Jenny's Office

1000 Hours

Assistant Director Owen Granger lazily sits behind Jenny's desk. "I could get use to this." Granger smirks.

Cynthia, who is standing in the doorway observing him. "Don't get too comfortable Owen." She inwardly snickers at him.

Down in the bullpen, Tony, Ziva, and McGee sit behind their desks, playing solitaire. "I hope there's a case soon as Jenny walks out of that elevator." Tony sighs from boredom.

"Remember she wants to see us up in her office sometime today." Ziva reminds him.

"Forgot about that." Tony grumbles.

"I highly doubt that she will." McGee smoothly answers.

Tony glances down at his watch. "Gibbs has been out of the building for more than an hour."

"Remember Gibbs rarely goes to Starbucks anymore." Ziva nods.

"Maybe the diner closed and Gibbs had to go someplace else." McGee shrugs.

"No there's more to it Probie." Tony ponders rubbing his chin.

While Tony ponders the fate of his team leader's where a bouts, unknown to Tony and the others, Gibbs had met Jenny at the airport a few hours early, instead of heading to headquarters, the pair go back to the house. Quickly they undress and make their way up to the bedroom, where Gibbs throws Jenny down on the bed. "Since you've been a major tease on the phone, I get to pick the position." Gibbs smirks.

Jenny wraps her ankles around the back of his thighs and pulls Gibbs on top of her. "You better come up with one fast, we only have an hour." She seductively purrs.

"Pirate's Bounty!" Gibbs answers with a Cheshire Grin on his face.

"I nearly passed out from that in Paris last February." Jenny protests.

Gibbs gets into a kneeling position and brings Jenny's left leg over his right shoulder. "I know!" Gibbs mischievously answers.

"Oh god!" Jenny cries out with pleasure as he buries himself deep inside of her.

"You're going to be saying more than that by the time I'm done with you."

Slowly Gibbs begins to move against her. "Don't drag this out you son of a bitch." She moans out.

"Trust me I'm dragging this out."

Jenny grabs on to the comforter as he rocks inside of her over and over again. "Yes!" She screams out with pleasure.

Back at headquarters, Granger is standing at the balcony looking down at Gibbs empty desk. "Agent DiNozzo how long has Agent Gibbs been away from his desk?" Granger shouts.

"Don't know haven't kept track." Tony shouts back.

"When he gets back tell him I want to see him in my office." Granger snarls and storms back inside of the office.

"1300 hours can't get here soon enough for me." Tony grumbles.

"Now I'm getting concerned, Gibbs has been out of the building way too long." McGee frowns.

"Maybe he's visiting Fornell, to pass the time before Jenny comes back." Ziva surmises.

"Either way, like it's going to matter what Granger does to him, Jenny will be running the show the minute she steps off of that elevator." Tony grins.

Back at Gibbs' house, Jenny in full orgasm is begging her husband to climax. "Jethro come on." She screams out in ecstasy.

"A Pirate's bounty isn't suppose to beg."

"Jethro!" Jenny screams arching up against him in a wild frenzy. With a final thrust, Gibbs climaxes inside of his wife falling beside her on the bed. "How am I suppose to function after that?" Jenny pants.

"You still have the shower." Gibbs mumbles.

"You wouldn't dare."

"Try me!" Gibbs smirks.

Inside the shower ten minutes later, Jenny is clutching on to Gibbs butt as he thrusts harder and faster against her. "Don't stop!" She moans out.

Gibbs finds Jenny's mouth kissing her passionately, feeling Jenny's tongue inside of his mouth, Gibbs groans out. "That's a distraction." He protests.

"Good, because I need you to hurry the hell up so that I can tell off that bastard at work." Jenny seductively purrs running her tongue along his lower lip.

Gibbs quickly gives in, thrusting up against her one final time in a fiery release. "Damn!" He breathes out, putting Jenny down on to her feet.

"Let's see you trying to concentrate in work after that." Jenny laughs grabbing the bottle of shampoo.

"I hope I don't get a case, my thoughts will be having my way with your chest on my boat tonight."

"Miss playing with your toys, while I was away."

"Your whole body is my toy." Gibbs smirks.

"Our first time together in Marseille you were like a little boy in a toy store."

"I had fantasies for well over a year on what I wanted to do with your body." Gibbs drools.

"You weren't the only one; at least one of my intuitions about you was true." Jenny sensuously answers.

"What's that?" Gibbs asks grabbing his personal shampoo bottle.

Jenny touches him below. "Down there genius, it's the reason why you should wear Levi jeans more often, it shows off just as much of your front as it does your ass in the back."

"Did you have to touch me down there?" Gibbs groans.

"You're going to have to control your urges until tonight, I want to get a quick shower and head straight to my office."

"You're looking forward chewing out Granger's ass."

"For over a week, nobody shows me up in my own office."

NCIS Headquarters

Squad Room

1115 Hours

Abby stands in the middle of the bullpen with her hands on her hips. "What do you mean you don't know where Gibbs is at?"

"We don't know where Gibbs is at?" McGee answers.

The bell to the elevator goes off, Gibbs and Jenny step out. "That explains where Gibbs was at?" Tony answers craning his neck towards the direction of the elevator.

Ziva hearing Jenny's voice. "Does Granger know she's back early?" Ziva asks.

"Doubt it!" Tony laughs.

Gibbs and Jenny approach the entranceway to Gibbs' section. "I want to see your team up in my office at 1530 hours." Jenny sharply says.

"You got it." Gibbs smiles.

"Now to reclaim my office back." Jenny snaps and storms off for the stairs.

"Get'em!" Abby cheerfully shouts.

Up in Jenny's Office, Granger has his feet up on top the filing cabinet credenza behind Jenny's desk. "I'm going to remodel this office soon as I take over."

Suddenly the office door slams. "There will be a cold day in hell before you take over for me, Assistant Director Granger." Jenny angrily screams at him. "Get your feet off of my filing cabinet and your ass out of my chair."

Granger quickly gets on to his feet. "You're early!"

"I took an earlier flight in."

"My flight back to LA isn't until 1600 hours."

"Too bad!" Jenny snottily answers and walks over to her desk. "Get your crap off of my desk."

Granger packs up his briefcase. "I guess your-"

"Yes Agent Gibbs and my assistant filled me in on how you disrespected me in my own office." "This will never happen again Owen." Jenny angrily warns him and points to her office door. "It says Director of NCIS on that door, which is me." "It doesn't say Owen Granger."

"Don't you have a four year plan, before you and Agent Gibbs live abroad?" Granger asks.

"Yes, but who's to say that you will be around by then or if Jarvis or the next SecNav will hire you as Director of NCIS, there are better candidates out there beside you." Jenny sweetly answers. Before Granger can answer her, the intercom buzzes. Jenny leans over her desk and presses in the button. "Yes Cynthia!"

"Captain Capshaw on line two."

Jenny picks up her desk phone. "Captain Capshaw, sir!"

Granger closes his briefcase shut. "He's her problem now." He inwardly chuckles.

"I just got back from an overseas trip and I'm not read into the investigation yet." Jenny answers.

"Have fun!" Granger inwardly laughs and is about to walk away from the desk.

"I'll have my best team on it right away, this should never have happened sir." "You have my deepest sympathy on the death of your wife and daughter."

Granger stops and faces Jenny. "What happened?"

"We'll get to the bottom of it, again I'm sorry." Jenny answers and hangs up. "Why was Agent Hathaway's Team investigating the kidnapping of Captain Tom Capshaw's wife and daughter?"

"There team was up for a case next." Granger shrugs.

"You mean to tell me you had the Major Case Response Team sitting around doing nothing for well over a week; kidnappings are right up Gibbs' alley over you egoistical agenda?" Jenny scolds him.

"You're blaming me for this." Granger snaps in disgust.

"I call it as I see it Owen."

"We'll see what SecNav Jarvis has to say about this." Granger scoffs and storms out of the office.

"Cynthia, send Agent Gibbs up to my office." Jenny shouts towards her office door.

Thirty second later, Gibbs is leaning back against the conference table watching Jenny pace back in forth in front of table. "Stupid!" Jenny snaps.

"I'll drive out to Cherry Hill Park and get to the bottom of it."

"Either way as of 1800 Hours tonight you and I are going away on a much needed mini honeymoon, DiNozzo can handle the lead for a few days."

"The question will Ziva handle DiNozzo being in charge for a few days." Gibbs laughs.

College Park, Maryland

Cherry Hill Park

1230 Hours

Gibbs and his team are inside a cabin that was rented by Jarrod Warren taking photos of the crime scene. "Ducky and Palmer removed the bodies a few hours ago." Tony informs him.

"Where are Hathaway and his team?" Gibbs asks.

"Hathaway took a round to the butt, by Warren, the rest of his team was ordered back to the Navy Yard by Director Shepard for a briefing." Tony answers.

Gibbs glances around the living room and notices the bullet holes throughout the wall. "Talk about over kill."

"Where did our suspect get to?" McGee curiously asks.

"He got away." Gibbs nods and walks out into the kitchen. "In here!" He shouts.

Tony, Ziva, and McGee walk into the kitchen and notice the body outline's on the floor. "They must have been sitting at the table when Warren pulled the trigger on them." Tony swallows.

"Soon as we get done processing the crime scene we'll head over to Pentagon and talk with Captain Capshaw."

"I thought that Captain Capshaw was at home?" Tony shrugs.

"The Pentagon is the safest place for him at this time." Gibbs answers sharply.

"Right, Warren may go after Capshaw." Tony answers.

"McGee I want Abby monitoring the burn phone Warren is using."

"On it!" McGee answers and walks out of the kitchen.

"Do you think we would have done any better than Hathaway?" Tony sheepishly asks.

"I can't answer that until I get back to headquarters and speak with the Director."

"Is this going to interfere with your weekend getaway?" Ziva asks, knowing full well that Tony will be in charge if Gibbs and Jenny go away.

"No, 1800 hours, DiNozzo will take over the lead and Jenny and I are going away on our much needed mini-vacation, this is overdue for the both of us."

After processing the crime scene and questioning Captain Capshaw at the Pentagon, Gibbs and his team return to the Navy Yard. Inside the elevator, Tony decides to bait Gibbs. "I guess the Director might want to postpone her little meeting with us." Tony asks with a hopeful grin on his face.

"Not a chance." Gibbs laughs.

"With everything that's going on." Tony says with surprise.

"Your asses will be up in her office at 1530 hours."

With that the elevator stops on Gibbs' floor, the doors open and they step out. "Gibbs, my office now." Jenny shouts down from the balcony.

"Some things up." Tony openly says.

A minute later inside of Jenny's Office, Gibbs and Jenny are sitting on the couch talking over what happened at Warren's cabin. "Hathaway did a GPS trace on Warren's cellphone and figured out his location." "Instead of requesting for back up with the local police, he went in with three agents." "Soon as they entered the cabin, Dina and Connie Capshaw were both shot." "Warren fled out the kitchen door."

Gibbs remembering that Hathaway got shot in the butt. "How did Hathaway get shot?"

"His Probationary Status Agent accidently shot him in the butt."

"I can't believe that Granger sent the keystone cops on an investigation like this." Gibbs sighs in annoyance.

"Hathaway has experience with kidnappings, his Junior Agent and Probationary Status Agent did not and it showed, but still this was a Navy Captain's wife and daughter that were kidnapped, your team should have been the lead team investigating it."

"All because Warren had a crush on Connie Capshaw, Captain Capshaw's twenty-two year old daughter." Gibbs frowns.

"He was obsessed with her, stalked Connie around her college campus."

"I swear the laws for stalking really sucks." Gibbs barks.

"I know, we keep pressing for better laws and the politicians keep kicking it out."

"How do you deal with those assholes up on the hill, I couldn't do it."

"I know that's the reason why I'm the Director of NCIS and you're not."

"Are you still going to punish the kids?"

"Yes, in another half an hour I want them up in my office."

"I'll be down in Ducky's to see how he made out with the autopsies."

Down in Autopsy, Ducky and Palmer are finishing up with Dina Capshaw's autopsy. "Not only does Captain Capshaw have to bury his wife and only child, his daughter was eight weeks pregnant with his first grandchild." Ducky frowns.

"Should we tell him?" Palmer sheepishly asks.

"I find the truth is best at times, Mr. Palmer." Ducky muses.

"I'm surprised that Agent Gibbs hasn't come down yet."

"Give him time."

Three minutes later, the doors open. "What's the word Duck?" Gibbs asks walking over to table, where Connie Capshaw's body lies.

"Three lives cut short." Ducky sighs.

"Three?" Gibbs asks narrowing his eyes over at Ducky.

"I'm afraid that Connie was eight weeks pregnant."

"Then this makes this case more personal." Gibbs swallows.

"Doesn't that go against one of your rules?" Ducky snorts.

"Rule 51 Duck." Gibbs smiles.

Jenny's Office

1530 Hours

Tony, Ziva, and McGee sit around the conference table. "I wonder if she's going to make us sit here until 1800's hours." Tony asks.

"Why would she have us sit and wait for her?" Ziva curiously asks.

"Because I had a briefing with the SecNav in MTAC." Jenny answers overhearing them as she walks through her office door.

"I guess you don't want to talk about the case." Tony grins, trying to break the ice.

"Tony you're pushing it." Jenny angrily warns him and takes her familiar seat at the head of the conference table.

Ziva annoyed with Tony's behavior, kicks Tony in the shin under the table. "Ow!" He grimaces.

"My aim would have been a lot higher." Jenny smirks.

"Higher!" Tony gulps.

"Now on to the reason why you were called up to my office." "It's like talking to the wall to the four of you."

"Abby wasn't in the Squad Room." McGee reminds her.

"And if she were, Abby would have been in on it." "I'm sick and tired of having this conversation with you guys." "What goes on between Gibbs and I off the job is none of your damn business and for the three of you to be sitting around and gossiping about us like that when a head of an out of state law enforcement agency can listen in on you is an insult to me." "It shows you how little you regard me as your Director."

"Director we-"

"Save it." Jenny angrily interrupts Tony. "You do not know who may be lurking about in the Squad Room." "Until Gibbs and I get back from our honeymoon in July, the three of you will work every weekend, plus holidays." "I'm hurt, angry, and most of all disappointed in the three of you." Jenny frowns and gets up from the table.

"We weren't thinking." Ziva sadly answers.

"While you are working every weekend and holiday for the next month and a half, maybe you'll think on ways to control your gossiping urges."

"I had plans for the 4th of July." Tony pouts.

"Too bad!" Jenny snaps.

"Jenny we're sorry." Ziva swallows.

"Apologizes are a sign of weakness Agent David."

"So where do we go from here?" Tony asks.

"Find Jarrod Warren."

Down in the bullpen, Gibbs is sitting at his desk staring up at the outer door leading to Jenny's Office. Tony, Ziva, and McGee walk out with their tails in between their legs. "She reamed their asses out." Gibbs smirks.

Tony, Ziva, and McGee slowly walk down the stairs, over the catwalk and down the bottom stairs. "I had plans to go to Ocean City, Maryland, on the 4th of July." Tony grumbles.

"Tony enough!" Ziva hisses and storms over to her desk.

"I told you guys she wasn't happy with the three of you." Gibbs chuckles.

"Happy is an understatement boss." "She quoted one of your unwritten rules at us." Tony answers walking over to his desk. "Boss I had plans for the 4th of July."

"Now you don't, so get over it." Gibbs growls.

McGee quietly sits at his desk. "You haven't said anything McDweeb." Tony baits him.

"Tony, we screwed up, suck it up and take our punishment like a man."

"Men don't get punishments like the one I got."

"No adolescent's get punishments like the one you got." Jenny shouts down from the balcony.

Gibbs makes eye contact with his wife. "DiNozzo I'd advise you to quit while you're ahead." Gibbs angrily chastises his Senior Field Agent.

'The Shepard'

2100 Hours

Anchored in the middle of the Potomac River, Gibbs and Jenny in the afterglow of making love are cuddling under the stars. "We should be in Baltimore by tomorrow afternoon."

Jenny content in her husband's arms. "I just want us to concentrate on us for the next three days."

"Agreed, it's been two damn long weeks since we've been able to do that." Gibbs smiles.

"Few stolen nights in between cases and an overseas trip."

"It was so frustrating being away from you." "I told Jarvis, unless I'm working on an important investigation, from now on I'm working your protection detail when you go away."

"You don't want to work under Owen again." Jenny laughs and looks up into the depths of Gibbs' blue eyes.

"They only thing I want to be under right now is you." Gibbs mischievously answers and pulls Jenny's face up. "You did say 'Inverted Missionary Position."

"Oh yeah!" Jenny purrs, she leans over and passionately kisses him on the mouth.