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Even though the Titans all thought that Robin had left Gotham City with no intentions of ever returning, he actually did visit occasionally. When his team thought he was off on hero business, he was actually at Wayne Manor on family business.

Mostly because, despite the fact he was still upset at the man, he was not cruel enough to leave Bruce alone with his younger siblings.

If he left Gotham as Robin, never to return and just be Dick Grayson, he was sure his family would not be able to stay together. Bruce tried his best, but those kids were just too rambunctious. Which was why Dick had to visit the manor as often as he could.

Even Bruce, with all his stubbornness, admitted that no one but Dick could get the 13-year-old Jason to leave his room for anything more than food. Or get the 11-year-old Cassandra to have an even short conversation. Or help the 9-year-old Tim with his puzzles that he enjoyed so much.

No one was in denial that Dick was the only person the 4-year-old Damian would let hug him. Ever.

Dick was willing to help with his younger siblings. He really was.

Some things, though, was just a bit too much to ask.


On the other side of the phone, Bruce sighed.

"Dick, Alfred is too busy to take care of them, and I'm busy with unexpected League business. I need you to do this."

"Why can't you just take them with you?"

"... I don't think Jason in the Watchtower is a very good idea."

Robin stopped for a moment, imagining his teen brother in an immensely high-tech, confined area... in space.

"...Touché. Okay, okay, I'll do it."

Bruce sighed in relief.

"Thank you, Dick. I know they want to spend more time with you anyway."

Robin started playing with a birdarang as he continued talking.

"Yeah, yeah. When will you be over?"

"... This afternoon."

Robin turned towards the clock to see what time it was.

"... Bruce, it's 1:00!"

"... We'll be there in ten minutes."

A fierce scowl was soon present on Robin's face.

"They know to call me Robin around my teammates?"


"They'll be wearing mirrored sunglasses?"

"Of course."

"Okay, see you in a few minutes."

Putting down the phone, the young hero leaned against the wall, groaning loudly in annoyance. A second later, he was dashing out the door of his room as the realization that he had to warn his teammates about the coming coming rascals hit him.

When he burst into the tower's main room, Cyborg and Beast Boy looked up from their video game, looking the panting leader oddly. Raven and Starfire were distracted from their meditation by the teen, and turned to him questioningly. As he caught his breath, the alien stood up and walked toward him.

"Friend Robin, what is the rush?"

"I need... to warn you guys..."

Cyborg raised an eyebrow at him.

"Of what?"

"... My younger siblings that we are sort of going to babysit..."

Beast Boy gaped at him.

"Dude, you have little siblings?"

"...Yeah... Four..."

As the young teen stared at Robin, Raven walked over to him.

"How young are they?"

Robin thought for a moment how to answer. Deciding that it was safe to say their first names, he spoke.

"Jason is 13, Cass is 11, Tim is 9, and Damian is 4."

Beast Boy suddenly brightened.

"Hey, that shouldn't be too hard! The oldest isn't much younger than us, so he might be able to help with the smaller ones."

Robin shook his head.

"No, no he won't. Jason will easily be the hardest to deal with."

"... How hard?"

"He's the main reason I thought it was best to warn you."

Cyborg glanced back at the TV screen, obviously wanting to get back to his video game.

"So, when are the kids coming?"

The sound of a jet landing on the tower's roof echoed through the room.

"Right now."

As Robin ran to the staircase, Cyborg sighed sadly while turning off his video game. Suddenly, Robin turned around.

"Hey, while I go get them, can you guys hide any knives?"

Beast Boy glanced at the kitchen knives that were a good five feet off the ground.

"They're too high for the little kids to reach, dude..."

"If Damian sees them, he'll manage a way to get them. Since I do not want Tim to get stabbed, it would just be better if you guys hid the knives."

Then he was gone, running to bring their current charges into the tower.

As soon as Robin left, Beast Boy dashed to the knives, and quickly shoved them onto the top shelf.

Meanwhile on the roof, Robin made it onto the roof just as Batman ushered out three boys and one small girl. All four children had mirrored sunglasses hiding their eyes from view.

The oldest boy, Jason, had his hair styled as if he had purposefully messed it up before getting on the Bat Jet. He was wearing a dark red sweatshirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers. He pulled a red suitcase behind him.

Walking directly behind Jason was Tim. The boy had his hair neatly combed, hanging slightly on his face. He was wearing a light blue polo, gray dress pants, and black dress shoes. He was pulling a small black suitcase, clutched the box of a thousand-piece puzzle, and had a small black computer bag strapped to his shoulder.

Behind the young boy was the slightly older Cassandra. Her ebony hair was cut just above her shoulders, and slightly covered her sharp features. She wore a lavender summer dress with shiny black flats. Behind her she was tugging on a purple suitcase.

Trailing behind his older three siblings was tiny Damian. The small child had his hair in a near buzz cut. He was wearing a tee shirt with the head of a cat in the center, blue jeans, and nice white tennis shoes. He pulled a dark green suitcase over the bumps of the Bat Jet's ramp.

When the children saw their older brother, Tim gasped happily and ran towards him, his computer bag banging against his side, his puzzle rattling in it's box, and his suitcase bouncing behind him.


As the boy ran into him, Robin put an arm around his shoulder, giving the child a small hug.

"Timmy, remember that you have to call me 'Robin' around my teammates, okay?"

"Of course!"

Still holding his brother, Robin turned towards Batman.

"Why do they have suitcases? I thought they were only going to be here for the afternoon."

As soon as he was sure Damian was off the ramp, Batman answered his eldest son."

"... I'll be back in a week. If there are any emergencies, call Alfred, who will contact me."

Then he was in the jet and gone.

Needless to say, Robin was annoyed.

However, he hid this so he could help the kids down the stairs and into the tower.

"Why is your tower shaped like a giant 'T'? Any villain can know exactly where you guys are."

"... Shut up Jason."

As they enter the main room, Starfire quickly flew to meet them.

"Friend Robin! These are your little brothers and small sister?"

Closing the door as Damian came through, Robin answered.

"Yeah, this would be them."

Soon all the Titans were surrounding the children.

"So, who's who?" Cyborg asked, craning his neck to see the small kids. Robin did his best to get Tim to not hide behind him, ultimately giving up, before answering.

"This is Jason," The teen rose a hand to signal who he was, a bored expression on his face.

"Cass," The girl gave a small wave.

"Tim," The boy poked his head out from behind Robin's back, and said a quiet "Hi."

"and Damian." The small child merely scowled in response.

Raven looked at the children with mild interest.

"How long are we taking care of them?"

Robin sighed at the question, then answered through gritted teeth.

"Apparently, a whole week."

While most of the Titans looked shocked, Starfire squealed slightly in joy.

"A whole week with the little siblings of Robin? This shall be glorious!"

As the alien princess nearly glowed with happiness, Jason just stared at her. Noticing his brother's gaze, Robin bent over and whispered in the teen's ear.

"Hate to tell you this, Jay, but Star's already taken."

Jason's enchantment with the beaming girl was broken by his brother's voice. He ripped his eyes in the older teen's direction, a slight glare present.

"By who?"

A large smirk was now on Robin's face.


"... I hate you."

Beast Boy, trying to break the current awkwardness, saw the cat on Damian's shirt and did what he knew best as a result; he turned into a little kitten.

The previously annoyed Damian brightened nearly instantly. Abandoning his suitcase by the door to the staircase, the small boy walked directly to Beast Boy, and scooped the kitten up in his arms.

"Since you can turn into a cat, I have decided that you are currently my favorite of my brother's ragtag team."

Still holding Beast Boy, Damian formally walked over to the couch and sat down.

Robin then left the steaming Jason where he stood, taking Tim's hand and leading him towards Cyborg. Once they were in front of the older teen, Robin bent down to his brother's level.

"Timmy, I'm going to leave you with Cyborg. He's really good with computers, so you can show him that program you made. Okay?"

Looking up at the towering half-robot, Tim nearly shrunk down even more.

"... Can he do my puzzle with me afterwards?"

As Robin gave him a look, Cyborg answered for himself.

"Of course, little guy."

Smiling slightly, Tim let go of Robin's hand. He then proceeded to struggle into one of the table's tall chairs, eventually making it in. His laptop was soon pulled out of it's case, and opened up as Cyborg took a spot behind the boy.

Content with the position his two youngest brothers were in, Robin turned back to where he left Jason and Cass.

Only to see Starfire holding Cass's hand, leading the girl to the alien's own room, Raven trailing behind silently.

Which left an unsurprisingly angry Jason standing alone, mumbling under his breath and his arms crossed.

Rolling his eyes underneath his mask, Robin walked over to the young teen.

"Looks like it's just you and me, Jay."

Jason groaned in response.

"Can you just show me to my room?"

Smiling slightly, Robin led Jason to one of the tower's many spare rooms. As soon as the door was opened, the younger teen pulled his suitcase in, then ran to the bed, collapsing on it. He then took off his sunglasses, leaving them abandoned on the floor.

"You can go now."

"Are you sure you don't want me to tell you stories about the Titans and me?"

"... Yes."

"Alright, I guess I'll just organize my case files..."

As Robin started walking away slowly, Jason bit his lip, then called out.

"Dick... could you tell me about that creepy Slade guy that you never want to talk to Bruce about, no matter how many times he asks?"

Robin was back in the room seconds later, locking the door behind him and discarding his mask next to Jason's sunglasses. He then jumped onto the bed, and enthralled his brother with stories of his team's victories.

Four hours later, the young teen was still just as interested.

"How'd you get him to let you go?"

"I affected myself with the same probes that the Titans had. It was either turn them off, or I, his 'apprentice', died right along with my team. Once those dumb things weren't being used as leverage anymore, we were easily able to defeat the creep."

Jason stared at his brother in awe.

"That's freaking awesome!"

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

"Hey, Rob, we were thinking we could take the kids out for pizza."

Grabbing his mask off the the floor, Robin jumped from the bed and headed towards the door as he answered.

"Great idea, Cyborg. Jason and I will be out in a minute."

As Cyborg's heavy footsteps moved away from the room, a quiet "Yea!" was heard from Tim.

Opening the door, Robin turned towards Jason.

"You coming?"

His sunglasses were on in a second, and a second later he was standing next to his brother.

"Duh, I'm not missing pizza. Bruce hates it, so I never get any!"

Laughing, Robin left the room, his brother following him. As soon as they entered the main room, Starfire flew up to them.

"Friend Robin! Your little sister is most adorable, and quite enjoyable company. However, she would not speak with us! Was Raven and I doing something wrong?"

"No, Star. Cass rarely talks. I have to ask, though... What exactly did you do with her?"

His question was answered when the girl came up behind him and tugged on his cape, making him turn around.

Robin was rather surprised to see Cass with her short black hair in dozens of small ponytails.

"... Never mind."

A moment later, Beast Boy was running up to him.

"Dude! That little kid would not let me go! And when he turned on the TV, he was watching some boring documentary!"

"That is the consequence for turning into a cat around Damian. Thanks for that, by the way. I haven't seen him that happy when Batman wasn't training him in ages."

As he finished speaking, Damian walked up to him and put his hand in Robin's own gloved one, not even looking up while doing so.

When the group walked into the garage, Cyborg and Tim were already at the T-Car, waiting for them. As Robin was helping Damian into his seat, Cyborg confronted him.

"Rob, why didn't you tell me your brother is a genius? He made a highly complicated, fully functional computer program... by himself."


"Then we worked on his puzzle, and he got about half of it done; we were only working on it for ten minutes!"

"Not surprising."

Soon both Damian and Cass were strapped into the car. It was then, as he was helping Tim in, that Robin realized a problem.

"Guys... there are not enough seats for all of us."

Cyborg looked into the car.

"Well, what do you know. Even with the seat belts I added to make it to the highest capacity instead of just what is comfortable, we still need two more spots."

Jason looked up suddenly upon hearing the words. His head then turned to Robin, then to the R-Cycle, then back to Robin.

A moment later, Jason was catching the spare helmet that Robin tossed him as as they climbed onto the custom motorcycle.

"We'll meet you guys there."

As the motorcycle raced out of the garage, Jason threw his hands up and gave a whoop of excitement.

The rest of the night went without incident, though the kid-friendly movie they watched upon returning from pizza made Jason roll his eyes behind his sunglasses many times, and loud huffs could be heard from the young teen throughout the whole movie. Soon, it was time to get the children into bed.

Since Jason was the only one who had not gone off to do other things upon first arrival, first the other three children had to be assigned rooms. After that mess was wrapped up (Damian had complained that Tim had a larger room then him, and that this was wrong because he was obviously of far more importance than the older boy. He never seemed to realize every room was the same size.), he convinced them all to get into their pajamas.

After giving them fifteen minutes to do so, Robin started going around to the different rooms to turn off the light, youngest to oldest.

Which meant Damian was first.

When Robin slowly open the door to the young child's room, he found his littlest brother organizing papers at the desk in the corner of the room. He had to stop himself from commenting on how adorable the child was in his footy pajamas with a cat tail and a little hood that had cat ears.

But Damian was beyond adorable. The annoyed scowl that was almost always on his face wasn't even enough to ruin it. In fact, that might have even made it cuter.

A few minutes later, he was closing the door to the room. Cass and Tim also went without incident, not arguing at all when he came in.

Jason had yelled for about thirty minutes, but he eventually tired himself out, and Robin was able to leave knowing his brother would sleep.

When he reentered the main room, he collapsed on the couch.

"Well, that wasn't too hard. How bad could six more days be?"

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