Summary: Emmett disagrees with his family, especially Edward,for leaving a heartbroken Bella behind after her birthday incident, so he decides to return and care for her.

" I wouldn't have left her like you did!"

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" Alice and Jasper are back from their hunt. Do you want to head out and drain a couple of caribou? Alice told me there was more than enough for us feed on for a year out here," He heard a voice say, chuckling near him.

Emmett looked up from the book he had been lazily reading, and stared into the eyes of the beautiful blonde Rosalie, that was his wife. She stood at the door their bedroom with her arms folded over her chest, a small smile on her lips.

They had arrived in Alaska three months ago to live with Denali Coven, after their departure from the small town of Forks, Washington.

It had been three months after Bella Swan's eighteenth birthday party, where they were all supposed to have a good time.

She had already received her presents from Rosalie, Jasper and himself- a car stereo that would no doubt add 'panache'- as Alice put it- to her poor excuse of a vehicle.

Edward had gotten her some cd with a recording of the songs he had played on the piano for her- a gift in Emmett's opinion was a little dense, considering there were a million other things he could have gotten her since they were practically rich; not to mention most girls liked getting stuff like jewelry or perfumes.

But then again, the Bella Swan he had come to partially know, wasn't like other girls.

Alice, Esme, and Carlisle were the last to give her their present- a pair of plane tickets for her and Edward to visit her mother for a the weekend.

A paper cut on her finger appeared as she struggled to get around the wrapping- and all hell broke loose.

" Yeah, sure," He replied grudgingly, and tossed the book onto the bed next to him, rising from the bed.

" Are you okay?"

Emmett saw the concern in her deep dark eyes as she asked this, and quickly took her hand. He nodded his head a little, clearing his throat.

" I'm fine. Let's go,"


Emmett drained what had to be the tenth caribou that afternoon, dropping its carcass to the ground. He removed the blood from his mouth with the sleeve of his black sweater, just as Rosalie approached him from behind. He felt her wrap her legs around his torso, as well as her arms around his neck, and turned his head slightly to receive a kiss on his cheek.

" That has to be the hundredth caribou you've sucked dry today. What an animal," She purred into his ear.

He hadn't been thinking clearly, not since earlier that morning. As he hunted and fed off of the animals of the tundra, he couldn't help but think of the small, frail brunette back in Washington. He didn't know why she was on his mind- she shouldn't have been; not the way he was thinking of her.

She was hurting- he knew that much. Edward broke it off with her and announced to the family that it would be best to leave Forks immediately- that it was for Bella's own good. But for some reason, Emmett couldn't help but think differently.

Was leaving Bella back there the best thing to do?

" I guess I'm just..really hungry today," He replied stiffly, and Rosalie released herself from him, staring at him. Emmett averted his eyes away as she looked at him with those same concerned eyes as before- only now they were more aggravated than anything.

"Tell me what's wrong Emmett. You're never like this! God, did I do something to make you upset?" She implored, distress evident in her voice.

Emmett sighed. " hasn't nothing to do with you Rose,"

"Then what is it?" She pressed, taking his hand in hers.

" I've been... thinking about Bella,"

" What?" She asked increduously, the words seemed foreign on his lips.

" I've been thinking about Bella," He repeated. " I don't think.. leaving her was the right thing to do,"

Rosalie gawked, placing her hands on either of her hips. He knew Rosalie would be furious- but frankly he figured he didn't really care. He would rather her know now, than leave her completely in the dark. She deserved to; she was his mate after all.

" You can not be serious Emmett,"

" She has to be broken right now Rose. I mean the guy she fell in love with left her for good; even the people she was starting to get to know as family. Do you really think leaving her was the best alternative for Jasper's mistake?"

Rosalie fumed, folding her arms over her chest. " That's not our call to make. Edward did what he thought was best. The human is safe now, and soon she'll forget all about Edward and the rest of us,"

" It's not that easy Rosalie. You of all people should know what it's like to feel alone like that," Emmett turned away from her as he caught the surprised expression on her face, prepared to leave.

" W-Where are you going?"

" To talk some sense into Edward,"


" Where's Edward?" Emmett demanded to short strawberry blonde standing by the front door- a taller platinum blonde stood at the right of her, chuckling before she turned her attention to the muscular vampire.

" Still sulking upstairs in his bedroom. Even when I did my best to cheer him up, he still wouldn't bulge," The shorter vampire, Tanya replied, rolling her golden orbs.

He snorted. She of all people would try something like that. She was attracted to Edward even before they settled in Forks-but he never showed the same feelings.

" Why do you ask Emmett? Is something the matter?" Tanya's older sister Kate inquired thoughtfully, her eyes averting to where his blonde mate should have been.

He stalked past them both, and with his inhuman speed, dashed through the house and up the stairs to the room Edward had been given. Pushing open the door, he saw his brother sitting on the bed, his face in his hands as he hunched over. Edward looked up then, and looked into his brother's eyes with a painful expression.

Before he could even question why Emmett had barged into his room, Emmett interrupted him.

"You need to go back to Bella,"

"You... you know I can't do that,"

" She needs you Edward. She loves you. Leaving her was just about the stupidest thing you could have done,"

Emmett noticed the pained expression had darkened now, into one that was of anger.

Of guilt.

" Trying to protect her. Her family and friends. Give her the freedom of living a normal and healthy human life, is not stupid!"

" I love her, you know that! Jasper lashing out like that was a wake up call for me. It showed me just how much of a danger we are to her, and I'm not about to risk getting her killed to be with her,"

Edward rose from the bed and glared into his eyes. "Where is this coming from Emmett?"

" Do you honestly think it's going to stop? Just because we left doesn't mean she's going to stop being a danger magnet! She's even more vulnerable now than ever; an easy target to anyone, any vampire to kill!"

Edward lashed out at Emmett and forced him into a wall. He gripped his neck forcefully with one hand while he held his other at his side. Emmett glared at his older brother as he pinned him- unharmed, but more irritated at the fact that he was being more shallow and ignorant than logical.

" It's better this way! Why can't you see that?" Emmett watched the door thrust open, as the rest of his family poured in, with the exception of Rosalie and the Denalis.

" Let him down Edward," Carlisle demanded, but Edward didn't listen. He searched his eyes, wanting to know this reason behind all of this.

Emmett kept his mind occupied with an image of he and Rosalie hunting to block Edward from reading his mind, and that only angered Edward even more.

" Please Edward, stop this!" Alice pleaded.

Emmett shoved the bronze-haired man away from him, sending him hard onto the floor, leaving a dent in the middle. He looked around, realizing they all had obviously heard every word that was said. He rolled his shoulders and glared at the vampire that was now on his feet, clenching his hands at this sides.

" If you fucking loved her, you wouldn't have left her alone like that! I wouldn't have left her like you did!" He spat-sick of his brother's pleas to try to get him to understand his perspective.

He left the room immediately, towards he and Rosalie's. He grabbed his traveler bag that he barely touched when he got there and hoisted it over his shoulder, but not before he noticed Esme and Carlisle come into the room.

" Emmett-"

" I'm leaving, so don't try and stop me,"

" Emmett, please be reasonable about this. I know you may not like the fact that we left Bella behind, but if Edward think-"

" Edward isn't right in the head, because if he were, he would have considered all the hell he was going to put her through if he left,"

He was leaving, and that was the end of it.

He was going back to Forks, Washington; and he was going to look after the small and clumsy brunette he had come to know, as Bella Swan.

He didn't turn back, not even when his family, and finally Rosalie had tried to confront him.

If his family wasn't going to support him on the matter than he might as well dismiss them of the title.

But that didn't matter now; all that mattered..was getting back to Bella.


He arrived in Forks no later than two days, traveling on foot- and went straight to her house. It hadn't been hard to find. He remembered riding there with Edward to pick her up- when James had been after her and Edward requested he assist him.

The problem was, he didn't even know if she were there or not. From the looks of it, her police chief dad wasn't, and her rusty-looking orange truck was no where to be found. He groaned then, realizing she must have been at school, seeing as he did get there early in the afternoon.

That's when he noticed the truck pull up on the side of the curb. He stood there motionless as she parked- not realizing he had been standing in her driveway. He watched her slam the door forcefully, and round the truck to the back, prepared to walk up the path to the front door; holding her bag in her hand.

When she caught sight of him- she dropped her bag to the ground, dumbfounded.

" E-Emmett? W-What are you doing h-here?" She looked even more frail than before. He almost couldn't recognize the brunette in front of him already, even if it were only a couple of weeks. She looked afraid- fragile, like she would break at any moment.

Emmett took a step forward. "I came to see you,"

He was in front of her in less than a second then as she stared, and looked down at her with saddened eyes. The ones that bore into his almost broke his still heart.

" W-why?" She choked, her eyes already watering.

He was right. Edward's decision to keep her safe was not only stupid, it wouldn't even be effective. She would be back in Forks, sulking and crying every second of the day- her energy would drain from her body sooner or later.

And it would only be a matter of time before she would give up on herself completely- he just knew it.

He embraced her then, wrapping his arms tight around her to let her he cared.

He wasn't going anywhere.

She didn't struggle, or even pull away; just stayed in that position sobbing then as he held her. He squeezed his eyes shut,as if he could feel exactly how she felt at that moment. She was in pain; she needed someone there for her, and he wasn't about to let his brother's decision ruin her.

" He's ...he's r-really gone i-isn't he?" She sobbed in his chest, and he held her tighter, resting his chin on her hair.

" Yeah...but I'm here,"

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