A Kiss To My Prince

-Noah's Ark Circus Arc-

Chapter XXI:

Don't Act Countrified

Title: A Kiss To My Prince

Summary: After an incident with all the right intentions goes awry. Will Yuri be able to hand the consequences? Yuri wakes up 125 years back in past in Ciel's bed. Stuck in 1887, she helps Ciel and Sebastian to complete their mission as Queen's "guard dog" and also along the way, everyone who has become involved with her, has somehow gained an emotion they had once lost

Pairing: Sebastian x OC x Ciel with Claude x OC x Alois!

"My name is Yuri Park. There was an incident and I woke up in 1887. Am I mad, in a coma, or back in time? Whatever's happened, it's like I've landed on a different planet. Now, maybe if I can work out the reason, I can get home."

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This chapter contains: 4th Arc of Kuroshitsuji manga 'Noah's Ark Circus Arc' end of chapter 34- 36

"Sorry to make you wait.." The doctor told, "You're..Black, Smile and Krystal, I see." He then simply stood up, proving his disability was but a ruse.

"So what Joker said was true." The man smiled, "But even worse than cops that can't be bought, we have the rumoured Queen's lapdog."

Joker stared at the doctor in shock, "Doctor...you legs...you're walking..."

"My legs? Ah, there's actually nothing wrong with me." He laughed, "Kids like you wouldn't get all jumpy if I just sat down." His eyes then landed on me, "That's some advance medical knowledge there, Miss. Although, it is shame when I thought I had finally met a patron who could understand my ideals."

He simply shrugged, there was no use in crying over already spilt water, "You see, the very thing this Miss said," Pointing at me, "—Is the very true. Since long ago, I have continually developed and experimented in the quest for the perfect artificial limb. And as I result of my research, I succeeded creating the best material possible!" He explained.

"Lighter and more durable than wood, and still possessing the inhuman beauty that is particular to ceramics...I came to create something something that no one had ever made before. However, gathering the raw materials for it is a rather complicated venture, you see."

"So you used human bone." I summoned up, "Animals have more relative thickness of diaphyseal cortical bone" The four gave me a confused look.

"It means, human bones are more light than animals despite the sizes."

"Well, I do not know how you have gathered those information but it certainly sounds about right. You are very educated aren't you Miss, clearly someone who does not belong in this era." For a moment, I feared he had found out about where I was from, "A mind of an aristocrat but a body of a woman. It is certainly a waste."

"Of course not, I'm much clever than you. It's you, who should regret over wasting many of your life to study something that's hardly discovered to its full extents." I retorted, he laughed agreeing.

"So you understand the beauty of my creation, do you Krystal?" I do not know how you would answer to that question.

"Yes, that's right. And I can only obtain them here." The doctor continued.

Ciel's blue eye widen in horror.

The spectacle man walked over to one of the cages, leaning on it with a smile. "This way, I don't have to trouble myself with their disposal either. Isn't it the best recycling scheme you can think of?" All of what the man and I have told finally registered to Joker—

—That the very prosthetic limb on him, something that enabled him to protect his loved ones, was from the dead children he-no, they had been told to kidnap. All this information mixed with sorrow and guilt made him retch several times.

"Wha...what did you see us...as...?!" He shouted once finished coughing up more vile fluid.

"Here we go again, Now, don't reject them like that. When the truth of the matter is kept in the dark , everyone praised them as magnificent." Doctor scolded lightly while opening the cage he had just been leaning on.

Reaching inside, he pulled the ragged clothes, dragging out a little girl with light blond hair with same dazed expression. "But the Baron was different. He was a wonderful patron, one very much motivated by the pursuit of beauty. He provided me with a abundant amount of materials and endless funding."

The medical worker continued speaking as he threw the child over to the replica sacrifice altar.

"Don't you agree that the best materials are essential to creating the best works? There's no success that comes without its sacrifices but to the fools in this society." The Earl stared as he watched him lay the girl down on the altar.

"They say cows bones are acceptable but human bones are not?" Then, the flashbacks of him in that same position returned to him. No matter how much he struggled or kicked, they held him down the helpless boy he used to be. He saw the knife raised.

Doctor raised the sharp kitchen knife high in the air, "Who decided on that?" He stabbed it violently with same excited expression just like that masked man had as blood splattered in the air, tainting it red.

I couldn't help but touch my face as something cold, sticky and smelly splashed across my cheeks. It was strange, I once remember reading in psychology book that if something traumatising happened to you, you either break down or just calm. Too calm.

I guess I was the quick compartmentalise one.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Ciel screamed loudly, covering his ears as the memories devoured his sanity to the core. Nausea consumed him suddenly. He covered his mouth in a failed attempt to block the vomit which just seeped through his gloved fingers. Once done, the young man reached out as his vision showed him the laughing spectators: that masked men and women in front of the cage he used to be held inside. Maybe he still was.

Then a pale but familiar hand grasped his own and pulled him into something warm.

"Are you OK, Ciel?" I soothingly asked, pulling him into my embrace and circled my arms around his waist, "Don't burden yourself with everything. When it gets tough, lean on others. Ask for help from your friends — don't act so countrified."

So, I loosened his eyepatch, "You've saved me so many times already; this time I need to save you." as it revealed his Faustian contract on his hidden eye and twirled him to Sebastian.

"The path ahead of you will be arduous and it will be painful. You will lose beloved ones, and experience utmost loneliness. It will be more barren and dim than in the desert for it will seem like you have the world, but in truth, you will not be able to gain anything. But, still… you must endure it. All right? Endure it. Endure it to the end."

"Yuri...Yuri..." Then, his eyes snapped open more definite, glaring at bored Sebastian, "SEBASTIAN..KILL THESE GUYS!" He commanded strongly.

The demon had lifted us both in his arm as his free hand pierced through the physician's heart surprising the man. Unfortunately, I was taller than the Ciel and that meant I had a nice view of it as well.

"Eh?" The man muttered surprised to see a hand pierced through his own stomach.

Sebastian then proceeded to the Baron, who was very much alive, from the light wheezing from the bandaged man. He raised his foot and bashed Kelvin's head in, ending his clingy, leech-like life finally.

I quickly got down from Sebastian's hold before going to the cages, unlocking and guiding the broken children out.

"It is done." Sebastian informed.

"Burn it." Ciel ordered, "Yuri, don't bother with them."

I glared at him, "Your order specifically stated to rescue the children." Finally, I managed to get the second cages open before heading to the third as quick as I could.

"YURI, STOP IT!" I ignored him, alighting his anger further like feeding oxygen to fire.

"How could some people's lives be worthier than others?" I retorted, "Do you have to have a grand reason to live? Even if I don't have a reason to live, I live because my eyes open in the morning. Because I still breathe. Why? If a person doesn't have a reason to live, does that mean she can't? If living like this is embarrassing, then I'm embarrassed right now."

"..Then what do you think they will become? Do you ever think they will be normal? Like before?" He snorted, his face scrunched in pain.

"No." I simply answered, "The living should continue living on. That is life."

"Son of the prostitute Karen Taylor. No entries on his real name. Cause of death: blood loss...today the 9th of February 1889." William summed as various tapes began to play out in front of his eyes.

"No particular further notes." The death God stamped Joker's record with 'completed' stamper.

"Sheesh, what is personal affairs thinking?" The spectacle wearing man turned around to look at a man lazily sitting down on the chimney.

"Looks like you took offence after all. Ronald Knox." The blond man smiled as the said man checked his wristwatch, "Even though I tried to get here really fast. Still..." He jumped down the chimney, "Perhaps you are just disappointed that it was me?"

"No." William replied, "I had a bad feeling that I'd have to look after that thing today as well...I'm lucky that it was not him.."

"Oh, right. It's Mr. Sutcliff you mean." Knox said, "He went off on another mission looking abnormally happy. Um, where was it again?"

"The Phantomhive manor?"

"Yes, yes, that's the place!" The subordinate glanced at his Record Book at that assignment. "Sure looks like things would've been easier there~!"

William adjusted his glasses. "That is unfortunate for both you and him." He commented sarcastically.

"I say! Because you bring emotions into your work, you expend more time and effort. The duty of we Grim Reapers is to judge and retrieve souls in accordance with the list that is distributed to us from the higher ups. That is all."

"Furthermore, even the judgment itself is a formality — the target can be removed from the list only when they are judged to be have been one 'who has the potential to be beneficial for this world.' But the number of humans who have that sort of value is few to none."

Ronald stretched. "Then what do you say we hurry up and get those confirmations out of the way quick?" he suggested in a bored tone, "I'm doing on a group date with the administrative division, you see. Besides, I've always been of the anti-overtime school to begin with."

"Although, the suppose death among the majority of those scheduled for judgement is death by fire however," William mentioned, "Are interrupted.."

"Geh! Are you for real?" The blond yelled with surprise.

William's eyes landed on a certain woman, "It seems she had interrupted the suppose death however, it would be a fruitless attempt as no one can escape death. It will soon come back and kill them all."

Knox laughed looking down at the person he was 'glaring' at, "Is she the one who stomped your pride as man? I'd say she and I would get along rather well!" The blond grim reaper went to laugh even more, imagining how he would've been sulking after not even being recognised as man.

"Knox.." He hissed.

"Righto! I'm raring to go!" Knox said, bringing out his Death Scythe which was a lawn mower. "Being strictly against overtime on principle and all."

"Ronald Knox. What is with that Death Scythe you have there?" Spears questioned, noticing the different looking scythe than usual.

"I've obtained permission for it, as I'm on good terms with the girls in the administrative division." He mindlessly answered.

"Well then, let's hurry and retrieve the souls so we can clock out on time."

"Roger!" With that both jumped down to collect the wandering souls.

Meanwhile among all the chaos, a brown horse was pulled to a halt. Freckles stared up at the burning manor with a wide light blue eye.

"What..." Freckles stuttered before hurriedly jumping off the animal and running towards the entrance. "Brother! Brother Joker!" The androgynous girl tried to get inside only to be put off by angry heat and fire. His eyes than landed on several figure walking out of the door.

Ciel and I were safely tucked away in Sebastian's embrace.

"Black? Smile? Krystal? Why're guys here...what happend? Brother is..."

"Dead" The butler simply answered with a smirk.

"Eh...?" Doll ran up and grasped our arms, "Hey, Smile! Krystal! Say something.."


Ciel slapped away the girl's hand harshly with disgust, "Don't you dare touch us so freely! Only her...only her is the only one!" With that, he gripped my sleeve tightly.

The suddenly outcast girl stared at him with stunned look by his sudden coldness and absent of any happy personality.

The butler patted his shoulder in comfort. "Under the orders of Her Majesty, the Queen, we were in pursuit of the culprits behind the serial child kidnapping."

The tomboy took a step back with0 that information, confirming everyone's suspicion, "So you guys really were with the yard? To capture us..."

"No, that is not right." The demon corrected with a smirk. "We came to eradicate you. The Queen's watchdog. Phantomhive" Then the realisation of the paper with 'Ciel Phantomhive' rushed forward, gasping in realisation.

"No way...Smile is..." All the flashbacks of sharing food, being fearful, waving happily child, "Are you saying it was all all a life? Everything...EVERYTHING!" She then grasped my arm painfully, "Krystal, you were with them?" I flinched, not because of her strength, but from the guilt.

"Tell me..everything you did...—"

Ciel quickly backhanded her away much more harsh and louder slap rang like a piercing screech, "I TOLD YOU DON'T TOUCH HER SO EASILY!"

I gasped, bringing my hands on my mouth to contain shock, "Ciel! What's wrong with you?" I grabbed his flinging arms before he does more harm.

He then glared down at the pitiful Freckle, the contract glowing bright with fire. "I killed them." There was no doubt in his words, only truth could be heard to her.

The pitiful girl let out a cry of woe, tears filled her eye as well as hate and angry that reminded Ciel of himself very much. That, he could sympathise with her.

"Never..forgive you..you won't get away with this!" The young woman sobbed, "I'll never ever..I'll never, ever forgive you!" She looked up and glared at us three. Her hand slipped behind her to the bag at her side and pulled out a dagger from inside. "I will never forgive you, Smile!"

Time seemed to still as we watched her stand from the ground and raced towards us, dagger poised to kill. Ciel looked on with indifferent, not feeling pity — anything, but rage, at all. His heart was frozen at the moment as he was still blinded by his thirst for vendetta for what happen to him years ago. But he pondered for a brief second if he would have care if he wasn't.

He found himself frowning for a moment, after all the time they had spent together, an attachment was formed. He is a human afterall.


With small thud, a Funtom candy fell onto the ground ominously.

On a hill some distance away, Undertaker watched the burning manor from atop his black carriage. In between his fingers was a bone shaped cooking, biting the chunk off, "Heehee...even though I told him...that women is like a butterfly...because you possess great power, you continue to forget more and more that weight of the irretrievable — dragging down my kind Yuri into such complications." He played with chains of dangling brooches with engravings of date: 13th July 1866.

"How many times have I given you and the others the same warning? Huh? ..You will realise that once it's too late that if you don't hold onto the angel tightly, she'll fly away.." For a moment, his green eyes flashed toward the angry red that was lightening up the dark forest, the world, with its bright hue, "Earl Phantomhive."

"Ahhh" On the opposite hill was several figures was watching the large smokes and red fires lightning and sticking out like a sore thumb among the dark abyss.

"What shall we do?" The familiar person asked to the other, both using binoculars; simply watching the goings-on with the mission of reporting to Queen Victoria later.

"We are just supposed to report while watching." Charles Phipps told to the Grey, "I am surprised you know what is going on when you seemed to have been looking at the woman at the scene."

Grey pouted and pulled the binoculars from his eyes, "Hey~ I'm not the only one, Charles. You were the one who she gave her name too. That woman gets on my nerves you know. Telling us what to do at the Viscount's party."

"..Isn't that why you are interested about her? Afterall, she is different from other women." Charles Phipp soon put the instrument away.

"Come on, Charles. Enough about her, all that matters is Her Majesty the Queen's will." Grey smirked.

"..Even though you think more about her than the Majesty."

"Don't be hypocrite."

Somehow, I managed to waddle to the bathroom, already filled with hot water with bubbles topped with rose petals. When my mind returned to it's sanity, I was currently inside the water, dress carelessly dropped and cast away on the bathroom floor.

Picking up the bubbles, I mashed it together in my hands, staring at it rather wonderingly. Then I slides down deeper into the water, waters now up to my neck as I turned to stare at the inside of the tub; sigh escaped my lip, blinking slowly and my mouth parted open. Then I wrapped my arms around myself, closing my eyes just for a moment of peace.

I rested my head on the tub, arms dangling on each side as I stared at the ceiling mindlessly.

There was shift in front of the door then a voice muffled through the wooden door. From the hesitating streaks, the ever so smooth yet it was not perfect. It was from that, I knew it wasn't Sebastian. His footsteps never makes any sounds and if it does, it is intentional. Sebastian doesn't walk, he glide and he never hesitate. The person who was standing in front of my door was Ciel.

"You can leave." His icy words made my eyes widened but the words wasn't as hurtful as what he told me next, "But the moment you turn around, we are strangers of no relations. Therefore, from that day, you have nothing to do with me."

I bit my lip, trying to swallow those tears that were threatening to drop. I smiled bitterly, what did I expect? He's this kind of person.

"The second someone or something leaves my sight, they become inconsequential to me. I'm someone who's used to leaving people I've been with, suddenly, with no warning. In one instant, people I've lived with become nonexistent. I'm used to that. To me, that's the easiest thing in the world. Whether I ate with them, or attracted to them, no matter how good they were to me, I do not find it the least bit difficult to throw them away. It's the same if someone threw me away. Even if one left without a word. 'Because it's what I do well, they probably do it well too.' That's how I will continue to live. Liking someone to death…I don't know about it more than cats and dogs do."

I didn't say anything despite my mouth about to explode with every swear words known to men. I had much things to say both in English and Korean and perhaps in other languages I picked up from my friends.


'Don't live like that; you shouldn't live like that.'


'Meet a girl like you and suffer.'

'Half of the world are guys.'

And other words you can't possibly say or even hold in your mouth and probably shake the 19th Century era with my scandalous curses.

I guess when you're too useful, people will just use you. I will be the one that will be hurt, especially in a relationship. This guy is on a warpath. I wish he knew how much he betrays the opposite of his words. It reminded me of my friend's cat that was the biggest fraidy cat ever, and he'd puff himself out and hiss at every little disturbance, which sure, can be frightening to an opponent. But it also betrays just how scared he really was — the fraidi-er the cat, the poofier he gets. To an outside observer with a little perspective, say human-to-cat, or in this case, Ciel-to-me, it's easy to see the defense mechanism in play.

When Ciel heard nothing (something he expected) and was shocked when he was replied with nothing but silent, he walked away until my voice stopped him with a surprise.

"Even now...if I say your name three times, will you stop being angry?" I timidly asked, "Ciel one. Ciel two..Ciel three."

On the other side of the door, Ciel's eyes was widened and back of his hand covering his lip with flurry of blush spread across his cheeks as if he still could not stop being wavered and swayed by mere words from her lip. He left in a rush.

I noticed an eerie silence as an answer and sighed.

It wasn't a few minute when the door opened, and for a moment, I thought it was Ciel bursting in angrily asking why I didn't say something spiteful as I usually did. Why I acted unlike me. I turned as Sebastian walked in, wearing his vest only and his gloves missing and sat down on the tub facing me.

His Faustian drawn hands reached out to tangle itself in my damp hair, "..Today was a very tiresome day was it not?" Then he brought my hand up to his lip before kissing it. Another of his teasing?

"You aren't going to comfort me?" I asked.

"I thought you dislikes empty words." Sebastian smirked, every human is same. It is a wonder, how humans cannot be alone for even a second and searches for it, disregarding whether it is sincere or honest, or being used as a mere toy just for those fleeting security.

I pondered for a moment, then grasped the hem of his dark jacket, "Then, can you stay here with me for a moment?"

"Of course." He then lowered himself to dangle on the edge of the tub, "You do not shed tears even though someone you loved abandoned you."

"Did I ever said I loved Ciel?"

He blinked, "I merely presumed since—"

"I said I liked him. Not love him. You shouldn't use that word so easily; there's a big different to those two words. Beside I can't even afford to shed tears right now. Because the act of crying in itself is a luxury to me. Aren't tears like a sweet temptation? Because they bring comfort exactly when you need it. Beside, what difference would that make? Does anyone care about my tears?"

"I do, my lady." Sebastian replied suavely, playing a role of knight in the shining armour, "If you agree to be mine, I will treasure you that you will have no regret nor such sadness."

"If you don't know how to treasure things like feelings, why would you treasure anything else?" I countered back smoothly then added a warning, "If all you can see in your eyes is yourself, you'll end up with nothing one day."

The moment those sentence left my lip, his eyes turned to that of his demon heritage.

"How many time will you refuse me, a noble demon? A weak, inferior human." He glared down, his canine flashing in his warning. Then without a warning, he grabbed the back of my neck and pulled them toward his mouth. I yelped when I felt something sting on the said skin.

Something wet and thicker other than water trailed down my struggling arms, tainting the water and the bubbles with red. I could see the clear water was turning crimson. It was like dropping thick red paint onto the water, slowly spreading out.

He had bit me.

I could hear him gulping down greedily in my ears — the sound of my blood. My hands grabbed his hair, tugging his scalp to pull his sharp fangs away but my frail human strength was a mere child play compared to his and it was his way of saying, he had power over me and the one who stops this, will be him.

When he took his fangs away from my neck to look at me, I saw his lip was covered messily with my blood. His tongue slipping to lick away the surrounding area of his mouth.

"..Ah..sweet." He mockingly smirked.

Unknown to the both, as I spat out empty threats, failed to notice a spider had crawled on top of sulking Earl upon his bed that undoubtedly, tonight he will be sleeping alone. His eyes rested on a tome he held up in his knees yet he had been on the same page for some time now.

The tarantula, ever so quiet and light on its many legs, pit-a-pat toward the Earl's neck. It's effect was immediate, Ciel's whole body froze, tome dropped from his hands onto the floor with a thud and his eyes became glassy compared to that of a doll.

For the eyes were the window to the one's soul — his eyes, giving glimpse to its empty shell of body absent and deprived of its spirit, mirrored nothing but bottomless pit and blank reflection of the surroundings of furnitures.

I huffily marched out of the bathroom with unmoving intent of acting as passive and usual (just to clarify his words meant nothing at all) as I sneak a peek into his room. My eyes landed on his limp form, believing he was sleeping, I crawled onto the bed, tired and somewhat traumatised with all the day events. I just wanted to go to sleep early.

Sebastian soon entered the room, his face cleaned of blood yet retain healthy glow not seen before as he helped me to get comfortable in the bed all while I threatened (much to his amusement) with a pillow.

"Young master." He called, disapproving the way Ciel seemed to have fallen asleep with his clothes on.

Ciel did not reply.

"Ciel." I called, frowning as he doesn't answer back to our call.

The demon butler, suspicious, touched his master's cheek, realising the coldness he felt in his fingertips were far lower than usual human body temperature. It almost reminded him of a corpse. His eyes widened when, from the action Sebastian initiated, the young Earl's face lifelessly rolled to his shoulder.

This is...—