This is the last chapter I have written so far. Not sure if I'm going to end it here and jump right into Reconnected. I have an idea for a Nick/Cassie moment (not a romantic one) that's definitely a long time coming. Once I get it written I will know where it should go. Any thoughts on this are appreciated.

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Amanda POV

"8 weeks 6 days" the doctor said. I couldn't protect our baby for 2 month without something happening and I was drowning in guilt. I had shut everyone out and just let Nick hold me. I was slowly breaking and so was he. I knew he had been crying when he came back and I could see his tears now. I could tell that we were both on the urge of falling over the edge when the doctor told us the most incredible thing.

"Amanda is pregnant with fraternal twins which mean the babies each develop in their out sack. One of the babies didn't survive the impact of the blows, however, the other one did" he stated.

I couldn't believe what he was saying until he turned the screen and there it was. You could see its head and little arms and legs and he was moving around a lot.

"it's a baby" I cooed excitedly. I looked up Nick who was smiling from ear to ear. He leaned down and hugged me and kissed me and told me how much he loved me. We were so happy yet I felt sad at the same time. The doctor printed out some of the ultrasound pictures and handed them to Nick. The doctor said he'd be back and gave Nick and I some time to ourselves which we needed so bad. There was so much to process, so much to be grateful for and a loss that needed to be mourned.

Nick started blaming himself for not being able to protect me and both babies. He felt guilty for only saving one and I wasn't sure what that meant. He had explained that Robbie thought that the reason why Nick seemed to get the brunt of the beating was that the bond was a protection bond which meant if I was in danger, Nick would get between whatever it was that trying to hurt me. It made perfect sense since Nick was definitely a protector but it bothered me that he felt so guilty. I assured him it wasn't his fault and that these things sometimes happen with no reason why. He seemed to lighten by the time the doctor returned. Dr. Stern had put me on bed rest and gave me a list of things I couldn't do or eat. I was upset about the herbs but grateful for the coffee.

The doctor said I was due July 5th. I did the math in my head and that meant that we conceived the first night we made love after the winter solstice party. That seemed weird to me but I wasn't going to question it. We were both safe and our baby was healthy. I had enough of my plate I wasn't going to add that too. I would not be able to have my August wedding so I would start planning a New Year's eve wedding. I wanted to run it by Nick first but that would have to wait. He had a broken nose which the doctor reset and he had needed a few stitches in the cut over his eyes. He also had an ultrasound to make sure his stomach wasn't hurt. When he had lifted up his shirt and revealed the huge bruise across his stomach. I cringed when I saw it and couldn't help but think that Robbie was definitely onto something with his theory.

Deborah POV

Watching Nick go back into that room was gut wrenching. I had never seen him like that and I was honestly scared about what he may do once the shock of it all wore off. Robbie, who I could tell was worried, was sitting next to me in the waiting are consoling me and talking me down from doing something stupid myself.

"When we get home I'm going to Faye's" I said angrily.

"that's not going to do any good Deborah and you know it. You already hit her, what else can you?" Robbie said.

"I don't know hit her again, make her feel like shit for murdering an innocent baby, kill her" I was rambling.

"Calm down Deborah. She already lost her power which in essence is killing her. The one thing she relied on is gone. All her friends are not speaking to her I think that's enough punishment without you doing something you would regret" Robbie said quietly as he rubbed my back.

"You're taking her side?" I looked at him bewildered and angry.

"No I'm on the I don't want my girlfriend to do something stupid side" he said a half smile crossing his face. I just sighed. He was right. We noticed the doctor leaving Amanda's room with the nurse. I figured Nick would come out when he was ready to face us. The poor guy. I couldn't imagine what he was going through. Adam had come out into the waiting room to give us an update on Cassie.

"She was in an out of consciousness for a while but she's alert now. She has a concussion, a few broken ribs and needed a few stitches on her face but she's going to be ok" he said sounding so tired yet so relieved. "I'm so glad she's going to be ok" I said. "thanks Deborah. How's Amanda?" he asked then I realized Adam didn't know. I couldn't tell him or I would lose it. Thank god for Robbie. He explained everything to Adam from Amanda and finding out she was pregnant through his theory about the bond.

"how's the baby?" Adam asked with genuine concern in his voice. He was looking at me and I just shook my head. I couldn't speak.

"oh my god" was all Adam could say. He was also in shock. "How's Amanda holding up?" He asked.

"we haven't seen her yet but if its anything like how Nick was a little while ago then not good" Chris said quietly.

"what do you mean?" Adam said.

"Adam, Nick broke down in front of us and everyone in this waiting area" Diana said and Adam of all people knew what that meant.

"We need to keep an eye on him over the next few weeks" Adam said and everyone nodded.

"And keep Faye as far away as possible" Suzan added and everyone agreed.

I saw the door to Amanda's room and Dr. Stern came out and walked over to us with a blank expression which wasn't unusual "you guys can go see Amanda now if you would like" he said. Diana thanked him and we all took the short walk across the hall. The 2 second walk took forever because I was so afraid to see what kind of condition they would be in.

When we got into the room the lights were dimmed and Amanda was lying on the bed and Nick was sitting in a chair holding her hand and leaning over to her whispering to her.

"hey" she smiled weakly when she saw us all coming through the door. "how are you feeling?" I said going over to her and giving her a quick hug.

"hanging in there" she said quietly. I hugged Nick.

"how are you doing?" I asked with deep concern.

"I'm alright" he replied and there was something in the tone of his voice that made me believe him. Nick went to say something and Diana interrupted him.

"you don't have to say anything Nick. It's ok" Diana said with pain in her eyes.

"No Diana I do. We are ok and need to explain to you guys what happened and what's going on" Nick said.

"the doctor did an ultrasound and it turns out we were pregnant with fraternal twins" nick said solemnly and I could see a few tears escaping Amanda's eyes.

"I'm so sorry" Diana said and I was fighting back tears.

They not only lost one baby but two. I was about to break. Thank god for Robbie's arms around my waist he was steadying me. You could hear the sniffles coming from everyone around me except for Nick and Amanda. They must be in shock.

"There is some good news though" Nick said.

"Good news? How can this be good news?" I snapped and I could tell Nick was trying to suppress to a laugh.

"Well only one baby didn't make. The other survived" he said smiling a weird smile.

"What?" "are you serious?" was what was going around the room.

"Here, take a look" Nick said handing me a strip of paper.

I looked at the paper and sure enough there was what looked like a little bean shaped baby with arms and everything. I could no longer hold back the tears. I passed the paper around. I went to go congratulate my cousin but he was having a moment with Amanda. He was wiping a few tears from her eyes and she whispered something to him I couldn't make out. He nodded and kissed her passionately. It was nice to see that they seemed somewhat back to normal.

"Before we all get sentimental and shit we have a few more things to tell you" he smiled. "Dr. Stern put Amanda on bed rest for the next three weeks so Deborah, you are on Amanda duty when I'm at the shop" he laughed. I just nodded knowing that she was going to be a difficult patient, trying to get her to stay still was going to be a job in itself that I wasn't getting paid for.

"any circle meetings are going to have to be held at our house at least until Amanda's next appointment in three weeks" he said and no one objected.

"Lastly, I hope you guys have no plans New Years' Eve because you are all invited to a wedding" he announced proudly.

"that's if the doctor says its ok" Amanda added beaming up at Nick.

In that moment I could tell that the bond was not weakening at all. It was only getting stronger and I hoped that the strength of the bond would be enough to protect them from whatever evil the Grays had planned and I sensed that it was going to be the fight of our lives.