Chapter 15: A Hand To Hold

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As Kanda made his way down the stairs with his luggage he was surprised to hear noises coming from the kitchen. He looked down at his phone and saw that it was two in the morning. Why would his assistant be up at this time?

He decided not to give the noises coming from the kitchen a second thought as he tried to make his way quietly to the door. He needed to get out of this house now. The rabbit would be here any minute and if possible he'd rather avoid bumping into the red-head. There was no way he could pass by the kitchen without being noticed, especially since there seemed to be a dim light coming from within the kitchen. He finally made up his mind, it was now or never. Maybe he was just hearing things and there was really no one in the kitchen.

His hopes of not bumping into anyone came crashing down quickly as he heard a soft voice call his name as he tried to make his way past the kitchen.

"Mr. Samurai Prince?"

Instead of being face to face with his assistant. Kanda was surprised to find himself standing across from a tired Lenalee who appeared to have a wide arrange of crafting supplies surrounding her as well as a mini table lamp. For a few seconds, they both stared at each other in silence. During these few seconds, Lenalee took in the way Mr. Samurai Prince was dressed as well as the suitcases he seemed to be hauling behind him. It was Lenalee who finally broke the silence between them.

"Are you leaving Mr. Samurai Prince?"

"Yes," Kanda said as he finally came to his senses and started walking once again to the door.

"Wait!" Lenalee shouted as she made her way out of the kitchen and into the living room, to stand in front of Kanda. "Why? Why are you leaving?"

"I…There's some adult stuff I need to take care of right now," Kanda said as he knelt down to Lenalee's level. "Adult stuff that I can't handle here."

"Why…Why can't you take care of the adult stuff here?" Lenalee asked without budging from her spot in front of Kanda. "Daddy and I can help you take care of the adult stuff. I don't know much about adult things but I'm sure daddy knows a lot!"

"It's not something either of you can help me with," Kanda said as he gently tried to move Lenalee out of the way.

"But..but we can try! I'm sure that daddy would be more than happy to help you!" Lenalee said as her voice started to quiver. "Please don't leave!" At this point all the tears Lenalee had been trying to hold onto started to fall.

At the sight of Lenalee crying, Kanda's heart started to clench. He didn't know what to do, he never knew how to comfort people when they were in tears. He finally decided on trying to console Lenalee by hugging her.

Lenalee returned his hug and wrapped her tiny arms around his neck. She buried her head on his shoulder as she continued to cry. "P-please…d-don't l-leave. P-p-lease."

As Kanda hugged Lenalee close to him he felt guilty for being the reason for her tears. "But I have to. It's the only way I can be happy."

"B-but can't y-you be h-h-happy with us?" Lenalee asked as she let go of him in order to look at him with pleading teary eyes. "Y-y-you make daddy and i-I happy. Aren't you h-happy with u-us?"

Kanda stayed silent as he looked at Lenalee. He was happy when he was with his assistant and his daughter but he needed to leave. He needed to go out and find the answers to all the questions that continued to haunt him after three years. He could never be truly happy until he knew the reason why.

Lenalee took Kanda's silence as a no. Her crying seemed to get louder as the seconds passed. This shook Kanda out of his thoughts and he grew alarmed as Lenalee's small body started to shake from the force of her crying.

"Lena-" At that moment the living room lights turned on.

"Yuu Kanda!" At the sound of his voice being yelled, Kanda turned to look at the source of the yelling. Lavi had apparently managed to open his front door and was now standing in the living room taking in the scene in front of him. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Lavi asked as he made his way quickly towards Kanda and the crying Lenalee that stood in front of him. Without missing a step Lavi bent down and picked up an inconsolable Lenalee.

Before Kanda could even say a word a fourth person joined the chaos that was going on downstairs. "What's going on?" Allen asked alarmed from the top of the stairs as he took in the scene in front of him. "Is something wrong? Why's Lenalee crying? Is she ok?!" Allen rushed down the stairs and towards Lavi and took Lenalee from his arms.

As Allen tried to console Lenalee without much success, Lavi and Kanda stood giving each other death glares.

"Lena…sweetie, what's wrong?" Allen asked as he continued to rub her back in soothing circles.

"Mr. S-samurai P-prince wants t-to leave," Lenalee said as she started to calm down. At this Allen turned to look at the older two men who seemed to want to kill each other if their body language was anything to go by. Allen moved to stand between the two before they actually managed to do anything.

Taking in a deep breath Allen looked at the two men on either side of him and gave them the most bone-chilling glare he could. "I want answers and I want them now. What's going on here?"

For a second neither Kanda nor Lavi said anything as they continued to glare at one another. It was Lavi who finally broke the silence in the room.

"What does it look like our dear friend Yuu is planning on doing Allen-chan?" Lavi asked as he motioned to the suitcases behind Kanda. "Because to me it seems like he's about to go out and do something stupid. Something like oh I don't know…go out searching for the person who kicked his sorry ass to the curve!"

"Shut your mouth!" Kanda said as he clenched his hands trying to control himself.

"Or what? Are you going to shut it for me?" Lavi mocked as tried to get past Allen and closer to Kanda. At this Kanda lunged at Lavi. Before he could kill the rabbit, the moyashi got in his way. Allen had put Lenalee back down on the floor and was now pushing against both Kanda's and Lavi's chest, trying to keep them as far apart as possible.

"Will you two stop?! I don't need you two killing each other at three in the morning! Now will you two please calm down?!" Allen shouted at the two. The room stayed silent for a few minutes as everyone tried to regain their breath and control themselves.

"Kanda…are you really leaving?" Allen asked as he turned to look at the raven-haired man.

"Yes…there are things I have to resolve," Kanda said as he looked directly at Allen. Allen took in the tiredness in Kanda's eyes and his expression softened.

"Is…is this about him? Are you going to go looking for him?"

"Yes, it's time I found the answers I've been looking for."

"That's absolutely fucking ridi-"Before Lavi could continue Allen stopped him by putting a hand on his shoulder. "Lavi." Allen gave him a warning look before turning back to give his attention to Kanda.

"How do you know you'll find him?"

"I don't."

"Yet you're so sure about leaving everything behind for a possible wild goose chase?"

"It's the only thing I can do."

Before either one could say another word a tear stained Lenalee walked in between Kanda and Allen. She appeared to be holding a piece of paper that'd been folded in half. "This is for y-you," Lenalee said as she handed over the paper to Kanda.

Kanda gently took the paper from Lenalee's hand and unfolded it. He took in a small breath as he looked at what was drawn inside. Inside Lenalee had drawn what appeared to be the moyashi and himself both holding onto one of Lena's hands. There were small hearts drawn around them and below the picture she'd tried to write down a message. 'My family'

Kanda looked up from the picture turned to look at Lenalee, who was staring up at him. "You c-can't leave Mr. Samurai P-rince…you're a part of my f-family." Lenalee then moved to hold onto one of Kanda's legs. "Please s-stay. I don't want to l-lose you…not like m-mommy."

Any argument he might have had for leaving fell apart when Lenalee said those words. He couldn't leave, not like this. He bent down and brought Lenalee in for a hug. "I don't think I'll be going anywhere for now." The two stayed like that until Lenalee stopped crying.

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Once Lenalee had fallen asleep and Allen had tucked her into bed the three adults sat in silence at the kitchen table. After Lavi was positive that Kanda wouldn't be going anywhere he suggested that they all go to the kitchen and talk about what had just happened. So far not much talking had been going on between the three of them.

"Will you really stay?" Allen asked as he turned to look with pleading eyes at Kanda. "You didn't just lie to Lena, did you?"

Kanda sighed before he answered. "I'm not leaving. I thought I could leave but I didn't realize how much damage I'd cause by leaving."

"Lena loves you…she's grown attached to you over the past few weeks." Allen continued before Kanda could interrupt him. "It wouldn't be just Lena who'd miss you…I'd miss you, your employees would miss you, Lavi would miss you, so many people would miss you. You have so much going for you and I'm just sorry that you can't see it. Maybe it's time to move on."

"Have you?" Kanda asked the words coming out scathingly.

"I haven't but at least I'm trying," Allen responded as he stood up and started to head out of the kitchen. "Maybe it's time you did too."

After Allen left Lavi and Kanda sat in silence for a while longer until Lavi sighed.

"You're an idiot Yuu. Allen's right it's time to move on. It's the same thing I've been telling you for the past three years. I know you feel like you need closure but isn't it enough closure that he left without a trace? Wherever he is he doesn't want to be found and it's time you've accepted that."

"I can't! You don't understand…if the love of your life walked out of your life what would you do? Wouldn't you go searching for them? Wouldn't you try to find out why they left?"

"Have you ever thought that maybe he wasn't the love of your life?" Lavi asked as he looked at Kanda with almost pity. "The thought's never crossed your mind has it? Have you ever thought that maybe life's telling you that he wasn't the one? You've spent three years looking for him and you haven't even found a single clue that could lead you to where he is. Don't you think that's a sign?"

Kanda didn't say a thing as he let Lavi's words sink in. Lavi sighed as he moved to stand up.

"I want you to remember that if you ever decide to try and pull something like this again. Also, remember that your actions affect more than just one person. For example, the little girl who cried her eyes out today. You have people who love and care about you so please don't throw all that away for one person."

Lavi then left Kanda to ponder about what he'd just said. Hopefully, some of it would sink into the older male's head.

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