Part One of Two: Hey Mr. Lifeguard

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She never knew that it could possibly get so hot.

Her clothing stuck to her thin frame, as the sweat that now covered her body, clung to it. She raised her arm up to wipe the sweat off her forehead. Rachel couldn't begin to express how glad she was that Kurt had brought up the idea of going to the pool that day. It was their first week on summer vacation and it seemed as though the sun had most definitely come out to play. The heat slowly became unbearable forcing everyone in town to begin brainstorming ways to cool themselves off. Kurt's idea was brilliant and in no time, she and all her friends packed up Blaine's van and headed to the largest outdoor pool in Lima.

That was where she had first noticed him; that dimpled smile, his big brawny shoulders, his chiseled chest covered by his uniform, his large biceps, his short styled brown hair; and those eyes; these small yet breath-taking hazel eyes that never seemed to stop shinin

She saw him the moment she walked onto the pool deck. He was helping a little boy tighten his life-jacket, quickly glancing up right at the moment that she began to gaze at him. Their eyes met, giving her a chance to look into his. She couldn't help the shivers that flew down her spine. He was the most gorgeous man she had ever seen. However, just as quickly as he had looked up, he turned his attention back to the young child, pulling it away from Rachel.

Once this mysterious lifeguard finished helping the boy, he stood back up to walk towards the lifeguard chair. Their eyes met for a second as his eyes scavenged the area. Again, she held his gaze for two seconds that felt like 30 minutes, her body blushing at the smile he gave her before returning to work. Rachel could not help the frown that appeared when she lost eye contact.

Glancing down, she immediately became embarrassed. What was she wearing? For some reason, the suit that she considered appropriate for the pool suddenly became horrendous. Rachel looked like a child with the frilly pink one-piece that modestly covered her body.

Who would be attracted to a girl who looked like this?

Realizing that her friends were on the other side of the pool deck, already cooling off inside the pool, Rachel scurried to join them. She jumped into the refreshing water and swam over to Kurt's side. Not wanting to get his hair wet, Kurt simply lay against the edge of the pool watching everyone splash around in front of him. He didn't care what they did, as long as they didn't get a drop of water on his freshly styled head.

"Who's that guy over there?" mumbled Rachel as she lay back, alongside Kurt.

Lowering his sunglasses, Kurt looked over to area in which Finn was sitting down in his chair, observing everyone enjoying themselves.

"That's Finn Hudson. 21 years of age and hopelessly straight and single. Oh, and he's the new lifeguard," explained the thin brunette.

"Finn Hudson," quietly repeated Rachel. It was as if she was registering that name into her mind, as well as absorbing all the information Kurt had just laid down for her. She couldn't help the small smile that came with it.

"Does Rachel Berry have her eye on someone?" questioned her best gay, raising an eyebrow at her.

Stealing one more glance towards Finn, Rachel ignored his question and replied, "Kurt, can you take me bathing suit shopping?"


It was another boiling hot day in Lima, Ohio. However this time, instead of letting out a groan as she checked the temperature, Rachel couldn't help but grin. This weather was the perfect excuse for her to appear at the pool that was hopefully being watched by her now favorite lifeguard.

She hadn't been able to get Finn Hudson off her mind since the moment she had laid her eyes on him. In an instant, the man had become the object of her affection and she wanted to do everything she could to be his.

With that thought in mind, she slipped on her new bathing suit. Rachel couldn't wait to see his expression when he laid her eyes on her. Well, that was if she managed to find a way to lure him into actually doing so. She was never one to go after guy's that caught her eye, since well, most of the time she ever got her heart broken or she was simply too busy with getting her name out there. However, things felt different about Finn. She wanted to impress him. She wanted to take a chance, because something in the way he smiled at her or the way he behaved with the kids made him stick out to her. Finn Hudson was definitely not like the other boys she knew.

"Are you coming out of that changing room or do I need to drag you out?" called out Santana, into the practically vacant room.

Rachel was still sitting in her little closed off dressing area, pulling together the confidence to step out in the bathing suit that Kurt had helped her pick out. She didn't even know bikinis as small as this one even existed. Rachel had been hesitant when he had first thrown it at her, but once she tried it on, she had felt amazing. It fit her like a glove, and dare she think it, Rachel Berry felt sexy. It was a flimsy two-piece black bikini, that barely covered her most private of parts. She was extremely glad that she had maintained her workout routine in the mornings so that her body was fit for this kind of suit. The scandal that bikini itself held by the sheer lack of fabric, oddly gave her some confidence. She felt untouchable in it, but yet as she was about to walk out, all of that disappeared.

What if she was laughed off the pool deck? What if she couldn't even catch Finn's eye? The more she questioned, the more anxious she became. It was Santana's voice that had snapped her out of it, forcing her to finally get up and open the changing room door.

"Damn, Berry. You look good," complimented Santana, eyeing the petite brunette.

Rachel couldn't help the blush that quickly rose to her cheeks.

"Thanks," she squeaked, turning to walk out of the small room.

The minute she walked onto the pool deck, it felt as though all eyes were on hers. Rachel could see the jaws of boys surrounding the water, drop. However, she ignored all of them, bringing all her attention to the one guy that mattered; Finn Hudson. His chiseled body seemed to glisten as the sun reflected off the water droplets covering his body; he must have just come out of the water. The looks that the guys, and even some of the girls, were giving her fueled her confidence as she strolled right over to him, sat down and dipped her legs into the water. Rachel threw her head back, as if absorbing the sun's ray, but in reality, giving Finn a better view of her toned body.

To her dismay, he simply walked away, not uttering a word to her. It took every ounce of acting skills that she knew to not let a frown slowly grow on her face. Instead, Rachel just pushed herself into the water and began to swim around. It took her by surprise when she collided with another body.

"Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry," apologized Rachel, looking up to see an absolutely gorgeous boy look down at her.

"It's okay. I wish more beautiful girls would swim into me," teased this unknown boy, looking her up and down. She couldn't help but feel grossed out under his gaze. He was looking at her as if she was some sort of prey that he was waiting to pounce upon.

Her first instinct was to slap him upside the head, but a certain mischievous side of her, probably brought on by her new confidence, yelled at her to do the opposite. Instead, she placed her hand on his shoulder, and batted her eyelashes at him.

"Oh, how sweet are you," she chuckled, her legs still kicking to keep her afloat.

"Probably not as sweet as you taste," retorted the boy, a devious smile plastered onto him. She didn't even notice that he was slowly getting closer to her.

"You'll just have to find out," teased Rachel, closing the gap between them. She could feel the boy leaning down to kiss her so she quickly ducked down and swam away, leaving the boy confused and floating there on his own.

There was no way that she would allow him to lay another hand on her, but she was definitely hoping that Finn had caught an eye of the sight. However, to her dismay once again, Finn was too busy giving his attention to the young kids. She didn't even notice that Finn was continuously stealing glances at her, whenever he could get the chance.

"Rachel! Get over here!" exclaimed Mike, motioning for her to join the rest of the group.

Looking back one more time at Finn, Rachel swam towards her friends. They were all chatting together about their plans for the rest of the summer, not noticing that she was completely distracted. The only thing that was on her mind was Finn Hudson, and her own plans on how to win his attention.

"Berry! Earth to Berry? You there?" called out Santana, once again pulling her out of her daze.

"What do you want?" snapped Rachel, silencing the entire group.

"I wanted to know if you wanted to bring your ass to Breadsticks with us after the pool, but apparently your head is somewhere else," growled her gal friend, giving her a glare that could terrify anyone who wasn't used to it.

"Sorry, just some stuff on my mind. I'd be glad to join you guys," accepted Rachel, smiling back at her friend, hoping that she didn't upset her too much.

"Whatever," mumbled a clearly irritated Santana, before turning back to her conversation with Mike and Tina.

Not reacting, Rachel returned to relaxing in the water, as her thoughts refilled with Finn Hudson.

"What was that all about?" asked Kurt, interrupting her.


"I haven't seen you give sass like that to Santana since your 17th birthday party when she insisted on insulting you about your lack of sexual experience during the mature round of truth or dare," continued Kurt, reminding Rachel of that horrid night when Santana looked as though the devil had taken over her when Rachel had finally snapped at her.

"Definitely don't want to relive that moment. How she's one of my best friends, I'll never know," sighed Rachel.

"So answer my question. What was that all about?" continued her friend.

"I have some stuff on my mind, like I said," sharply answered Rachel.

"Does this 'stuff' have anything to do with this new gorgeous yet very revealing bathing suit and the way you keep looking over at that fine ass Finn Hudson?" questioned Kurt.

"Can you keep a secret?" relented Rachel, deciding to tell her best friend about the miniature crush that had begun to sprout on their lifeguard.

"Oh dear lord, Rachel. He's 21 years old!" exclaimed Kurt, causing Rachel to jump on him and cover his mouth, almost sinking him under the water.

Kurt shook ferociously to remove her hands from his face, finally gaining freedom.

"I'm going to pretend you didn't just try to kill me," warned Kurt, getting closer to Rachel," because I want to continue on the topic."

"So what if he's 21? I'm 18, so it's perfectly legal," huffed back Rachel, now turning her body to face the staircase leading out of the pool.

"You're crazy, you know that right?" chuckled Kurt, irritating Rachel.

Rolling her eyes at him, Rachel climbed up the stairs and pulled herself out of the water. As she began to walk over to one of the patio chairs, Rachel looked up and finally caught Finn's eye. He was looking right at her, a smile on his face. His adorable dimple was prominent, only making his smile that much sweeter. She could feel her body reddening under his gaze, as he took in the sight of her in the bikini. Not wanting to seem like she was staring, she lowered her eyes and laid herself down onto the patio chair. A part of her was hoping that he would know approach her but to no avail; she was left laying there on her own.

Operation Skimpy Bathing Suit didn't work, but hopefully something else could. The only question was what?


Rachel was a sucker for Sarah Puckerman's pout. When the young girl had approached at her the mall begging for her to replace Noah as her babysitter for the following evening, Rachel couldn't help but comply. She was the cutest little thing, and absolutely nothing like her older brother. The young girl had always idolized Rachel, constantly begging for her to sing for her and play with her ever since the day they met at synagogue. Rachel had babysat for the young girl on multiple occasions, so in all honesty she wouldn't mind taking care of her once more.

However, her partial excitement to babysit Sarah all disintegrated when Aviva announced that Sarah would be going to the pool with her friends that night and would need Rachel to take them. That would mean that Rachel would have to go see Finn again in the pool, but she had no plans in her mind for this encounter. She just hoped that everything would go smoothly and she would not make a fool of herself. Oh, and she decided to skip on the skimpy black bikini.

Once she and Sarah arrived at the pool deck, she let the young girl quickly change before they entered the pool deck. Rachel had decided to out on swimming that day, and just relax on the patio chairs. It wasn't too warm out that day as the cool breeze helped freshen up the air. Instead, Rachel arrived with a pair of short shorts that elegantly emphasised her long tanned legs, and a simple v-neck t-shirt. She decided that simple would be best.

Once she got the kids into the water, without hassle surprisingly, Rachel went to go lay down. The sun was blazing; the heat warming up her tender skin. She loved this feeling of total bliss as she simply relaxed, releasing all thoughts from her mind. With sunglasses on her face, Rachel closed her eyes and continued to sunbathe, allowing the children to play in the water. However, she didn't even get five minutes of relaxation before she was interrupted by someone stealing her sun.

Irritated, Rachel sat up and pulled off her sunglasses, turning back to yell at the intruder.

"Excuse me? Can you please move out of the way? I'm trying to get some sun," she barked at the person, before widening her eyes at the realization of the identity of the figure.

Finn Hudson had a playful smirk plastered on his face, as he raised his eyebrow at her.

"Oh, er, umm, I'm sorry," she stumbled over her words, stunned by the beautiful man.

"Maybe you should concentrate less on sunbathing and spend more time watching the kiddies," offered Finn, the smirk not leaving his face.

She couldn't help the red that rushed to her cheeks, as he embarrassed her. However, she was more offended than flustered. Who was he to judge her babysitting skills?

"And who are you to judge?" she spat back.

"Oh, just an expert babysitter. I sit here almost every day watching kids. I'm pretty sure your eyes are supposed to be open," teased Finn, his dimples becoming more prominent as his smile refused to disappear.

"I'll have you know that I'm an excellent babysitter. I was just relaxing a little bit," she retorted at him, frowning and crossing her arms to emphasis her seriousness.

"Well Mrs. Excellent Babysitter, just a word of advice. Waters dangerous, so keep your eyes open," he said, taking a step closer as if he dared her to challenge him.

She didn't understand why but the sudden proximity, send shivers down her spine. Along with that, came a sudden burst of confidence. Her goal was to grab Finn Hudson's attention and here he was, speaking to her. Rachel needed to milk everything she could out of this conversation.

"Instead of giving me advice, why don't you teach me, if you're so well-versed in the arts of watching children," playfully asked Rachel, shooting him her own smile.

"I just may have to," chuckled Finn, before turning to walk away, shocking the petite brunette.

"Wait, where are you going? What about my lesson?" called Rachel, watching as he walked away from her to return to his lifeguarding chair.

"Enjoy your sunbathing," shot back Finn, sending her a grin over his shoulder before bringing all his attention back to his destination.

Her stomach now churning, Rachel laid back down onto the patio chair. There was nothing she could think of that could wipe the grin off her face. Finn Hudson had just approached her and spoken to her. They looked right into each other's eyes without it being a simple glance. They had teased one another. What had even brought up that confidence to tease him? All she knew was that Finn Hudson was having an effect on her that she couldn't wrap her mind around.

"Rachel! I need to go to the bathroom!" exclaimed Sarah, pulling her out of her thoughts.

Time to be a great babysitter, Rachel thought to herself.

"I'm coming!" she replied, getting up from her chair and motioning for Sarah to get out of the pool.

Rachel helped lead the girl off the pool deck and towards the bathroom, grabbing one more glance at Finn before the area disappeared. Again, a smile appeared on her face.

Today was most definitely a success.


The skimpy bikini came out again.

It had now become a regular thing for Rachel to attempt to return to the pool as much as she could. This time, it was due to an invite from Kurt for another group outing. Since her dads had refused to allow her to get her license yet, she had taken Kurt up on the offer to drive. The only word that could describe it was awkward. Rachel knew that her best friend wanted to interrogate her for more details about her miniature crush on the lifeguard. However, she avoided every attempt to talk about him. There was nothing going on, and it was best to leave everyone out of it. She didn't want to know them to know how badly she was trying to gain his attention in reality.

When they finally arrived at the pool, Rachel rushed out of the car. Avoiding any questions from Kurt, she walked straight to the deck and found herself a patio chair. Before sitting down, Rachel looked around and saw Finn seated in his usual place. Though their eyes didn't meet, she thought of a way to attract his attention. It was something that she would usually never do, but as she learned from experience, her bikini had given her the confidence to do it.

Without hesitation, Rachel pulled off her shirt, revealing the bikini underneath, and then continued undressing without taking a second to see anyone's reaction. In her mind, this was all for Finn and no one else. He must be able to see her from his seat.

Now only standing there with a two thin pieces of fabric covering her most intimate parts, Rachel laid down onto the patio chair; her now usual place. Slipping on her sunglasses, Rachel pushed the outside world from her head and allowed herself to enjoy her thoughts of Finn.

That is, until Kurt pulled a chair up right next to her.

"What are you doing just sitting here?" asked Kurt, causing Rachel to lift her glasses and look at him.

"What do you mean?" questioned Rachel, confused by his statement.

"Why aren't you over there talking to him if you want him so badly?" continued Kurt, glancing over at the object of Rachel's affection.

"I can't just walk over there..." she retorted.

"Sure you can! You should have seen his face when you became stripper Rachel and started pulling off your clothes," explained Kurt, "What was that even about?"

"Did he actually?" mumbled Rachel, a large grin taking over her face as she ignored his second question.

"Just go over there and talk to him," groaned Kurt, pushing her off the chair.

Stumbling off the chair, Rachel walked straight up to him, swaying her hips in her bikini. It was all about confidence and she needed to make sure that her illusion came through. Finn was this man, who was so comfortable in his own skin, and she didn't want him to think as some immature high school girl.

"Hi," she said to him, once she reached his chair.

"Hi," replied Finn, his familiar smile glowing.

"What are you up to?"

"Umm...working?" he answered, raising an eyebrow at her as if she just asked him the dumbest question, which she basically did.

"Oh right," flushed Rachel, embarrassed at the stupidity of her question.

"You come here often," pointed out Finn, his smile still prevalent.

"I guess I love taking a swim," chuckled Rachel, attempting not to stare into his beautiful hazel eyes.

"Well I like your suit," teased Finn, shooting her a wink.

She swore her legs almost melted at his comment. Scarlet rose to her cheeks, and she couldn't help but giggle. Within seconds, Finn Hudson made her feel like a giggly little girl instead of the confident woman that she was attempting to portray, or even embody.

"Yours isn't too bad itself," she winked back, gently placing her hand on his knee.

When he didn't move her hand from his knee, Rachel couldn't help but look him in the eye and see his intoxicating smile still in place. There was a connection there, she could feel it.

"So about that babysitting lesson?" spoke up Rachel, ending the silence that had taken over them when they had made the physical contact.

"Lifeguard! Lifeguard!" exclaimed a voice from behind Rachel.

They both looked out towards the screaming voice, which was a little girl leaning over a younger boy who had slipped on the pavement, injuring himself. Finn instantly jumped out of his seat and grabbed the first aid kid.

"But -" muttered Rachel after him.

"Duty calls," he grinned at her before jogging towards the child on the ground.

Rachel watched in awe as Finn calmed the child, taking care of the apparent scrape with a gentle touch. The boy had stopped crying, and was now just sitting there watching Finn do his job. He was so good with kids, instantly bringing a smile to the kid once he was done. Rachel saw his lips move, aiding her assumption that he had most likely told a joke or something similar to attain that smile.

Not wanting to wait around for Finn, in hopes of not seeming desperate, Rachel walked back over to Kurt and her friends. Her grin was wide, and hard to miss. That minor interaction with the boy who had taken over her thoughts had brightened her day.

They were finally making progress.


She was determined to have an actual conversation with Finn Hudson; no interruptions, no emergencies. Her entire life, Rachel was known for the determination and drive that basically defined her personality. Once her mind was set on a goal, she would do anything in her power to achieve it. Luckily for Finn Hudson, he was now that goal.

However, she needed a plan. When Finn was on duty, he gave all his attention to the pool and it's surroundings. Rachel had to admit; he was quite good at his job. It seemed as though he had an instinct for helping others, which only added to the list of reasons why he made her heart skip a beat when she laid her eyes on him. Though they hadn't spoken too much, Rachel knew that Finn Hudson had a huge heart. It was obvious that he was one to care deeply for others, and she couldn't help but ache to be one of them.

As it had now become routine, Rachel was heading over to the pool. She was sporting her favorite purple sundress, that clinched to her waist, with her hair let down. Knowing that she had no intention of swimming that day, she skipped the bathing suit, concentrating on looking good for her plans for the day. Looking into the mirror that morning, Rachel couldn't help but feel pretty, which only increased as she imagined Finn smiling at her attire. She really hoped that she'd get to see his dimpled smile take over his face once more that day, specifically with her as the reasoning.

Once she arrived, Rachel's eyes searched the pool deck for the tall man, frowning when he was not present. Instead, an olive-toned boy with a mohawk was sitting in his place. The boy had a smirk on his face as she approached him; his eyes immediately looking her up and down. She couldn't help but feel like a piece of meat under his gaze, causing her to cross her arms over his chest.

"Hello," she greeted him, once she reached his chair.

"What can Puckzilla do for you, stunner?" smoothly replied the lifeguard, raising an eyebrow at her.

"Puckzilla? What kind of mother name's her child that," scoffed back Rachel, amusing herself with the scowl that instantly appeared on his face.

However, his expression changed from annoyed to amused quickly.

"Feisty. I like it," he grinned.

"And not interested in you," she growled at him, irritated with his forwardness. It was definitely not a quality that she found attractive in the young man, "I'm actually curious as to where the other life guard is. Finn Hudson?"

His eyes widened. Then, taking her by surprise, he burst into laughter.

"You are interested in Huddy? Are you insane? He doesn't date, and what are you? 16?" chuckled Puck, not taking her seriously for a second.

"18 actually," she retorted, her eyes tightening into small slits as she glared at him, "and I never said that I am in interested in him. I just wanted to speak to him."

Puck's laughter got louder.

"And I'm the Queen of England."

She scoffed at him, having enough of his jokes.

"Can you just tell me where Finn is? I need to talk to him," she exclaimed, out of the blue, causing his eyes to widen in shock.

"Whoa, princess. Fine, I'll tell you where he is just don't get your panties in a knot. He's in the back taking his 30 minute break," finally answered Puck, putting his hands up as if to protect himself.

Hearing him give her the answer that she was seeking, Rachel smiled at him.

"Thanks, Puckzilla."

With that, Rachel skipped off towards the area which she assumed to be the backroom. She peeked inside the room, that was completely white with some tables sitting in the middle of it. However, the decoration didn't matter as soon as she laid her eyes on a tall brunette with a smile that could make anyone melt.

Taking in a deep breath, she swung the door open. As she entered the room, Rachel watched as Finn kept his head down, chomping down on a presumably home-made sandwich. This was her chance. Not speaking a word, Rachel sat down right across from him and smiled.

"Hi, I'm Rachel Berry."

His head shot up, as his eyes widened at the sight of her.

"You're not supposed to be in here," quickly growled Finn, looking her straight in the eye.

"I just wanted to talk in private" frowned Rachel, hoping that her pout would maybe convince him otherwise. She's been told before that its irresistible.

As if he was reading her mind, Finn's eyes softened, a smirk beginning to appear.

"Well I guess since you're already in here, Rachel Berry" he relented, slightly smiling at her.

She couldn't help the wide grin that took over her face, at his words. The sound of her name rolling of his tongue was a magical sound. He said it so gently that she mentally began wishing that he would just say it over and over again. Rachel Berry. Rachel Berry. The way his dimples appeared while saying it, and the way his eyes brightened as he smiled.

"Rachel?" asked Finn, waking her up from the quick daze that she had fallen into.

"Yes?" she smoothly replied, pretending like she had not been distracted.

"Nothing," he shook his head as if whatever he was thinking was invalid.

There was an awkward silence, as they both smiled, neither one knowing exactly what to say.

"So why did you want to talk to me?" began Finn, taking a bite of his sandwich.

Rachel mentally slapped herself. She had never thought of what to answer if he had asked her that exact question. She had been too busy planning exactly how to find him, not thinking it would be this simple.

"Well..." hesitated Rachel, an idea finally hitting her, "you still have some babysitting lessons to give me."

"Oh, I was just kidding around that day," chuckled Finn, "I'm sure you're a great babysitter."

"You look like you're great with kids though; all those times you run to children's aid without even a hint of hesitation. It's an admirable trait," replied Rachel, her smile not leaving her face, especially after watching his face scrunch up as he laughed at her comment. He had such an adorable laugh.

"I've always loved working with kids. I'm actually hoping to become a teacher, life guarding on the side," explained Finn, furthering the conversation.

"Well if I was ever drowning, I would most definitely trust you to save me."

"I'd hope I could save you or I would be a pretty bad life-guard, wouldn't I be?" teased Finn, raising an eyebrow at her.

She wanted to melt right there. Every word escaping his soft lips were causing her to adore this man, more by the second.

"I hope we never get the opportunity to find out," retorted Rachel, looking him in the eye.

Finn didn't reply, he simply took a bite of his sandwich. There was a comfortable silence surrounding themselves, as they sat in the room on their own.

"What kind of teacher would you like to be?" inquired Rachel, giving him a genuinely interested look.

"Definitely elementary school. I know what high schoolers are like, and I'd rather not give myself grey hair early by dealing with them," honestly answered Finn.

From that moment, their conversation went on for what felt like hours, as they discussed any topic that came to mind. Though Finn didn't understand every word in her vocabulary, Rachel enjoyed sharing this mature conversation with him about life and their futures. She felt as though as she was really talking to a man, though the fact that he was 21 and already in college helped with that a lot.

Suddenly, Finn quickly began gathering his belongings.

"I'm sorry but I have to go. I need to get back to the pool," sternly declared Finn, pointing to the clock behind her.

Knowing that this was his first priority, Rachel simply smiled at him and allowed him to put everything away without uttering a word. She watched as he practically ran to the door, but suddenly halted once he reached it. Finn then gently turned his body and smiled at her.

"It was nice talking to you. Thanks for sneaking in, Rachel Berry."

"Any time" she squeaked back, not expecting his comment.

With that, Finn shot her a final smile before heading out the door.

Rachel couldn't help but decide that the pool had definitely become her new favorite place to hang out. Especially if it meant that she could have more conversations with Finn Hudson.

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