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Harry walked through the station ignoring the stares around him. It wasn't any of their business how he decided to dress or look like. He was done pretending for them.

He had killed the darkest wizard known to the Wizarding Community and he was done doing what was expected of him. He boarded the train without one glance towards the Weasley's. After all, why should he? They didn't let him move in with them when he defeated Voldemort. They shrunk from him, as if they were afraid he would turn on them next. And after that display, he just might have. He hated it when people treated him differently than everyone else. It wasn't right. It wasn't fair.

He found a compartment with one first year on it, and he jerked his thumb behind him. She scrambled to get up and he nodded after levitating her trunk down and into the hallway. Someone else could play the good student card. But not him. He was done helping others unless it helped him in the long run.

He settled down to read.

About ten minutes into the ride to Hogwarts the door to his compartment opened and he studiously ignored it. He hoped that whoever had disturbed his peace would go away.

They didn't.

Instead he heard a timid voice ask if they may come in. He looked up through his fringe at the newcomer and was startled to find that it was Draco Malfoy. A very, very different Draco Malfoy.

His hair had streaks of black and blue in it and his eyes were lined in heavy black kohl just like Harry's. His shirt was skintight and dark grey and his pants were loose around his legs. He couldn't tell, but he was fairly sure that his shoes were snakeskin boots. He just nodded his consent and went back to reading his book.

Halfway through the ride, Harry looked up and watched the other with intent eyes. He hadn't been heard from after Harry had cleared him and everyone thought he had stayed in his precious manor for good while his parents stayed on house arrest. He wondered why he ad come back to finish his schooling and what had triggered the sudden change in his look. Although he couldn't really ask, after all he had changed a lot after the end of Voldemort as well, and he didn't want people asking about it. The reasons behind it were just too much for him to really handle at the moment.

As he watched, Draco began to doze on the seat across from him. When Harry was completely sure that the other was asleep, he moved him into a less cramping position. He then moved back to his seat and pulled out his book again.

A muttered thanks came from the blond and he let the corner of his mouth twitch upwards as he continued to read.

As the train started to slow, Harry gently touched the other on his upper arm, knowing that he would wake up at the small touch. He did.

"We're almost to the school. You need your robes on."

"Didn't you read the letter? You don't need robes, you're seventh year was fucked up. Anyone that was seventh year last year and going back to finish school don't need robes unless they want to wear them."

"Oh. I guess I didn't read that part. I tend to skim since the letters since they usually have the same information on it from year to year." Draco nodded and sighed while getting up. He winced as he moved his legs out of their current position.

They unboarded together and stayed to the shadows behind everyone else. Draco went in with the rest of the student body. Harry waited until the sorting was over to walk through the large double doors.