Peter glanced at his watch, a frown of concern etched on his face. Amidst the hubbub of Jeannie's baby shower he was thinking of only one thing: Where was Megan?

He felt slightly uneasy about the fact that Wilson Polley was now roaming free somewhere out there. Free to kill another helpless victim and rip out their brain in his trademark fashion.

Across the room from Peter, Kate also glanced at her watch. She and Peter had arrived together, and Megan said that she would meet her there. That was a good ten minutes ago, and Megan always kept her word. What was holding her up?

Peter sidled over to Sam, who had just finished a conversation with another shower guest.

"I'm going to the office, to see what's holding Megan up," he said quietly, not wishing to attract Bud or Jeannie's attention. He didn't want anything to spoil their evening.

Sam stole a quick glance around the room.

"She's still not here, huh?" Peter shook his head, glancing at the doorway, wishing that she would just walk through the door and save him from worrying any longer.


"Hmm. I hope she gets here soon; Jeannie's going to start opening the gifts in a couple of minutes."

Peter slipped past some of the chatting guests and out the door. He punched Megan's number into his phone and held it to his ear. It went straight to her answering machine. Peter sighed. The one time she doesn't pick up her phone…

When she came to after Wilson Polley had knocked her unconscious, Megan found herself tied to a chair, unable to move. After telling Polley that she wouldn't beg for his mercy, he duct-taped her mouth closed so she couldn't even cry out for help. He then revealed his plan to rip out her brain- while she was still alive. Megan couldn't resist as he grabbed her by the hair, pulled her head back and began to slide the long, gold-colored hook toward her right nostril. Just then, the ding of the elevator caused Wilson Polley to stop what he was about to do and look up. He then hid himself, and positioned Megan against her desk in such a way that she would be completely visible from the doorway.

Peter walked out of the elevator and glanced around. Everything was quiet. He walked toward Megan's office, and after he saw that she was tied to a chair and gagged, he pulled out his pistol and held it at the ready.

Megan wished that she could have cried out to warn Peter that Polley was waiting to attack him from just inside the door. Peter and Wilson fought in a life-and-death struggle, shoving each other through windows, bashing each other against chairs and tables and grappling each other with their hands. Megan was able to tip herself over and use broken pieces of glass from the shattered coffee table to slice through the duct-tape wrapped tightly around her wrists. Her hands felt slippery with blood from lacerations caused by the sharp glass slivers.

After getting herself free, Megan snatched up Peter's pistol, which Wilson Polley had knocked from his hand when he first entered the room. She hurried out onto the balcony, where Polley was striking Peter with vicious blows to the abdomen. She raised the pistol, leveled it at Wilson's shoulder, and fired. Her aim was true. Megan tossed the pistol aside, and Peter seized the opportunity to throw Wilson Polley off the edge of the balcony. Gasping, he watched him fall for a second, and then turned around, stiffening with pain. Megan's heart skipped a beat and she realized in horror that the Polley's golden hook was embedded in Peter's abdomen, and a dark red stain was spreading around it quickly. He collapsed to the balcony floor, and Megan cradled his head in her lap and did what she could to comfort him.


He slipped into unconsciousness and went limp in her arms. Reaching into his pocket, she pulled out his cell phone and called 911 in a halting voice. About a minute later, she heard the sound of the ambulance. Megan knew in her head, based on all she knew from her experience as a doctor that Peter was beyond saving, but her heart refused to believe it.

"Peter, stay with me… come on…"

[To Be Continued]