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Ch.10: A Hand To Hold

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"Were you thinking about the person that's in the picture besides your bed when you...kissed me?" Allen asked after a long period of silence.

"...Yes." Kanda said as he smiled a bitter smile seeing the similarities between him and Allen at the moment. Both had past lovers whom had meant the world to them and now the people they'd loved were gone, one by choice and the other dead.

"I see." Allen whispered softly.

"Can we forget about the kiss ever happening?" Allen asked loud enough for Kanda to hear him.

"If you open the door I think we can come to an agreement." Kanda replied as he got up off the floor.

After waiting a little while for the unlocking of the doorknob and not hearing anything Kanda wondered about whether or not to walk away and try to speak with his assistant
He didn't have to decide as the door opened allowing him to see a slightly ruffled assistant.

"So can we forget about this?" Allen asked his boss.

"Forget about what?" Kanda asked feigning ignorance.

Allen was about to answer him before he realized what Kanda was doing. He then smiled. "Thank you."

Kanda gave him a small smirk before turning to leave. Before he could walk away he felt a hand lock onto his shirt sleeve. With a questioning look he turned to look at his assistant.

"Can...can you tell me about the person in the picture?"

Kanda's eyes dilated. Could he really talk to his assistant about him. Could he sit down and talk to him without turning into a mess? Tonight he'd found out so much more about his assistant than he would've ever thought he'd have known and it seemed fair that his assistant find out about the person whom he'd been confused with but not now…at least not yet anyways.

Sensing the older male's hesitance Allen let go of his boss's shirt and regretted asking him about the person in the picture.

"Not now." Kanda answered.

"I understand." Allen replied back slightly hurt.

Before leaving Kanda turned to look back at Allen. "I won't tell you right now about that person, it's a pretty long story but I will tell you someday." Kanda then left leaving a slightly surprised Allen behind.

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A week or so passed and the kiss incident was never mentioned again. Throughout this week both males had managed to develop a sort of morning routine. Allen would wake up first and get ready, make breakfast, wake up Lenalee and if he wasn't up yet he'd also wake up Kanda and then they would all eat breakfast together. Later he'd get Lenalee ready for day-care and then all three of them would ride together in Mr. Kanda's car, first to drop off Lenalee and then to Mugen Corp.

This morning however was different; Allen had woken up rather late and was now scurrying to get dressed. 'How did I manage to oversleep?!' It was already 6:25, he had barely enough time to wake up Lenalee, wake up Mr. Kanda and make breakfast.

He ran to Lenalee's room and gently tried to wake her up in a hurry. "Lena...Lena...Lena! It's time to wake up honey!" Lenalee slowly woke up.

"C'mon Lena start getting dressed we're running late so I need you to hurry sweetie ok?"

"Ok daddy." Lenalee said a she got up out of bed and rubbed her eyes as she made her way to the bathroom.

After making sure that Lenalee was completely awake Allen ran over to Mr. Kanda's room. He knocked and after not getting a response walked in. His boss was still asleep in bed unaware that they were running late. Without wasting any more time he started to gently shake awake the older male. "Mr. Kanda! Wake up we're running late!"

The older male stirred and for a second it seemed like he was going to get up but instead he pulled on Allen's arm bringing him crashing down onto the bed. Kanda unconsciously hugged Allen close to his body so that Allen's body fit perfectly against his. Allen struggled to get the still unconscious male off with no luck. 'Great, we're running late and my boss just mistook me for a teddy bear.'

He was trapped in the older male's arms for now unless he managed to wake the older male up. "Mr. Kanda! Mr. Kanda! Urghh! Wake up Samurai Prince!" Great yelling wasn't working, what would make the older male wake up? Then it hit him, there was one thing that always got on his boss's nerve: Lavi.

'What's that nickname Mr. Kanda hates again? Yaoi? Jun? You? Junjou? No that doesn't sound right. Yuu-kun?...Yuu-chan!'

Allen cleared his throat and then chanted really loudly while praying to god inside his head that his boss didn't kill him by accidentally mistaking him for Lavi. "Yuu-chan! Yuu-chan! Yuu-chan!"

As though he'd been summoned Kanda awoke instantly none too happy about hearing his hated nickname being chanted so early in the morning. He was ready to kill the person who'd chanted his name like that but was instead surprised by the fact that he was not the only occupant in his bed. He quickly untangled himself from his assistant and got out of bed.

"What were you doing in my bed?" Kanda asked as he tied up his hair.

"Oh you know I just wanted to see what it's like to be a teddy bear, it's not as great as it sounds." Allen replied back sarcastically to which Kanda raised an eyebrow.

"We're running late, please hurry up and get ready." Allen said before heading out to the kitchen to make a quick breakfast for the three of them, leaving behind a slightly amused raven haired man.

After 10 minutes Allen was finally done making breakfast which consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. He scrambled to set the plates as Lenalee and Kanda walked inside the kitchen both already mostly dressed.

"Breakfast is ready, it's 6:47 so if we hurry we'll be able to leave at 7:00 and make it to daycare and work on time." Allen said as he finally sat down.

They quickly ate breakfast and Allen started to quickly wash the dishes before they left while Lenalee and Kanda went to get their stuff.

"Daddy can you brush my hair?" Lenalee asked as she walked into the kitchen with a brush and two pink sparkly ponytails.

"In a second Lena." Allen said as he hurried to finish the dishes and managed to get his shirt wet in the process.

"Dang!" Allen said as he tried to dry his shirt with a few napkins.

"I think you'll have to change your shirt." Kanda said as he walked back into the kitchen with his briefcase in one hand.

"Daddy?" Lenalee asked as she motioned to her hair.

"I'll be right back Lena, just let me go change first please?" Allen said before he ran to get a new shirt.

Seeing the slightly dismayed look on the little girl's face Kanda put down his stuff and motioned for the little girl to walk towards him as he sat down on a kitchen chair. "C'mon I'll tie your hair for you."

Slightly hesitant Lenalee walked towards Kanda and handed him her brush. He then proceeded to gently brush her hair, separating it into two different sections and then tying her hair into two perfect pigtails.


Lenalee touched her hair softly and smiled. "You did a better job than daddy; it takes him about 3 tries before he can get them just right."

Kanda smirked and started heading out of the kitchen. "C'mon your daddy should be almost done changing by now, let's go wait for him in the living room."

"Okay." Lenalee said as she walked alongside Kanda her pigtails bouncing behind her.

When Allen walked down ready to go he raised an eyebrow at Lenalee's perfect pigtails.

"Did you tie them?" Allen asked Lenalee as he softly touched her head.

"Silly daddy of course not!" Lenalee said as she shook her head. "Mr. Samurai Prince did."

Allen then turned to look at Kanda slightly surprised but then smiled.

"You did a nice job."

"I know, Lenalee told me I did a better job than you." Kanda added smirking as the younger male blushed.

"Let's go." Kanda said as he led them outside with Allen following closely behind still blushing as well as a smiling Lenalee.

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"Yuu-chan my man how are you?" Lavi asked as he walked into his best friend's office.

"Who let you in?" Kanda raised an eyebrow as he watched the red-head sit down in one of his visitor's chairs.

"You would think you'd be more excited to see me considering we haven't seen each other in a week... Now answer my question." Lavi demanded impatiently knowing well enough that his friend was hiding something easily recognizing his body language.

"I've been fine."

"That's a lie, now c'mon spill. Did something happen between you and Allen? Is that what you're hiding?" Lavi asked his oh so manly intuition kicking in.

"No, nothing."

"Oh really?" Lavi smirked. "Then why are you avoiding eye contact with me?"


"Unless...Yuu...you didn't did you?" Lavi asked incredulously. "Please tell me you didn't do what I think you did."

"What exactly do you think I did?" Kanda asked, eyebrow raised.

"You...you confused Allen with Alma again didn't you?" Lavi sighed.

Kanda didn't say anything but the silence was the only answer Lavi needed.

"How far did you go? Was it a simple slip up? Or was it something more?" When Kanda didn't answer Lavi continued.

"How far did you go Kanda? Did you kiss him? Did you have sex with him and as you climaxed scream out Alma's name?" Lavi asked infuriated.

"NO! It never got that far. It was just a kiss!"

"Just a kiss? Just a kiss? Oh really what happens if next time you can't control yourself and go all the way? Hmm? Tell me Kanda!"

"There won't be a next time!"

"HOW CAN YOU BE SO FUCKING SURE?" Lavi yelled as he slammed his hands on Kanda's desk.


"You can't do this Kanda. You need to get over Alma and stop seeing Allen as his replacement. They're not the same person Kanda."

"I know that."

"GODDAMNIT NO YOU FUCKING DON'T. If you knew the difference then you wouldn't be doing this! Don't you realize that not only are you hurting yourself but you're also hurting Allen?"

"Shut it. After the incident I apologized to Allen and I told him about...Alma." Kanda said as he stood up.

Lavi stopped his lecturing and gave Kanda a bewildered look. Kanda continued.

"I didn't tell him everything, but i did tell him just enough so that we could put the incident behind us." Kanda took a deep breath in. "I can't get over him."

"Yes you can you just don't want to." Lavi sighed before getting up once more. "If you want to continue suffering over someone who just threw you away the moment they got tired of you then fine be my guest but Kanda there's more to life than this!"

"You're young, smart and rich you can have it all but you ignore everything and everyone because you're too afraid of being hurt again! You weren't always such an ice cold bastard with a 10 foot pole up his ass..." Kanda raised an eyebrow at this. "Okay so maybe you were but you weren't ice cold, just a bastard. I want the old Kanda back, I want that stupid bastard who would chase me out of his office the moment I stepped foot in it, the man who would threaten to slice me up into rabbit stew when I broke into his house."

"I have work to do." Kanda said as he went back to work, turning his back towards Lavi. He'd had enough he didn't want to continue discussing Alma with Lavi. He was done talking about Alma.

Lavi sighed and got up out of the chair taking his cue to leave. "Fine."

As he heard Lavi prepare to leave Kanda closed his eyes letting the red-head's words echo in his head. After a minute or so he came to a conclusion. It was time; this had gone on far enough. Before he could change his mind Kanda stopped Lavi.

"Call off the search."

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