Janet froze, her heart stopped, her pulse raced as she and Eddie locked eyes. His deep brown eyes, every emotion he was feeling pouring out of them. A mix of anger, sadness and relief and in one look Janet felt them all. Eddie called out to her as a small smile spreading across his face, as fear and horror spread across hers. But there was also a sense of calm, a sense of home just seeing him again and for a moment she forgot that this huge lie of omission was sandwiched between them line the cream in an Oreo cookie. They were suck in a trance together, their eyes locked until his gaze shifted found its way to her protruding belly. Janet instinctively rested her hands there, turning here body away from him. So desperately trying to hide what couldn't be hidden. Wishing she has that damn sweater after all. No he couldn't see her, not now. She was still so conflicted about what she was going to do, choosing to just ignore it all until the baby came. She heard the ping of the elevator door opening, snapping her out of her thoughts. She reacted on instinct, flee or fight. She ran, pushing Jessie out of the way, knocking her into the wall as she jumped into the

elevator and frantically hit the door close button. As if in slow motion she watched Eddie make his way to her, a pained shocked look in his eyes as the doors slowly closed. His voice calling her name echoed through the marble lobby.

Janet leaned in to the corner of the elevator, her arms braced on the brass rails and took several deep breaths, trying to calm her shaking body and rapidly beating heart. For a few minutes she was safe. What was happening, how did he find her, she had been so careful. She had covered every base, making sure every road would lead Eddie to a dead end. She knew Jessie would never betray her, but then again maybe she did. The last few weeks she stopped pestering her to "Do the right thing" and "tell Eddie the truth" Maybe Jessie did call him. Anger mounted in Janet's mind and she walked down the hallway to the apartment slamming the door behind her. She went to her room and started packing her bags, not really knowing where she intended to do next, where intended to go. Finally giving up the idea of leaving, realizing there was nowhere to hide. Eddie knew, he saw it with his own eyes. Janet sat on the sofa, numb waiting for what she knew was coming. The gig was up, the illusion she had created for herself, the denial the fear, the worry, it was all coming to roost. Just like Hannah said it would. She had no choice now, she would have to tell him the truth.

Eddie stood there in shock surrounded by Jessie and Hannah. He had seen her and she had seen him and she ran. Again. She looked him dead in the eye and still ran away. God she looked beautiful, all tan from the summer and glowy. Her belly, her hair, everything about her, called out to him. And then she was just gone. He frantically pressed the elevator button, trying to will the doors to open.

"Eddie, that's not going to make it come any quicker. Just relax!"

"RELAX Jessie! I have been relaxing, waiting worrying. And here I am 10 feet from her and she RAN! And you, helping her!" His tone was thick with anger and accusation, quickly putting Jessie on the defense.

"HEY, she is my sister, and I will have her back regardless if I agree with her or not. Your hands are not clean in all of this either Eddie, lets not forget that!" He opened his mouth to object, but realized that Jessie was right. Jessie saw the look on his face soften, and she felt bad for him, what a mess the two of them made. "I tried Eddie god knows I tried, but I couldn't make her do something she didn't want to do and guess what either can you. There is way more to this story then you think there is." She rested her hand over his, stilling him. Jessie looked at Hannah "How much does he know?"

"He knows everything, and a few things you don't."


"Like...She never slept with Rooster, he lied the baby is mine." Jessie could not believe what she was hearing, all the drama and the tears were all for nothing. She smiled broadly thinking about Janet finding out this very important piece of news.

"Seriously? Eddie and Hannah both nodded as Jessie started to hit the elevator button as anger pitched a tent in her mind. "SERIOUSLY! That low down son of a bitch and to think I have felt bad for him all this time, because he has been in love with her forever! Wait until I get my hands on the sketchy little bastard! If you only knew what Janet has put herself through these months. And now it was all over a lie." The elevator doors finally opened and the trio made their way up.

"How has she been..."

"Hannah, worse then after mom and dad died, worse then I have ever seen her. I was worried the first few weeks that she wouldn't come out of it, but thankfully she finally did. It was after her sonogram, she wasn't really eating or taking care of her self and the doctor told her that stress could cause a whole mess of trouble. It kind of knocked her out of it."

"Jessie, why didn't you call me, I mean really… I have always considered you my friend…"

"Hannah, I couldn't break Janet's trust, she asked me not to and I promised her I would. She is the only person in the world I trust and vice versa. I wanted to call you, a million times. I even called Eddie once, god I was grateful when I got your voice mail."

Eddie tension mounted with each floor, people getting in an off the elevator slowing them down. "Jesus Christ, I should have taken the fucking stairs."

"Cool down Eddie, you aren't Hail Eddie anymore, twelve flights of stairs would have taken you some time or killed you." Hannah joked trying to lighten the mood. The elevator doors finally opened on Jessie's floor and they followed her to her door.

"Now, Eddie, you need to keep your head. Seriously."

"I know Jessie. I know."

"I know you know. But knowing and doing are two very different things." Eddie nodded. "It's nice to finally meet you by the way." She gave him a warm smile and he nodded again. "Ok here we go." She slid the key in the lock and opened the door for it to be stopped by the chain lock.

"Jesus Janet come on?" Jessie implored. Janet froze, unable to lift her body off the sofa.

"Janet open the door. This is stupid." Hannah called out. Eddie stood there silent, body tense, waiting to hear her voice.

"Hannah, Jessie could you two… I don't know… go somewhere else." They looked at him blankly. "Please." They finally nodded and walked a few yards away leaving Eddie and Janet with the door between them.

"Ok, Janet... I get it, you don't want to see me, you have made they very very clear but you are going to hear me. You know for weeks I was so angry, hating on you for leaving. At first I was confused but then I put it together pretty quickly that you were pregnant. So this whole time knowing that you were out there somewhere, carrying my baby and I couldn't see you or talk to you it made me nuts."

"Eddie...The baby..." Janet interrupted, reaching the moment she was dreading. "I think it's Roosters"

"Janet its mine, you and Rooster you never slept together. I mean you slept together but you never had sex with him. You passed out and he lied." His words rendered Janet speechless as silent tears fell from her cheeks. She stood there clutching her belly as relief washed over her. "If you had any clue what Hannah and I have done trying to find you. You would think in this day and age... would you please open the door Janet." Janet pushed the door closed, and unhooked the chain lock, finally opening the door for Eddie. They stood there silent and Hannah and Jessie watched, waiting to see what was going to happen next.

"I never had sex with him?" She asked wiping away an errant tear.

"No Janet you didn't." Eddie reached out and placed his hand on her belly. "This baby is mine, ours."

"Ours.' Janet whispered in awe of Eddie hand.

"And you have known this…"

"Since the day you left…"

"Oh my God, all this time you knew."

"Yeah." Eddie exhaled deeply.

"You must hate me."

"I did for a while, and then I missed you and then I hated you again. I cant begin t tell you all the things I have felt for you all these weeks but the one thing that I always felt for you was love Janet. I still love the hell out of you. You need to come home. I need you to come home." Eddie voice became choked, doing his best to hold it together as Janet reached up and ran her hand across his cheek.

"Eddie, I love you too but I cant…"

"No, no buts Janet. You are coming home. I don't know what's going to happen with us, but you belong in the Ridge. Your friends are there, I am there."

"Jessie is here, and if you and I are over then, I really don't have a reason to be there."

"We're not over Janet." Eddie said annoyed, she was always jumping to the worst possible outcome.

"You just said that you don't know what going to happen with us." Now she was confused, did he ever say what he meant.

"Yeah, I don't. I have no clue what's going to happen. We have six amazing months followed but four moths of hell. You are stubborn and selfish and you have the worst judgment of any person I have ever met in my life. You don't think you deserve to be happy, you don't believe that you deserve to be loved. And you have made loving you the way a do a nightmare. Most days I don't know if I want to kiss you or kill you. But I do know that all I want is you. So no I have no clue what is going to happen, because you are so unpredictable."

"You're no walk in the park either Latekka, you know. You have more sexual baggage then a Vegas whore house, you think you are walking perfection with your height and your facial hair and baggy jeans. You don't think you will ever amount to more then a fifteen second football play, when you are already so much more then that. And let me to you another thing guy, you never tell me what you are thinking or feeling, so I am left to figure it out, wonder, worry. So I have no clue what is going to happen either!

"Damn it Janet!" He grabbed her, not able to stand the distance between then for another second as he pressed his lips to hers. She tried to push him away, but it was in vain. Once his lips touched hers she was done, lost, unable to keep a valid thought in her head. Jessie and Hannah watched from a safe distance, relieved as they watched Eddie and Janet disappear into the apartment the door slamming behind them.

"You hungry?" Jessie asked with a huge smile on her face.

"Starving and I have a feeling they are going to be… a while."

"Ya think?! There is a diner down the block, makes a burger that will knock you blue."