah yadah.

"It would be wise if you refrain from speaking like this in front of others as well as us." Sebastian interrupted our glaring session with a warning for sake of mine.

"OMFG." I nonchalantly stated.

"I beg your pardon?" Ciel frowned.

"Oh my fucking God. Duh" Sebastian let himself a chuckle. Humans were really interesting creature. Coming up with all those anagrams and initials. He was more overall surprise how vulgar and immoral they will become in 125 years from now on, judging from what she had told.

"That is blasphemy against God himself. If you are from the future you would at least know religion is everything in this era." Ciel insisted.

"Making a contract with a demon and having him as a butler is more blasphemous but hey who am I to judge?" Their shoulders stiffened and their eyes narrowed.

"Sebastian." Understanding the tone, soon in his hands held silver knives in between his fingers ready to abide his wishes.

"Woah! Calm down. I wasn't gonna tell anyone...geez. Even if I run around telling everyone I'm from the future, the only place I'm gonna end up is lonney house!"

"Tell me," Ciel ordered, ignoring my bumbling nonsense (to him), "How do you know about Sebastian and how far do you know about this 'world'?"

"...Everything. But up to certain events."

Ciel came to sat down, sipping his tea before looking up with sharp expression, "…Everything you say? Tell me."

My eyes narrowed, those eyes…

"Spoilers." I said, quickly recovering with a giant grin, reminiscent of scenes with River Song from 'Doctor Who' who would say the quote regarding future events.

Ciel seemed to be in deep thoughts before proposing.

"If I let you stay here as guest, you will aid me in any way you can. But you will never lie or hide anything from me, relevent or not." It wasn't an offer but a statement. A command.

Who does he think he is to use that kind of tone? I mean he is like what, 12 and I'm like sixteen, nearly seventeen in upcoming August.

After short time of contemplating that didn't take much insufficient common sense of mine to know I would, unlikely so, to survive this world alone but a pride alone, I was quick to agree.

"Fine" The deal was sealed and there was a flash of satisfaction in his countenance.

"But," I started, bringing him out of his little joyful bubbles.

"But?" Ciel narrowed his eyes; it was quite obvious he had made it non-negotiable.

"I can't promise you on whole honesty part, though." I explained.

"And why is that?" He demanded.

"Human beings are creatures that cannot survive without lying," I sipped my tea as I made number three with my fingers as Ciel blinked in bewilder, "There are three types of lies — one, a lie to protect yourself. Two, a lie to deceive someone else. Three, a lie to protect someone else. Lying is important too. You of all people should know that."

The tea that came up to Ciel's lip lowered as his gaze examined me in methodical calculations.

"Young master," Sebastian called, directing Ciel's attention from me to him, "I think she is to be trusted."

"Why?" He asked both acting as if I wasn't in the room.

"She has proved her honesty in ironic appeal that humans are such creatures as she has stated, did she not?"

Ciel brought the china to his lip before directing his piercing gaze toward me, "I accept."

Sebastian soon introduced me to other servants: Barldroy, Finny, Mey-Rin - who all reacted in rather perverted manner at my appearance with the dress and everything, Tanaka- who did his signature of 'Ho ho ho' and lastly, himself which he had no time during the morning with all those awkward moments.

"I am Sebastian Michaelis, Butler of Phantomhive Household. If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to call me."

"Thanks. My name is Yuri Park by the way."

I looked around my room, awed at sight. That's why I love 19th century stuff! I noticed someone had already put my bags on to the bed which I must say is jumpy and comfy.

Now, I thought with a cheeky grin, the very thing I always wanted to do.

I backed up to the corner before running toward the bed and threw myself on the large bed, bouncing up and down several times. I rummaged through pink handbags, pulling out my ipod and wondered if it would work and by miracle, which I thanked God it did. Full battery too!

"Oh!" I also noted Katie's asthma pumps. Oops. "Oh well." I threw it back into my bag and set out for some adventure in the manor.

Tip toeing around many rooms, I entered one filled with many books and novel which I know it was a library. I went deeper into sections and stop when I heard a small cling. Hiding behind one of many shelves, I poke my head out and saw it was only Ciel reading while sipping his tea.

"You can come out, you know."


"I see you have not changed out of those...clothes" He managed to choke out but in a more collected manner.

"Hey!" I retorted, "These clothes are like nun's dress compared to what other girls wear in my time!" Explaining most clothes that only hid your breast and waist, sometimes none at all, left a very shocked Ciel.

"So, what you reading?" I noticed it was a medical book, advanced for 13 years old. Vesalius.

"Oh him!"

"You know Andreas Vesalius?" Ciel questioned, almost surprised. I bet he thought I was an uneducated idiot.

"Although he is often referred as modern founder of human anatomy, some of his theories are actually wrong: such as he regarded heart as not a muscle but it is since it pumps your blood around. He would have proved more if people weren't so dependent on religion alone — the bible was a book written by men, how reliable and valid would it be?"

Ciel was impressed, unknown to me, who was busy looking through the book I took from him.

"At 7, Mr Damian will come for a visit regarding my company. It would be nice to dress appropriately. Just for certain events. Other than that, I will ask no such from you." This made me smile.

"Really? Cuz I heard guys in 19th Century were—is sexist pigs you know."

"There are." He said with a smirk, "Those who are narrow minded and stupid. I am not like others." Ciel defended.

"I know. Although you would be happier if you were like the others though." Ciel's hand stopped mid-air holding the cup in his fingers.

"How much do you know about me?"

"Everything." This made Ciel bit inside of his cheek, except Sebastian knew of his past and he would undoubtedly wished to keep at that, "Like the revenge."

For a moment, dangerous look flashed passed his visible eye in warning, "Then you would know the answers then."

"No. I don't." Ciel quickly sipped the last drop of his Earl Grey as he stared at the ring fitted in his thumb.

"I've forgotten how to smile. Simple."

"Boo." I blow my cheek — a habit, "At least smile until it becomes real. Beside smile is all about your face muscle able to co-ordinate, a mere physiological function. You can't say you don't know how to smile because you can't feel happiness. That's just chemicals in your brain making you feel that, those can come later." I was quite a good adviser but when it came to me, I find myself helpless.

Ciel was about to say something until Sebastian interrupts, "Master, Miss Yuri, it is time to get ready."

"I'm not wearing that." I backed away from Sebastian who was currently holding an hourglass figure corset in his hands.

"But it is required, Miss Yuri. It would be wise to co-operate." Sebastian sighed for tenth time. This human was getting too uncooperative for his liking. Perhaps he can kill her? But her knowledge would be too valuable to be wasted.

"You don't understand. You have no idea how unhealthy that is! Look, in my era, it was scientifically proven that these corsets as opposed to the modern ones are deadly! Do you want me to have cracked and deformed ribs, weakened abdominal muscles, deformed and dislocated internal organs, and respiratory ailments? Displacement and disfigurement of the reproductive organs that greatly increased the risk of miscarriage and maternal death?!" Sebastian blinked at the medical jargon swiftly came out of my lip as if practised flawlessly.

"Are all women in your time as intelligent as you are?" He asked, putting his coquettish smile. Perhaps flattery will do.

"It's not gonna work." I swiftly cut through, both amusing and frustrating the demon in front of me.

"I can do this by either force or willingly, Miss Yuri. It would be good for both of us if you do this willingly. I do not wish to use force on women." He explained, walking toward with those corset of death.

"You are a demon. You don't care whether I'm a girl or boy, child or an adult." I replied.

"Correct. But I wish to act as gentleman as possible." He informed, only several inch apart from me.

I was probably being disrespectful by keeping my back to him, but I wasn't interested in engaging in conversation, and since conversation was 40 percent eye contact (or for them, more realistically, 59 percent eye contact and 41 percent invasion of personal boundaries), this seemed a pretty effective way of discouraging it.

Realising there's no way out, I surrendered. Stupid demons and their 'winning you over' abilities. No wonder bibles don't work.

"Promise me you'll do it loose?" I plead.

"If you wish." He nodded.

I took deep breath and out. If someone saw me, it was more like seeing me preparing for my own death (in a sense).

Knowing every seconds was ticking by and knowing the demon butler hated being late on schedule, I quickly succumbed to whatever he prepared me for.

"Mey-Rin." He called as she entered with a shy smile.

"H-hello, Miss Yuri." She bowed as I bowed back (it was more out of habit – Asian thing I guess), "My name is Mey-Rin and I shall be attending to your needs for this evening."

Sebastian exited the room to allow privacy as I sat on the bed and stared at Mey-Rin fidgeting around nervously, "You can just call me Yuri, you know."

"Eh?!" She exclaimed in shock, "I-I-I could never!"

"No, really! I'm not some rich noble daughter or anyone of importance." I informed her, "I'm basically equal to you. Now call me Yuri!"

Mey-Rin hesitated for a moment, stuttering my names in barely comprehensible whisper. I put my hand around my ears in attempt to make out the mutterings, "Y-Y-Y-…Yuri…"

I gave her a thumb up, "Yes, Mey-Rin?"

Mey-Rin smiled back, her cheeks red.

My attention soon diverted back to the corset problem, eyeing it like itself was a devil, "You have to do it loose, OK? Very loose."

She nodded, "I'll try."

I took my hair band to tie my hair into messy knots and walked toward to close the gap. I grudgingly turned around as she fitted the corset around my waist, feelings my stomach was in the waistline and the tightening feelings as my lungs was squashed to form stupid hourglass figure. I couldn't help but put my hand on my stomach to stop myself from screaming.

Of course, as Mey-Rin started to tighten them as loosely as she could, I let out a screeching scream, "GGUUUAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

I better not die because of some corset before 2014. Me and my friends promised to go to Malia in 2014, naming it Malia 2014 and do all the wild things there and even made up what we will put on our grave. Mine apparently with pink coffin with memorial 'High in Malia', my friends — 'Pregnant in Malia', 'Drunk in Malia' and so on.

"I-It's finish." Mey-Rin huffed out, wiping the sweat off her temple.

I found myself staring back at my reflection dressed in beautiful white overdress with pale pink fabric draped at the back and onto the floor. It was a beautiful dress and would make anyone in it beautiful if it wasn't for my overly blue face.

"I-I can't breathe." I squeaked out, fanning my face, "H-How do women even…"

"O-Oh my!" Mey-Rin panicked, "But I did this as loosely as I possibly could! S-should I loosen them more?"

"Mmh hmm." I nodded like crazy, desperate to untie the string but my arms couldn't reach the back. Mey-Rin hurriedly untied the strings and the comfortable feeling returned as I gasped loudly to breathe in my first oxygen since the last two minutes. I bet this was how babies feel after being born.

Today's lesson: appreciate the oxygen.

She undid my curly hair pulling back to sides before tying the loosened string. After it was finish, I collapsed on the bed.

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