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A Hand To Hold

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The street was filled with many honking cars who were all waiting for the red traffic light to turn green. On the sidewalk there was a small amount of people who were walking to and from work. Among these people a young white-haired man was riding a bicycle trying to get to work quickly.

The young white haired man was already running 15 minutes late and he knew that his boss might kill him if he got there any later. His boss, a young, raven-haired, Japanese man was very easy to anger and was usually a prick. Allen Walker couldn't say that he hated his boss but he also couldn't say that he liked the man either. When he first got the job of being said man's secretary, the young Japanese man was quick to name him a moyashi, a nickname which he later found out meant bean sprout. When he found out what the nickname meant, well let's just say that he was not very happy.

Allen finally reached the Mugen Corporation's basement parking space and placed his bike on the bike rack that they surprisingly had there. As soon as he finished locking his bike he quickly made his way inside of the office building. He was practically running towards the elevator. Once he got inside of the elevator he quickly pressed the button with the number 14 on it and waited for it to ascend. While he waited for the elevator to reach his floor he tried to fix his appearance. He made sure that his black shoes, black pants, white shirt, white gloves and gray vest were all clean. He also made sure that his red ribbon was well tied and that his hair wasn't too messy.

Once the elevator finally reached his floor he quickly made his way out of the elevator and headed straight towards Mr. Kanda's office. When he stepped into the office he didn't see any sign of the young Japanese man being there. Thinking it was safe he took a few more steps inside. As soon as he stepped inside the office he saw the black chair turn to show . Allen's boss was not very happy. The young Japanese man had his eyes closed and his face looked like he was ready to snap out at someone. Allen just stood there waiting for his boss to say something about his tardiness and after a few minutes he did.

"Moyashi do you know how fucking late you are to work?" Kanda said irritation clearly showing in his voice.

"I'm sorry Mr. Kanda for arriving late to work. I promise that I will try to do better." Allen said trying not to stutter because of the glare his boss was sending towards him.

"I'll try better, I'll try better. That's what I hear from you everyday moyashi! You better pick up your act or else I'll be forced to fire you. Do you understand?" Kanda said as he turned his chair to look out the window that gave him a clear view of the city outside.

"Yes I understand sir." Allen said with his head down.

"Good. Now get out of my office and get to work." Kanda said as he waved his hand dismissing Allen.

Allen quickly got out of Mr. Kanda's office and made his way towards the glass secretary desk that was his. He sat down and quickly began to work on all the papers that needed to be signed by the president and on the files that would be shown in the next meeting.

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After a long day of work at the office Allen felt ready to go home and relax but he still needed to do one more thing.

After clearing up his work area he went down towards the buildings parking lot and unlocked his bike.

He then pedaled his way towards the local day care center. After 15 minutes of pedaling he finally reached the day care.

The day care was painted a soft light blue color and had an air of welcoming that surrounded it. The building had a bright green front yard with many colorful flowers. It was a nice small place; it wasn't like many other day cares with random kid-like drawings decorating its outside, if it weren't for the sign that hung above the building and read "Black Order Day Care Center" Allen would've never thought the building to be a day care center.

He then got off his bike and parked it on the bike rack right outside the building's entrance. He fixed his clothes that were slightly disheveled from the bike ride, and walked inside of the building.

Once inside he walked over towards the front desk where a young woman with dark brown hair sat. The woman seemed like a nervous wreck, her hair was a little messy, her work area was crowded with quite a few papers and as she tried to talk on the phone her voice stuttered.

Allen quietly approached the front desk so as to not frighten the young woman.

"Hello Miranda." Allen said with a cheerful smile on his face.

"Ah! Allen!" Miranda said as she tried to fix up her desk but instead managed to make it messier. "I'm so sorry you had to see me so unorganized! Please forgive me for the mess!"

"That's ok Miranda." Allen said with a gentle smile. "Don't overwork yourself just calm down and take a deep breath."

"You're right, thank you Allen!" Miranda said as she started to take deep breaths to calm herself down.

"Daddy!" A little girl with dark green hair that was held up into two pigtails said as she started running towards where Allen was standing.

"Lena!" Allen said as he kneeled down to hug her. The little girl that he was holding in his arms was his joy if it weren't for her he didn't know how he would live. She was his everything.

"Daddy are we going home now?" Lenalee said staring up at Allen with her big violet eyes.

"Yes but we have to sign you out first." Allen said as he picked her up and turned towards Miranda's desk where there was a sign in/sign out clipboard. He signed his name next to Lenalee's name and wrote down the time, and then he placed the clipboard back where it was.

"Bye Miranda! Say hi to Eliade and Krory for me!" Allen said as he walked towards the door with Lenalee in his arms.

"Bye Allen!" Miranda said from her seat behind her desk.

"So what do you want for dinner Lena?" Allen said once they were outside of the daycare.

"Ooh! Pizza!" Lenalee answered excitedly as they walked to unlock Allen's bike.

"But it'll take a while..." Allen mumbled as he unlocked his bike.

"Please daddy?" Lenalee asked, looking at Allen with big violet pleading eyes.

"Ok but you have to help me make it." Allen said as they started walking home.

"Yay!" Lenalee shouted happily. "Daddy you're the best!"

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After they'd arrived home and ate the pizza that they'd made together Allen gave Lenalee a bath and got her ready for bed.

"Daddy I'm not sleepy." Lenalee said underneath her bed covers.

"You have to go to sleep Lena that way you can have a lot of energy for tomorrow." Allen said from where he was sitting on Lenalee's bed.

"Okay but will you tell me a story?" Lenalee asked.

"What story do you want me to tell you?"

Lenalee stopped talking and started thinking about what story she wanted him to tell. The sight of Lenalee deep in thought made Allen smile.

"I want to hear about the Samurai Prince." Lenalee said.

"Okay." Allen took a deep breath and started. "Once upon a time..."

After he'd finished telling her the story Lenalee had quickly fallen asleep and was now snuggling with her teddy bear. Allen gave her a goodnight kiss on her forehead and turned off the lamp besides her bed. "Goodnight." He whispered as he walked out of her room and left the door just a crack open so he could hear Lenalee in case she needed him.

He was about to go to the bathroom and take a shower when he heard a knock at his door. "Who is it?" He asked as he got closer to the door.

"It's me Mrs. Munson from the front office."

Allen quickly opened the door and allowed her to come inside. "Mrs. Munson is something wrong?" Allen asked a little worried.

"Yes and no." Mrs. Munson said her hands fidgeting as she spoke. "Allen I don't really know how to say this..."

Allen looked at her starting to feel nervous towards what she would say next.

"I'm going to need you to move out of the apartment complex." She finally said.

Allen felt as if the air had been knocked out of him. There was a long pregnant silence before he managed to compose himself. "Why?" He didn't know why they wanted him to leave as far as he knew he was a polite, civilized person that always paid the monthly rent on time. He tried not to bother anyone and always kept to himself.

"It's because of the way you look...your neighbors don't like your appearance and feel threatened by it."

His looks? He knew that he looked different compared to other people but there was nothing he could do about it. He couldn't wash away the silver of his hair or the red scar that ran down his left cheek; he couldn't get rid of his black arm that lay hidden underneath his shirt. There were many times were he wished he could look the same as when he was younger but he learned to deal with the cruel fact that life wasn't fair. That no matter how hard he tried to get rid of the scars they'd always remain a cruel reminder of the past.

"Allen I would never tell you to leave because of a stupid reason like this but it's either you or I lose 4 months' worth of dues from your neighbors." Mrs. Munson said worry evident in her voice.

Allen nodded his head. Lately the number of residents in the apartment complex had declined because of the opening of another bigger and newer apartment complex one block away. He knew that Mrs. Munson needed the money so he wouldn't try to make things harder for her.

"I understand Mrs. Munson." Allen said as a fake smile graced his face. "How long do I have to move out?"

"You have one week. I'm sorry Allen." She said as she let herself out of his apartment.

As soon as he made sure that she'd left Allen plopped down on the living room sofa. He let his head fall back as he looked up at the ceiling. 'Why now?' He rubbed his face with his hands trying to relieve some of his frustration hoping that the oncoming headache would disappear. 'This is just fucking great' He thought as he leaned forward on the couch.

There wasn't much he could do about it now. He should start packing and looking for an apartment instead of feeling sorry for himself. With his resolve still in mind Allen got up from the couch and went to his room to turn on his laptop to look for an affordable apartment. Tonight was going to be a long night.

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For the next few days Allen was extremely busy he was running to and from the office, the daycare and his apartment. To say that he was exhausted was an understatement he was ready to drop dead at any second now from stress. The only thing that kept him from doing this was Lenalee.

So far he'd managed to get most of his office work and had almost finish packing. The only problem was that he still hadn't found a new apartment complex to live in.

The problem with the apartment complexes that he'd visited were that they were either too shabby, too expensive, or were too far away from his job or the daycare. He'd gotten frustrated searching and now he only had 2 days before he had to move out.

'What am I going to do?' Allen thought to himself as he worked on the folders for Friday's afternoon meeting. He had to find a suitable apartment complex and fast.

"Walker are you almost done with the sales presentation folders?"

Snapping out of his thoughts Allen turned to look at his boss who was a few feet away from him. "Not yet ,"

"I need those sales presentation folders to be done by tomorrow even though the meeting's not until the day after tomorrow. There are a few other things I need you to take care of when you finish the folders so report to my office tomorrow once you've finished them." Kanda then walked away back to his office. Allen then went back to work on the folders hoping to finish them before he left to pick up Lenalee.

It was around lunchtime when Allen started to feel sick. He didn't have much of an appetite and his body was shivering. He decided to drink a cup of coffee to see if it would help with the shivering.

After drinking the cup of coffee he went back to work on the folders. As the day progressed Allen started to feel weak and his mouth felt dehydrated. Ignoring all of the symptoms Allen continued working until he had to leave to pick up Lenalee.

'Good, I'm almost done with the folders I just have to organize the papers and place them in the folders. I should take it home to finish it'll be easier that way.' Allen thought to himself as he put everything he needed in his over the shoulder black briefcase before he closed it. He then turned to look at his watch it was 5:30. Shit, he was late to pick up Lenalee. He quickly ran to exit the office accidentally forgetting his briefcase on his desk.

' .Fuck.' Allen thought to himself as he hurried towards the daycare on his bicycle. The gray clouds above him made him hurry even more, he didn't want to walk back home with Lenalee in the rain. He didn't have an umbrella on him and it looked like it was going to rain pretty hard. If he knew that it was going to rain he would've brought Lenalee's bicycle seat that he used so that they could both ride the bike whenever they were in a hurry or when it looked like it was going to rain.

When he arrived at the daycare he quickly signed Lenalee out trying to hurry before it started raining. They had barely started walking back home when Allen realized he didn't have his briefcase on him. 'Crap!' Allen quickly looked up at the sky to see how much time he had before it would start raining.

If he hurried now he could make it to the office, pick up his briefcase, leave his bicycle in the company's basement parking space and hopefully call a taxi that could take them home.

"Lena we have to go to the Mugen Corporation building to pick up some important papers before we go home but we have to hurry because it might start raining soon." Allen said to Lenalee.

Lenalee understanding the worry in Allen's voice nodded her head and hurried along with him to the office.

Allen decided against the idea of riding the bike with Lenalee holding onto his neck. He didn't want to risk the chance of her falling and hurting herself on the concrete, so instead they were speed walking trying to get to the office quickly.

Halfway towards the office it had started to rain, so Allen covered her with the coat he'd decided to wear this morning and carried her the rest of the way there.

When they got there he was more or less completely drenched but thanks to his coat Lenalee had managed to stay dry. This fact alone relieved him. He then put up his bike and together with Lenalee he got on the elevator.

"Daddy you're soaking wet and cold" Lenalee said concerned as she pointed to Allen who was shaking underneath his cold wet clothing.

"Don't worry Lena as soon as we get home I'll get changed and warmed up." Allen said trying to reassure her so that she wouldn't worry.

As soon as they reached his floor Allen walked towards his desk to retrieve his briefcase. He gave a sigh of relief when he saw that it was exactly where he had left it. He was about to reach out to pick it up and leave when the symptoms from earlier that morning came back to him with full force and a few more friends.

Even though he was shivering from his drenched clothes his body felt extremely hot on the inside and his vision had started to blur. He could feel his body starting to shut down leaving him without any strength to help him stay standing. The last thing he saw was Lenalee running towards him before his body finally gave out and he collapsed on the floor.

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