Lin's favourite place in the world was in Tenzin's arms. Specifically, lying in Tenzin's arms while he was asleep, after they had had sex. And fortunately for her, she got to be in her favourite place very often.

Lin smiled, looking at her boyfriend's sleeping face. Although during the day, she made it clear to everyone that Tenzin was lucky to have her, it was only when the world was sleeping when she thought to herself that she was incredibly lucky to have Tenzin, who was in her opinion, quite possibly the most perfect man in the world.

She shifted a little in his arms, so she was on her side. She traced the tattoo on his arm lightly with her finger. Her theory was that once you dated an air nomad, you could really never date someone who wasn't an airbender. Nothing in the world was quite as sexy as air nomad arrows, in her opinion. And that probably explains why Avatar Aang and Katara were together for practically their entire lives. Fortunately for Lin, she was dating the last airbender, and would be together with him forever. That thought made her smile.

Her thoughts drifted to their childhood, when Tenzin had first asked her out. She giggled softly remembering his shy and clumsy confession. Granted, I was pretty mean to him back then. It must've taken a lot of guts for him to do that. Then again, I'm still mean to him, but I know he secretly loves that. She sighed softly, remembering what a dorky kid Tenzin used to be.

Now he's pretty much the sexiest guy in all of Republic City. And he's mine, she thought, smug. Tenzin was clueless, but she saw all the looks he got when they were in the city. Especially on hot days when his sleeves were rolled up and his arrows were showing. Which went back to her theory that air nomad men were the sexiest men. Though, she'd never tell that to Tenzin, of course. It might get to his head, you know?

She kissed his cheek lightly, so glad he had picked her out of every other woman chasing after him. Not that I was chasing after him, of course. He was chasing after me.

"Lin? You awake?" Tenzin mumbled, her kiss having woken him up.

"Mmm," she replied, looking into his eyes.

"I love you," he said, grinning sleepily. He leaned in and brushed his lips against hers before falling asleep again.

"Love you, too, Tenzin," she murmured, blushing a soft pink.

There really was no place she'd rather be than in his arms.